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What to Bring to the Beach


There have always been dueling opinions from beach vets and tourists alike on what’s acceptable to bring to the beach. After many experimental visits, a few suggestions, and trial and failure – here is my fool-proof list of items to bring in order to have a perfect sun soaking, sand stepping beach day. 1. Sitting Options Some go ...



Sexy Summer Cover-Ups Having a sexy beach cover-up for the summer is just as important as finding the perfect bathing suit. You never know where a spontaneous beach or pool day may lead you! You could end up walking the boardwalk, mingling at a pool party, partying aboard a yacht, or hanging out around the bonfire. ...

Are Sarongs Still In?


For us girls, a typical dilemma when preparing for a beach get-away involves the inevitable question: “what do I wear over my bathing suit?” Sure, there are plenty of light weight dresses, over-sized old t-shirts, and neon-mesh tank tops in our wardrobes to choose from. But don’t forget about the tried and true beach cover-up ...

How to Stay Fit on Vacation


Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama - Come on pretty mama, you know how hard you worked for that rockin' bikini bod. Months of sweating at the gym and sacrificing late night ice cream dates have your tummy and buns ready to slip on that suit with confidence. With that tropical beach in mind, you've stuck to ...

White Sand Rollerball Review


Nothing says relaxation like the beach. The warm sun on our skin, the sound of the ocean, sand between our toes, and the blissful atmosphere. Well, now you can bring the beach with you at all times with the White Sand rollerball fragrance oil from Finn & Co. It’s difficult to find the time to have ...

End of Summer: Healthy Hair


The beach is the perfect day long escape in the summer. The sun warming your bronzer-glossed skin, sand between your toes, and wind blowing in your hair is the perfect combination for a perfect day with a book in your lap with icy drink in hand. In fact, the sound of that is enough to ...

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