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The Language of Music


Being at Georgia State University, we are exposed to oodles of cultural diversity every day. With Atlanta being the new scene for Rap music, and GSU being in the heart of Atlanta, we jump on the fads as soon as they’re created. In fact, we probably invent half of them! And the best part is, with the technology and social media, everyone jumps on the craze before you can bat your eyelashes. With that being said, it’s so evident how cultures are mixing and mashing and creating one big cultural exposure.
Johnny Ngo, a sophomore at Georgia State, is one of the most interestingly diverse people I know. Born and raised in Vietnam, his family immigrated to the US when he was 7 years old. Today, Johnny exemplifies an intercultural fusion. He has Asian features, he cooks traditional Asian dishes, he speaks Vietnamese fluently to his parents, and he loves Asian music.
UntitledOn the other end, he’s the first to know when new trap music drops, and 90% of the lyrics the day after the song is released. He knows all the new dances and all the new phrases, such as “on fleeek” or “flection.” (Some of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but for all you Georgia State people, you know.)
But what I mean to say is that despite the cultural differences and the lifestyle differences, we can all still relate and come together through music. We can speak different languages but dance together at the club. That’s what music is: a link between souls, a connection between the divided, and a similarity between differences. Although Johnny is more into the K-Pop vibe, he easily gets along with people totally different than him because they can relate through the music they like. But music isn’t just music; with the music comes the lifestyle, the lingo, the clothes, the persona, everything! Music is a culture in itself and it welcomes everyone.
Atlanta brings music to Georgia State. Georgia State brings music to people. Music brings people together.
The Language of Music: Photos Courtesy of Davianne Gray

Underground and Upcoming: Noah Woods


17-year-old high school senior Noah Woods is on the track for big things. With a mixtape coming out next month, Stoners Welcome, and multiple performances for upcoming Georgia State events, he’s on the come up!  I’m just glad I can say I knew him in his beginning years! He’s been doing music for almost 3 years now and will never look back. With no formal training, Noah learned to mix his own beats and music himself off YouTube! Isn’t it crazy what you can learn from the internet? Read more below!

Cliché: When did you first start making music?
Noah Woods: When I was 15, during freshman year of high school, but I didn’t really start “professionally” until I was 16.
What inspired you to start?
I just love music. I knew I was going to be doing music for the rest of my life, but I just didn’t think it was going to be rapping.
What inspires you now?
Experiences, honestly. I just like to talk about stuff I live, stuff I do, and stuff I want to work out for me.
Do you play any instruments?
I’ve tried to play guitar, but I wasn’t very good at it.
Do you have any formal training?
Do you write and produce your own music?
I write it all myself, but I have my own producer. I started mixing my own music, and I actually learned that off YouTube! I don’t have any formal equipment, but I usually just need to download a program to mix it all.
How do you get your music out?
Usually just social media: Instagram and Twitter. And I release music through my SoundCloud account (Check out: Noah Wood$)
What do you like most and what do you like least?
I like to be able to express myself. Any type of art, photography, music, clothes, whatever it is, I like the form of expression that comes from it. I don’t like how people act towards music and the business side of it. I don’t like dealing with the business aspect of it, I just want to make the music. 
What is your typical day like?
I’m still in high school, so I get up and go to class Monday-Friday, but when I’m out around 3:30, I go straight home and grab something to eat, first of all! Usually, I go straight to the studio after that until about 10pm, usually. I’ll go about 4-5 days out of the week.
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Take your time in releasing your music; perfect it first. Don’t be so eager to put it out so fast. And stay true to yourself. Don’t change your music to go with what’s hot, just do what you want to do.
Underground and Upcoming: Noah Woods: Photo courtesy of Davianne Gray

Karlie Redd Interview


Karlie Redd, reality star from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, has recently re-launched her KR cosmetic line. Redd is all about making women of all shapes and shades feel and look beautiful. She has produced a new designer lingerie line called Karlie’s Angels, and now she is in the midst of launching her campaign called “Beauty, Branding & Business,” which will include live meetups with Redd where she will educate entrepreneurs on professionalism in the beauty and fashion industries and speak about the common misconceptions. Also, there will be tons of beauty experts on site sharing their knowledge and giving away goodies. With all the success Redd has had so far, who wouldn’t be interested in knowing more about her cosmetic line and her inspirations on creating Karlie’s Angels? Read on for the inside scoop.

Cliché: What inspired you to create your lingerie line?
Karlie Redd: I always knew that I wanted to design clothing and put out a line. As I’ve become more exposed to fashion and different lines, I noticed the lack of designer lingerie lines that were out there, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to start a lingerie line of my own. I recently partnered with L.A.-based designing duo The Sachika Twins who provided me with a great opportunity to work with them.

How would you describe the style of your Karlie’s Angels lingerie line?
My main concern for the line was helping women of all sizes to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. The line contains six different lingerie pieces with built-in contouring shapers for any body type. The collection will also feature three pieces inclusive of shaper dresses and bustier tops. The pieces can be worn with any outfit to fit any setting.
What sets your newly re-launched cosmetic line aside from others?
I strive to redefine the meaning of beauty for women. I wanted to create products that compliment women of all shades, and, ultimately, my line is designed to bring women together and avoid an atmosphere where women are putting each other down because of the way they look.

 Can you recommended three products from your cosmetic line that you cannot live without?
The lipstick, eye shadow, and blush from my line are all great products that are must-haves.

 Visit karlieredd.com for pictures, bios, and more information!

All Karlie Redd Interview photos courtesy of Weldon Bond Photography

Driven Music Conference Announces Dates, Artist Submission Now Open



Driven Music Conference has announced it will return to Atlanta on Sept 26-29th at the Sheraton Hotel. Panel discussions will occur at the Sheraton and performances by up and coming artists will be held at night at Velvet Underground. Artists will be able to network and engage with industry insiders and possibly advance their careers. This year’s panelists include: Warner Bros. Records Director of A&R Alex Wilhelm, New Found Glory Manager and CEO of The Croshal Entertainment Group Fred Croshal, A&R for Razor & Tie Records (40+ million units sold) Dylan Chenfeld, A&R for Glassnote Records (Mumford & Sons) Sean Glass, Alternative Press Managing Editor Scott Heisel, Artist Manager for The Working Group Management (Never Shout Never) Mike Bachta. Producers and other media will be present at the conference as well.
Artists submissions are currently open and can be submitted at www.drivenatlanta.com
For ticketing information please vist www.drivenatlanta.com
 Image courtesy of drivenatlanta.com