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Q&A with Malia Mills: On Inclusivity, Innovation, and Empowerment in Women’s Swimwear


Designer and Founder of Eponymous Label, Malia Mills. Photo credits: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/malia-mills-swimwear-inspiration-guide/all

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, a mecca for swim and beachwear, Malia Mills graduated from Cornell University where she was initially enrolled in Design & Environmental Awareness. After spending a semester at La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris, she discovered that her passion was fashion, and more specifically, swimwear design. She finished her undergraduate degree with a major in the Department of Textiles & Apparel, known today as the Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design (FSAD). In 1991, after working in San Francisco as an assistant designer for Jessica McClintock, Mills moved to New York City, where she soon founded her eponymous swimwear label. A waitress at the Odeon — a trendy downtown hotspot — by day, and a designer by night, Mills turned her apartment into a studio and production center, where she cut and sewed swimwear samples with the fit of lingerie. Malia Mills swimwear, which celebrates body inclusivity and empowerment with its attention to fit, comfort and high-fashion aesthetic, pioneered an untapped market and galvanized industry attention, and has since expanded to cover-ups, draped dresses and rompers, blouses and trousers, in addition to swimwear. Within just a few years, Malia Mill swimwear was available through wholesale distribution at over 125 specialty stores across the globe, from Barneys New York and Neiman Marcus to Aman Resorts. From Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to The New York Times and Women’s Wear Daily, Malia Mills has been featured in numerous publications and is now sold exclusively at three Malia Mills in New and four in California. Renowned for its edgy, luxurious styles, local, women-focused production and “Love Thy Differences” as the brand motto, Malia Mills has opened an inspiring dialogue on inclusivity and fit innovation in swimwear. 

I was so thrilled to chat with Malia, an alumna of my program at Cornell, about her cutting-edge label and lasting impact on the swimwear industry. 

How did you first get into swimwear? 

When I was at Cornell, I did a project on swim during spring break. I grew up in Hawaii so swimwear had always been a huge part of my life. A bikini was a huge right of passage. It’s something I wore when I wanted to feel like a grown up. Upon graduating, my friend and roommate from college was working at Sports Illustrated — she remembered the project I did in school and said I should design some swimsuits for the magazine. That was really the impetus for my first collection. 


Malia Mills “Charlize Top.” Available at: https://www.maliamills.com/collections/all-swimwear/products/charlize-top

Where did the idea for bra-sized swimwear come to fruition?

I was in San Francisco at the time when my friend called — I left my job that day, and on my way home, I went to every store that sold swimwear. 8000 light bulbs went off. The same top and bottom on one hanger seemed so bizarre to me. It seemed odd that lingerie was so fit-specific, but in the swim department everything was one size. When I told people I was making swimwear, the first thing everyone would say is “Ugh, I hate swimwear, I’m too fat, I need to lose weight,” but really swimwear is about getting out there with your friends, celebrating a day off, having fun. Swimwear is transformative, it’s sunshine, it’s water, it’s freedom — but that’s not what I was hearing when I heard people talking about swimwear. That was really the inspiration for me to make swimwear that made women feel liberated out there without many clothes.


Please tell us a little bit about the process behind starting your own company. How did you build your initial collection into a whole business?

I was working out of my apartment, making patterns and sewing samples, and was working as a waitress at night. I found factories in New Jersey, where I still produce today. It was a source of inspiration for me to really go out into the marketplace, talk to factories, build connections with the families behind the production. We work with domestic family-run factories: these family run factories are truly incredible places, as well as a tremendous source of pride.

Malia Mills Body Revolution. Photo Credits: maliamills.com

We are so lucky to have this amazing team and to go on this extraordinary journey together.

it’s been very special to grow up with them. Parents pass their factories down to their kids, or sometimes the parents are still running the factories after their kids grow up. It’s really incredible to grow up with this amazing family dynamic — there’s such a commitment to expertise and artistry and so much love goes into their work. There are negative connotations associated with the word factory in the media today, but factories come in all shapes and sizes, and these family run factories are truly incredible places. What we’re making is what we call 99 hands. There are so many people involved, from the screenprinter, to the grater, to the cutter, to the UPS guys. You really rely on an orchestra of people to meet deadlines and get garments to consumers. We are so lucky to have this amazing team we went on a journey together

Have you seen change over the course of your career when it comes to women in the workplace? 

I do, change is always happening. Sometimes it’s three steps forward and eighteen steps back, but it’s change nonetheless. And sometimes the steps backwards encourage us to double down on what we’re driving towards. It’s the fuel that makes us work even harder to initiate change. 

Malia Mills “Summer of Love” bottom. Available at https://www.maliamills.com/products/pant-size-swimwear-bottom-summer-of-love

Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process as a designer? 

My design process is very chaotic. When you’re running a small business, you’re wearing many hats, constantly jumping between your left brain and your right brain, between critical and creative thinking. My professor, taught me that design is fundamentally about all the senses we have. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to her. I try to use all five of my senses all day so that I can get in tune with how I feel. Design is much more than how the object will look — it’s so multidimensional, and when you hone your senses, you have this ability to find these free moments where all these different ideas you’ve had over time come together. 

How do you hone your senses? 

When I want to design a new swimsuit top, I don’t necessarily sketch or drape it every time. My process is a combination of so many little things and experiences. Design is a process: you’ll go down some roads and come to a dead end very quickly. For me, design involves reading a lot and writing a lot and trying to listen and see things. For example, I met one designer who always turns her garments backwards, and that informs a new understanding of its comfort, design idea, concept, how it could be better. Using all your senses means you turn things inside out, upside down. Design is not just a linear process. It’s messy and complicated, and you need to be unafraid to be wrong in order to get it right. 

What are your defining values when it comes to craftsmanship and production? Could you tell us about your

Course of Trade trains newcomers at Malia Mills. Photo credits: https://wwd.com/business-news/markets/course-of-trade-trains-newcomers-in-industrial-apparel-sewing-1202778480/

Course of Trade nonprofit initiatives? 

We’ve been incredibly fortunate throughout our journey, so we feel that it’s important to give back as much as we can. It’s not just money — it’s also time and expertise and all these different factors, so over the years we’ve been focused on various mostly women-focused initiatives, from Girls Inc. to supporting local chapters of school events. It’s been very joyous to participate in small but powerful ways. About five years ago, our Production Director Libby, who is also a Cornellian, came to us and said she wanted to start a factory — we had just moved to BK and had an incredible new space. She founded Course of Trade, which is dedicated to teaching women in New York how to sew. We produced and sold bags, which paid for the scholarships of the next students down the line. It’s been an amazing experience to empower our students economically, and we are grateful to have a teammate like Libby who tells us what she wanted to do and how we could make it happen. 

What other prominent gaps in the swimwear industry do you hope to tackle?

Guiding brand mantra: “Love thy Differences.” Photo credits: maliamills.com

I believe it is important to use your senses to get a feel for everything out there and address them as you experience them — to listen to and understand other people’s experiences. The swimwear industry has tremendous opportunities to think about how we define sustainability — it goes far beyond the types of textiles you use. The industry is an incredible tapestry of people with an incredibly diverse skill set and there needs to be the utmost respect for every person along the way. The industry is often presented as the designer or the brand and then the business as a separate entity, which is a disrespectful way of looking at it. With all the transparency available nowadays, it is important to see that you can’t create a garment without the contributions of everyone. You can’t have a designer without a salesperson in a retail location who creates a warm and inviting place for the garments, or all the hands creating each piece. It’s time for people to see the humanity in fashion — it’s a force that is really coming to light these days. By virtue of that, we have a lot of great creative minds coming to the surface with opportunities to express themselves. This will continue to yield more movements in how a swimsuit should feel, how it should look, why we should invest in it. The notion of sustainability is actually a catch-all because it’s a little bit shoehorned into a circular idea, but it’s deeper and broader: understanding the complexity and depth of that alone will yield not just new businesses but also some very interesting roads to travel down in the future. 

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Photo Credit: All New American, Oprah, Malia Mills, WWD

Finally, the Sexy Plus-Size Swimwear Collection We’ve All Been Waiting for by Hunter McGrady


Women with bodacious curves deserve to feel proud and stunning in what they wear. So why are bathing-suits over the size of 10 so conservative? The average American woman wears a size 16-18, yet time after time, women everywhere are left feeling frustrated and shameful while shopping, especially for swimwear. Super model Hunter McGrady takes action on the matter! It’s about damn time we gave curvy women bathing-suits that show off their beautiful bodies. Finally, the sexy plus-size swimwear collection we’ve all been waiting for by Hunter McGrady!

Like many women, Hunter McGrady found herself feeling awful and disappointed with her swimwear options, summer after summer. She confesses that she felt cheated by the fashion industry. Why were her friends able to easily find the perfect, sexy bathing-suits? Why should women above a certain size have to cover up their curves that many of us would kill to have? Well, instead of rolling over to the pressures of society to cover up with the options available, Hunter McGrady went ahead and created her own dazzling, sultry options.

Feeling inspired, Hunter McGrady teamed up with U.K. brand Playful Promises and designed a 10 piece collection of stylish bathing-suits. The collection features a variety of one-pieces and bikinis starting at a size 12 and going through to a size 20, and all at an affordable price of $75 and under. The whole collection is entirely unique from piece to piece including sexy cutouts, delicate lace trimmings, chic mesh patterns, and bold colors.

If bikinis are your style, you are going to adore the Red Wrap Bikini Top. The bold red color compliments your beach tan excellently—all the more reason to show off!If you’re more drawn to the one-piece look, you definitely need to check out the Black Mesh Insert Swimsuit. The pattern is so trendy and the cut keeps your curves looking amazing! Want some sensuous cutouts in your bathing-suit tops? Well Hunter included the perfect look with her White High Neck Lace Panel Bikini piece. Whatever your style is, the wait is over! Hunter McGrady has delivered!

All of these bathing-suits were fitted to models of all types of body shapes, sizes, and curves; of course, the goal here is to be inclusive for those who are typically underrepresented in the fashion world.

These elegant swimwear pieces are the perfect solution to anyone’s exasperation with not being able to show off their bodies due to an obsolete conception of beauty. Hunter McGrady set out to make the changes she wants to see in the world. After all, what is wrong with loving your body? This collection is just a step towards a more accepting, beautiful world of fashion and humanity.


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Finally, the Sexy Plus-Size Swimwear Collection We’ve All Been Waiting for by Hunter McGrady: Image Credits: www.playfulpromises.com

allSisters ECO SS17 Collection


Looking your best is always a priority, and now that the sun is here to stay for the summer months, that means skin is in! Flip flops, shorts, and bathing suits are definitely at the top of every fashion list, but what if we told you that you could help save the planet while getting your swim on?
Designed in Barcelona, swim company allSisters has been making a breakthrough with their eco-friendly and luxury brand swimwear that is sure to turn heads—and not just because they’re incredibly cute. Aside from the brand’s unique cuts and designs, what’s most fascinating is their fabric, which is made up of the highest quality of recycled ocean debris, such as fishing nets and nylon.
The brand’s love for the ocean and water-sport culture is absolutely inspiring. Deeming themselves “the swimwear for the conscious fashionista,” allSisters truly goes above and beyond with their contribution to the environment.
“We love the wide sea as much as we love fashion,” their website reads.
Setting out to reduce the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment, as well as working to reduce water pollution, allSisters was able to turn waste into wear in an incredibly fashionable way. They have even collaborated with tennis star Serena Williams to showcase how their products can be perfect for the everyday woman as well as the sports-enthusiast.

 Their philosophy? They are aiming to create swimsuits that are both comfortable and fashionable, as well as respectable to the female body and the environment. It’s hard to top reliable pieces and save the planet.
Working out of a small and socially responsible workplace in Barcelona, the brand even takes on the responsibility of guaranteeing that their recycled products are safe for wearing and meet all safety regulations. In conjunction with all of this awesomeness, allSisters has released their newest collection, Organic Abstraction. The collection is inspired by various European sculptors and artists such as Jean Arp, Anish Kapoor, Barbara Hepworth, and Constantin Brancusi. Their overall hope for the Spring and Summer 2017 collections is to maintain the creativity of their luxury brand while emphasizing creativity and exquisiteness.
From one-pieces and bikinis to adventurous cut-outs and designs, this responsible swimwear collection will be sure to grab anyone’s attention. Featuring various black and white suits, the environmentally friendly pieces are definitely on our must-have list.
With sexy slashes, straps, and cut outs, the shapes and styles featured in this swimwear line are like no other. The collection also features high-neck styles, keyhole cuts, and various sexy plunges for all of your creative and flirtatious looks.
On top of that, all of the recycled fabrics are created to be lightweight and comfortably soft, while maintaining resilience and durability for any healthy or active woman. So if you’re in the market for a life-changing and economically friendly swimsuit, this one’s for you.
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allSisters ECO SS17 Collection: Photographs courtesy of allSisters

Hit the Beach in Nacre Voyage’s Swim Collection


The 2017 Nacre Voyage swim line takes women through a classy and sexy journey this summer with Italian fabrics sourced from European mills that supply high-end designers like YSL and Tom Ford. With seven swim silhouettes and 12 ready-to-wear options, women have a variety of custom silk, linen, and velvet skin fabrics to choose from. Influenced by Palm Beach circa 1960, Nacre Voyage brings sexiness and sophistication through its custom-colored pastels and prints this season.

“It’s not about fashion or trends, but about style—understated simplicity, a strong confident look, and timeless elegance,” said the Nacre Voyage team.

Nacre Voyage was created through the inseparable bond of two sisters, Catherine and Emmanuelle. Both women share a deep love for fashion, which they learned from their mother. Hence, Catherine and Emmannuelle embarked on an auspicious journey to develop Nacre Voyage. In addition to their bond and love for fashion, Emmanuelle’s experience in architecture and Catherine’s fashion background in design and communications played a big role in this stunning collection.

“From a young age, our dream was to work together and create something that we would both be passionate about,” said the co-founders.

According to the designers, “the suits and clothing are custom-dyed and printed with exclusive patterns and artwork drawn by Italian, Australian, and Parisian artists.”

Nacre, or “mother of pearl” in French, represents the aesthetic behind this seductive collection. The “mother of pearl” symbolizes quality, purity, luxury, and timelessness, among others. It is a perfect representation of each and every piece within the collection.

It’s not about fashion or trends, but about style—understated simplicity, a strong confident look, and timeless elegance.

“The Nacre Voyage style is built around this simplicity, purity of cut, handmade creations, exclusive designs, and richness of materials for a resolutely current, chic, and feminine fashion line,” said the team.

This collection won’t just have women looking good, but will have them feeling empowered. By wearing a piece from Nacre Voyage, women embody who they are: powerful, sophisticated, timeless, and unique. Wearing swimwear from now on won’t be about showing off that summer body you’ve been working hard for in the past few months; it’ll be about embracing your femininity, power, and pure beauty.

“Nacre is also an invitation to a journey to travel to the world’s end, get carried away, contemplate new horizons, and have the luxury of time. It’s the experience to live in freedom,” said the team.

Embrace your beauty and embody the sophistication, independence, and freedom in Nacre Voyage Swimwear this summer, and forever.

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Hit the Beach in Nacre Voyage’s Swim Collection: Photographs courtesy of Nacre Voyage

Frankies Bikinis Channels the Summer of Love


Frankies Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello has been taking the fashion industry by storm with her swimsuit lines for years. Being one of the youngest designers to feature her collections during Miami Swim Week in 2014, Aiello is no stranger to success. The Malibu-raised fashionista has seen her designs on supermodels and celebrities such as Candice Swanepoel, Ireland Baldwin, and even social media queen Kylie Jenner!

Now back with an even bigger splash this summer, Frankies Bikinis is now featuring their newest collection called The Summer of Love, focusing on female empowerment. With must-have tropical tie-dyes, sweet florals, and bold solids to mix and match, Frankies has every swim look in mind. Ranging from edgy and daring to relaxed and carefree, these unique and sexy swimsuits are tailored to channel every girl’s inner confidence.

Cliché: Why is The Summer of 1966 special for you?
Francesca Aiello: For this collection, I wanted to pump up the volume and have fun. I was inspired by the psychedelic ‘60s, an era of social, musical, and artistic change. I always want women to feel beautiful and empowered when they put on a Frankies bikini, and nothing says female empowerment like the 1960s when the bikini finally became accepted into women’s lives.
What are some of the best features of this new line?
The best features of this collection would have to be our unique and signature crochet accents and all of our amazing prints.
What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the bikinis?
This collection is full of flirty bardot necklines, ultra-feminine lace-up detailing, and Frankies Bikinis’ signature boho-chic crochet accents, in the psychedelic 1960s.
How is this collection’s design different from every other brand?
We always try to strive for flirty and feminine pieces with a twist of boho. We have some amazing new one-pieces with lace up sides, which have become our super flirty and popular pieces from this collection!

Ashley Moore was an excellent model choice for this collection. What inspired you to feature her for your lookbook?
I was already a huge fan of Ashley Moore and casted her to walk in our RE17 fashion show, which is when I really fell in love and knew she would be perfect for the SS17 campaign.
How is Frankies Bikinis better than the average brand?
Frankies has distinguished itself from other brands for many reasons. One being our intricate designs and prints—making us recognizable to almost everyone!
What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole as well as for the new collection?
The ultimate goal is to keep making unique suits that make girls of all shapes feel beautiful!
What is your inspiration behind Frankies Bikinis and what motivates you to continue to work hard to produce quality bathing suits?
I am inspired by everything constantly. Ever since beginning Frankies, I’ve always been on the lookout for inspo!
What is your favorite piece from The Summer of 1966 collection?
I would say the Stella Crochet bikini and the Valentina!
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Frankies Bikinis Channels the Summer of Love: Featured image and all images courtesy of frankiesbikinis.com

Phax Swimwear


Ladies, it might be the end of summer, but it’s not too late to pick up a new bathing suit in time for last-minute adventures before the summer officially ends. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you can never have too many bathing suits. My Labor Day Weekend bikini fix was all about Phax Swimwear. They have great fitting suits made with Lycra fabric. From their leopard bandeaus to their high-waist bikini bottoms, it was hard to choose just one. Check out my top three Phax Swimsuits here!
For a solid design, I love the Red Laser Cut Bikini; it’s simple, yet bold, and reminds me of Baywatch meets Lana Del Rey. The $43 halter top has laser cut detailing along the front edges, along with removable padding. I love the tie string bottoms because they look sexy, and they are adjustable to fit your body type – instead of being constricted in regular bottoms. The bottoms retail at $38 and also feature the laser-cut detailing along the top band. The tie strings have gold hardware accents with the letters “PX” engraved, while the back has the gold “PHAX” logo hardware. This sexy and sleek bikini also comes in black, white, and yellow.

The Underwire Tribal Bikini with tie strings is my favorite patterned suit from Phax; yes, this Jersey girl likes it more than the leopard print. The tribal print reminds me of the beautiful mosaics at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a collage of colorful art. Even though it has several different colors, the darker shades give it a relaxed vibe. The $58 top has underwire that adds a little lift and support, and also features a tie in the front, adding another playful detail. The bottoms retail at $50 and have teal polka dots on the red tie strings, along with the “PX” engraved hardware and gold “PHAX” logo on the back.

unnamed-38If you don’t mind standing out, try the eye-catching and extremely detailed Floral Halter Bikini. To add to the brightness of the yellow floral pattern, the $45 top has a miniature pink and purple flower print on the neck and back tie strings. The vibrant halter top is accented with metal hardware and has removable padding. The bottoms, retailing at $45, also include the flower tie string print, and have a light green band with tiny blue polka dots. Along with the other bottoms, the floral print pair also includes the “PX” and “PHAX” gold hardware.
I know I’m not the only one with vacations planned this fall. It’s not too late to get your hands on these suits, and be sure to check out Phax’s beach cover-ups too.
To learn more about Phax go to www.phaxswimwearusa.com.
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Photos of Phax Swimwear: Courtesy of Tatiana Stec

T’masia Sade’ Review


Based in the heart of New York City, a place known for its innovation and rule defying scene, T’masia Sade’s custom swimwear designs are not out of place in this fashion mecca. Founded in 2012 by designer T’masia Crowder, this brand is unlike any other. With each design, T’masia Sade’ accomplishes an electric balance between fierce femininity and bold edginess.
Beach season is here, and what a better way to celebrate the sunshine than with an original design by T’masia Sade’? You are guaranteed to feel fabulous in any of these pieces. All one has to do is bring the empowered attitude needed to rock such boundary-defying swimwear! Planning a beach vacation? Going on a cruise? Check out these fabulous designs!
swim 2 copy
This bikini is the bikini to put all other bikinis to shame! The smooth golden, shimmering fabric is a beautiful contrast to the multicolor rope used to clasp the top halter piece. The simple bottom piece is hip-hugging, curve-flaunting perfection! It’s perfect for lying on the beach with your summer read or for turning heads at the next pool party. Pair with some cute espadrilles to match the rope detailing and you’ll be ready to take on the summer heat like a goddess!
swim copy
Sigh. Yes, we also think this is the Beyoncé of bathing suits. The rich emerald color, the bold and angular cutouts, and that incredible golden jewelry accent… what’s not to love? Imagine yourself—a water nymph—in this breathtaking design, sure to make jaws drop. It’s an essential for any style diva.
This cerulean treasure is among T’masia Sade’s more “conservative” designs, yet it packs all the same energy as her more adventurous designs. This bold hue is certain to flatter every skin tone and summer tan. The geometric cutouts on the sides effortlessly give the wearer a flattering and timeless hourglass figure. And we can’t get enough of the delicate silver button details! If you’re the kind of woman who is always looking to stand out by wearing original, show-stopping pieces, then this is the swimsuit for you!
Whatever your summer plans, every woman deserves a fabulous bathing suit. Best of all, T’masia Sade’s designs come in sizes XS to XL, making them accessible to women of all shapes and sizes. Complement with some shimmering suntan lotion and you’re ready for sand, sunshine, and good times.  Show off your fierce personality with a T’masia Sade’ bathing suit and make this summer a memorable one! By Regina Alvarado

T’masia Sade’ Review: Featured Photo: Model: Victoria K; Photographer: Samson Debela. Necklace Yomegz; Swimsuit T’masia Sade’; Stay Gold and Emerald City Photos: Model: Lexii Fielding; Photographer: Marley Billie D. Swimsuit T’masia Sade’; The Blues Photo: Model: Kema Simmons; Photographer: Marley Billie D; Makeup: Mekeba Simmons. Swimsuit T’masia Sade’.



DSC_2706Every woman wants to look and feel like a goddess. That’s why we’re constantly dishing out dollars to keep up with the latest trends in apparel, hair and makeup. When we’re sufficiently decked out and dressed to the nines, not only do we look our best, but we feel our best too! If we could bottle those sexy, confident feelings in a bottle and sell them, we’d be swimming in gold. What happens when the trendy clothes come off though? Often times our undergarments are incongruent with our trendy outerwear.  This is not the case at Purpuratta.

This up and coming line of undergarments founded by two college girls from Colombia is absolutely breathtaking. The timeless collection boasts a variety of daring cuts and colors while maintaining a simplicity that just oozes elegance. There’s no sacrifice of comfort either. Though you may be scantily clad in your sheer lace undies and matching bra, the materials are nothing if not top-quality.  I highly recommend the Laced-With-Love Bra that is unbelievably soft and fits like a dream with its beautiful cross back design. Might I add that it looks absolutely scrumptious when paired with a cheeky pair of panties? The styles are just incredibly sexy while maintaining a sophistication that most lingerie doesn’t.DSC_2644

The girls at Purpuratta didn’t stop at bras and panties. Their new swimwear line is almost too stunning to wear anywhere other than the sublime beaches of Europe (but we’d wear them to the Jersey Shore anyway). Normally, I would never recommend a one-piece, but I’m not talking about your grandmother’s swimsuit! Purparatta’s Elegant Halter Mokokini is simply mind-blowing – who knew you could look so alluring while you’re completely covered? Their bikinis are equally lovely, with a variety of colors, cuts, patterns and of course styles to choose from. Pair your swimwear with one of their must-have cover ups and be ready to turn heads once you sink your toes into that sand.

Purpuratta was created in 2009 and has been a hit in the fashion market ever since, even being a celebrity favorite at Coachella. With ever-changing styles, the company keeps its customers both interested in new, upcoming products and stylish in bestselling favorites. With a small team that is very hands-on in the creation process, it’s no wonder that all of these hand-picked fabrics are logical, comfortable and undeniably on trend.

To check out the rest of Purpuratta’s beautiful collection of lingerie and swimwear, visit their website.

DSC_2762 DSC_2744

Post and feature images courtesy of Purpuratta.


Fit 4 U Swimwear


Fashion Manuscript #405263After more than 20 years of designing swimwear, Pattie Byrnes knows a thing or two about making women look good in their summer gear. Some ladies aren’t quite ready for that “itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini”—and let’s face it, not all of us have the body type for it—but that doesn’t mean that we have to stay covered up all season. With Byrne’s Fit 4 U Innovative Swimwear Solutions, we can show off some skin, soak up some rays and look fabulous doing it!

Who knows your body better than you do, and why not keep it that way? No one needs to know about your not-quite toned hips or thighs. Instead of thinking about how you look with your imperfections exposed, take a tip from Fit 4 U and “Accent the positive and hide Fashion Manuscript #401275the negative!” The line boasts a collection for every body type imaginable. “Fit 4 Ur Tummy” pieces hide embarrassing belly bulges while “Fit 2 Lift” suits give low chest lines a perky boost. Other styles focus on wide hips, large breasts, lengthy torsos and thicker thighs. Whatever your age, shape or size, Fit 4 U has a piece that highlights the parts of your body that you love while hiding those that you’re not so thrilled to share with other beach-goers.

Fit 4 U Innovative Swimwear Solutions is a beautiful, versatile collection that can flatter any figure. Many of the pieces can even double as everyday summer outfits!  Peplum tankini tops? Yes, please! Empire-waisted swim dresses? I’ll take some of those too! With a wide array of colors, patterns and styles to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding one that’s Fit 4 U.

Visit Fit 4 U’s official website and look for other styles here.


Images courtesy of Fit 4 U Swimwear Solutions.




Bathing suit season is right around the corner, and there is absolutely no need to settle on last season’s leftovers or this season’s rejects.  Department store bikinis can leave you feeling unenthused, but the Boys + Arrows brand was created with you in mind. Made with the finest fabrics and the most unique designs, these suits will leave you looking fresh and have you strutting your stuff in style this summer.

CLICHÉ: Can you tell us a bit about the brand? How did it all start?

Boys + Arrows: At Boys + Arrows, they are committed to inspiring and enlightening women all around the world. We’re a classic company whose inspiration comes from endless memories of sun, sand, and smiles. Their mission is to develop a brand that will be around for years to come. They will stay true to their image and their customers hoping to inspire strong, confident women with an appetite for adventure and a passion for life.

Boys + Arrows is gang of gals who do what they are afraid to do and take chances in love, and in life. They shall never give up, and they will always remember to laugh. Fueled by passion, created with love.

I recalled that the best times of my life were spent in a bikini…so I thought about working on something that truly made me happy. It was something I truly believed in, thus I started working on designing a swimsuit line.

Why design swimsuits?

It’s not the bikini, but what the bikini represents: confidence, strength, adventure, beauty, memories, laughing till you cry, road trips, airplane tickets, bug bites, dirty hair, campfires, cheers-ing, arriving with a thousand things on your mind, and departing without a care in the world. A Boys + Arrows Bikini represents playing hard, finishing strong, falling in love, smelling the flowers and creating an experience that leaves a mark.

What is the Boys and Arrows market? Who do you design for and why?

The Boys + Arrows Brand goes out to all of the girls, ladies and women who are ready to give guys a run for their money, let go of their fears, and show the world their beautiful strength and free spirit. I want girls to live, love, play with fire, boys and arrows.  We design for girls who admire the outcast and who aren’t afraid to stand out.

Can you tell us about the fabrics you use in your designs? What are its features?

All my fabrics are the finest quality imported from Italy. Our prints are all custom designed in house, and still printed on Italian Lycra.

What about the production process? Can you share some highlights?

Everything is made here in the USA.  I have been so fortunate to find the best in the business, from my cutting house to my sewers to my pattern maker.  Production is intense.  There are so many more steps and things to keep track of then you would ever think!

How about the 2014 line? Can you tell us a bit about what to expect and what inspired its designs?

For the 2014 collection, Boys + Arrows is going in a very “dysfunctional romance” kind of direction.  We are bringing in a lot of new bodies that we are really excited about!  We are also having a lot of fun with new unexpected prints.  Stay tuned!

How about the current line?

This current line is All American, for the traveler, the adventure seeker, and of course the trouble maker. This line is something you won’t ever want to take off.

For more information, or to purchase your own Boys + Arrows suit visit www.boysandarrows.com.