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Embracing Silk Trends With artTECA


The transition from summer to fall is always one of the hardest for every fashionista. We go from spending tons of time and money on the cutest of summer apparel, to having to pack all of our bright sundresses away for warm sweaters and scarves. And while sometimes these transformations of our closets can be extremely fun, it does get costly. That’s where co-founders Claudia and Flavia Giardinella come into the picture. With tons of hard work and determination, they have created an epic fashion brand known as artTECA that incorporates real art designs from various artists made from 100% silk. Here, we chat with both Claudia and Flavia about their newest collection, Nova, and what their brand as a whole really strives for. Check out their amazing pieces on their website and get yourself a limited edition silk piece to complete your closet transformation.


Cliché: What inspired a line made completely out of silk and what are the benefits?
artTECA: From the very beginning, our concept was to focus on offering high quality clothing and accessories. We did not want to make cheap pieces to produce in masses. Instead, we wanted high quality, limited edition pieces. So, when we started testing fabrics, we fell in love with silk. Not only is silk a high-quality fabric, but it is also a very versatile and elegant fabric that, fortunately for us, prints perfectly digitally. When we got our first printed samples, the quality of the image, color, and details was so exact that we fell in love, so we decided to do an all-silk collection. This collection lets women be comfortable but also look sophisticated at the same time. It’s a fresh fabric that really works for any season and any time of day or night.

Does this collection have a specific name and what do you love most about it?
This collection is named the Nova Collection. What we love the most is the colorful array of pieces that are offered in a classic style that is both flattering and comfortable for any body type.

How does this collection represent the brand’s message?
It really manifests our dedication to high quality and limited edition pieces that are also versatile and practical. We want to offer women clothing and accessories that can be worn day and night, and to any type of occasion or event. You can dress up or dress down all of our pieces and always look fabulous.

The artTECA brand has such a unique history. What inspired the idea to have limited edition prints and what is it like creating clothing with various artists?
We grew up in a very artsy family and culture. We wanted to work with artists in a different medium and since we both love fashion as well, we thought of creating a brand that specializes in limited edition prints. We thought to ourselves, “What is more original than contemporary art?” We knew we could create something very special by collaborating with artists to offer truly unique, one-of-a-kind and limited edition prints in beautiful garment styles for women.

What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole as well as for the new collection?
Our goal is to reach and dress the artTECA woman and be successful in providing her special and high-quality clothing. We want women to wear clothing that will make them feel both confident and comfortable at the same time. We do not believe in compromising comfort for style and sophistication.

What are some of the best features of this new line?
One of the best features of the line are the exclusive prints we offer designed in collaboration with artists from all over the world. Designing comfortable pieces that are easy to style is also a key focus of our brand. So, we created modern pieces that can be styled seamlessly with any basics you have hanging in your closet. Dressing artTECA pieces up or down is just as easy as changing your shoes from flats to heels.

What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the various pieces in your collection? I am loving the idea behind lightweight work/event outfits that are super cute and comfy!
That’s correct! That is exactly what artTECA is all about: easy to wear modern styles that have a comfortable and functional fit. The collection is transitional, so you’ll always be looking perfect for any type of occasion.

How is your brand something that everyday women need?
Today’s everyday woman is a superwoman. Many times, she is a mother, a wife, a professional or entrepreneur, juggling a thousand things each day. Time is of the essence for women these days and 24 hours don’t ever seem to be enough. artTECA was created to be the answer to the reoccurring question: “What I am going to wear that will be perfect for work or a professional meeting, but that I can also wear to go watch my kids’ soccer practice later today? Or maybe keep on to head to a date night or business dinner?”

artTECA simplifies women’s lives by making it simple to get dressed in the morning and not worry about having to change an entire outfit. Instead, artTECA makes it easier to spend more time with the kids, your partner, or your friends—all while looking effortlessly chic. Our pieces will make any woman feel confident, beautiful, sophisticated, and ready for whatever comes her way.

How do you both think artTECA is changing fashion? How is it better than the average brand?
The best aspect of artTECA is that it is truly unique. It’s not the same reoccurring print you find at stores and boutiques. Every piece is collectable, limited edition, and has a story behind it.

artTECA has also changed the game in wearing a piece only for a particular season. We are not a seasonal brand; our pieces can be worn all year round, whether you are traveling or simply as a layering piece. The exclusivity and uniqueness of our prints is what makes each piece so special. Wearable art is the new black.

Is there anything you both would like readers and customers to know about your brand?
artTECA was founded out of passion for art, fashion, color, and the love of empowering women in all walks of life. We want women to fall in love with artTECA and find art within our collections that resonate with their personality and perspective, and wear it proudly and confidently. Art speaks to everyone, so why not your wardrobe?

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
Choosing a favorite piece is like choosing a favorite child; it’s not possible. We are in love with every piece we create. They are all special and beautiful in their own unique way, like every single one of us.

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Embracing Silk Trends With artTECA: Featured image and all images courtesy of artTECA.com

5 Albums We Can’t Wait to Listen to


There’s a hunger, a craving, when we are longing for some sort of meaning in our lives. Some hope that we will find our way through and yet we never want to do it alone. Being the social creatures that we are, we desire someone to understand us, someone to bring us this feeling that we belong and that we are not alone. Music, somehow always manages to give us this and so we desire it like no other. Though there is never a shortage for the music that fills our world we always seem to want more. So, here at Cliché, we have listed 5 albums we can’t wait to listen to, and just have this feeling that they, too, will shed more light into our lives, just as music in the past has done time and time again

1. The Lumineers
the-lumineers-cleopatraAlbum: Cleopatra
Release Date: April 8, 2016
We know them from their hit single “Ho Hey” which was released all the way back in 2012. Now the anticipation is almost over as they make their way to releasing their second studio album, Cleopatra. You can preview their breathtaking song, “Ophelia,” the first song they released in 4 years, to get a small dose of what’s to come.
Photo Credit: www.thelumineers.com

2. M83

M83-Junk-2016Album: Junk
Release Date: April 8, 2016
French electronic music band leader, Anthony Gonzalez, stated that this upcoming album will showcase a more intimate side, and yet less of him. The album title was created with the message of art being thrown away in certain manners with this imagery of “pieces of humanity floating in space, lost forever.”
Photo Credit: www.ilovem83.com

3. Ariana Grande

ariana grande dangerous womanAlbum: Dangerous Woman
Release Date: May 20, 2016
After the release of her title track, “Dangerous Woman,” Ariana Grande has been providing hints on what we can expect from her upcoming third studio album. With collaborators including Max Martin, Victoria Monet, Lil Wayne, and Macy Gray, it’s a given that we’re in for a treat when May arrives.
Photo Credit: www.arianagrande.com

4. Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - if i'm honestAlbum: If I’m Honest
Release Date: May 20, 2016
This upcoming album is promised to be the most personal one yet as Blake Shelton has explained that it takes a direct look into the last year of his life. If this is any indication that we’ll get more of a scoop on him and Miranda Lambert’s past relationship as well as his current one, I only have three words to say: Bring it on.
Photo Credit: www.blakeshelton.com
5. Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara - love you to deathAlbum: Love You to Death
Release Date: June 3, 2016
After taking over the highest spot on 2013 Billboard charts with Heartthrob, these sisters are getting ready to release the follow-up album we’ve been waiting for. Though we don’t know too much of what Love You to Death will sound like, we do know that Tegan and Sara’s music is never a let down.
Photo credit: www.teganandsara.com
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Civil Twilight Discuss Their Album ‘Story of an Immigrant’


Making their way from Cape Town, South Africa to Nashville, Tennessee, Civil Twilight has stimulated the world of music with their soul-clenching vocals and compelling lyrics. With the release of their third studio album, Story of an Immigrant, this past summer, the band enlightened us with the melodies we have all been craving. In the midst of chaotic lives, relocation, and dealing with an industry that moves at the speed of lightening, Civil Twilight have proven that although they may have roots in South Africa, they have also established a place for themselves in the new city. In light of the album being named Story of an Immigrant, the harmonies showcase a world in which ordinarily extraordinary individuals are doing exactly what the rest of us are: trying to find a place to call home. In the midst of it all, they found themselves. 
Cliché: With originating the band in Cape Town, South Africa and adding another member, Kevin, to your group after relocating to Nashville, how has the change in culture impacted the music you create?
Steven McKellar: I think it has impacted it in a lot of ways. When you absorb yourself in a new culture, you realize how much of your environment affects the way you feel. I think that changes my writing quite a lot. Plus, just growing older changes a lot of stuff, too! My writing, lyrically for instance, has moved towards the subject of people rather than landscape. I think that’s definitely a big change.
Is the title Story of an Immigrant referencing the relocation of your band and the transition process? Would you consider that to be the overall theme of your album?
Yes! When we put all of our songs together and tried to come up with a title, there was a recurring theme within all the songs—not about the physical relocation or being immigrants physically, but more about the spiritual journey. We’re all kind of just trying to find a home, and a home can be anywhere. We all have stories, and therefore, you kind of have this story of an immigrant. That’s definitely a theme in there.Civil-Twilight-Photo-Credit-Mason-Poole-3
What has it been like touring with such big names in music?
We’ve played a lot of shows, but playing with guys that we grew up listening to like Smashing Pumpkins, for instance, or Foo Fighters [was amazing]. It really makes you appreciate the journey that you’ve gone on, like going from being a little boy in Cape Town listening to songs on the radio to here, where we’re meeting these people and playing with them. It’s kind of strange. You feel like you’ve just been transported. It’s like if I close my eyes and imagine my 13-year-old chubby self sitting in my bed dreaming of that, and then, here I am, it’s pretty crazy!
You do most of the songwriting in the band. Do you find that your writing technique has changed over the years?
Very much so! I think it changed dramatically over the period of the last record, actually, just because we’ve been touring so hard for the first record, and then suddenly we got an email and a call from the label saying, “Can you guys put out a record soon?” So we kind of had to write on the road and we didn’t really have time to sit in a gauge for six months and jam. So that’s when I learned to write on a computer, which, you have to realize for me, I never had a computer before, until that point. So I was kind of like, “Okay, how do I do this?” But that changed a lot of things because I could basically arrange things myself and come up with a more precise structure. Lyrically, as I was saying earlier, the older you get, the more your interests change, and I think I’ve just become more intrigued with the landscape of the person rather than the person in the landscape.
Did you write a lot growing up, prior to forming the band in high school?
No, not as much as I should have. I wanted to be a jazz musician for the longest time and I didn’t really focus on songwriting. Even when I started doing it more, I wasn’t very lyrical. Now, lyrics intrigue me more than ever and I think that’s been a slow but growing passion. That’s certainly something that has changed as well. Sometimes I listen to my earlier songs and I’m like, “Eeee! My god, my lord! You’re not even thinking about what you’re writing about! You’re just putting a whole bunch of jibberish down.” But that sometimes works, you know.
Definitely! So, what were some of the challenges you faced when writing this album? Do you ever have trouble comparing the success of your past songs when you are writing new ones, or do you approach each album with a new frame of thought?
Yeah, we try to do that. It can be hard, but it’s exciting! What I find is that no matter how hard you try to throw yourself genre-wise, you’re always going to come back to what your heart is trying to say, even if your brain wants to say something else. You can’t really avoid what your heart wants to say, so I think that was always a recurring thing. I’m just attracted to certain feelings and certain colors and sounds and ideas, and that’s just who I am, but some of the times on this record, just actually having so much time to write was a real challenge. We decided to take a good chunk of time off and said, “Let’s just focus on writing.” We went through so many different stages during that writing period and it was quite challenging because usually you just have a deadline, which I work really well with. With a deadline, you just write the songs, put them down, and then move on. This was more like: write them, put them down, and then move on to writing and more putting down, and so we just had a mountain of songs. It was quite hard to actually to deck it all down, but it came together, eventually.
Civil-Twilight-Story-Of-An-Immigrant-Album-CoverWas it difficult to narrow it down with that many songs? What was the process of that like? Did some stand out more than others?
Yeah, some did. It was quite a challenge though, because we had written about 50 demos and we twiddled it down to about 20 to record. Out of that 20, there were only two or three songs that all four of us agreed on! I don’t even know how we made the decision. It was quite painful, actually, but eventually, we just ran with it. It kind of came together when we recorded with Ben Allen and he was helping us hone the songs.
You’ve mentioned in past interviews that your song “Letters from the Sky” was a turning point in your career. Is there a song on Story of an Immigrant that you are most proud of or think could impact your career as much as “Letters from the Sky” did
Gosh, I hope so! I don’t know which one that would be because “Letters from the Sky” sort of came from left field. I didn’t see that coming at all! It wasn’t a contender by any means, and for some reason, people just latched onto it. If we have something like that on this record and have that kind of success, it would be amazing. Also, the industry has changed and doesn’t quite work the same way, so for me, I’m proud of the whole record in general. But there are a few songs that are a little more personal and there’s some that come off really good live.
Do you have a favorite song you like to perform live?
Whenever we perform “Oh Daniel,” it always just feels right. I don’t know why, but it just feels nice.
Is there any part of you that misses the smaller demographic that you used to have? Were you able to be more personal in a different kind of way then, compared to now?
I enjoy it all, really! I mean, getting into music is about being open and vulnerable to it. I’m down for that and I’m just really proud. I don’t think our fan base has necessarily grown very much over the last few years, but I think the age demographic has definitely broadened. That’s the strangest thing, but I think it’s pretty exciting and I’m proud of that.
What would you guys hope to achieve next?
The goal for now is just to tour this record, like we’re doing right now, and to do as much and as well as we can, and that’s kind of how we made our name over the last few years. We were just playing live and putting on good shows and that’s what we came to America to do. It’s like, if we keep going, I think there’s something special that happens over a long period of time when you keep delivering the same level of passion and love. Over time, people tend to just gravitate towards it. People always want to gravitate towards things that are a little more solid in the world, things that aren’t just fleeting. Deep down, I think people really desire a long-term connection with an artist and with a piece of work. So I think if we keep pushing and keep doing just that, we can achieve more. We’re all getting older and things are changing, but we all still enjoy it. One of the biggest plans right now is to just maintain the joy.
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Civil Twilight Discuss Their Album ‘Story of an Immigrant’: Photographed by Mason Poole

10 Best Christmas Covers Playlist


Tis the season of cozy knit sweaters, conversations by the fireplace, and marshmallows sprinkled over warm hot chocolate. There’s something magical about walking in the late hours of the night and looking around at the blanket of lights scattered across the streets. So while you’re eagerly shopping and wrapping gifts, pop your earphones in and take in the festivity with some Christmas tunes! Here at Cliché, we’ve got you covered with the best Christmas music that will definitely get you in the holiday spirit (if you’re not already).
1. Last Christmas – Ariana Grande

2. Santa Baby – Taylor Swift

3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Bublé

4. A Holly Jolly Christmas – Lady Antebellum

5. Baby it’s Cold Outside – Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone

6. Winter Wonderland – Jason Mraz

7. All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

8. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Coldplay

9. Here Comes Santa Claus / Winter Wonderland Mix – Anna Kendrick & Snoop Dog

10. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

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10 Best Christmas Covers Playlist: Photograph courtesy of michaelbuble.com

The Neighbourhood Interview


The effortless creation of intuitive and soulful compositions are what The Neighbourhood’s music is known for. In fact, their lyrical explicitness has only flourished with the release of their second album, Wiped Out!. The band approaches each track with emotional rawness, showcasing the naked truth of a dark tale. With Wiped Out!, they have created a way to further explore the forms of depth and honesty that can be relayed by placing the right words in the right places. With this, they take their fans to the root of vulnerability, revealing the impact of moments that, until now, have been concealed. The Neighbourhood has never been one to sugarcoat their words, and with Wiped Out!, it can be argued that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. We got a chance to catch up with guitarist, Zach Abels, to find out more about the makings of the album and you can purchase the full album on October 30!
Cliché: When we last spoke to you guys (August 2013), you had just wrapped up your first headlining tour, The Love Collection! A lot has definitely changed since then, but what is something you find has remained constant?
Zach Abels: Making music.
You guys have mentioned in a recent interview that the love songs on this album aren’t as “juvenile” or “stream of conscious” as they previously were. If you could, would you rewrite or change any of your previous lyrics? If so, what song(s) come to mind that you would change/rewrite?
No, I wouldn’t take any of it back because you have to try things out and learn from them.
“R.I.P. 2 My Youth” is a song where lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, opens up about his father’s death for the first time. Was there any signifying moment that led you guys to make the decision to include it in your music?
Well, when Jesse’s dad passed away, he never really talked about it, and as he got older, I think it was just something that he felt like he needed to talk about. “R.I.P. 2 My Youth” was the right moment for him.
“R.I.P. 2 My Youth” is also the last track in Wiped Out!, as well as the first single you released. Do you find that this song sets the tone for the rest of the album?
No, I don’t. I [just] think it’s a song that needed to be on this record because it says a lot about us getting passed our youth and into our adulthood.
I can imagine that coming up with a name for an album can be quite a challenging task! What led you to title the album, Wiped Out!? Did you guys find it difficult to agree on the title or come up with one?
Yeah, it was quite challenging because we wanted it to be right, but we decided on Wiped Out! because of a few different things. One being, from constantly touring and writing our second record for around 10 months, we just felt wiped out. Two being, we wrote and recorded a good portion of it in Malibu for 3 months. So we were very influenced by the ocean and the beach because we would around it every day during that period.
The Neighbourhood Wiped Out Album
With naming your tour, The Flood, water is definitely a recurring element or theme that you’ve adopted for this album. Is there an underlying message you are trying to convey through this or a meaning behind it?
Well, it’s called The Flood because all of the bands that are on this tour are from the same area. We all grew up in Southern California. So it’s supposed to mean that we’re taking a piece of our music scene and flooding whatever city we go to.
What’s next for you? Is there a specific goal you guys are reaching towards, whether it be long-term or short-term?
Just keep writing more music and keep getting better at it.  
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The Neighbourhood Interview: Photograph courtesy of thenbhd.com 

The Top 8 Best Moments from the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival


If you’re a fellow music lover, you had to have known that the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival was this past weekend. Though tickets to see the festival live in Las Vegas were all sold out for both nights, music enthusiasts from around the globe were able to tune in live at Yahoo to stream the show and watch all of the exclusive backstage interviews! If you missed out on the glimmering opportunity to turn into the hypothetical person who decides to stay in all weekend, curled up in bed by herself to stream the live show from 10pm to 4am ET instead of socializing with friends (again, completely hypothetical situation/person and definitely not me), don’t worry because we summed up the top 8 best moments to share with you! 
1. When Sam Smith Brought on Disclosure
If you have yet to listen to Sam Smith perform live, I am seriously questioning your priorities. Okay, maybe this was my first time hearing him live, but his opening was the perfect way to set the pace for the rest of the night. Beginning his set with one of his many hit singles, “I’m Not the Only One.” His voice was flooded with emotion, so much so that you could almost feel your heart ache as he sung about his. What is music, really, if it isn’t a form of art that makes you feel something? Sam Smith just happens to take that to another level. When he brought on Disclosure to perform alongside him with “Latch” and their hit collaboration “Omen,” I knew this night was going to be a good one!     
2. Coldplay Colored the World…with Confetti
The second act of night one, Coldplay, kicked off their set with “Paradise.” Their music, colorful as ever, alongside their energetic vibes, transferred over to the audience like never before. There’s a feeling of promise that Coldplay creates with their music and listening to them live only heightens that exact feeling. Drowning the stage with an overflow of confetti only made the experience more entrancing, even if you were just watching it on your computer screen like little old me. It was, however, unfortunate for the janitors who spent until the waking hours of the morning to clean it all up. Oops!
3. Demi Lovato Goes ‘90s Old School
Kicking off her set with her hit single “Cool for the Summer” got everyone moving and grooving, but the real zinger was when she brought Third Eye Blind’s lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, up on stage with her to perform “Jumper” together! If you’re someone who jams out to tunes from the ‘90s, this performance was completely in your element, as it was mine.
4. Jennifer Lopez Announced the Title of her Las Vegas Residency
JLo brought a lot of excitement to night two with her killer choreographed dance moves and booty shaking skills. Never in my life have I longed for fluent Spanish-speaking skills more than when she brought on Alvaro Soler to sing alongside her for her new song, “El Mismo Sol.” She also let us in on details of her residency in Las Vegas, telling us the show would be titled “All I Have” and giving us a sneak peak of the artwork! Busting out some more dance moves, JLo finished off her set with “Jenny from the Block,” a classic throwback tune that made the audience go wild. Everything from her on-stage costume changes (apparently that’s a thing you can do – what?!) to her choreographed numbers were perfection. Jenny from the block has done it again and we were all left amazed after her number!
5. Prince Royce Serenaded a Fan
Not only did night two involve a lot more dancing, but it also had a lot more shirtless men on stage, and I for one, am not complaining! Prince Royce, of course, happened to be one of them. The (second) best part of his set was when he brought a fan on stage and serenaded her with “The Lucky One.” You are lying to yourself if you didn’t wish you were her the whole time!
6. Puff Daddy Surprised us with a Million Guest Performers
Puff Daddy, or P. Diddy (same person, different names, more confusion – AH) came on stage for the sole purpose of giving the audience a show to remember. From bringing Mase on stage to perform “Feel So Good,” Busta Rhymes to perform “Jump Jump” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” Machine Gun Kelly with “A Little More,” and Lil Kim joining him to sing “It’s All About the Benjamins,” we thought that was all we needed… until he brought out Tori Kelly who sung a duet cover of “I’m Coming Home” with him! His set was unbelievable and being the crowd pleaser he always his, this night was no exception!
7. Nick Jonas Announced When his New Album will be Released
Nick Jonas drove the crowd crazy when he took the stage, starting off his set with “Chains.” I have two questions: 1) Where do I get to sign up to become one of the dancers who get to feel up Nick Jonas? 2) Does the criteria for signing up include knowing how to dance? While I continue to ponder, let’s talk about his biggest surprise of the night: He did not join the shirtless man club that was formed that night, sigh. But the good news is, he announced when his newest album will be released! Backstage, he revealed that it will come out early 2016, which isn’t very far away, and if it’s anything like his last one, we are all in for a treat!  
8. Fall Out Boy Collaborates with Fetty Wap
Beginning their set with one of their hit singles, “Sugar, We’re Goin Down,” Fall Out Boy’s performance was everything we ever wanted and more. By ‘more’, I’m talking about when they brought out a shocking surprise guest to perform alongside them! Fetty Wap joined them on the stage as they sung “Trap Queen” together. It was unexpected. It was shocking. It was different. And, it was incredible!
This year’s show undeniably beat all expectations, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already excited for what they have in store for next year!
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Photograph courtesy of iheart.com 

Rising YouTube Singers


YouTube has come a long way since the place in which it once began. I remember logging in to view the videos of those I had subscribed to and watching ordinary people display their talent with the use of camera from the comfort of their own bedroom. That part of the experience hasn’t changed, but this platform has grown and become much more than it once was. Instead, it is now a place where companies, brands, and record labels seek new talent to sign on with them. Along with the expansion of YouTube, many people have been shown to find success with it, and the search to find the next Justin Bieber is on! So, here are a few rising YouTube singers to keep on your radar:
1. Madilyn Bailey
This small-town Wisconsin singer began her YouTube journey with just a camera and an acoustic guitar in hand. Now, she’s making her way up to the big leagues by creating music videos, collaborating with other YouTube artists, and scoring a record deal in France! Three months ago, Madilyn announced that some of her viewers had requested her “Titanium” cover to play at one of the biggest radio stations in France! The song caught a lot of attention from various labels in the area and from there, she chose to officially sign on with Play On Records by Warner Music France. Although her album will first come out in France, she has promised her viewers that it will be made available worldwide not too long after. With writing her own music, Madilyn describes the sound of her upcoming album to be ‘moody pop,’ which as she explained, was a genre she always saw herself in. Since 2009, her viewers have watched Madilyn grow and transform from a small-town girl to a rising artist who has managed to keep both her humbleness and sanity intact over the years. We might just have a new Taylor Swift in the making!

2. Sarah Close
Sarah Close’s great rise in YouTube stardom can be directed to her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” The UK singer has covered a variety of artists from Halsey to Years & Years, giving more and more attention to artists who are not given enough credit for their beautiful melodies. With using very minimal equipment in her videos, the confidence she has in her own voice is highlighted and displayed for the world to see. Sarah’s piano covers give a softer tone to otherwise more upbeat songs, showcasing her natural ability with the ease of making each song into her own. Her creativity does not end there, however. She created a sort of segment in her YouTube channel where she allows her viewers to ask her questions, but instead of simply answering them, she creates a song out of the Q&A. In her first ‘Singing your Questions’ video, she set the record straight after being asked on numerous occasions why she doesn’t simply audition for X-factor. Her response was one that, for me at least, makes you believe in the pure drive of passion: with her being someone with such great talent, she refuses to go on X-factor for the reason of not wanting to gain the wrong type of attention. Although she hasn’t showcased any of the songs she has written herself, she hints in her videos from time to time that they are on their way and will be displayed at the right time, in the form of an album. In the meantime though, she continues to bring her viewers along with her in this journey that I am determined will lead her to much success.

3. Jake Coco
Jake Coco has been making his way up the YouTube ladder since 2006. His subscriber count may be just over 300,000, but many of his videos have reached millions of views! With his philosophy behind his own music being the conductor of emotions, Jake has been shown to make his own rules to succeed in this industry. He mentioned in an interview that once he had found some success with his YouTube channel, he wanted to submit his music to iTunes. However, iTunes only allows you to submit music with a record company name, and so in the moment, Jake decided to make one up and call it Keep Your Soul Records. Although it was simply a joke at first, the label began to do really well and he was approached by other artists who wanted to be a part of it. In January 2015, Jake released Hammer & Strings, an EP on iTunes showcasing a few of his original songs. By helping other YouTube artists along the way, Jake Coco has not only made a name for himself, but he has proved that it is really up to you to make your own dreams come true!

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Rising YouTube Singers: Photograph courtesy of JakeCocoMusic.com

Top 5 Song Covers on YouTube


YouTube sensations are on the rise and everyone seems to be taking full advantage of the platform – as they should! YouTube was created to showcase ordinary people with extraordinary talent in an effort to build up the audience needed for success. We now live in the digital age of beauty gurus, vloggers, fashionistas, and my personal favorite, YouTube cover artists! Although the great amount of talent spread across the site made it difficult to narrow it down, here are the top 6 song covers on YouTube.
1. Postmodern Jukebox’s Cover of “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor

Classic harmony meets burlesque in this beautifully orchestrated symphony. Postmodern Jukebox never fails to alter each song to make it their own. Not only that, but they have also coordinated their setting, as well as their image, with their music to create a melody perfectly fitting their slogan of ‘pop music in a time machine.’ Am I listening to Meghan Trainor’s song that was released just last year, or an old school vintage tune? Lesson learned: Putting a touch of your own personality into your work can really set you apart from the rest. I guess my second grade teacher and Barney the dinosaur were right all along!
2. Dean Raven’s Cover of “Dance with Me Tonight” by Olly Murs

Olly Murs has always been my go-to for some buoyant music, and with this song in particular being number one on my ‘Kitchen Dance Music’ playlist, I didn’t think I was capable of enjoying this tune being sung by anyone else. My initial thought when listening to this song for the first time was, “I did it! I found Olly Murs 2.0!” However, Dean Raven challenges this song, transforming the original melody into one that is soothing, yet captivating. Somehow, he managed to create a tune that can best be described as an upbeat lullaby, and that must not have been easy!
3. Austin Criswell’s Cover of “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s

If you haven’t heard this song before, I’m not sure what rock you’ve been living under. “Hey There Delilah,” sung by the Plain White T’s, is known for its catchy chorus and emotionally lyrical verses. When I think about how this song is sung, I envision John Mayer’s tracks in that it is almost like talking in a melodic tune. Brilliant, beautiful, and very difficult to master. However, Criswell managed to do an amazing job and in such a graceful manner, I might add.
4. Melissa Eureka’s Cover of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bob Marley

Bob Marley is one of the greatest people to fully embrace the act of being free and he had a way of sending off this ‘feel-good’ vibe through his music. Melissa Eureka’s cover of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” fully captures that exact message. As she sways along to her own sound, closing her eyes from time to time, to give this song the credit that it deserves, we can’t help but do the same! When envisioning what it must feel like to be free, Eureka is exactly that. Her effortless voice and easygoing attitude carry the power to lighten up any mood.
5. Madilyn Bailey’s Cover of “Wake Me Up” by Avicii

There is something about a piano cover that just adds greater depth to any song. Avicii’s well known song “Wake Me Up” is upbeat and lively. Madilyn Bailey however, creates greater emphasis on the message the lyrics attempt to convey by slowing down the tempo and changing up the instruments. Her voice is strong, echoing in your mind even once the song has completed. They say that no cover can beat the original, but I beg to differ!
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Top 5 Song Covers on YouTube: Featured image Music by ecaillesdelune licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Art Basel Recap


During the first week of December, more than 75,000 art lovers converge on Miami Beach to enjoy modern and contemporary art at Art Basel, the world’s premier art show, and its satellite fairs, art museums, gallery openings, and, of course, parties. This eclectic gathering of wealthy art collectors chauffeured in their Bentleys and art enthusiasts living between paychecks viewed the amazing artwork and price tags at Art Basel. Upon selling a $1 million Wifredo Lam painting, the gallery director casually said, “After someone has bought the mansion and the yacht and everything else, they might turn to art.” The galleries of Art Basel displayed more than $3 billion worth of artwork for sale at the right price.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0657small

But what is the right price? Or should we ask, “What is art?” Take, for example, Matt Johnson’s “Party Cup Pyramid,” a colorful red sculpture of ten Dixie cups turned upside down stacked in pyramid form. Is the price right at $35,000? The artist was probably inspired by his repressive homeland, let’s say Russia, with empty shelves at the supermarket, or some other fictional story to justify the price.

If you need a glass of water to quench your artsy thirst, how about “Glasses with Magnetized Water” by a Colombian artist who performed a “ritual” in 1974 to magnetize the water, now selling for $12,000.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0642

Sterling Ruby’s “SCALE,” a mixed media of hanging trash balancing from a pipe, has a price tag of $200,000. Rudolf Stingel’s “Untitled,” an amazing piece of Celotex insulation, of course professionally framed, is priced at $265,000 reserve (meaning the artist will not sell it for less than $265,000 and higher bids are welcomed).

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0747smallIn order for a gallery to exhibit artwork at Art Basel, the cost is about $40,000 for a 20 x 20 foot floor space. For an artist without high-end gallery representation, it is impossible to exhibit artwork at Art Basel unless your name is Takeshi Spider, a creative Japanese sculptor. For the $45 admission fee, he strolled throughout the Art Basel convention center wearing his 5-foot tall artwork, “Passionate Lover,” strapped to his back. Art patrons gathered around him wondering what was happening, some asked questions, and others took pictures. When asked, “What are you doing?” the mild-mannered artist said, “My name is Takeshi Spider, a Japanese artist. My artwork is the ‘Passionate Lover.’” Turning around to display his work, he added, “If she loves me, she will take me to paradise. However, if she hates me, she will kill and eat me. That’s the way it is, because she is a scorpion.”

The artwork sold for $1,000. As more people gathered, Spider continued, “My art is known as temporary art. At one time, art was passionate, powerful, and soulful. Then art became apathetic, powerless, and empty, known today as contemporary art. The time of contemporary art is over. I am the beginning of temporary art.” The free-speaking artist received more attention from visitors and journalists than many of the high-end gallerists.

Another lesser-known artist, Jennifer Healy, sporting a shaved head topped with a feathery arrangement, loves life, people, and animals. When exhibiting her artwork, a framed video about “how men don’t really listen to women,” she drew extra attention with a 5-foot python wrapped around her neck. Obviously, it’s all about marketing when selling art, and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0600


After a long day of viewing artwork with astronomical prices and meeting innovative artists with a flair for presentation, nothing is better than a private beachside party with hyper rap, urban hipsters, and libations.  Cliché’s Terry Check joined music sensation Usher, together with A-listers such as Daniel Ashram, Tim Goosens, Rashaad Newsome, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Vic Mensa, Vivian Van Dijk, and Emin Kadi for the vernissage of ArtHaus sponsored by Mercedes-AMG, in conjunction with Lufthansa First Class. What was intended to be a high-brow, art patron’s vernissage morphed into eclectic mix of urban hipsters and a few suits partying non-stop with music by recording artist Vic Mensa.

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0719

Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0698 Art Basel Miami by Terry Check  IMG_0676

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Art Basel Recap: Photographed by Terry Check