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Power Up With myCharge


In an age where battery life is nearly as important (if not more) as the model of the phone you are getting, it’s safe to say power supplies are a must. There are phone cases that double as backup batteries, but they are oftentimes bulky and unattractive, and turn your chic, widescreen phone into an absolute brick. The alternative? Backup batteries—and myCharge is here to save the day.
Fashion meets function with myCharge’s newest lipstick-size battery chargers for your phone that grant up to 15 extra hours of talk, text, and surfing time. All you have to do is plug your phone cord into the USB port on the charger and voilà—you can touch up your phone’s energy throughout your busiest of days.
These myCharge chargers come in various different colors and patterns so you can be fashionable, too. Plus they make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season! Gift it to yourself, or a friend—and never have them ask you to keep them company by a power outlet again.
myCharge also sells various other portable chargers on mycharge.com. Browse the shop to learn more and see which charger is perfect for you!
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Power Up With myCharge: Photographs courtesy of myCharge