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Why Hair Texture Changes Over Time


Today we want to explain why hair texture changes over time.  Completing your look wouldn’t be possible without your crowning glory. In any occasion, having a great hairstyle can enhance your natural beauty. Having a bad one can leave a bad impression upon you.  While you’re in the middle of enjoying your current hair, you might not be aware that your hair texture can possibly change one too many times during your lifetime, shifting to straight, coarse, curly, or thin.

If you find yourself experiencing changes in your mane’s texture, it’s important to be aware of what’s happening with your scalp and hair health. With this in mind, the following reasons might be the reason:

Hormonal Changes

During notable reproductive stages of a woman’s life, their hair can also adapt according to one’s hormones. As women reach menopause, their estrogen gradually decreases, which can cause the hair growth cycle to shorten, resulting to fallout, loss of hair thickness, and decrease in hair density.

While you can’t do anything about your hormonal change, you can give your hair some TLC by using the right hair care products. If you’re missing the life on your locks and want to revive your curls, you can try out different hair products such as cream to enhance curls and other products that may improve health, growth, and shine.

Loss of Collagen Due To Aging

As you age, you’ll naturally experience gradual loss of collagen, the cellular structural protein in your hair and scalp. This will affect the follicle cells in your scalp and result in a change in the natural texture of your hair. And also, the oils in your hair get depleted over time, resulting in drier hair.

Loss of collagen in your hair does not necessarily mean that you need to immediately get a transplant to replace your lost hair; it will take some time for the condition to be corrected. However, if the condition is caused by too much stress on the scalp, it’s important to seek your dermatologist, and use products that can build your collagen and elastin.

Heat and Styling Abuse

Why Hair Texture Changes Over Time

Photo by Arun Sharma on Unsplash

Regular exposure to heat is bad for your hair which usually happens when you regularly style your hair with heat, or get exposed under the blazing sun. Heat styling can cause hair thinning and texture change. This happens more to people who style their hair often using a hair dryer or hair iron. Excessive use of chemicals like color treatments and relaxers in your hair can also cause this hair problem.

Along with texture change and thinning, you’ll also notice that your hair will become more brittle and drier. Some tips to minimize texture change and thinning are:

  • Allow your hair to air-dry every time as much as you can.
  • Minimize heat and chemical styling.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure of your hair by wearing protective clothing.
  • Use heat protection products for your hair not only during heat styling, but every time you’ll be exposed under the sun.

Low-Protein Diet

A low protein diet is simply a diet in which individuals reduce their daily intake of protein. A low-protein diet is sometimes used as an alternative treatment for inherited metabolic diseases, such as homocystinuria and phenylketonuria, which may lead to severe symptoms. It can also aid in reducing cholesterol levels and the risk of cancer. However, the consequences of a low-protein diet to your hair is a change in texture.

Your hair requires a good load of protein to reproduce and achieve good texture, that’s why engaging in a low-protein diet risks your locks’ texture. If you’re not undergoing treatment for those health conditions mentioned above, then you should pack up in protein-rich foods such as Brussels sprouts, salmon, eggs, chia seeds, oysters, and walnuts into your diet.

Dirt and Product Buildup

Why Hair Texture Changes Over Time

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Ideally, you should only wash and use shampoo on your hair at least once to twice a week to prevent drying and over-stripping the scalp. However, if you’re constantly exposed to pollution, hair products, and sweating, your scalp will accumulate dirt, dead cells, and product residues, taking away your hair’s liveliness and silky feel.

Therefore, balance between shampooing and moisturizing is important, where you should avoid over-stripping your scalp from natural oils and nutrients while making sure that they’re not having any nasty buildup. You can use a clarifying treatment weekly that can eliminate dirt and product buildup from your hair, then use essential oils for soothing, moisturization, strengthening, and other benefits.

Side Effect of Medication and Treatment

Another culprit that you can’t fully control is the side effects of using your prescription medication and treatment. You’ll notice that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments experience hair thinning and loss because chemotherapy inhibits hair growth. Additionally, the texture of their hair will significantly change its regrowth.

Moreover, taking the following medications for a long time in your prescription can impact the hair’s growth and texture:

  • Antidepressants
  • Acne treatments
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Painkillers
  • Beta-blockers


Haircare and maintenance are important aspects of self-care, particularly if you’re having hair issues such as changes in hair texture. While some of the factors that cause change in hair texture are natural and can’t be controlled, it’s still not an excuse to neglect your hair and scalp. To achieve healthier-looking hair and consistent texture, you should give your hair the same attention as your face and body.

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile


Today we want to share some simple ways to improve your smile.  Improving your smile can be a real confidence booster. Your smile is the first thing people notice when they see you. It is the best accessory that can dress up any outfit for any occasion. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are several ways you can improve your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity as a dentist everywhere is totally transforming smiles. There are many different types of procedures that you can undergo to achieve the perfect smile you have always dreamed of. Here are some ways you can improve your smile, depending on which method works best for you.

Teeth Whitening

simple ways to improve your smile

innamikitas / Pixabay

Teeth whitening is the least complicated and less expensive way to improve your smile. It is also called teeth bleaching. A proper teeth cleaning from your dentist brightens and whitens your teeth from discoloration and stains. Your teeth can either be bleached in your dentist’s office or you can purchase molds and gels from your dentist to do at home. You can also buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Whatever you do, make sure that you consult your doctor first. Not everyone is able to whiten their teeth.

Make sure that your teeth whitening happens after you have removed all the plaque, tartar and other debris from your teeth. You want to make sure that you restore your teeth to its natural appearance or you can choose to have your teeth brightened a few shades lighter than its original color.

Teeth whitening can easily breath new life into your smile. Over time the white color of your teeth can be worn down, attributed to foods, drinks, medication and smoking. When you whiten your teeth, all you are doing is coating your teeth.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin shells made out of either porcelain or composite material. Those thin shells are custom fit to your teeth, attached to the front side of the tooth. They are made to be similar in look to your natural-looking teeth. Because they look so natural, they are used to hide or fix any dental imperfections like crooked teeth, cracked or damaged enamel, noticeable gaps between the teeth and discolored teeth. Dental Veneers are a great option if you are looking to fix minor problems.

There is no way you will be able to get this procedure done without going to your dentist. Your dentist will have to remove roughly half-millimeter of enamel from your tooth’s surface. From there those thin shells are bonded to your teeth. Veneers are able to change the shape, color, length and size of your teeth. The cost of this procedure ranges anywhere between $500 to $1300 per tooth.

Dental Implants

Smile Smiling Teeth Perfect Teeth  - DtheDelinquent / Pixabay

DtheDelinquent / Pixabay

This is slightly different than veneers in a few ways. For one, your dentist will use a metal device which is specifically made to replace missing teeth. Your dentist will screw a titanium screw into your jaw at the location of the tooth that is missing. That area acts as a support beam for the crown. These are a more permanent solution than veneers and teeth whitening.

After a while your jawbone and supporting tissue will fuse with the implant, permanently locking into place. This is why dental implants are basically hard to tell apart from the nearby natural teeth. Dental implants pose as the tooth root and can be used to anchor artificial teeth like a crown, bridge or denture. Typically with this procedure, you can expect to pay between $1250 to $3000.

Dental Crowns

These are a great way to treat teeth that are insufficiently shaped, badly decayed, broken, chipped, or have had big fillings, or to hide spaces between your teeth. Dental crowns are also referred to as caps. They can be made out of porcelain-fused-to-metal, acrylic, resin and ceramic and can be conjoined with metal to hold out against pressure from biting. Your dentist will custom fit your crowns over your entire tooth. Crowns help keep a feeble tooth from breaking or it can even keep a feeble tooth from cracking further. When it comes to this procedure you can expect to pay anywhere between $500 to $900 each.

Teeth Shaping

This is also referred to as enamel shaping. You have to get this done at your dentist’s office because he or she can reshape your tooth by either filling or removing some of your tooth’s enamel. Typically this is a painless procedure and you will be able to see results quickly.

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding involves tooth-colored materials that are bonded, or fastened, to your tooth. Once this sticky resin is applied to your tooth and a laser beaming out ultraviolet rays bonds the resin to your tooth. After that step, the doctor will trim, shape and polish the new addition to your tooth. Bonding is a great option if you are trying to repair decayed, chipped, cracked or misshapen teeth. You can expect to pay between $100 to $400 per tooth and the procedure should not take longer than 30 minutes to an hour. It is an amazing alternative to amalgam or silver fillings.

Inlays And Onlays

simple ways to improve your smile

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

These are called indirect fillings and are made of gold, porcelain or composite materials. They are typically made in dental laboratories. Inlays and Onlays are used to fill decayed or damaged teeth. As long as there is no damage to the tooth cusps, the inlays will be placed straight onto the tooth surface. The reason why it is called an inlay is that the material was bonded in the center of your tooth.

When the cusps or the other parts of the tooth are damaged, that is when an onlay is used as it can cover the whole surface of the tooth. An onlay is when the filling has one or more points of the tooth or covers the biting surface. The best part about inlays and onlays is that they are made specifically to protect as much of your tooth that is healthy as possible. If you do not want to get crowns, you can opt for inlays and onlays instead. For this procedure, you can expect to pay around $650 to $1200 per tooth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Braces are a great option when it comes to improving your smile. There are plenty of options that will make it difficult to tell that you are wearing braces. Gone are the days of thinking they are just for kids. You can get tooth-colored braces or you can even get aligners that are invisible. This is a great option if you have buck teeth or crooked teeth, braces may be a great option. It is best that you consult your dentist about this before making a decision.


There are many options out there to improve your smile. You from teeth whitening, veneers, implants, crowns, teeth shaping, bonding, inlays and onlays as well as braces are all great ways to improve your style. It is recommended that you talk with your doctor about what is the best choice for you. Depending on your specific need, your budget and your lifestyle the best way to improve your smile may not be the same for someone else.

You should also check if cosmetic dentistry can be covered through your insurance as that could help bring the price down. Be mindful that some of those procedures may not be covered, which may leave you with expensive out-of-pocket costs. No matter which option you chose you will not regret it. Your new smile will leave you feeling confident.

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Top 5 Ways To Give Yourself Amazing Hair


Today we want to share the top 5 ways to give yourself amazing hair.  Everyone wants to get amazing hair. Your hair is your crowning glory, and how it looks can significantly affect the impression you create in the minds of people. Moreover, the condition of your hair can affect your mental health in many ways—the healthier your hair is, the more confident you’ll be to get out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities in life.

And, while the hair is naturally susceptible to damage caused by excessive blow drying and exposure to the sun, there are still some things you can start doing to make your hair look and feel great again, namely:

Invest In Wigs

For people who have damaged hair, following a specific hair care routine for weeks or months might not be the solution they need. This is especially true if an upcoming event is fast approaching. Do you think you can impress your friends and family with dry and brittle hair? Will you have the confidence to start conversations if you know that your hair doesn’t look its best?  If you want to get yourself amazing hair fast, investing in wigs can do the trick.

Wigs from reputable brands, such as Keswigs, are cost-effective investments as these allow you to try out unlimited hairstyles without having to spend time and money for a salon appointment. Wigs also provide convenience as these can hide or conceal thinning hair, hair loss, and other hair problems.

Use The Right Products

One of the best tips to get amazing hair is to ensure that you’re using the right products. The market offers countless hair products today, and it’s not enough that you buy the ones that are cheapest or most popular. If you have oily hair, you should be using oil-free shampoo. If your hair is dry, then, you must look for hair care products that are designed for dry hair. You can easily determine the appropriate hair products for you by looking at their labels.

Remember to keep it simple and avoid hopping into every bandwagon you come across with when it comes to hair care. When you’ve found the products that best suit your hair type, avoid switching to other brands to prevent any kind of hair damage.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

amazing hair

Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels

Your diet plays a vital role in the condition of your hair, which is why you should strive to eat a healthy diet, which ought to be full of fresh fruits and vegetables. By eating healthy, you’re able to boost your body’s natural ability to grow new hair and prevent hair loss. Foods such as lean beef, turkey, and chicken can also make your hair look shinier.

Aside from paying attention to what you eat, it’s also important to always drink at least eight glasses of water each day. The water will help your body to cleanse itself from toxins and other harmful chemicals that are present in the environment and can potentially damage your crowning glory.

Drinking water will also help you detoxify your body and keep it hydrated, which helps to keep your hair healthy. Moreover, drinking sufficient amounts of water every day can also maintain the health of the nerve endings found in your scalp, thereby keeping your hair roots healthy. Proper hydration also produces stronger hair that’s less likely to break, frizz, or get limp.

Avoid Stress

There are many things that can lead to hair loss and other hair problems, and one of them is stress. Stress can lead to more hair falling out and, eventually you losing your self-confidence. If you want to give yourself amazing hair, you should know how to manage your stress effectively.

One of the easiest ways to avoid or manage stress is by taking a break from your daily routine when you feel stressed or tired. Breaking the monotony of your daily routine will allow your mind and body to breathe and ward off stress. You can also try talking to a friend if you feel that stress is starting to take a toll on your life.

Brush Regularly

amazing hair

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels

One of the most important tips to getting amazing hair would be to ensure that you’re getting enough blood circulation to your scalp. This is something that many people tend to overlook, and it’s something that can actually help increase hair growth and improve your overall hair health.

The best way to make sure that your hair follicles are getting plenty of blood is by using a hair brush regularly. The right hair brush can effectively stimulate your scalp, as well as encourage hair growth and blood flow.

It’ll Be Worth It

Your hair can affect the quality of your life in many ways, which is why you should exert time and effort in taking care of it. Regardless of how busy you are during the day, you should always follow a hair care routine to improve or maintain the quality of your hair.

Although taxing at first, prioritizing your hair will be worth it as this can do wonders to your self-esteem and body image!

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Nose Piercing Styles from Different Parts of the World


Today we want to share with you information about nose piercing styles from different parts of the world.  Noses come in different sizes and shapes, as do the nose piercing styles available in different parts of the world. If you’re looking to get a piercing, the sheer number of styles will amaze you. Here, we would uncover different nose piercing styles, while paying attention to their origin and affiliations with different parts of the world. 

What are Nose Piercings?

nose piercing styles

Photo by Luriko Yamaguchi on Pexels

Nose piercing refers to the piercing of the nose to allow for the use of jewelry, known as nose jewelry. After ear piercings and tongue piercings, nose piercings are the third most common type of piercing that is done globally. Having a rich history, it is associated with ancient civilizations in the Middle East and Africa including the Persians, Medians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Ethiopians, etc.

Today, how nose piercings are done has evolved. Take a look for yourself:

Nose Piercing Styles and Jewelry Types

Nostril Piercing Styles Across the World 

Considered to be the most traditional, nostril piercings consist of a single hole made on either side of the nose. It is situated just above the crease where your nostrils emerge from your cheek, with some distance away from the nasal bridge. Examples of jewelry that can be used with it include nose rings, small nose pins, captive ball rings, hoops, nostril screws, etc.

Nose piercings were introduced to India in the 16th century by the Moghul emperors. Also, the Moghul emperors were likely to have spread this norm to Asia, from the Middle East. Since then, this activity has found its way into the culture of Indian girls. As it is said to reduce pains at childbirth, Northern India prefers the piercing at the edge of the left nostrils, while Southern India prefers piercing the edge of the right nostrils. 

This culture was brought into the United States, in large part, in the 1960s by hippies in search of spiritual enlightenment. Till today, nostril piercings are still prominently associated with the Indian culture and are commonly practiced in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Bridge Piercing Styles Across the World 

nose piercing styles

Photo by Tomaz Barcellos on Pexels

This is essentially a surface piercing as neither the bone nor the cartilage is pierced. Curved barbells are perfect for this kind of piercing. This type of piercing comes with a risk – the hole can easily close as a result of migration – warranting a newer piercing. If this happens, get help to remove the jewelry and get another piercing.

If not thousands of years, this piercing has a long history dating back to hundreds of years. It was first popularized in the Mesoamerican culture of the Aztecs and Mayans. In those days, being cross-eyed was believed to be a sign of beauty. So, since bridge piercings are in the field of your vision, they would turn your eyes inwards; achieving the cross-eyed look. While this is a legend- and its authenticity could be doubted- there are plenty of old statues that agree that bridge piercings were culturally relevant among the Mesoamericans.

Septum Piercings Across the World

This is not an easy one to do because it requires a knowledge of where the septum cartilage begins and ends. You may need guidance from someone who has done it before to get it done. The piercing can be gauged and circular barbells go well with this kind of piercing, as well.

Septum piercings were very popular among Native Americans. Also, the Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans loved septum rings and adorned them with gold and jade, mostly as a form of religious significance. Again, since having a bone through your septum signified a fierce look, warrior cultures- like the Irian Jaya- had affiliations with Septum piercing.

Septril Piercings Across the World

nose piercing styles

Photo by Barik5ive on Pexels

This is like an advance of the vertical tip piercing. It combines the vertical tip piercing with a gauged septum. Because of what it takes to gauge a septum, it takes years to achieve this kind of piercing and can prove to be extremely painful. It will require two pieces of jewelry; one for the septril hole, and another for the septum. Again, this form of piercing dates back into the Indian culture.


Getting a nose piercing is quite exciting, and it’s becoming more of a social norm too as people that have piercings are experiencing less antagonism and stigma. If you want to get one, go right ahead and choose a style. The style is what will influence what kind of nose jewelry you will need and you can easily get that in a store around you.

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Autumnal Fragrances to Wear all Year Long


Today we want to share some autumnal fragrances to wear all year long.  Warm temperatures are slowly making room for the colder ones and as soon we feel the slightest chill in the air we tend to reach for the comforting, warmer scents. Autumn fragrances are usually a bit more sweet or spicy, loaded with bergamot, amber and sandalwood and they usually have the staying power perfect for the chilly air. This does not mean these fragrances should stay untouched on your vanity table during the spring or summer. If you thought there are no fresh autumn fragrances that you could use on special occasions throughout the whole year, there most certainly are!

We’ve created a list of perfumes for women and men that will wonderfully complement the upcoming season but will also spice up your outfits on special evening occasions, no matter what the weather is.

The Best Autumn Perfumes for Women

Meet the top 3 fragrances for women that are composed of fruity and zesty notes accompanied in the base by decent comforting ingredients to warm you up during the rainy days.

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

YSL Libre is the timeless fragrance you’ve been looking for. The fragrance opens with the essence from France, dreamy lavender oil, that is beautifully combined with sensual and fresh Moroccan orange blossom in the heart of the scent. The warm twist in the base of the fragrance is composed of vanilla, musk and amber highlighted by woody notes of cedar.

Armani My Way

A floral woody fragrance My Way by Armani is a very contemporary scent that opens with citrus notes of bergamot and orange blossom, followed by tuberose flower that is sourced and hand-picked near Mysore, India. The Indian jasmine in the heart of the fragrance brings an enchanting aroma that will linger on your skin all day long. The white musk and cedar create an intoxicating drydown of the fragrance.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Autumnal Fragrances to Wear all Year Long

tanyapligina / Pixabay

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent can cause true perfume addiction! The fragrance opens with fruity notes of pear, sweet orange blossoms and spicy pink pepper followed by adrenaline-rich coffee and sensual jasmine in the heart of the fragrance. The comforting notes of patchouli, warm vanilla and cedar in the base make this perfume a perfect autumn fragrance.

The Best Autumn Aftershaves for Men

When the morning air is crisp and leaves are turning golden, but you are still into fresh summer scents, explore our list of top 3 perfumes for men that have an autumn twist on their zesty notes.

Mancera Cedrat Boise

A sunny fragrance that combines fresh citrus notes with wood, and leather to create a sensual yet playful composition. The perfume opens with a blend of Sicilian lemon and spices followed by an elegant heart composed of jasmine and patchouli leaves. The drydown is loaded with leather accords, vanilla and oakmoss to add that beautiful autumnal twist.

Azzaro Wanted By Night

Azzaro Wanted By Night brings a very unusual combination of earthy tobacco, cumin and incense with notes of tangerine and cinnamon. It is said the fragrance is a “blend of temptation and masculinity.”

Parfums De Marly Layton Royal Essence

If you love a little bit of luxury, meet this oriental fragrance suitable for both, men and women, that was inspired by the royal court at Versailles. Parfums De Marly Layton Royal Essence opens with fresh bergamot and tangerine aroma followed by a graceful heart of jasmine and geranium. The drydown is composed with an enchanting blend of cardamom, pepper and wood with a secret note of caramelized coffee, that will make you addicted with the first spritz.

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Craving Simplicity in Your Skincare Routine? Try This


Are you ever curious to know what’s really in your skincare products? You deserve to know what you’re putting on your face every night. If you’re somebody who has an allergy or skin condition, you would understand the same struggle I have of trying to find products that can be applied to sensitive skin. Every time I turn the bottle around to look at the list of one million ingredients, I see words like glycerin, ethylhexyl palmitate, and cocamidopropyl. I don’t mean to be blunt, but what the f*@#! does that mean?

There’s nothing worse than reading the fine print of a beauty bottle and seeing hundreds of fancy words that are not only a little intimidating, but also a little scary. All-in-all, I’m just tired of using products that simply aren’t helping me no matter how hard I try or how often I use them. Say this part with me, “I want to know what I am applying to my face every night, I want to see brands use natural supplements, and I want to be able to read the ingredients in a way that I can understand!” 

In order to keep my frustrations to a minimum, I started doing some research on affordable, natural facial products that will bring some simplicity to my skincare routine. But first, I had to give myself a reality check. Do I really need all of these products that are in my drawer? No more empty bottles and no more free testers— we are cleansing more than just our skin today. Say goodbye to all the products you’re keeping around because you (and I quote) “think you might use one day.” Girl, get rid of it. 

Harsh love comes with a piping hot side of reality, so truly I am sorry to be the one who has to give it to you. The truth is, you don’t need all of those lotions (even if they were on sale, *insert heart breaking emoji*). After stage one is complete, you get to move onto stage two, research. Lucky for you, I’ve taken it upon myself to do the hard part for you. Here are the best natural and organic makeup and skincare brands I’ve found so far. 

Image provided by Milk.


Milk Makeup has been a favorite of mine for years. I love how they spell out in digestible terms for their customers exactly what’s in their products, while heavily emphasizing they’re a vegan brand. This Vegan Milk Moisturizer has four main ingredients; Desert Milk, Fig Milk, Oat Milk, and Argan Milk. I guess now I know why they call it Milk Makeup! 


100% PURE Beauty has a complete line of natural fruit pigmented makeup, wellness, skincare, hair and body products. Their Puristry Flower Water Toner is natural, vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. Its main ingredients like rose water, witch hazel, and calendula reduce irritation and inflammation, all while balancing your oil control. 

The last brand I am going to show you is Tula. This Tula Milk Cleanser does wonders for people who experience dry patches and itchy skin because it contains a very special ingredient called Colloidal Oatmeal, which soothes your skin and helps retain its moisture. Tula also has a section on their website where you can find what products and ingredients work best for you based on your personal skin concerns. Take the skin quiz here!

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels.


Beauty Industry to Lose $175 Billion USD in Revenue Due to COVID-19


Consumer behavior has changed significantly as the use of beauty products has drastically declined. Data acquired by Fraicheur.com indicates that for the first time in decades, the beauty industry is set to lose $175 billion USD in 2020. 

Changing consumer habits reduce revenue for almost all beauty products

Beauty IndustryFrom the data, it is clear that COVID-19 has greatly changed the beauty habits of every customer. Due to work from home becoming the new norm, the use of skincare and makeup products experienced a significant decline of 20%. Personal care products are faring slightly better with only a 3% reduction in overall use.

As a large part of the beauty industry’s customers continue working from home, hope for complete recovery is slim. Data has shown that 90% of women use little to no makeup while at home which has greatly cut into spending on beauty products. As long as social activities continue to decline, a return to previous levels of consumption is unlikely.

Fraicheur CEO, Ingrida Cerniauskaite, said:

“COVID-19’s impact on the beauty industry is undeniable. Our acquired data shows that we are looking at a rare loss of revenue. Yet, there is hope in the online market. As our customers move towards shopping online, so should our businesses. With enough innovation and adaptation, we can greatly lessen the blow dealt by COVID-19 to our beloved industry.”

A chance for recovery seems to lie online. Innovative beauty solutions for the internet age might be able to hasten the recovery of the industry.

Read the full story with statistics here: https://faceiceglobes.com/blogs/news/beauty-industry-to-lose-175-billion-usd-in-revenue-due-to-covid-19 

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3 Celeb Tricks To Youthify Your Skin


Today we want to share 3 celeb tricks to youthify your skin. Celebrities are the envy of all who look upon them – and not just because they are rich, famous and successful.  We love celebrities, we follow their lives, their ups and downs, and their careers as they navigate being famous in an increasingly voyeuristic world. One thing we love to search for in our celebrity favorites is their skincare routines. Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series gave us a sneak peak into the everyday routines of celebrity women, but still left us wondering: “How do they do it?” We splash out on expensive moisturizers, toners, serums and exfoliates. What’s the secret? In this article you will find three tried and true celeb tricks which will give you the youthful celebrity glow you have always dreamed of. 

1. Water, Water, Water

Tricks To Youthify Your Skin

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Everybody on earth knows that drinking water is good for you. That’s a given. But according to celebrities whose skin radiates a gorgeous glow, water is also an amazing beauty secret which is easy to accomplish. The legendary singer and beauty idol Beyoncé told Vogue, ‘I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day,’ after she gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy. If Beyoncé declares it, all should agree: water is amazing for your skin. Other celebrities who swear by drinking water include Cameron Diaz and Jane Fonda. Rock it, ladies!

So what do the experts say? Celebrity “fads” have had their day in the sun, but nowadays, it is all about doing things for your body that are backed up by science, not just Instagram ads. According to Healthline, drinking water is important for good skin health because your skin, the largest organ in your body, is made up of water-filled cells. If these cells become dehydrated, your skin can appear dry, sunken and cracked. If the cells are sufficiently hydrated every day, your skin is more likely to appear firm, bouncy and glowy. So there you have it!

2. Facial Massage

Good skin isn’t just about having expensive skincare, like some may think. Of course, water drinking comes into it – but what else do our celebrity favorites have up their sleeves? One celeb secret which is a great way to cost-effectively boost your skin health is facial massage. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘I can’t afford a facial every damn week!’ – but facial massage doesn’t have to be done by a beauty therapist.

There are facial massagers which can be purchased for home-use, which are hailed as vital for glorious skin by celebs such as Emily Ratajkowski and Jennifer Aniston, but these are usually priced pretty highly for your average consumer. However, other forms of facial massage which require only your fingers and a bit of practice, can offer a cost-effective alternative to these. Facial massage stimulates the circulation in your face, helping your cells to heal, become less blemished and more youthful and firm. You can learn the art of facial massage from beauty therapists on YouTube!

Of course, facial massage isn’t just about reducing your wrinkles, it’s also great for your health. Many of us hold tension in our facial muscles without even realizing, so a daily rub of the forehead and jaw muscles can help loosen those knots and unwind after a long day at work. 

Tricks To Youthify Your Skin3. Subtle Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve all seen badly implemented cosmetic surgeries and shuddered, right? Some celebs have, unfortunately, gone down the path of extreme plastic surgery which have left them looking strangely plastic-ified. If that isn’t the look for you, there are ways to undergo very subtle, youthful cosmetic procedures which won’t make you look like a doll. 

Many celebrities who are touted as being stunning natural beauties have actually undergone very subtle cosmetic surgeries which have enhanced their natural ‘look’ without being obvious. Examples of these subtle changes are nose procedures, facelift surgery and lip enhancements which do not change the integral structure of the face but enhance the shape which is already there, contributing to a youthful, natural beauty look. If you are searching for subtle cosmetic surgeries, it’s a great idea to research well-reputed surgeons in your area who are willing to discuss your needs. 

Ultimately, celebrities’ whole job is to look amazing every day – so we can’t feel too bad about not matching their crazy standards. That being said, we all want to look our best on a daily basis, and with these helpful steps, you could be one step closer to a youthful, celebrity glow which has heads turning left and right!

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An Exclusive Guide to Hair Extensions


Today we want to provide you with an exclusive guide to hair extensions.  If you are new to hair extensions, then they may seem a little overwhelming at first, but we promise there is nothing to fear! In fact, they can produce a special kind of hair magic; transforming your hair from short, blunt-cut bobs, to long mermaid-like, bouncy locks in minutes.

In case you still need some convincing, we’ve put together a guide on all things hair extensions, so you have all the information you need to know when it comes to application and upkeep. With some handy tips from us, you will be swishing those locks around in no time!

Get Familiar With The Different Types

guide to hair extensions

99mimimi / Pixabay

Depending on what you want and what type of hair you have, there are a complete variety of hair extensions for different needs. It’s important to know this before diving into the crazy world of hair extensions.

Tape-ins are the first type to mention. These extensions are glued (or “taped”) to either side of your hair strands and can only be removed by a professional with specific glue remover. They are loved because they are one of the longer-lasting options available; the glue is heated to essentially melt and attach to your real hair at the roots.

Clip-ins are another type of hair extensions. These are great for switching up your hairstyle for special occasions, or even day by day if you wanted. They are clipped in and removed at home before you sleep. The hair strands are clipped in at the root of your hair and are the best if you like to switch up your style often.

Micro-loop or micro-link extensions use much smaller strands of hair when being applied. Your hair is pulled through a loop, bonded to the hair extension, and then clamped together with pliers.

Sew-ins (weaves) is the last type to consider. This is done when the natural hair is braided and then the extensions are sewn into the braids. It works best with thicker hair, which is stronger and has more grip than thinner hair.

Deciding On Your Hair Extensions:

guide to hair extensions

shc9607 / Pixabay

Apart from what type of hair extensions you want, you need to decide on the color and whether you want human hair or synthetic. The color you choose should be as close to your real hair as possible to make it look the most natural, of course. A good tip is to look at the hair extensions’ color in natural light as you will be able to see the true shade then.

When faced with the choice of going with human hair or synthetic, the former is typically the best. Human hair extensions will last longer than synthetic, will look more natural, and have a better quality in general. Additionally, styling human hair is a lot easier too.

What To Do And What Not To Do

There are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind when getting your hair extensions. You must continue to brush your hair before you shower and sleep with it in a loose braid or ponytail. In terms of washing the extensions, choosing a silicone-free shampoo is important.

Natural products are definitely the way to go when it comes to hair extensions care. For conditioner, applying only to the lower half and tips of the hair is recommended. Leave the conditioner to soak for about 3-5 minutes for that extra silkiness.

Don’t go to bed with wet hair because this can create bad tangles in the extensions, leaving you struggling the next day. Avoid this at all costs! And lastly, remember that your natural hair sheds, so a few hair extensions will too. Don’t panic – it’s normal!

The important thing is to have fun with hair extensions and maintain a good upkeep routine. This will help you get the most out of your hair extensions and leave you with longer locks for longer.

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How to Elevate your Makeup to Stand Out


Glitter in makeup is nothing new but shows like Euphoria generated a makeup movement that encourages creativity and individuality. Doniella Davy is the makeup artists behind the show’s iconic looks. Her looks incorporate glitter, crystals, bright colors, unique eyeliner, and geometric designs. Whether you are just beginning or are more advanced, your makeup can be bold. Here are five makeup tips to elevate your everyday makeup that will make you stand out.

1. Colored Mascara

Colored Mascara is a fun way to add a pop of color to the eyes. If you want the look to be more subtle, apply the mascara only to the bottom lashes. To make the look bolder, apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Colourpop sells a variety of bright colors to choose from that will make your eye color stand out.

 2. Neon Monochrome

Monochromatic looks are typical for the fall season. To elevate this classic look, try using a neon color like hot pink, coral, or red. Use the same color shade for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Try a product like e.l.f Cosmetics Monochromatic Multi Stick. This product can be used on all areas of the face. Apply the cream-based product to the eyes, cheeks and lips, then apply a powder-based product over the eyes and cheeks to enhance the color.

3. Stenciling

Makeup stencils are a great way to create patterns and designs on your face (like a temporary tattoo). If you don’t have a makeup stencil, get out the sticker booklet! Use stickers to create the reverse effect of stencils. It’s important to first place the sticker on the back of your hand and then apply it to the area on the face you wish to pattern. This is to remove excess glue from the sticker, so there is less chance of irritation on your face. Once applied to the face, use powder, liquid or cream products and pat over the sticker. Blend and diffuse the makeup. Remove the sticker and voilà! You should be left with the sticker design framed by makeup.

4. Drawn-On Eyelashes

Drawn-on eyelashes were made popular in the 60’s by iconic mod supermodel Twiggy. She would draw eyelashes on her bottom lash line to emphasis her large doe-eyes. To get the Twiggy effect, use a black liner (liquid, gel or pencil can work) and simply draw flicked out hair-like strokes underneath your real eyelashes. The goal is to create an illusion of full bottom lashes, so the application does not need to be perfect. You can be as dramatic as you like! If you want to take this look further, take eyeliner and draw a thick black line in the crease of your eyelid. This will emphasize deep set eyelids. Finish the look with a couple coats of volumizing mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.

 5. Bleached Brows

Bleached brows became popular after being featured on the runway shows of Valentino, Prada, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang. This look is for anyone daring enough to try it! Bleached brows will highlight your eye color and emphasize your bone structure. If you’re trying to make yourself look more edgy, bleach brows will do it. But always use caution when applying strong chemicals, especially around the eye area.

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Clean Skincare Routine While on a Budget


Prevent acne, wrinkles, and keep your skin hydrated with a good clean skincare routine. And, do it on a budget! Finding good products that don’t break the bank is challenging. Below is a carefully curated list of skincare products that will help your skin and save you money. Your initial skincare regimen should focus on three products: Face Wash, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen. You can add more products – toners, masks, and serums – as you become more knowledgeable about your skin. To help avoid unwanted side effects, you should perform a patch test before applying product to your face. 

Face Wash 

This may surprise you, but makeup wipes should never be used. They are super irritating to the skin, leave products on the face, and are wasteful. Instead, use the double cleanse method. Use an oil-based cleanser and then follow up with a water-based cleanser. Oil-based cleansers easily break down makeup, sunscreen and dirt. However, an oil-based formulated face wash is different than an oil such as olive oil or coconut oil because oil-based cleansers contain emulsifiers. Emulsifiers allow oil to mix with water. Washing with a water-based cleanser will remove the oil-based cleanser.

Oil-Based Cleanser
Water-Based Cleanser


Finding a good toner is tricky. Denatured Alcohol is the main ingredient in many toners which can strip and irritate your skin. Avoid witch hazel because of its stripping effect. Apply toner after washing your face by pouring product into your hands and patting into the skin. 

Exfoliating Face Mask 

Dermatologists recommend the use of chemical exfoliants and are against physical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants eliminate excess dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. Physical exfoliants cause microtears, irritation, and long-term skin damage. The most commonly used chemical exfoliants are Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Lactic Acid. Use these products with care and attention; they are strong acids and if you are not careful can burn the skin. When using these products, make sure to wear SPF in the sun. If you have sensitive skin, use extra caution when using strong chemical exfoliants. Remember to always do a patch test! 

Clay Face Mask

Clay ingredients are good for their ability to cleanse clogged pores and prevent acne breakouts caused by oil.


Either apply serums separately before moisturizer, or mix different serums together in the hand with moisturizer and then apply it to the skin.


Moisturizer helps keep your skin plump and youthful. Everyone should be moisturizing their face. Skipping moisturizer can actually make your skin oilier!


Everyone should wear sunscreen every day! Even if it is cloudy outside the sun’s radiation still penetrates the skin.  SPF blocks both UVA and UVB sun radiation that cause premature aging and skin cancer. These sunscreens don’t leave a greasy finish, white cast, and are reef safe!

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Fall Beauty and Fall Fashion Shopping Deals

fall fashion shopping deals

“Gap, Ginza” by Rambo2100 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Today we want to share some amazing fall fashion shopping deals with you.  Many of us get the amazing pleasure of experience all 4 seasons but almost all of us get to experience the fall.  Leaves turning orange and falling off the tree and a cooler crisp air are typical characteristics that come to mind when thinking of the fall.  The fall is also the perfect time to update your wardrobe and take advantage of some amazing deals and discounts to help you keep warm while looking your best.  This is what we were able to dig up for the best fall beauty and fall fashion deals.


Who doesn’t love shopping at the Gap.  It’s only been around since like…..forever.  We came across these fall fashion Gap coupons that you can take advantage of immediately.  They are offering so many discounts that we couldn’t help but to share them with you first.  Hurry fast if you want to take advantage of 30% off promo code which ends soon.  How about an extra 50% off Sale Styles.  If you find something that isn’t on sale, don’t worry.  You can still get 40% off full price items.  How awesome is that?  As if that isn’t enough, the are offering a Labor Day deal where you can also get 40% off.  The last Gap coupon we wanted to tell you about was FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.  This also includes free returns on all orders. 

BH Cosmetics

Just when we thought these fall fashion and beauty deals couldn’t get any better, we ran across this amazing BH Cosmetics coupon.  Drum roll please.  They are offering up to 75% off your favorite lippies, brushes and palettes.  If that isn’t enough there is another BH Cosmetics coupon offering up to 65% off on selected items.  For those that aren’t familiar with BH Cosmetics, they are all about offering quality cruelty-free cosmetics at an affordable price. Here are a few 5 star comments from current customers about their latest fall fashion shopping deals and purchases.

  • “Because I found everything that I love”
  • “Smooth and easy transaction”
  • Wow !!! These are SUPER
  • I loved this blush! It became one of my favorites


fall fashion shopping deals

Free-Photos / Pixabay

We didn’t forget about all of you Nordstrom fans.  Nordstrom Rack is famous for offering the most stylish clothes at the best prices.  We set out on a mission to find the best Nordstrom Rack coupon and that is exactly what we did. We stumbled upon a bunch of incredible fall beauty and fashion deals but he best Nordstrom Rack coupon we found included a one that offers up to 80% off of women’s shoes.  Another hot blowout offer is a coupon for up to 75% off men’s styles.  This is perfect for anyone birthday shopping or looking looking for a sweet deal on select men’s brands.  Additional coupons include:

  • Up to 60% off Top Denim Brands. + Earn 1% Cash Back
  • Skin Care Starting at $10. + Earn 1% Cash Back
  • Over 79% off Women’s Clearance Jeans and Denim. + Earn 1% Cash Back
  • Kids’ Sneakers Now: $35 and Under. + Earn 1% Cash Back

To help you stay cozy this fall, Nordstrom Rack is offering up to 70% off women’s lounge and cozy styles that include hoodies, slippers, sweatpants, pull-overs and move.  Shop today in order to take advantage of these fall fashion shopping deals.


We couldn’t leave out Macy’s.  It’s one of the most popular department stores ever and first opened back in 1858.  Macy’s currently has a lot of really great coupons but most are time sensitive.  This makes sense because Labor Day is this weekend which is why the best Macy’s coupon we found is the Labor Day Event coupon where you can get up to 65% off your order.  You can save some big bucks with this Macy’s coupon. 

As most of you know Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of American workers.  This is celebrated by giving them some amazing discounts.  This is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe for the fall, grab some school supplies and even discounted summer stock that hasn’t moved yet.  We hope you enjoyed our list of fall beauty and fashion deals.  There are 100’s of coupons for everyone. 

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