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Avengers: Infinity War Review


DISCLAIMER: Due to request from Infinity War directors, The Russo Brothers, and out of respect for the fans of the Marvel universe, this review will contain no spoilers.

Marvel Studios has been able to create a film that leaves you gobsmacked in your seat from beginning to end. There isn’t a moment in Avengers: Infinity War where your eyes do not widen and leave you gasping for breath. I do have to acknowledge that the film is everything we had hoped for from one of the most renowned cinematic companies in the world. But the film also leaves a lot to the imagination. Whether that is good or not is up for you to decide, especially if you are a diehard Marvel fan.

The evil villain of Thanos is perhaps one of the greatest antagonists I have seen on the Marvel screen. He makes you believe in his power and magnitude to a point you really start to worry for your beloved superheroes’ safety. So much so, you become convinced this is the end of all life as we know it. How can you not be afraid of a purple thumb-looking villain that holds the capability of destroying the universe with his fist the size of my torso?

Avengers: Infinity War brings together our beloved heroes for the biggest fight of the universe we’ve been waiting for. Traveling between different dimensions and galaxies will make fans clap their hands with glee while the nonstop heroism and fight sequences make you want to kick some serious ass. To top it off, the snarky bouts of comedy provides a good hearty laugh and comedic relief. Staring at a bearded Steve Rogers and the biceps of Thor isn’t so bad either!

Leaving the theatre I was happy, but not exactly satisfied. Since this review contains no spoilers, I will not explain why I felt this way. In an all honestly it is quite hard to understand how to feel about the film. Avengers: Infinity War is everything we could have possibly dreamed of, but leaves fans with more questions than answers. It makes you wonder what is to come. Fans of the Marvel Universe are not mentally prepared for what’s in store for them. Despite this, the film was worth the anticipation. All that’s left to wonder is, where do we go from here?


Oh, and stay for the post credit scene: it will blow your mind.

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Avengers: Infinity War Review: Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios

More Spring Movies We’re Hyped For


Just when you thought we had named all the movies we were excited about this spring, Marvel Studios goes ahead and pushes back the release of Avengers: Infinity War to April 27. Well, with that firmly in spring’s territory, we thought why not go back and pull another batch of movies we’re hyped for this spring.


Avengers: Infinity War

It’s the culmination of ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has included 18 films, with the most recent addition of Black Panther. It’ll truly be a sight to behold when all of the different characters Marvel Studios has developed in its films come together to fight the mysterious Thanos, who’s lurked in the background of some of the movies so far.


Pacific Rim Uprising

Giant robots fighting giant monsters. Why do I even need to go on? The sequel to 2013’s Pacific Rim looks to bring more of the great action that made the first one so enjoyable. John Boyega takes over as our lead, and if he brings the same energy he brought to the two most recent Star Wars films, that should only make things better.


Tomb Raider

Being a reboot plus a video game movie, this probably shouldn’t inspire much hope. However, what this film has that dispels any doubts is its lead, its Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander. Vikander is one of the best young actresses out there and should do very well in bringing the character to life. There looks to be some good action and adventure as well, which hopefully will add up to an enjoyable movie.



Really? Another giant monster movie? You may be asking yourself those questions, but let’s be honest, this movie has something in it even bigger than the monsters. Dwayne Johnson. He’s become the modern day action hero and has enough charm to turn most of his films into at least a fun time. There should be no exception here.


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More Spring Movies We’re Hyped For. Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios