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How Maison Pixel Transforms the Basic Bikini


Maison Pixel is changing the way our generation views swimwear for women. A Lisbon-based company created by two video gamers, Maison Pixel offers both bikinis and underwear that appeal to a diverse audience—with an emphasis on the digital era. The majority of Maison Pixel’s products are eco-friendly and made from Italian lycra, a material created from recycled plastic bottles. Need more convincing? $1 from every purchase is donated to charity.


With the launch of their Spring/Summer 2017 line, Maison Pixel offers unique swimwear options to give you stand-out style when you’re lounging poolside. This must-have collection features a variety of bathing suits in bright, bold colors complete with a pixelated design around the neckline and upper thighs. Maison Pixel’s swimwear includes both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, which allows women to rock the classic styles they love (while loving the environment, too). Here, we chat with founder Sebastian Teixeria about the collection.

Cliché: Why did you choose to convey an eco-friendly message to consumers?
Sebastian Teixeira: We feel that, as designers and creators, our work must surpass the creation by itself, and go further. At this age, what better way than to be held accountable for the impact on the population and the planet? It’s actually something intrinsically connected—the way we think of products or even the notion of wanting to design.

What is the style inspiration behind Maison Pixel?
Video games, music, design, illustration, and the Internet culture.

Why do you aim to reach the women of the digital generation instead of selling the typical bathing suit styles?
We wanted to design something that we might use ourselves. We also wanted to challenge the notion that underlines the brand—that real and digital life had to be kept apart. By designing pixelated shapes, it kind of tricks your mind. For example, in the early days, some people saw our products online and thought that we sold a photo filter and the product wasn’t real.

How have the proceeds from Maison Pixel impacted the non-profit Camfed you support?
All contributions matter when dealing with such noble, important, and effective causes like the one Camfed pursues. Our contributions are just a drop in the ocean of the many more needed to bring a change to people’s lives that, unlike us, haven’t been fortunate enough to be given the tools and means to pursue their dreams.

By helping Camfed, we gain extra motivation to grow as a business knowing that our success, done responsibly in the first place, ends up helping others in a profound way. We do encourage everyone to visit Camfed and get to know his or her work. The stats are mesmerizing and the effectiveness and impact of the work in the community in short, and in the long run, are truly inspiring.

If you can only do one, please donate to Camfed instead of buying one of our products. This is what some might call suicidal management, but who cares?

Do you think your brand message will give women’s swimwear a newfound meaning?
That is something every creator aims for and we’re not an exception. However, coming back to reality, we know that is extremely difficult, especially since we’re doing something really different and unseen. It taps into a universe of gaming, fun, and nerdiness that apparently is sitting on the opposite spectrum of fashion. It will probably be very hard to attain, but hey, we’re definitely going to try, and if by chance it happens, that would be awesome.

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How Maison Pixel Transforms the Basic Bikini: Photographs courtesy of Maison Pixel

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