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Sand Cloud Delivers Beach Style For A Good Cause


For residents of balmy San Diego, nothing beats a good day at the beach. This ardent love of the ocean was the inspiration for Sand Cloud, a proudly San Diego-based company that sells colorful towels and other beach essentials. But Sand Cloud is about more than accessorizing your fun in the sun – they are dedicated to saving the environment and preserving crucial habitat for marine life threatened by human interference. A portion from the sale of each product is donated to organizations that help protect ocean habitats and educate children about sea life. We got some insight from one of Sand Cloud’s founders, Brandon Leibel, on their mission and why it matters.

Cliché: How did the idea for Sand Cloud come about?

Brandon Leibel: Our initial idea was a beach towel with a pillow. We quit our jobs and basically sold product on the beaches of San Diego. We started gaining some steam on social media; and kind of switched our product around. We scrapped pillow towel and came up with quality towel products and other apparel and accessories, which is what we’re selling today.

You’re based out of San Diego. Would you say that your location played a big role in shaping your company?

San Diego is a huge beach town and it influences not only the style, but also our community values. Our brand and products have been created with inspiration from what we see people wearing here. And the message behind Sand Cloud correlates directly with what we value as a city in San Diego. Everyone is extremely conscious of keeping our community, our beaches and our oceans clean.

10% of your profits are donated to causes that protect marine habitats and sea life. Why are these causes so important to your company?

We think our products and our causes that we donate to, go hand in hand. We care a lot about taking care of our oceans, and generally so do our customers. Our products are for people who love going to the beach, so of course they’re going to want to do their part to preserve that environment. We’re also always striving to improve our products, so in 2019 our customers can expected more recycled materials, and even more eco-friendly packaging from Sand Cloud.

Why is it so crucial that we put more effort than ever into saving the environment?

Now we’re really seeing the impact that humans have had on our oceans. There is so much plastic pollution, and our coral reefs are dying at rapid rates. It’s so important that we all make a conscious effort to reduce our footprints. We hope Sand Cloud is a positive reinforcement and reminder for our customers.

People usually think of San Diego as a tourist destination, but the locals face many problems that contribute to environmental degradation. Talk a little bit about the challenges they face and how Sand Cloud is working to improve the community.

San Diego faces pollution like a lot of other major cities, but because it’s a beachfront city, this also impacts our ocean. With that said, the environment is a major focus for the people of San Diego. We’re hoping to provide our San Diegans with products they’ll want to use, that are also great for our environment. We’ve worked with a great organization called San Diego Coast Keepers that does beach clean ups and regularly educates people on how to be more sustainable locally. We’ve loved partnering with them.

What are some basic everyday changes that we can make to our daily lives to keep marine habitats healthy and free of pollution?

Great question! There are a ton of things that everyone can do in the day-to-day that will have an impact. Try to recycle, and use recycled product as much as possible. Every time you do this, that is one less bit of pollution going into our water. Also buy one of our metal straws!

If parents out there had kids or teens that are passionate about protecting marine life and their habitats, what organizations would you direct them towards?

We have a full list of fantastic partners available on our website here. But for our next generation we would definitely recommend Surfrider Foundation. Kids can get involved all across the country and they offer a ton of great education about what we can do in the coming years. We’ve loved working with them.

What’s next for 2019?

We’re working on a bunch of new products. We have some new towel designs in the works, along with more sustainable merchandise. We’re making eco-friendly packaging and merchandise even more of a focus. Can’t wait to share our new stuff!


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Sand Cloud Delivers Beach Style For A Good Cause. Photo Credit: Sand Cloud.

4 Beach Day Essentials


A trip to the beach can easily go sour if you don’t plan ahead and pack the essentials. We all know the basics to pack like sunscreen, water, and sunglasses, but after a few trial-and-errors at the beach, we’ve found some tips on how to make the best of your day full of R&R. Check out our beach essentials list that will get you through this summer!


Single Water A Beach Tote, $48, roxy.com

Beach Bag
You need the right bag to keep you at ease during your fun day in the sun. A beach bag must be comfortable and practical by keeping your items safe and sand-free. The Single Water A Beach Tote by Roxy has thin leather straps and features a full zipper closure and side zip pocket to store your important items. The bag comes in a blue aztec print fabric with a decorative blue tassel detail on the strap. One huge tip if you are in the market for a new beach bag: do not get fooled by bags with rope style handles. While they may look beachy and festive, the thick rope handles are uncomfortable and dig into your skin, which only feels more uncomfortable after you’ve been in the sun all day.

Summer Hair Tips From Celebrity Stylist Ryan Nickulas


There is no such thing as too many beauty tips, and when you can get them from a celebrity stylist, it’s even better! Ryan Nickulas is the owner of the Ryan Darias salon in NYC. He has styled some of your favorite A-list celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Isaac Mizrahi, and more. Here, we found out Nickulas’ favorite hair trends for the summer, his inspiration, and how he juggles it all.

Cliché: How did you get started as a celebrity stylist? What inspired you?
Ryan Nickulas: When you’re a hairstylist in NYC, opportunities can come knocking at any time, which is why I believe in always being ready, willing, and humble. I met my first big client in a CVS. She was crying and trying to figure out how to cover a major salon mistake with box color. I ended up inviting her to my apartment and fixing her hair. I felt so bad for her. This woman was so thankful she sent me to her boss. She was an actress on a major television show. I still do her hair today.

Who has been your favorite celebrity to work with?
Pamela Anderson is one of the most iconic blondes in the industry. She always keeps it sexy, which is classic in the beauty world.

What is your favorite hair or beauty trend for summer?
Embracing and owning your natural texture is a must this summer, especially when it comes to rocking those beach waves and sun-and-salt-kissed curls.

One thing we all need to know is how to deal with humidity and our hair. Do you have any tips?
Humidity peaks in the summertime, so be sure to learn the best way to air-dry hair. Start with a damp bun, pigtail braids or a beach wave spray; allow to dry naturally into beautiful texture.

If you could give one piece of advice to your 20-year-old self, what would it be?
Trust your gut, because it’s always going to be right. When you are not right, always remember the joy is in the journey.

Embracing and owning your natural texture is a must this summer, especially when it comes to rocking those beach waves and sun-and-salt-kissed curls.

It’s hard to balance a business, twins, and a fitness routine. How do you juggle them all?
Time management and learning to prioritize are priceless, as is going to bed early and getting adequate rest. And having an amazing nanny doesn’t hurt!

We understand that you work for charitable organizations such as God’s Love We Deliver, Green Chimneys, and the Ali Forney Center. What made you work with those organizations specifically?
I chose these organizations specifically because they provide aid for people who are unable to help themselves in their specific capacities, such as homeless LGBTQ youth, which is a cause near and dear to my heart.

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Summer Hair Tips From Celebrity Stylist Ryan Nickulas: Photographed by Marco Ovando

The 5 Books You Should Be Reading This Summer


With just a few weeks left of the glorious sun before real life comes back with a vengeance this fall, I’ve put together the 5 books that you should be reading this summer to achieve optimal relaxation while you take advantage of the dwindling beach days! Happy reading!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Series – Jenny Han
Okay, so I guess technically speaking, this isn’t really a list of five because my first suggestion is actually a trilogy. But, who doesn’t love some good, coming-of-age young adult literature to break your heart during the summer? The Summer Trilogy tells the story of Belly and her summers at the beach house with the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. It’s a story about unrequited love, growing up, and loss through warm and realistic characters that you can’t help but grow attached to. I’ve genuinely read this series every single summer since I was 15 and I still swoon over Conrad and cry at the end–it’s that good.

Girl On A Train – Paula Hawkins
This is one of those books that came out of nowhere but everyone is talking about. It’s even being turned into a movie starring Emily Blunt, out later this fall, so that’s even more reason to read it now. I plan on seeing it, but, as we all know, the books are always better than the movies. Girl On A Train is the best psychological thriller since Gone Girl. It’s crazy, unpredictable, and heart-stopping to the point where you won’t be able to put it down.
Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher
Gi Fletcher has been one of my favorite authors for years now. Finally, the good people at Penguin have decided to take her talents across the pond and have published this incredible book to be sold in US stores. Can I hear a “Hallelujah”? This book will appeal to anyone who identifies as a fangirl and tells the story of Sophie May, a quiet girl from the British countryside, and her relationship with world famous actor and heartthrob Billy. Although a bit melodramatic at times, this story made me laugh out loud and cry on multiple occasions and it’s a fun look into the life of dating an uber celebrity–and Gi would know; she did marry Tom from McFly after all!
Is It Evil Not To Be Sure – Lena Dunham
If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I essentially worship the ground that Lena Dunham walks on. So, when I found out that she was publishing a year’s worth of her journals from college, I practically set an alarm for when they would be released. As an avid journaler myself, I was eager to see how she documented the ramblings of her mind. I quickly found that the best part of this collection is that she kept all of the wacky punctuation and run-on sentences so that they still feel authentic and like a genuine look into the way she thinks and how she experiences life. These entries are endearing, enlightening, and really relatable for anyone who has ever been 20 years old and a reminder that your experiences, big or small, are worth preserving.

Just One Day Gayle Forman
From the author that broke our hearts with
If I Stay comes this next novel about a sheltered American girl named Allyson who goes on a Euro trip and meets the charming and adventurous Wilem. Together, the two share an incredible 24 hours before they are forced to separate.  Although their short-lived relationship is exciting and romantic, this story is really a look into the grief of a lost connection that nobody really ever talks about. It’s genuinely a beautiful story to get lost in this summer.

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Featured photo courtesy of flavorwire

Revamped Beach Hairstyles


So you’re getting ready for a day at the beach and you have everything: sunscreen, bikini, and a towel. But what about your hair? Making an impression is necessary no matter where you are, and the beach is no exception. Prepare to turn heads with these revamped beach hairstyles!

If you’re a fan of the French braid, try a braided crown.

Photo Courtesy of The Chic Site

Everyone loves a French braid, but there’s always a time to try new things. This style takes a little bit of effort, but once you master it, there’s literally no stopping you. Braid your hair into a crown around your head like the queen you are and look fabulous while keeping your hair away from the water.
If you’re used to the simple topknot, try a chic bun.

Photo Courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment

We totally understand the appeal of the topknot; it’s simple, quick, and an old favorite. However, don’t you want to switch things up with something sleeker? Slicking back your hair into a chic looking bun is sure to add a certain polish to your beach persona. Spend a little extra time in the mirror before you hit the beach and your confidence will thank you.
If you’re used to the messy bun, try the braided bun.

Photo Courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

With a few simple adjustments, you can achieve the polished look even at the beach. Instead of just piling your hair on the top of your head haphazardly, putting your hair in a neat braid first makes a world of difference. Add in a statement headband and you’re ready to go!
If you’re a fan of the ponytail, try a bubble pony.

Photo Courtesy of Patternity

This style is for the bold and the beautiful. Instead of doing the played out ponytail, try something exciting and new with the bubble pony. Seen a lot on the runway, this style is easy to do, but leaves a big impression. Simply put your hair into a sleek ponytail (low or high, your choice) and section off with ponytail holders every inch or so. The result is a slick, fierce style that’s impossible for others to ignore.
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Revamped Beach Hairstyles: Featured image courtesy of Nicole Miller

Summer Swimsuit Trends


Every season, it is as if we are playing catch up, scrounging through our wardrobe for styles we can carry over from the season before. While there is an unlimited amount of clothing in this world, for the most of us, there is not an unlimited budget. That is why we love brands like Free Bella that are providing trendy, versatile styles without breaking the bank. In an effort to make your summer swimsuit search as easy as possible, we have rounded up the top styles you should be looking at this summer. From cut-outs to ruffles, these styles are pushing the envelope and reflecting some of the top trending pieces straight from the runways.

Forever 21, Mesh-Paneled Monokini in Black, $24.90

Forever 21, Mesh-Paneled Monokini in Black, $24.90

Oftentimes when one thinks of cut-outs, all we can think of is skin, skin, skin. While the usual goal of hitting the beach or lounging by the pool is to get that perfect tan, we also understand those who want a bit more coverage. That’s where cut-out swimsuits come in, and there are plenty of options to choose from. From one-pieces and high-waisted bottoms, to something a little more scandalous, this trend has all the mediums covered.
H&M, Bikini Bottoms High Waist in Dark Blue/Turquoise and Bandeau Bikini Top, $14.99 and $4.99

H&M, Bikini Bottoms High Waist in Dark Blue/Turquoise and Bandeau Bikini Top, $14.99 and $4.99

Urban Outfitters, Motel Turtle Bikini Top and Sand Bikini Bottom in Black, $36 and $33

Urban Outfitters, Motel Turtle Bikini Top and Sand Bikini Bottom in Black, $36 and $33

The ruffle or frill is taking on a new definition for swimsuits this season. While it still remains the “cute” addition on bathing suits of little girls, ruffles are definitely making a transition into women’s styles in an innovative way. Styles like the black tankini top are great slimming options for women with curvier shapes, and ruffles in general have a great way of cutting in at the right places. Whether you want to show some skin or layer them to appear as a one-piece, this style is definitely dynamic.
ASOS, Aloha Hawaiian Floaty Frill Crop Bikini Top and Print Tie Side Bikini Bottom, $32.25 and $22.65

ASOS, Aloha Hawaiian Floaty Frill Crop Bikini Top and Print Tie Side Bikini Bottom, $32.25 and $22.65

Nordstrom, MagicSuit, Rita Tankini Top, $85.50

Nordstrom, MagicSuit, Rita Tankini Top, $85.50

The V Effect
Baywatch babes, here we come! The iconic red suit that the all-star cast debuted so effortlessly in 1989 is coming back for more. Whether the suit is mimicking this style showing off the hips on both sides or is taking a more modern approach with a deep V-cut down the middle, it’s exciting to see the nice play between coverage and showing some skin.
ASOS, Quontum Wrap Front Swimsuit in Red and Pink, $80.00

ASOS, Quontum Wrap Front Swimsuit in Red and Pink, $80.00

ASOS, Wolf and Whistle Plunge Chain Detail Swimsuit B-F Cup in White, $49.00

ASOS, Wolf and Whistle Plunge Chain Detail Swimsuit B-F Cup in White, $49.00

Bonus Accents
Ruffles, cut-outs and splits in unimaginable places are not the only trending styles for swimsuits this summer: fun textures and shapes are also in store! Metallic shades like this suit at ASOS and the flirty off-the-shoulder suit from Forever 21 are just some examples of swimsuits this season reimagining themselves to mimic street style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match some solid bottoms with more stylized tops, or throw a body-chain on a one-piece suit you already own.
Wolf and Whistle Metallic Swimsuit in Metallic Bronze, $45.29

Wolf and Whistle Metallic Swimsuit in Metallic Bronze, $45.29

Forever 21, Striped Cropped Bikini Top and Cutout Striped Bikini Bottoms, $19.90 and $15.90

Forever 21, Striped Cropped Bikini Top and Cutout Striped Bikini Bottoms, $19.90 and $15.90

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Summer Swimsuit Trends: Featured image courtesy of freebella.com

Tatiana in Wonderland: Avenue Le Club


If you plan on heading to the Jersey Shore one last time this summer, visit Avenue Le Club in Long Branch’s Pier Village. A luxurious restaurant and beach club, it’s our favorite place to have a relaxing beach day. Trust me, you will not want to leave, nor will you have as good as a time at any other beach club than you will at Avenue. It’s the most relaxing and trendiest beach destination.
The entire space of Avenue Le Club is beautifully designed and truly captivates the feeling of St. Tropez. The restaurant has high ceilings and is an open and vibrant space. The restaurant offers a beach club membership from Memorial Day to Labor Day that allows exclusive access to their cabanas and private rooftop pool. Above the restaurant on the second floor holds the locker rooms and restrooms allowing you to freshen up as you need. The locker rooms are complete with overhead showers stocked with shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels, restrooms, and of course, lockers. The third floor holds Nuit, a very VIP nightlife experience with a bar, oversized bed seating, and the rooftop pool. Outside along the back of the restaurant is an outside beachfront patio seating, a great choice for brunch or a special dinner. Down the walkway are stairs leading to oversized daybeds and lounge chairs surrounded by cozy cabanas.

We headed to Avenue Le Club for a mid-week daycation and arrived early in the morning to get the most out of our time. A friendly staff member led us outside to the beachfront cabanas. The cabanas have all the essentials of what you would need for a little r&r in the sun. A fridge, bed, a shower stocked with Mario Bedescu products, and for those who need it, a TV. There was no need for us to put on the TV when we had the vitamin D to soak in. In front of our cabana were two lounge chairs and a big comfy day bed; the best tanning set up for us Jersey girls. With a sunny blue sky and perfect weather, we settled right in.

LunchAvenue Le Club is known for their exquisite menu and cocktails. For lunch, we had the Chicken Club and the ALT. Both paired with a light salad, these signature sandwiches kept us satisfied and full while we were in the sun all day. The Chicken Club was made with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, bacon, and a lemon aioli on toasted ciabatta bread. The ALT is a vegetarian take on the BLT, sans bacon and with avocado instead. The sandwich was made with sliced cucumbers, tomato, lettuce, shallots served on healthy grain bread with hummus spread. The Blue Velvet and Bungalow cocktails complimented the sandwiches well; the mint and fresh muddled fruits were quite refreshing.
After lunch, we headed upstairs to the exclusive rooftop pool to lay out on the day beds. The 3-feet deep pool is open from 11am-5pm and is a great way to cool down. The rooftop features a glass wall wrapped around the perimeter, a very luxurious addition to the fancy atmosphere.
For dinner we started with the Tomato Tart and Crab Salad; two great contrasting dishes. The tart, served with an arugula and parmesan salad, had a warm and flaky mouthwatering crust, served with fresh red tomatoes. The colorful salad, made with fresh crab and vegetables, was full of rich flavor. The two plates went well with one of their speciality cocktails made with Absenthe, the Le Blue Fairy. For our main course we had the Wild King Salmon and the Homemade Tagliatelle. The well-done salmon was served on a bed of risotto with beans and snap peas, drizzled in a lemon white butter sauce, or as the French say, “beurre blanc.” The fresh tagliatelle was tossed in a mushroom, onion, and asparagus sauce topped with shallots.
For dessert we salivated over the Toasted Coconut Cake and Profiteroles. The light coconut cake was served with a mango salsa and toasted coconut shavings; a great tropical choice for a summer dinner. The Profiteroles, also known as cream puffs, were sandwiched between vanilla ice cream, topped with a dash of powdered sugar, and served with a side of chocolate sauce for dipping. We enjoyed these delicious treats with a cappuccino and a glass of dessert wine.
What more can you ask for? Avenue Le Club has the cabana area which includes the lounge chairs, day bed, and patio area, the beach, their exclusive rooftop pool, a great staff, and their amazing dishes by Executive Chef Dominique Filoni. Even if you can’t make it before the summer, the beautiful restaurant is a fine dining experience on it’s own.
Check out the events at Avenue Le Club this Labor Day Weekend:
Friday, September 4th, 2015
10pm-2am: DJ Chris Knoxx at Nuit
Saturday, September 5th, 2015
10pm-2am: DJ Toro + 92.3 AMP Live at Nuit
Sunday, September 6th, 2015
11am-6pm: Avenue Beach Party Chus + Ceballos
Monday, September 7th, 2015
11am-5pm: Rooftop Pool Party with DJ Klutch and Friends #LunchbreakMondays
Avenue Le Club
23 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740

To learn more about Avenue, go to leclubavenue.com
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Tatiana in Wonderland: Avenue Le Club: Photos courtesy of Tatiana Stec

Beach Locks by Bed Head


It’s getting close to the end of the summer, so if you’ve been spending a lot of time outside, your hair is in need of a little r&r. In my case, from having ombre to being in the ocean and chlorine pools, my hair has become brittle and dry. When you add humidity to the mix, you really can’t avoid your hair from dryness, so every bit of precaution helps. I do my best to keep my hair healthy by deep conditioning, using heat protectants, and getting a haircut when needed. The latest hair product I’ve been using is the Beach Bound protectant spray from Bed Head by TIGI’s new Totally Beachin’ line. Made for colored hair, the antioxidant pink grapefruit spray contains UV filters and helps fight against frizz. I spray it on my damp hair when I get out of the shower, regardless if I’m going to blow dry it or not. The spray is perfect for beach days after you get out of the ocean and need a little pick me up for your salty hair. Since I have ombre, I focus the spray since my ends need the most attention.
The TIGI Bed Head Beach Bound Protection Spray for Coloured Haired retails at $18.99. For the full effect, try Bed Head’s Totally Beachin’ Shampoo and Conditioner that retails at $15.99-$16.99.
Learn more about Bed Head at bedhead.com.
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Beach Locks by Bed Head: Photo Courtesy of Tatiana Stec

Lovin’ Summer Beach Tents


We’re sure all you frequent beach-goers have invested in one nifty contraption: a beach umbrella—one with just the right amount of spark and personality that you can spot it halfway down the beach, amongst a sea of other beach umbrellas, while you wander the coastline. However, as many times as I’ve spent afternoons on the sand, I’d noticed an umbrella hasn’t always been the most practical thing. Sure, it casts shade so you aren’t toasting in the harsh sun, but only some—and certainly not enough to share with two or more people. And on windy days, forget it! You’d got to dig its pole deep in the sand and pray the thing doesn’t uproot and blow away. So just imagine my excitement when I discovered these innovative Lovin’ Summer beach tents.
Inspired by the brand’s love for the beach, these tents are game-changers, made with coastal style and functionality in mind. Made with UPF 40 fabric, these beach tents come in four beach-ready designs: South Beach, beige with white stripes; Bondi, a red and white zig-zag print; Biarritz, a yellow and white zebra print; and our favorite, Santorini, a nautical blue with white stripes. All the tents are lightweight (weighing only 9 pounds), so they’re easy to pack away and carry, and offer just the right amount of sun protection for a cozy, breezy day at the beach. The best part? These tents provide so much shade (which is easily adjustable depending on sun placement) you could fit at least four people under it, which is perfect for the whole family! They can even be used on grass for a picnic at the park.
This summer, ditch your old beach umbrella and opt for style and functionality instead. Visit lovinsummer.com for more information.
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Photographs courtesy of Lovin’ Summer

Best Swimwear


Swimwear is a vital fashion item for the summer time. Update your swimwear fashion from these best swimwear picks!
Zarna Black Cut Out Bandeau Bikini
Zarna Black Cut Out Bandeau Bikini, $40.00
Get prepped for the beach with this hot bandeau style bikini from Missguided. Complete with detachable straps for when you’re trying to catch the rays and removable padding, we love this bikini here at cliché and its sure to get you attention when lounging around the pool
Beach Riot X Stone Cold Fox Daphine One-Piece Swimsuit
Beach Riot X Stone Cold Fox Daphine One-Piece Swimsuit, $155.00
This unusual bandeau all-in-one bathing suite is a showstopper from Beach Riot at Urban Outfitters. The stretchy nylon material enables a comfier fit and the deep plunge V sweetheart neckline gives off a super flattering and seductive feel. Swimwear has never been so classy!
Sand Beach Bikini by Elle Mere
Sand Beach Bikini by Elle Mer
Elle Mer, a brand designed for active girls, blends fashion and function with their stunning bikini line. Simple yet stylish, we love this bikini set at the price of $150.00. The top doesn’t only have to be used for swimwear – as it can also be worn as a bralette or layering pieces.
Body Suit by Ipanema Swimwear
Known as the original Brazilian bikini, it comes as no surprise that Ipanema swimwear has been worn by supermodels such as Pamela Anderson and Elle Macpherson. This unique body suit with an open back and tropical design is bound to fit right in with whatever paradise you find yourself in! This swimsuit is $155.00 and can be found on the Ipanema website.
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Beach Beauty Must-Brings


The sun is out and the beach bums are ready, myself included! It’s time to soak up some sunshine, gain glowing tans, dish out on tons of ice cream, and snap up some Polaroid-worthy memories. Being a certified beach bum means always being prepared and ready for anything on these sandy and salt water excursions. What keeps me both in check and organized on any beach adventure is a go-to tote filled with my top beach beauty must-brings anyone would need. Each of these items has a designated goal in keeping my hair, skin, and self looking and feeling fresh. After all, we want our beach days to last as long as they can without us appearing like a fish out of water! Take a peek at my must-bring items to check off your list and stack into your own stylish totes whenever you’re ready to head off to the beach—you’ll be just as prepared as any mermaid out there!
1) Tote: I gravitate towards roomy beach totes that have at least one pocket for extra storage and are clear so you’ll be able to see everything within reach without having to scavenge for whatever you need. Want to stick out? Go for translucent, neon-colored bags! They scream beach fun, yet allow you to still see everything you’ve packed.


Clear Beach Tote, $78, jcrew.com

2) Sunnies: Regardless of what your favorite eyewear shape is, be sure to pack sunnies to keep your eyes protected. The sun’s rays are gorgeous, but eyes can be especially sensitive to its light. Better to stay safe and stylish at the same time!

Dweisien Sunglasses, $12, aldoshoes.com

3) Sunscreen: When it comes to protecting your skin from the harsh rays, this a 100% must-bring—no matter if you’re tanning or not. We have to keep wrinkles far from near!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 30 Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen with Cell Ox Shield XL, $35.99, ulta.com

4) Moisturizer: Now, we don’t want our skin feeling grainy like the sand we lay on. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer as pictured to keep you feeling breezy and not oily.  Isn’t the name so appropriate?
Bobbi Brown Lotion

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion, $37, macys.com

5) Hair Sun Spray: I call this product my hair savior when it comes to conditioning, revitalizing, and moisturizing my hair while at the beach. It protects your locks from fading or becoming brassy and it even smells like coconuts—yum!

Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Spray, $10.39, vitacost.com

6) Texturizing Spray: If you’re spending the whole day at the beach, this texturizing spray will help enhance those beachy waves gained from the ocean. It’s a quick way to style your hair if you’re going out afterwards or hitting the boardwalk for a bite to eat.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $42, birchbox.com

7) Face Mist: Keep your face feeling cool and hydrated by spritzing a face mist on while basking in the sun.

Evian Mineral Water Spray, $12.50, sephora.com

8) Tinted Lip Balm: I always opt for a lip balm that is tinted, yet still protects your lips with SPF components. It adds some color that compliments that tan you may have going on.
Sugar Rose

Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15, $22.50, fresh.com

9) Travel-Sized Perfume: Roller-ball perfumes are great for storing in your tote without taking up too much room!

Clean Air Mini Rollerball, $8, sephora.com

10) Hair Ties: When it’s too hot, just pull your hair up with some fun hair ties that can easily be accessorized as bracelets as well.

Ban.do Girl Bands Hair Elastic Ticket Stripe, $10, shopbando.com

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Photos courtesy of: shopbando.com, sephora.com, fresh.com, birchbox.com, vitacost.com, macys.com, ulta.com, aldoshoes.com and jcrew.com.

Frankie’s Bikinis


If there ever was a beach babe queen out there, we’ve found her. No, it isn’t the Little Mermaid, but she is as close to that sea princess as we can get in real life. Meet the naturally stunning and effortlessly creative Francesca Aiello—a surfer native to Malibu who has made her mark within the cyber world of social media with her carefree personality and gorgeous swimwear line, Frankie’s Bikinis. Since the age of 17, Aiello has conquered the roles of being a designer, social media guru, and entrepreneur; her connection with the beach she has grown up around and her passion to relate with others has made her a popular icon for young women everywhere. Her swimsuit line is one such passion that has been received exceptionally well by the social media world.
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While surfing in Malibu and on trips to Hawaii, Aiello found that she needed swimsuits to fit her needs and express the lifestyle of being at a beach. With support and help from her mom, she was able to launch her independent line, handmade in the USA, at the early age of 17. After making the decision to complete high school at home in order to fulfill her dreams, Aiello continued to grow in success just like a wave. At the age of 19, she made her first debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in 2014, titling her as the youngest designer ever to do so.
Frankie’s Bikinis are worn by women all over the world, and the simple and sexy designs are made to fit beautifully. It’s California meets Hawaii with feminine, exotic, and beach lifestyle all in one. See why we are joining the millions of fans Aiello and her swimsuit line have! Warning: you’ll be wanting to buy a couple of her lovely suits once you’re done reading this—guaranteed!
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Cliché: Where do you get your inspiration?
Francesca Aiello: I grew up in Malibu and have been surfing my whole life, so I’m really inspired by southern California’s carefree beach lifestyle. My travels to Hawaii have also played a huge part in my designs.
How would you describe your line as a whole?
Frankie’s Bikinis encompasses what it means to be a carefree beach girl. The line’s signature style is simple and sexy with a bohemian flair.
What do you believe has been your most successful attribute in the social media world? Do you have any advice for social media newbies out there?
I think my age gave me an upper-hand for social media because it just came so naturally to me. For me, posting beautiful photos on Tumblr and Instagram helped create a following of people who enjoyed the same type of lifestyle. It can’t just be about promoting the company. People want to feel like they are friends with you, not just outsiders looking in.
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Do you have a number one tip in feeling and looking confident while wearing one of your creations?
My suits are seamless so they can be flattering for all kinds of bikini babes, but no matter what, a girl should always stand up straight, smile big, and work what she’s got!
What’s next on the horizon?
Frankie’s Bikinis will hold a runway show this year at Swim Week in Miami Beach. I couldn’t be more excited to head back for my second year! We will be showing on Saturday, July 18 at 10:30 pm at the W Hotel.
Be sure to follow Aiello on Instagram @francescaaiello / @frankiesbikinis and on Snapchat @frankiesbikinis
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