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Summer Hair Tips From Celebrity Stylist Ryan Nickulas


There is no such thing as too many beauty tips, and when you can get them from a celebrity stylist, it’s even better! Ryan Nickulas is the owner of the Ryan Darias salon in NYC. He has styled some of your favorite A-list celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Isaac Mizrahi, and more. Here, we found out Nickulas’ favorite hair trends for the summer, his inspiration, and how he juggles it all. 

Revamped Beach Hairstyles


So you’re getting ready for a day at the beach and you have everything: sunscreen, bikini, and a towel. But what about your hair? Making an impression is necessary no matter where you are, and the beach is no exception. Prepare to turn heads with these revamped beach hairstyles!

Summer Swimsuit Trends


Every season, it is as if we are playing catch up, scrounging through our wardrobe for styles we can carry over from the season before. While there is an unlimited amount of clothing in this world, for the most of us, there is not an unlimited budget. That is why we love brands like Free Bella that are providing trendy, versatile styles without breaking the bank. In an effort to make your summer swimsuit search as easy as possible, we have rounded up the top styles you should be looking at this summer. From cut-outs to ruffles, these styles are pushing the envelope and reflecting some of the top trending pieces straight from the runways.

Beach Locks by Bed Head


It’s getting close to the end of the summer, so if you’ve been spending a lot of time outside, your hair is in need of a little r&r. In my case, from having ombre to being in the ocean and chlorine pools, my hair has become brittle and dry. When you add humidity to the ...

Lovin’ Summer Beach Tents


We’re sure all you frequent beach-goers have invested in one nifty contraption: a beach umbrella—one with just the right amount of spark and personality that you can spot it halfway down the beach, amongst a sea of other beach umbrellas, while you wander the coastline. However, as many times as I’ve spent afternoons on the ...

Best Swimwear


Swimwear is a vital fashion item for the summer time. Update your swimwear fashion from these best swimwear picks! Zarna Black Cut Out Bandeau Bikini, $40.00 Get prepped for the beach with this hot bandeau style bikini from Missguided. Complete with detachable straps for when you’re trying to catch the rays and removable padding, we love this ...

Beach Beauty Must-Brings


The sun is out and the beach bums are ready, myself included! It’s time to soak up some sunshine, gain glowing tans, dish out on tons of ice cream, and snap up some Polaroid-worthy memories. Being a certified beach bum means always being prepared and ready for anything on these sandy and salt water excursions. ...

Frankie’s Bikinis


If there ever was a beach babe queen out there, we’ve found her. No, it isn’t the Little Mermaid, but she is as close to that sea princess as we can get in real life. Meet the naturally stunning and effortlessly creative Francesca Aiello—a surfer native to Malibu who has made her mark within the ...

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