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Best Holiday Baking Ideas


With the holiday season fast approaching, it can be tempting to stick with your tried and true go-to recipes. The classics are always great, but it can be just as fun to mix up your usual repertoire and add some new recipes into your traditions. For some holiday baking fun, here are some of the best holiday baking ideas!

holiday baking ideas

Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks

These adorable Christmas tree cookie stacks are ideal for anyone who loves both delicious and adorable bakes. They only take 30 minutes and yield between 16-18 tasty trees the whole family will love. Combining two favorite holiday activities, baking and tree decorating, this recipe is perfect for children and families this holiday season!

Peppermint Mocha Lava Cakes

Chocolate lovers will adore these peppermint mocha lava cakes. This indulgent chocolatey dessert is both traditional and festive with the extra peppermint kick. Not only does it look delicious, it also takes less than an hour to make and prepare! What better way to end a holiday meal than with the classic combo of chocolate and peppermint goodness?   

Santa Hat Cupcakes

Another adorably delicious idea for any holiday party, these Santa hat cupcakes only need six ingredients. You can be as creative as you want decorating each hat or stick with the traditional red and white look. It’s up to you! Your bake will be the star of the day and brighten any room with holiday cheer.holiday baking ideas

Mincemeat Pies

This classic British bake will not only wow your friends and family, it will also taste fantastic! It takes a little over an hour to make, but the results are more than worth it. Get inspired from across the pond and try baking mincemeat pies this season. You’ll see what all the fuss is about soon enough.

Yule Log

A real showstopper to get you in the holiday spirit, nothing says Christmas like a Yule Log centerpiece. Yule Logs can be many flavors, but this classic recipe features focuses heavily on chocolate and whipped cream filling. It takes almost two hours to create, but nothing will get you in the mood for the holiday more than putting the finishing touches on that delicious log!

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Check Out Divas Can Cook for Amazing Summer Recipes


Summer is here! ‘Tis the season of barbeques, fruit bowls, and chilly refreshing drinks. Whether it’s friends gathering around a picnic table in the park or family grilling in the backyard, we all want to bring something new and tasty to the party. If you’re looking for a website to give you some ideas for meals that will never fall short, then check out

Divas Can Cook Official Facebook Page

Divas Can Cook is run by Monique, a blogger from a large Southern family that has passed down old and new recipes from generation to generation. Monique began her website to encourage her readers to bring back the tradition of making real good food from scratch. She covers every meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert—with mostly traditional spreads alongside her own innovative twists. She’s even found a way to make health-conscious, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan takes on classic Southern food so nobody’s missing out.    

Everything that comes out of Monique’s kitchen is mouth-wateringly delicious. Even for people who aren’t so confident in their cooking skill, Monique has posted videos of her making each recipe step-by-step so her audience can follow along. Not to mention her beautiful personality shines in all her videos and written posts, she makes cooking so much more fun that you’ll want to go through everything on the website.

Summer recommendations from yours truly include: extraordinarily fluffy Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins, zesty Sweet and Spicy Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich, tangy Strawberry Piña Coladas, and finally gooey chewy Oven Baked S’mores Bars.

After working through one of her dishes, you will feel like the proud, confident person that she wants to unleash in everyone. So, please click away to Divas Can Cook to get a head full of ideas and a belly full of food!


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Check Out Divas Can Cook for Amazing Summer Recipes: Featured Image Credit: Divas Can Cook official Facebook Page.

Dean Brettschneider: Why Men Should Bake


Dean The Global BakerI have just walked upstairs to my office desk from the test bakery for the huge multinational baking company I consult for 10 days every month in Bagshot, Surrey, UK. You can tell it’s my desk because My chair is a dusty, floury light blue color because I always pat my backside with my hands after playing in flour. Just a habit of mine, I’m afraid.

I have two sourdoughs fermenting, a plain Pain au Levain and a Rye & Raisin Sourdough. There are also some delicious toffee biscuits that I baked for morning tea and some spinach puff pastry ready to go. In between all of that I am messaging, emailing, looking at pictures on my iPhone of my bakeries in Singapore, Shanghai, and arranging a trip to Hangzhou & Japan in May to meet with my partners there to see how things are progressing with my bakeries. Not to mention that I’m also writing my 13th book for it’s 2014 release and coordinating my next Kiwi Baker in California TV series… who said men can’t multi-task!?

Which brings me to my question: why do so many men bake commercially and so few bake at home?

I learned to bake from my mother and my Nana in the early days. In fact, it wasn’t really about baking: I was more interested in the science behind the baking, which is what got me interested in it. I could have easily become a chef instead of a baker as I was also incredibly interested in food.

Almost all of my school friends were destined to become farmers, carpenters, or brick layers and I was the odd one out who chose baking and food. I learned very early on about exceeding expectations, presentation, taste, and flavors. I also learned about the attention that I could attract by making a few good breads, cakes, and pastries.

Yes, I have to say that baking put me squarely alongside all the young ladies at parties… a cunning plan, since woman love men who can bake.

I often say that baking is a thinking game; you have to think about all aspects from the ingredients, process, timing, and structure to the cooling time, decorating and final presentation, so it’s fair to say that one could liken it to the building or construction business. Rather than playing with concrete, wood, and tiles, however, you use flour, eggs, butter, fruits, sugar, and so one as your building materials and the coat of paint. Icing and decorating then become your landscaping.

Why Men Should Bake

So there is absolutely no reason in the world why men can’t grasp and master the basics of baking. Where men often go wrong is they are too heavy handed.  In reality, men could have a better grasp of bringing all the components together technically, but they often lack the natural flair of floating magically around the kitchen. But who really does that anyway?

There is another reason why men should be great bakers: many men grow up as “mommy’s boys”… we are almost brought up with an apron on by default.

I say to all the people that work for me across the globe that it takes just as long to make crap product as it does to make amazing product. Rustic, slightly macho styles of baking is so very trendy right now. Big, bold flavors, interesting textures, and something that looks so damn delicious and yummy to eat… now if that’s not right up men’s baking ally, I don’t know what is! Come on, men, we are all tired of pretty cupcakes decorated by women in frilly pink aprons.

There are numerous benefits to men baking. Let’s be blunt, the more men do around the kitchen, like cooking, baking for the family, and doing the shopping, the more time the family gets time together. On top of all of this baking is a great way to get the kids involved.

My son, who is now 17 years old, loves to bake, but he wants to be a lawyer, not a baker. Susan, his mother, loves to bake, too… but guess where she learned all her baking tips and tricks from – yes, me, a man!

Baking is about sharing. I love to bake for other people, not for money but for actually caring and giving. Absolutely no one can turn down a lovely baked loaf of bread, batch of cookies or even your mother’s favorite cake. Yes, that’s right, your mother’s favorite cake, made by her son. Wouldn’t she be proud?

I bet if you ran a professional bake off where only professional bakers could enter, it would be almost all men. So my last words on the subject is … COME ON, MEN, LET’S BAKE!