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Bands Interviewing Bands: Outside Animals & Stormy Strong


One of the best parts of this industry is the ability to connect with so many like-minded individuals with the click of a button. For this interview, we brought together Los Angeles indie-rock band Outside Animals (for fans of: The Strokes, Jimmy Eat World) with the Bay Area’s Stormy Strong, the saltwater rock leviathan that has been sweeping the globe atop a tsunami of salty melodic anthems ever since he hit the waves in 2006. Check out the full interview below.

Stormy Strong: What is your name (are you the Captain?), the name of your band, and how would you describe your sound? 
Outside Animals: I am Colin and I am the singer, guitarist, and front man for Outside Animals. We play indie/garage rock. I’m told we sound like a mix of Jimmy Eat World and The Strokes, which is wonderful. They’re both huge influences.
SS: What was the first song you heard in your life that you fell in love with? Does the music you write today in any way rhyme with that song?
OA: The first song I fell in love with was probably something off of an oldies station. That was always on in the car as a kid. But of songs I can remember, I would play “Keep Fishing” by Weezer on repeat. It was the first song I learned on guitar, too.
OA: At what point did you think to yourself, “I need to be playing music.”
SS: The first time I heard the Everly Brothers’ “Bird Dog” at about 4 years old.
OA: What album can you put on and listen to every song start to finish?
SS: Weezer’s Blue Album.
OA: This would definitely be my answer as well. It’s the perfect album.
SS: What is your latest release and how do you go about releasing your music?
OA: We just released a 4-song EP. We released it through CD Baby for distribution so we could get on Spotify, iTunes, Google music, etc. We worked with Muddy Paw PR to get a little bit of press coverage for the release and are now playing shows to promote it. We’ve got two music videos in the works as well.
OA: I’m going to cop one of your questions: what’s your latest release and how did you go about releasing it? 
SS: We have been only releasing singles, so our most recent single is “Angels Cry.” It was featured in the iTunes Music Store and distributed digitally everywhere! This song was not heavily promoted, but has on its own got a ton of exposure. We just released a new music video for our song “Sail Away.” We worked with Muddy Paw PR is addition to FB and Google advertising.

OA: Have you always been rocking the seas or did you ever have a more land-locked band?
SS: I was in the pop punk band (aka melodic hardcore) in the ’90s. We played a lot of shows with Good Riddance and other FAT bands. Also with Blink 182 in Vegas, which was nuts! We played a lot of shows in landlocked towns I had never heard of on the west coast.
OA: How do you feel about non-sailors like the Beach Boys and Beatles singing about the sea? (With reference to “Sloop John B” and “Yellow Submarine” respectively.)
SS: LOVE the Beach Boys! Love a lot of Beatles tunes, too. Imagine if Jimmy Buffett consistently wrote songs as good of both of them? He would be king of the world!
SS: Describe your live show. Do you think live music is dying for rock-based music?
OA: We’re super high energy on stage. We try to be entertaining, put on a good show. We go for a dapper look with bright colors. Regarding live music, I think there are two sides. Rock music isn’t doing any worse than other art forms or genres of music. I think that people should be more willing to spend money on art. $5 for a show is way more interesting than $5 coffee. On the other hand, I think that rock bands could work on being better showmen on stage. Take a cue from the major pop stars and try to put together a bigger production on stage. I think rock bands could do more in that arena.
SS: What inspires you to create and sail your way across the treacherous waters of the music industry?
OA: I have never really considered not doing it. I’ve always wanted to tell stories and try to communicate experiences in a relatable way. I get inspired by songs I love that have a profound effect on me.

SS: Virtual reality: Fad or Future of music?
OA: I would say it’s more of a fad for music. Music needs to connect with people on a personal level.
OA: If you were lost at sea, what are the top 3 things you need?
SS: If I already had flotation: opaque plastic liner or new tarp, line (preferably wrapped around a cooked roast!), and a bottle of hooks.
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Bands Interviewing Bands: Outside Animals and Stormy Strong. Photo credit: Outside Animals on themselves (top) Photo credit: Peter Saporito on Stormy Strong (bottom).

The Top 8 Best Moments from the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival


If you’re a fellow music lover, you had to have known that the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival was this past weekend. Though tickets to see the festival live in Las Vegas were all sold out for both nights, music enthusiasts from around the globe were able to tune in live at Yahoo to stream the show and watch all of the exclusive backstage interviews! If you missed out on the glimmering opportunity to turn into the hypothetical person who decides to stay in all weekend, curled up in bed by herself to stream the live show from 10pm to 4am ET instead of socializing with friends (again, completely hypothetical situation/person and definitely not me), don’t worry because we summed up the top 8 best moments to share with you! 
1. When Sam Smith Brought on Disclosure
If you have yet to listen to Sam Smith perform live, I am seriously questioning your priorities. Okay, maybe this was my first time hearing him live, but his opening was the perfect way to set the pace for the rest of the night. Beginning his set with one of his many hit singles, “I’m Not the Only One.” His voice was flooded with emotion, so much so that you could almost feel your heart ache as he sung about his. What is music, really, if it isn’t a form of art that makes you feel something? Sam Smith just happens to take that to another level. When he brought on Disclosure to perform alongside him with “Latch” and their hit collaboration “Omen,” I knew this night was going to be a good one!     
2. Coldplay Colored the World…with Confetti
The second act of night one, Coldplay, kicked off their set with “Paradise.” Their music, colorful as ever, alongside their energetic vibes, transferred over to the audience like never before. There’s a feeling of promise that Coldplay creates with their music and listening to them live only heightens that exact feeling. Drowning the stage with an overflow of confetti only made the experience more entrancing, even if you were just watching it on your computer screen like little old me. It was, however, unfortunate for the janitors who spent until the waking hours of the morning to clean it all up. Oops!
3. Demi Lovato Goes ‘90s Old School
Kicking off her set with her hit single “Cool for the Summer” got everyone moving and grooving, but the real zinger was when she brought Third Eye Blind’s lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, up on stage with her to perform “Jumper” together! If you’re someone who jams out to tunes from the ‘90s, this performance was completely in your element, as it was mine.
4. Jennifer Lopez Announced the Title of her Las Vegas Residency
JLo brought a lot of excitement to night two with her killer choreographed dance moves and booty shaking skills. Never in my life have I longed for fluent Spanish-speaking skills more than when she brought on Alvaro Soler to sing alongside her for her new song, “El Mismo Sol.” She also let us in on details of her residency in Las Vegas, telling us the show would be titled “All I Have” and giving us a sneak peak of the artwork! Busting out some more dance moves, JLo finished off her set with “Jenny from the Block,” a classic throwback tune that made the audience go wild. Everything from her on-stage costume changes (apparently that’s a thing you can do – what?!) to her choreographed numbers were perfection. Jenny from the block has done it again and we were all left amazed after her number!
5. Prince Royce Serenaded a Fan
Not only did night two involve a lot more dancing, but it also had a lot more shirtless men on stage, and I for one, am not complaining! Prince Royce, of course, happened to be one of them. The (second) best part of his set was when he brought a fan on stage and serenaded her with “The Lucky One.” You are lying to yourself if you didn’t wish you were her the whole time!
6. Puff Daddy Surprised us with a Million Guest Performers
Puff Daddy, or P. Diddy (same person, different names, more confusion – AH) came on stage for the sole purpose of giving the audience a show to remember. From bringing Mase on stage to perform “Feel So Good,” Busta Rhymes to perform “Jump Jump” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” Machine Gun Kelly with “A Little More,” and Lil Kim joining him to sing “It’s All About the Benjamins,” we thought that was all we needed… until he brought out Tori Kelly who sung a duet cover of “I’m Coming Home” with him! His set was unbelievable and being the crowd pleaser he always his, this night was no exception!
7. Nick Jonas Announced When his New Album will be Released
Nick Jonas drove the crowd crazy when he took the stage, starting off his set with “Chains.” I have two questions: 1) Where do I get to sign up to become one of the dancers who get to feel up Nick Jonas? 2) Does the criteria for signing up include knowing how to dance? While I continue to ponder, let’s talk about his biggest surprise of the night: He did not join the shirtless man club that was formed that night, sigh. But the good news is, he announced when his newest album will be released! Backstage, he revealed that it will come out early 2016, which isn’t very far away, and if it’s anything like his last one, we are all in for a treat!  
8. Fall Out Boy Collaborates with Fetty Wap
Beginning their set with one of their hit singles, “Sugar, We’re Goin Down,” Fall Out Boy’s performance was everything we ever wanted and more. By ‘more’, I’m talking about when they brought out a shocking surprise guest to perform alongside them! Fetty Wap joined them on the stage as they sung “Trap Queen” together. It was unexpected. It was shocking. It was different. And, it was incredible!
This year’s show undeniably beat all expectations, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already excited for what they have in store for next year!
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Photograph courtesy of iheart.com