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Beauty Brand to Watch: Ayr Skin Care


Like many success stories, Ayr Skin Care (pronounced “air”) was first created after many years of struggles. Ever since the founder, Kirsten Thomas, was a child, she had a difficult time finding products that didn’t irritate her sensitive skin. From laundry detergents with added perfumes to facial washes with harmful ingredients, everything seemed to wreak havoc on her skin, and so her quest to find non-toxic, unscented products began. However, she quickly realized how tough that mission was going to be.


While the terms “organic” and “hypoallergenic” are commonplace today in the beauty and skincare industry, they weren’t always. In fact, Thomas had to look far and wide for products that were deemed “natural”—and even then, they didn’t help. When she finally spoke to her friends and family about her struggles, she realized she wasn’t alone.

“I always thought that I was alone in my skincare problems, but it turned out that almost every other person that I talked with had someone in their family with similar challenges,” Thomas said. Desperate to help herself and others who faced the same struggles, Thomas decided it was time for her to roll up her sleeves, do some research, and make the products she needed herself. That’s when Ayr Skin Care was born.

According to the company’s website, their ultimate goal is “to provide handcrafted products carefully prepared in small batches and made from natural and organic products of the highest quality.” After trying the products ourselves, we can see they mean every word of that.

“Our philosophy is that you’ll not only feel the difference that a luxurious product imparts, you’ll need less of it to experience vibrant and visible results,” reads the website. “We call it ‘the ultimate in affordable luxury.’”

“Affordable luxury” is correct. From a Revitalizing Eye Serum that fights wrinkles and stimulates collagen production to a Moisturizing Hand Cream that soothes dry skin and promotes stress relief, Ayr Skin Care provides several high-quality products that go the extra mile for a great price. Our favorite product, however, is the Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

The Reveal cleanser has a list of impressive benefits for all skin types. Not only does it moisturize your skin while gently cleaning out your pores, but it also gets rid of toxins, fights signs of aging, and promotes cellular regeneration. Perhaps its most important benefit is that the formula is gentle but effective, especially for those with sensitive skin. Many people with sensitive skin cannot use exfoliating products that contain alpha hydroxy acids because they are often harsh and do more harm than good. However, the Reveal cleanser uses AHAs obtained from fruit extracts as well as other ingredients that contain soothing properties. This harmonious balance is why the Reveal cleanser is different from many exfoliators currently on the market and is a dream come true for those with sensitive skin.

The Reveal cleanser also has a fresh citrus scent and gives you that spa-like feeling you desire when using a skincare product. Since this product foams into a lather instead of using harsh bead exfoliators, it won’t irritate or dry out your skin. Even after the first use, you will notice smoother (thank you, humectant-rich honey) and brighter (thank you, goji berries) skin.

“We’re making the products everyone wants, but can never find,” says Thomas. And now, we’re so lucky we found them. Visit ayrskincare.com for more information.

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Beauty Brand to Watch: Ayr Skin Care: Images courtesy of Ayr Skin Care

Ayr Skin Care Giveaway


We are partnering with Ayr Skin Care for a giveaway you won’t want to miss! The natural skincare brand that promises never to use toxic ingredients, parabens, or synthetic dyes and perfumes in their products is giving away three of their best products to three lucky Cliché readers. Enter below for your chance to win their Reveal Exfoliating Foam Facial Wash and more, valued at $198.


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About Ayr Skin Care

All great things begin when necessity is coupled with a good idea and fueled by passion.  The story behind Ayr (pronounced “air”) Skin Care is no different.
Meeting a Deeply Personal Need
Because of lifelong skin sensitivity, Ayr Skin Care founder, Kirsten Thomas, found it imperative to seek out non-irritating and non-toxic products for her sensitive skin. Born in Southern California, she remembers, even as a child, her mother’s never-ending quest to find anything that would not irritate Kirsten’s delicate skin.
A New Company is Born

Through powerful products that deliver, and a small, loyal following that’s grown to encompass people far and wide, Ayr Skin Care was born. A line of luxury face and body products with a focus on anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits has launched Ayr Skin Care into the spotlight.
With eight products available at launch, and many more in development, this is just the beginning for Ayr Skin Care. We hope to bring you premium body and face care products that quickly become a staple in your skin care routine.

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Ayr Skin Care Giveaway: Prizing,  images, and summaries provided by Ayr Skin Care