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Back To School Trends: 3 Tips To Strut The Halls In Style


Nights are getting shorter, notebooks and pencils dominate the aisles of your local Target, and suddenly conversation has turned from pool parties to schedules. This can only mean one thing: school is, unfortunately, back in session. Whether you’re finishing out your senior year at university or starting your freshman year of high school, personal style is never more important than it is at the beginning of the year. While I made some pretty poor style choices in school (read: gauchos, hair feathers, and Aeropostale hoodies galore), I have since found my way in the fashion world. Here are three tips to help you avoid the mistakes I made…over and over.


Keep it trendy…but not too trendy.

Step into the halls with your best foot forward by picking a first day outfit that features something totally trendy and unique. Your outfit should be understated, but still leave your classmates wondering exactly how many fashion weeks you’ve attended (even if it’s zero). My suggestion? One super fashion forward, totally you accessory. Personally, I would take a hint from NYFW and go for something a little western, like this studded and embroidered leather jacket.

A cool bag is a MUST.

If you’re going to be carrying an accessory around every single day, you may as well make a statement. Save the Jansport bag for gym class and dare to take your backpack game to the next level. Functionality is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Personally, I’m a rucksack gal, and this gorgeous leather bag from Madewell easily transitions from classroom to Sunday brunch. The key here is to find something that will compliment your wardrobe and add to every outfit—not take away from it. Be sure to pick a material that will last and invest in a piece you can carry post-graduation.


Now is the time where you can try out all sorts of different trends, pieces, and styles. Don’t limit yourself to one vibe at the beginning of the school year like I did. One year, I decided I was totally edgy and too cool for school (pun intended), and I stocked my closet with studs and all black everything. By the time the spring semester rolled around, not only was I completely bored with that look, I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes! Instead of a major back to school shopping spree, purchase a few cool items and keep collecting unique pieces throughout the year. That way, you’ll end up with a ton of variety, and have the freedom to choose from a lot of different looks. Start with a killer pair of statement shoes, like these trendy glittery booties, and go from there.

The most important tip? Find your style, and have fun with it. Purchase pieces that take you a bit out of your comfort zone, and be willing to try something a little different. The halls are your personal runway, so work it!

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Back To School Trends: 3 Tips To Strut The Halls In Style: Featured image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Back to School Must-Have Fashion Essentials


Now that school is back in session, finding outfit inspiration for every day of the week that you have class can feel like just another school assignment. Of course, there are social media go-to’s such as Pinterest and Instagram that can always help, but we’re here to make life just a bit easier for you with fashion picks you’ll want to use as much as your favorite school bag. From smart, innovative readers and classic sunglasses to minimal jewelry and statement pieces, you’ll want to learn how many ways you can style each in an outfit. Browse through our back to school must-have fashion essentials for stylish goodies you won’t want to miss out on!

Back to School Specs with EyeBuyDirect
By now, you may have heard of EyeBuyDirect through the Instagram grapevine, but if you haven’t yet, we’re happy to let you in on the know. It’s no surprise that we are die-hard fans of this spectacle of a company after featuring them in one of our gift guides last Christmas, so it’s only fitting for us to share their high-quality readers and sunnies for you to have this school year. Learn more about EyeBuyDirect and their tech-savvy products below!
Keep your eyes in check during those never ending hours of being on your laptop—trying to finish a paper last minute or studying night after night to ace that exam—with EyeBuyDirect’s digital protection lenses.
Time spent staring into your digital screens overexposes your eyes to blue-violet, high energy visible (HEV) light, which can cause damage, headaches, eye fatigue and early onset of macular degeneration. Don’t try using this reason as an excuse to not do your homework though! With premium Eyezen technology lenses that excuse won’t save you from any project. EyeBuyDirect’s lenses provides technology that keeps your eyes safe, healthy, fashionable and on point—even if you still have to stay up all night to catch up on the syllabus.
You can learn more about EyeBuyDirect’s digital protection feature here.

Back to School Beauty with Pacifica x Target


It’s that time again! With summer drawing to a close, the back-to-school advertisements have begun, sharing with all of us the school essentials—from fashion to beauty—that we’ll be needing to stock up on this year. We’re here to not only help you feel refreshed for the upcoming season, but to make sure you’re prepared for anything that’ll be jotted down in your school agenda. And what better way to start than with a list of beauty must haves that’ll have you wishing for the first day of school? We’re sure there will be no early morning blues when you have beauty goodies from the latest Pacifica x Target collection. Each product is 100% vegan and made with certified cruelty-free ingredients that’ll have you glowing all day long. So, stay clear from the snooze button and turn up the tunes as you get ready for the day with these products that you’ll love using.

Read on and check out our back to school beauty list, brought to you by one of our favorite makeup lines and stores!

Back In Fall Session


As we bid “adios!” to the summer season and classes open once again, there is no better way to gear up for the new season (and semester) than to make room for a fresh and even more stylish wardrobe.
Bag it up!


Photo courtesy of urbanouttfitters.com

Buy the Cooperative Double Buckle Flap Backpack at Urban Outfitters for $59.00

When choosing a bag, consider its face and functionality. Apart from being one of the most essential belongings a student could have, bags can be the best accessory to put on your entire look. If you’re going for classy and preppy, this leather buckle backpack from Urban Outfitters is yours for the taking.
In or out?


Photo courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com

Buy the Valentino Fringe-Front Patent Lace-Up Oxford Shoe at Bergdorf Goodman for $995

In a recent online article from Seventeen Magazine, 2015 says goodbye to ballet flats. Since they’re out (for a while), oxford shoes are totally in. You can go from vintage to rockstar royalty with this lace-up oxfords from Valentino.
Keep warm


Photo courtesy of forever21.com

Buy the Fuzzy Popcorn Knit Cardigan at Forever 21 for $29.80

When the temperature drops, you’ll need cover-ups to keep you warm. This fluffy and snuggly fur cardigan from Forever 21 will make you a Blair Waldorf in no time.
Billy Jeans


Photo courtesy of nordstromrack.com

Buy the Current/Elliot The Traveler Boyfriend Jean at Nordstrom Rack for $79.97

Heading to school in blue jeans will never go out of style so make sure you have one that fits you well and boosts your confidence.


Photo courtesy of shopstyle.com

Buy the Love Moschino Denim Skirt at Asos for $36.50

And who says denim A-line skirts are meant to be kept in the back of your closet?
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– by Alve Aranton

Back to School: Day Designer Planners from Blue Sky


Whether you’re in high school or college, September means one thing: a new school year. And what better way to get all your assignments, deadlines, and extracurricular activities all in one stylish place than with the Day Designer planners from Blue Sky?

Whitney English

Whitney English, creator of Day Designer

Created by Whitney English, these planners were designed with both functionality and style in mind. “I envisioned a planner that would be simple to use, yet robust enough to handle the modern woman’s busy, chaotic, challenging—yet ultimately rewarding—life,” says English. “An efficient planning system was truly the key to helping me, and busy women all over the world, find focus, create balance, and live a more inspiring life.”
Planners come with daily, weekly, and/or monthly calendar sections, extra notes pages, and inspirational quotes meant to motivate. Our favorite? The Day Designer Gold Stripe Weekly/Monthly Planner ($16.99), a wire-o spiral bound organizer with a paperboard cover and gold foil detail. The teal tabs and accent color just top it off!
Blue Sky also offers free printable pages, like a travel checklist and a summer goal sheet, and covers on the website for extra customization. Print out exactly what you need, and then add them to your own binder!
We are also currently giving away three Day Designer planners to three winners each on our website! Click here and enter for your chance to win. But hurry! Giveaway ends on August 16.
Planners are also available starting at $9.99 at BlueSky.com or from your local Target.
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Back to School: Day Designer Planners from Blue Sky: Photographs courtesy of Blue Sky

Move In Day LookBook


Let’s face it: we care more about how we look on Move-In Day than we should. Even if you’re in denial, you’ve secretly been putting outfits together in your head. Well, stop assembling and let us do the work for you! Here are a few outfits that you can copy or use as inspiration. Check out this Move In Day LookBook to get started!

Girl Next Door

girl ext door.jpg

Top: allyfashion.com $23, Shoes: Keds $34, Shorts: Zarahome.com $18, Bag: Claires $20

Artsy Fartsy

Top: Brandy Melville $23, Shoes: Forever21 $15, Bottoms: Boohoo $30, Ring: overstock.com $15, Hat: Lauraashely.com.au $36


Sporty Casual


Top: Etsy.com $22, Bottom: Madewell.com $50, Shoes: DSW.com $60


Boho Chic


Romper: H&M $10, Shoes: Pinkice.com $25, Kimono: chicnova.com $26  Necklace: Jewliq.com $37

Photographs Courtesy of Polyvore:  OneTwo, Three, Four
Feature Image Courtesy of Flickr.com

Back To School Essentials


Whether you’re in high school or on your way back to college, school is just around the corner. Rather than wasting precious time in the sun and lazing about, allow Cliché and I to make your life easier! From beauty needs, fashion necessities, and random bits and bobs that come in handy, here are back to school essentials for you students out there!

Foundation or BB Cream of Choice: Even if you don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, there will be an occasion where a full face is called for, be it a Greek formal, a club black tie, or a school dance.Contrary to belief, foundation doesn’t have to be full coverage or thick. Find one that works best for you and your skin!  Pro tip: match foundation with your lower jaw or neck (never match it to your hand since it catches way more rays than your actual face!).

Mascara and/or Eyeliner: Mascara is one of those beauty products that adds so much with so little. Opening your eyes, elongating those already beautiful lashes on your face, keeping everything natural…it’s our dirty little secret! And whether your eyeliner is liquid, gel, crayon, or pencil, it changes an entire look with a simple flick and swish. Pro tip: splurge if you have the resources, but most often than not drugstore versions work equally as good as high-end brands.
Tweezers: Going to a salon or brow bar isn’t easy if you live on campus or are just busy in general. Tweezers become your best friend for those sparse hairs that are just out of place and ruining that perfect arch! Pro tip: make sure you invest in a pair of tweezers with a sharp point and close fairly tightly to be able to grab those tiny suckers!
Bobby Pins: Bobby pins are those items that you don’t realize you need until you’ve lost them all and are in a pinch. Baby and stray hairs beware! Keep yourself stocked with these babies in your locker, bag, or dorm room and you won’t be sorry. Pro tip: make sure these are tight and won’t loosen with time or wear.
Creaseless Hair Ties: These hair ties are thicker and flatter than ordinary. Whether your hair is straight or curly, these are a must because no matter what they will never crease your hair. EVER.
Makeup Remover Wipes/Cleanser/Moisturizer: Basically, everything you need to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. Cleansing the skin is important and so is making sure it’s balanced. Use cleansers that have natural ingredients rather than harsh alcohols that strip the skin of natural oils. Despite the myth, oiliness cannot be fought by stripping but rather by balancing! Make sure you replenish with a face oil or a good natural moisturizer.

Dark Wash Jeans: Dark wash jeans are a staple. Whether they’re dressed up or down, they provide a clean-cut look with very little effort. Jeans are something most people say to splurge on; however, if the right jeans for you happen to be $20 or even $10, what does it matter? Dark wash, skinny, and ankle length is perfect for a business casual event or just a night out with the girls.

Blazer: A good blazer is a must, not just for the preps united but for any event in which an office vibe is needed. If you have a job interview or a work meetup, a blazer adds a serious and professional touch. But really, it all depends on how you work it: blazers can look chic and casual when paired with the right outfit. A good blazer is a serious investment piece everyone should make.
LBD: Audrey Hepburn had it right on so many occasions it’s hard to keep track. However, the iconic actress forever epitomized the little black dress. Thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, women all around the world have this number as a secret weapon in their closets, and if not then get cracking! Whether it be a cocktail party, a work function, or breakfast (at Tiffany’s!), the LBD is a must for every woman.
Flats: Along with the LBD, a nice pair of flats is a must. Whether it’s to add extra “oomph” and comfort to an outfit or for an event where standing and walking is unavoidable, this pair of footwear is as versatile as the next one on the list.
Boots: Whether it’s a pair of riding boots or snow boots (depending on your climate), boots help you get by when the weather is being anything but nice. The East Coast is highly partial to the riding boot trend in the fall and rainboots for the spring. Meanwhile, the West Coast seems biased to chic ankle booties with earthy tones.

Dorm Room and Locker
Posters: Let’s face it: dorm rooms can be rather prisonlike in nature. And school itself can feel just as torturous! Try to liven things up and add your own touch or reminder of home by adding posters or picture of the people you hold dear in your locker or dorm. It’ll make a dorm feel more homelike and keep you smiling all day!

Planner: No matter how organized you may think you are, a planner is a must! There will be times where you feel as if you need clones of yourself to make all of your appointments and to complete all of your tasks.
Whiteboard: Whiteboards tie in with a planner—being able to write yourself reminders will becrucial. It’s also a fun way for friends and visitors to leave their love or remarks for you to find.
Stain Remover: This is another one of those items you find superfluous until you spill tomato sauce on your new white blouse and you have a presentation with your favorite cutie in the front row.
Mattress Topper: This is for the new dormers out there: You. Will. Need. This. It doesn’t matter how high-quality you think the beds will be, unless you don’t mind feeling like you’re sleeping on a rock!
Throw Blanket: This is one of those items you don’t think you need until you’re sitting in a lounge, studying long hours on those awful desk chairs provided for you, or have a guest over. They’re super useful and super cozy
Condoms: It is always better to be safe than sorry, and even if you don’t use them, someone else will be mighty grateful you have some in stock!
Open Mind: This is beyond needed in order to ensure you take up every positive opportunity that comes your way and live each day to its fullest potential.

Photo credit: courtesy of York town College of Pa on flickr.com

School Staples


School Staples

The ringing sound of the bell marking our start to hurry up to class is right around the corner. July has left us, and as we move into August, we must prepare for the back-to-school season to begin. The preparation of moving into dorm rooms, finding the right (i.e. cute) stationery supplies, and making sure our schedules are up to par is all in full swing. Of course, what comforter we want, what notebooks we need, and what classes we take aren’t the only school related tasks on our minds. What is most important is what we will be wearing–duh! Looking good ultimately makes you feel good, and most of us can say that back-to-school shopping for clothes helps put that pep into our step. We can go to our classes feeling confident, comfortable, and stylish all with the help of a few school staples.

When shopping for clothes to return to school, you don’t have to stock up again on a whole new wardrobe–as much as we would love to! Instead you can invest in some basic quality pieces. You will be able to mix and match these pieces together to create more outfits than you would think you have. A stylish trick just for you! We’re here to break down the must-have items you are going to want and need in your closet this upcoming fall. You can thank us later for saving some cash in your wallets!
1. The Right Tote
Picking out a bag to carry all that we need during the day can be just as hard as picking out the perfect, little black dress. Our go-to bag for this fall is able to provide all that you need–comfort, space, and style: the tote. You’ll be able to keep everything you must have on hand, including your books, lunch, and feminine needs, all in tow. It will all be organized and a quick hand grab away.


(Tote’s Amaze Bag, $49.99, Modcloth.com)

2. The Trench Coat
Go neutral and purchase a taupe or nude coat. Be bold with color and go for a bright red or royal blue. You can’t go wrong with a versatile coat that can take on almost any weather. Whether it’s raining or is a cool enough day for another layer to compliment your outfit, the trench coat is a light and simple addition to any look.


(Silence + Noise Drapey Trench Coat, $149, Urbanoutfitters.com)

3. The Rain Boots
One thing is for certain during the fall season: it will rain come sun or clouds. You really never know when those droplets will fall so be prepared. Rain boots can be a super shoe when you don’t want to ruin your precious shoes on puddle-filled days. Now rain boots have become a style piece all on their own. They’re available in adorable prints, fine textures, and basic colors for everyday wear.


(Packable Puddletons, $39.99, Puddletons.com)

4. The Black Denim
Black will always be the new black–point blank. A pair of black denim jeans can go with absolutely any top and can be your grab-and-go bottoms when you can’t decide what to wear. They’re an easy way to stay stylish while looking cool and effortless. Purchasing ripped jeans or adding some cuts at the knees of a pair you already own can give you a more urban and distressed look.


(Bullhead Denim Co High Rise Skinniest Slit Knee Black Jeans, $45, Pacsun.com)

5. The Panama Hat
Other than the basic beanie, the panama hat can be your hair’s best friend. They’re mostly seen in black, but you can also be a bit risque by purchasing a wine, emerald, or blue one. At this point in fashion, anything can become a neutral. So why not a panama hat? The fact that it makes you look chic on any given day is just an added bonus.

panama hat.jpg

(Jordan Panama Hat, $58, Nastygal.com)

6. The Printed Blouse
Prints are not budging in the trend reports. No one blames them either. They’re absolutely fun to experiment with and can be surprisingly sexy, like the snakeskin print. At first prints may seem a bit intimidating, but all you need to remember is a print with a basic is the way to go. Toss on a printed blouse, and pair it with a basic colored skirt or even some black denim–outfit complete.


(Carven Printed Blouse, $470, Shopbop.com)

7. The Midi Skirt
It looks like the mini and maxi skirts aren’t the top favorites anymore. The midi skirt has made it clear that there is a new style in town ever since its appearance this past year. With its comfortable length, you won’t have to check if your skirt is too short or have to keep lifting up the hem. Instead, you can walk easily in one of these numbers without any worries!


(Knife Pleat Midi Skirt, $67.71, Asos.com)

8. The Leopard Belt
Speaking of neutrals like the panama hat, let’s face it–leopard print has certainly become a neutral. Some fashion experts may disagree, but we adore this spicy touch of animal print on looks. A leopard belt is the perfect accessory. Add it around a skirt or with some skinny jeans.


(Skinny Printed Calf Hair Belt, $68, Jcrew.com)

9. The Oxfords
Menswear always seems to come along as the number one trend for fall. Oxfords provide that masculine yet feminine touch to an outfit. Slide them on, and you’ll be set all day. You’ll be fashion forward and comfortable going to classes, work, and all other activities you super women do.


(Metallic Brogue $49.90, Express.com)

10. The Sweater
Sweater weather is better weather. Are we right? Fall is the epitome of just that, and we can’t go through this season without having our favorite sweater in tow. Whether it’s loose, varsity inspired, oversized, or Cosby-esque, a sweater is super easy to layer with. We’re guilty of wearing them just for their extra comfy and snuggly factor.


(Hinge Short Sleeve Pullover, $44.90, Nordstrom.com)

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY


This Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY is a great way to transition your favorite bright summer scarf into the cooler months. The knotted fringe adds a luxurious, cozy texture without being too warm and bulky. This DIY is super easy and requires no prior sewing experience. If you are adding knotted fringe to an infinity scarf, just add it along one side.


This tutorial can use a new or old scarf; for this demonstration, I used a vintage thrifted scarf with bright, jewel tones. A gauzy scarf will be much easier to manipulate than a thick, wooly one. An awl, a sharp tool for piercing fabric, will also be used for this project and can be found at most hardware or craft supply stores for a low cost. Instead of cutting the fibers, an awl merely pushes them aside, allowing the yarn fringe to be attached. If you decide to remove the fringe from your scarf, ironing over the holes created by the awl will help them disappear.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY



A skein of yarn



Measuring tape or ruler


Step 1:

Begin by cutting pieces of yarn that are each 10 inches long. It is difficult to calculate exactly how many pieces of yarn you will need to cut, but working in batches of about 15 or 20 pieces is manageable. The fringe will end up being approximately 5 inches long, but you can cut longer or shorter pieces to suit your style.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 2:

With your awl, punch a hole near the edge of the scarf, wiggling the awl through to gradually widen the opening.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 3:

Take a piece of yarn in your hands, and twist it tightly between your fingers. Fold the twisted yarn to create a small loop, and slip the loop through the opening created by the awl. You can also use the awl to help you pull the loop through the opening.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 4:

Pull the tail ends of the piece of yarn through the little yarn loop and tighten. Your fringe is now secured to your scarf.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 5:

To make the knotted fringe, grab tail ends from adjacent pieces of fringe. Forming a loop with your fingers, slide the tail ends through the loop and tighten, creating a knot about a half-inch away from the top of the fringe.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

This Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY is very easily adapted to suit any length of fringe and any number of knots. If you decide to cut pieces of yarn that are longer than 10 inches, two or more rows of knots along the fringe add a visually stunning textural display.

All photos courtesy of Gabriela Salvador.

Six Tips for the Stylish Student



Headbands courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters

It’s that time of year again, when the sound of alarm clocks replaces that of crashing beach waves, and homework threatens to trump hanging out with friends. Each September, reality sets back in again, and we all fall into crazy routines that will never measure up to the frivolities and pleasures of summer time. This autumn, look out for your style; the temperature may drop, but that doesn’t mean it too should fall short.
I know exactly what you’re thinking right now: you have no time to get ready in the mornings. You’d rather spend those few precious extra minutes in bed. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a way to have it all. Aim for an A+ in style this semester. Mark these beauty tips on your cheat sheet and you’ll be sure to turn some heads by the time grades are posted.

When it comes to makeup, the key is keeping it simple. Say goodbye to the rigorous routines and heavy products and hello to the simple and easy-to use. There’s no need to cover everything up. This semester, use products like these that will highlight your features and give you all day coverage and comfort.
Eye Studio®  Color Tatoo® Metal  by Maybelline, $6.99 maybelline.com

Photo courtesy of Maybelline

1. For daily use, forget those thick liquid foundations. Instead, choose a powder such as one from the Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum line. You’ll find that powders are easier to match to your unique skin tone, and they absorb natural oils more efficiently. Not to mention, they can be applied and blended in a matter of seconds.
2. Forget traditional eye shadows. This year, try out eye creams and gel shadows. These products can be applied with a brush or just the tip of your finger. They’ll do all the same things powder shadows do, but without the mess or the hassle. Gel shadows stay on right where you place them all day long. You won’t have to worry about spreading glitter all over your face or dealing with shiny and faded eyes by the end of the night. These products will give you a flawless finish in any shade and I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
3. There is nothing wrong with a vibrant lip shade, but let’s face it, 8am college algebra doesn’t exactly scream sexy red lips. Go for a neutral shade with a touch of sparkle and a hint of shine for a more natural and understated look that will not need to be touched up all day long. Products from the Baby Lips line from Maybelline will even moisturize your lips as they shine. How’s that for saving time?
When it comes to the perfect back-to-school hairdos, there’s no need to fret. Curling and straightening irons can do wonders, but embracing your natural locks will save you time and keep your hair shiny and healthy all semester long.
4. On those days when you simply have to run, you’ll find that fabric headbands are the perfect solution to any hair dilemma. Find patterned and embellished ones that will add a sassy pop of color and flair to any outfit. Use them to pull back bangs, flaunt loose straight hair or natural waves, or wear them with a messy bun. Either way, these headbands will give you a put-together look that will have everyone thinking took you all morning to perfect.
5. For those in-between days when blow drying and scrunching just won’t cut it, why not rock a braid? Braids provide fun and versatile ways to change up your look. Choose a simple hairline design to keep your locks away from your face in the lab or playful hipster hidden braids for study group. The fun doesn’t stop here! Pick up all of your hair in French or fishtail braid for those late night runs to the gym.
6. For a more sophisticated look, ballerina buns are surely your best bet. Cut and roll up one of your mix-matched socks and form your ponytail around it for a full and crisp look that is sure to demand authority and attention.
September means a return to mundane reality, but remember, style doesn’t need to suffer too. With this as your guide you’ll be on your way to all things studious and fabulous!