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Dana Williams On Her New EP, ‘Let’s Fall’


Singer/songwriter Dana Williams is often described as the modern-day Ella Fitzgerald. After the recent release of her EP Let’s Fall, Williams somehow managed to fabricate a timeless romantic tale that, similar to Lana Del Rey, is captured through soulful vocals mimicking the essence of decades past. Rather than cluttering her music with heavy instrumentals that tend to be evident in most of what we hear today, Williams’ confidence is showcased through the simplicity of her tracks. She creates this refreshingly modest and humble sound glazed with honest words and an enchanting voice, and seems to do so in an effortless fashion. We got the chance to talk to Williams and discuss how she got into music and where she plans on taking it in the future.

J. Sutta Talks New Album ‘Feline Resurrection’


Singer, dancer, songwriter, and actress J. Sutta is widely known as a former Pussycat Doll. Now with a new stage name and a solo career, she has completely transformed her image from what it once was. With the release of her debut album, Feline Resurrection, J. Sutta unleashes a wilder, carefree, and robust side of ...

Julia Nunes Interview


Radiating the world with a positive touch while creating music that echoes veracity, Julia Nunes is continuing to rise in the music world. Beginning her career with YouTube, Nunes displayed her sounds to an audience that was waiting to hear them. Now, with the release of her highly anticipated album, Some Feelings, Julia Nunes got ...

Kathryn Dean Interview


With her strong, passionate voice and a penchant for writing honest—and sometimes sassy—song lyrics, Kathryn Dean is certainly a star on the rise in today’s music industry. Though her music career began only a short time ago, she already has an impressive number of accomplishments under her belt. Dean’s newest album, Hit the Lights, was released ...

Isa Grassi Interview


Polaroid photography is not dead, and Isa Grassi is one of its leading resurrectors. When the 23-year-old San Francisco-based artist incorporated instant photography into her personal recreation, she did so without the intentions of it evolving into what has since then become known as The Polaroid Project. While the rest of the crowd desperately tries ...

Curtis William Foreman Interview


Wig and makeup artist Curtis William Foreman admits that he owes much of his creativity to the likes of Madonna, Andy Warhol, and Picasso, but no one can deny that his creations stand alone. With a clientele including A-listers such as the Kardashians and Gwyneth Paltrow, and having opportunities such as working on season 6 ...

Ali McNabney-Stevens Interview


Ali McNabney-Stevens is someone you can invite into your home, both literally and figuratively. With fun color palettes and aggressive stroke-work, she continuously creates fine art that is both sophisticated and heartwarming enough to hang in a posh living room. So far, McNabney-Stevens’ pieces have been featured in dozens of lifestyle magazines by interior designers ...

Luis Lopa Interview


There are two types of artists: those who have a vision and create it, and those who create until a vision comes to them. British Columbia-based artist Luis Lopa closely relates to the latter as his large-scale, kaleidoscope-fashioned, and fragmented double-image art pieces stand testament to an artist who does, essentially, nothing by the book. ...

David Murray Interview


While drawing inspirations from childhood nostalgia of his life in Ireland and his current residency in New York City, designer/illustrator David Murray has developed a look of his own. Whether the melancholy faces of his illustrations are drowned out by the lavish styles he adorns them with, or the overall illustration appears incomplete, the designs ...

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