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The Lab Founder Alexandra Sherman on Summer Skincare


Alexandra Sherman, Founder of The Lab. Photo Credits: Cara Robbins

Born and raised in Miami, Cuban-American entrepreneur Alexandra Sherman is the founder of bespoke skincare studio The Lab. Situated in Las Vegas, The Lab offers customized facials and esthetic services, including scalp micropigmentation and permanent makeup. Sherman founded The Lab because she identified a market space in the skincare experience that could capitalize upon cutting-edge technology to offer clients customized services. At the heart of the intersection between science, aesthetics, and business, The Lab offers state-of-the-art treatments to celebrity clients all over the globe. We were so excited to speak with Sherman about her career in wellness and her skincare secrets for the summer.
What made you go from criminal justice to the wellness industry? 
When I moved from Florida to Las Vegas I couldn’t transfer my Private Investigator license as easily as I would have liked to. I started researching my options and decided I would love to go into skincare and become an esthetician, so I followed that path. 
What inspired you to found The Lab, and what services do you offer?  
I was inspired by quality products and high luxury facials that I felt the Vegas market had a need for. I always felt like I had to travel for an advanced facial treatment and wanted to do something different here. We offer specialized Biologique Recherche facial treatments, custom Lab facial treatments including some of the best high-tech equipment available to estheticians, along with Gentleman’s facial treatments. Additionally, I am a trained permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation artist and will be offering those services closer to the end of the year. 
What is your morning skincare routine? What everyday staples do you use to start off the day? 

The Lab x Biologique Recherche Collaboration. Photo credits: https://www.thelabssp.com/biologique-recherche

My morning skincare routine usually includes: A milky cleanser (Lait VIP O2 for oxygenation and brightness), a good exfoliant (for chemical, I choose Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, and for manual exfoliation, I opt for Valmont’s Face Exfoliant), a brightening and/or hydrating mask (my favorite go-to combination is Masque Visolastine + and Masque VIP O2), rhe appropriate serums I select for the day (I usually do a cocktail of Biologique Recherche’s Amniotique for hydration with Elastine for smoothing wrinkles). I follow these serums with my Vitamin A (AVST Moisturizer by Environ) and Vitamin C by Environ. I moisturize depending on my skin that morning. If I am more prone to break out, then I will use Biologique Recherche Demopurifiante, but otherwise, my go-to is generally Creme VIP O2. I ALWAYS finish with Fluide VIP O2 to protect from external aggressions and pollutants along with an SPF 50 (I like Glow by ColoreScience) 
What about your nighttime skincare routine?
My nighttime skincare routine is generally the same as morning, except I switch the products out based on my needs. I also skip the SPF and Vitamin C and just do the Vitamin A. This is the time I’ll add a purifying mask after my chemical or manual exfoliant if I feel like my skin was stressed throughout the day. 

Sherman’s Favorite Biologique Recherche Products. Photo credits: https://www.biologique-recherche.com/en-us/skin-care/cosmetic-preparation/Leauxygenante/

What are the most important protective measures you would suggest to take care of your skin? (i.e., sunscreen, diet, hydration, sleep, exercising) 
All of the above are important, but I would say applying and making sure to consistently re-eapply sunscreen is the most important thing you can do. If you are particularly prone to hyperpigmentation, wearing sunglasses is especially important, as the eyes are the main point of entry to where the sun can enter the body and cause damage. Being hydrated is also extremely important; many first signs of aging can be confused for dehydration or excess sugar intake. 
Are there on-the-go products you keep in your purse to touch up your skin throughout the day? 
Yes, I always keep brush-on shield by ColoreScience for sunscreen re-application throughout the day. If I’m working out, I keep Eau Micellaire Biosensible by Biologique Recherche for a quick cleanse and L’Eauxygenante as a refreshing mist with AHA’s to balance my skin. 
What advice would you give on proper skin protection during the summer? 
Please make sure to wear and RE-APPLY SPF. Hats and sunglasses are an effective way to keep the sun from damaging your skin. 
Do you have any beauty tips for creating a lightweight, water-resistant makeup look by the pool or beach?
Finding a makeup line that is non-comodogenic and doubles as an SPF is a great way to achieve a flawless look while protecting yourself. Using a primer and foundation that have sunscreen and a light-to-medium tint is a great excuse to wear makeup by the pool or beach. There are so many lip glosses that also have SPF: choose one make sure you are protecting your lips as well.

Masque Visolatine+ Photo Credits: https://www.shoprescuespa.com/masque-visolastine-plus.html

What are the top beauty trends of the summer?
Thanks to Hailey Bieber, hydrating masque Visolastine+ for has really been a huge hit with skincare lovers. I find that people are really gravitating more towards natural makeup and adding vitamin C to their regimen, which is exciting to see. 
What summer foods would you recommend for hydrating and nourishing your skin? 
Fruits and vegetables– those particularly with high water content are ideal. Adding cucumbers and lemons to your water is a nice way to hydrate, while adding a refreshing taste to your water. 
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Photo Credits: The Lab, Shop Rescue Spa

Best Lotions and Creams for Dry Skin This Winter


 If you suffer from dry and itchy skin in the winter months, you know just how painful and irritating it can be. With a plethora of options to choose from and each brand claiming they have the best skin cream, it can be hard to know where to turn. If you need some help this season, here are some of the best lotions and creams for dry skin this winter!

best lotions and creams for dry skin

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

This cream can be used for your face and body and is highly recommended by dermatologists. If you need a good all-over cream this winter, this is the one for you. It absorbs quickly into skin without that greasy feeling and provides 24-hour hydration. This is ideal for anyone wanting a scent-free cream for their entire body.

best lotions and creams for dry skin

Lubriderm Daily Moisture

Lotions and creams can be very expensive and really take a chunk out of your funds in the winter. If you want an inexpensive, but still effective, lotion try Lubriderm. This body lotion is great value for your money and helps develop your skin’s moisture barrier for softer, healthier skin. Give it a try!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

For extremely dry and cracked skin, Aquaphor is a must. This healing ointment helps restore your skin from exposure to extreme weather and excessive hand washing. It is fragrance-free and ideal for anyone suffering from painful dry skin. 

Eucerin Advanced Repair Lotion

This lotion is perfect for anyone who hates that greasy feeling some thicker lotions create but still wants a great product to fight dry skin. Eucerin provides 48-hours of moisture to help heal cracked skin and fight against dryness.  For anyone wanting smoother and softer hands this winter, Eucerin may be the one for you!

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream

Anyone with eczema should consider trying this Aveeno cream to help repair and relieve painful skin. It was awarded even the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval. It is ideal for relieving skin itchiness, redness, and dryness.  Steroid and fragrance-free, this cream will be your new go-to this winter!

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Images provided by Creative CommonsFlickrUnsplashPexels & Pixabay

Essential Products For Sensitive Skin


Sensitive skin is just that, finicky and fragile. From dry and oily to dermatitis and itchy, it is important to find the right daily skin care routine that lifts us up. Here are a few essential products for sensitive skin that work to effectively clean and balance skin with gentle, natural ingredients. 

Cut the Cost of Your Beauty Routine

This cleanser includes Aloe paired with rice and cotton extracts that cleanse the skin while giving back its moisture. The creamy texture is gentle and soothing unlike harsher cleansers that strip the face.

This alcohol-free, Witch Hazel toner is made with Aloe Vera and Rose Petal to cleanse, tone, and moisturize while helping deliver pH balance to the skin. The refreshing antioxidant and antibacterial properties of this product are a must have to turn sensitive skin into a supple glow.

The gentle moisturizer pairs well with its matching cleanser, and helps provide a good, more natural skin barrier. Delivering hydration without irritation, this light cream spreads nicely over sensitive skin, leaving the face feeling fresh all day. 

This mask delivers excellent results just after a single use, even for sensitive skin. Made with coconut charcoal, this product provides a deep cleanse while also retaining moisture and avoiding irritation. The added benefits of rosehip oil and organic reishi mushrooms alleviate irritation, aid in preventing breakouts, and keep the skin soothed and hydrated. 

A cheaper option, but delivering similar benefits, this Zinc and Sulfur mask is great for acne prone sensitive skin. Made with Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Willow Bark Extract, and special formula Alp Sebum, this product fights bacteria, cools and calms skin, and fights inflammation and clogged pores. 

Try using the Bert’s Bees cleanser followed by Thayer’s toner, or use one of the masks for a deeper cleanse. Use the Bert’s Bees moisturizer before heading out the door, or getting ready for bed. Giving your skin the nutrients it needs will keep it calm, cool, and fresh!

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Photos by Pixabay and Shutterstock

Why Glossier, a Cult Beauty Brand, is Turning to Skincare


If you’re tuned into trends in the beauty industry at all, you’re well aware of Glossier. And, if you’re like me, you own everything they sell. Recently, Glossier expanded their beauty range beyond makeup and dove deep into skincare. If you’re a Glossier fan, this is big. If you’re not a Glossier fan, I’d be honored to convert you. 

Glossier, a three-year-old company who announced another $52 million in venture capital funding in their latest Series C fundraising round earlier this week, is one of the beauty world’s relatively new yet prominent makeup brands recently turned full beauty and skincare range. From their marketing to their prices to their packaging, Glossier, lead by 32-year-old founder and CEO Emily Weiss, appeals to the masses, and primarily to millennials who have a hard time justifying the price point of other major makeup brands, but still want quality products.

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

From tinted eyebrow gel to liquid blush to multi-colored highlighters, Glossier immediately took the beauty industry by storm with their simple, reasonably priced products and all-encompassing marketing. Their brand immediately featured women of all colors, shapes and sizes. The brand also hones in on the idea that makeup emphasizes your natural beauty, it doesn’t create beauty, and less is more. As a consumer (and a marketer’s dream) I found this message stood out against its well established competitors and spoke directly to a younger generation who identifies with that message.

As someone who actively participates and writes about trends in the beauty industry, I’m no stranger to the foothold South Korean beauty products have taken in the past couple of years, primarily the past few months. You have likely seen SoKo crazes like sheet masks, snail creams, bubble masks, and uber-moisturizing products (just to name a few). In case you have missed this SoKo influence, South Korean beauty brands have long emphasized skincare before makeup. The idea being that if your skin looks great, your makeup will look even better. Simple as that. And, the bonus? Taking great care of your skin yields so many great results, including keeping your skin looking young and fresh (hopefully forever) and genuinely feeling GOOD about your skin. If you feel good about how you look without makeup, then makeup can be way more fun. Glossier, along with many other makeup giants, are now driving this message home, too.

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

So, what exactly is in their skincare range at the moment? I’m glad you asked. For a while, Glossier has had milk jelly cleanser ($18), balm dot com ($12), a few masks ($22) and a priming moisturizer ($18). A few of these have been staples since the dawn of the company, but the newer additions are what have moved Glossier into being a full-on skincare company. More recently, Glossier has added multiple serums ($25), a sunscreen ($25), face mist ($18), and, most recently, a chemical exfoliant called Solution ($24). I’m a daily user of the priming moisturizer, sunscreen, balm dot com and most recently Solution, and I highly recommend them to all of my best friends, so I recommend them to you, too!

I’m not speaking hyperbolically when I say I’m allergic to everything (okay, maybe a little hyperbolic), and finding makeup and skincare products that don’t irritate my skin AND work could be someone’s 9-5 job. Lucky for Glossier (and unlucky for my bank account) I’m such a fan of their makeup that when they debuted a more extensive line of skincare products, I was first in line to pre-order. My expectations are generally low, or I’m at least skeptical, when brands roll out new skincare products, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new products by Glossier.

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

The moisturizer and daily SPF are both light and non-greasy, but get the job done. Balm dot com is the chapped lip savior you’re looking for in the winter. And Solution, their new chemical exfoliant, has received rave reviews (mine included) about its ability to even out skin tone and make skin baby soft. (The best part: none of these products trigger any type of allergic reaction or sensitivity for me! Which means they probably won’t for you, either.)

Photo Courtesy of Glossier

But, why would a successful makeup company move to skincare? It’s simple: skin care is the foundation of the best makeup routines. Glossier is the brainchild of the blog Into the Gloss, an all encompassing beauty blog that can answer your questions about all things beauty and skincare. The women behind Glossier are well versed in the value of great serums, great moisturizers, and great skin. If you aren’t taking care of your skin, no amount of makeup can make up for it. By adding this to their range, they’re helping their customers see that, and helping share their extensive knowledge of skin care and beauty products with all of us.

Why is Glossier continuing to turn toward skincare? Because we all should be.


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Why Glossier, a Cult Beauty Brand, is Turning to Skincare. Featured Image Courtesy of Glossier

Best Ways to Have Well Hydrated Skin


We want to share with you the best ways to have well hydrated skin.  Using harsh soaps, the weather, and having a poor diet are just some of the reasons why your skin can become dehydrated.  This can lead to dullness and dryness, making you feel ugly. To prevent such problem, read on and learn some of the best things that you can do to keep your skill well-hydrated.

Use the Right Skincare Products

skincare photo

Photo by LyndaSanchez

The toxic chemicals in common skincare products are among the reasons why your skin looks dehydrated. With this, rethink your skincare routine and choose products wisely.  In this case, check out Well Within Beauty to see their collection of products that are hydrating for the skin using natural and effective ingredients.

As a part of using the right skincare products, you have to take a look at the ingredients that are used. As much as possible, opt for organic skincare products as they are plant-based, and hence, you can be confident that they will not have adverse effects on your skin.

Have a Healthy Diet

healthy food photo

Your food intake will also have a significant impact on your skin, which is why you need to be mindful of your diet.  Some of the best foods for a well-hydrated skin include avocado, sweet potato, oysters, fish, nuts, watermelon, peaches, berries, and cucumber.  Eat foods that are composed mostly of water so that your skin will show their hydrating effect.

Lessen Water Temperature

If you are used to taking hot baths or showers, you will notice that your skin is losing its glow.  This is because the temperature of the water strips off the natural oils of your skin.  With this, you might consider making the water a bit cold, or, at the very least, lessen the frequency and length of hot showers.

Have a Humidifier

Indoor air quality will also have a significant impact on the health of your skin. With this, one more thing that you might want to consider doing is to use a humidifier for your dry skin.  This will provide moisture that is needed in the air, which will affect the health of your skin.  If the air lacks moisture, your skin can be more prone to cracks and dryness, among others.  Use a portable humidifier to improve air humidity and your skin is sure to thank you.

Drink Lots of Water

water photoThis is perhaps the easiest and most effective solution if you want to have a well-hydrated skin.  If your body is hydrated from the inside, it will also show that your skin is hydrated, and hence, it will have a natural glow.  Take note, your skin is an organ made up of cells, and without water, it will not achieve optimal health.

Say goodbye to dry, dull, and dehydrated skin.  Follow the simple tips that have been mentioned above and it will be a snap to keep your skin youthful and glowing, even without the need to undergo expensive treatments.  From modifying your diet to taking the right amount of water in a day, there are many ways to have a well-hydrated skin.

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Dr. Lancer: Dermatologist to the Stars (& Now You, Too!)


If you’re like me, and I hope I’m not alone, reversing the aging process (or at least stalling it) has become one of my foremost beauty ventures since hitting half-a-century this past summer. Though I don’t have deep-set wrinkles or the crows feet I’m destined for just yet, my anti-aging regimen (completely spurred by genuine fear) has become something I’m actively experimenting with. Derma-rolling, serums, exotic masks, moisturizers, collagen pills; you name it, I’m already on top of it.


Recently, I had the chance to try out the Lancer Anti-Aging Method, a 3-part anti-aging skin regimen (that reportedly became available to the public after Oprah repeatedly asked him to make his products available for sale). This line of products was created by Dr. Lancer, “dermatologist to the stars” famous for the “Lancer Glow.” He’s been prepping A-listers’ skin for years, so I’m confident in trusting his products to help mine. Living in Minneapolis during December has a lot of trials, but the dry, dull skin that comes along with life in the tundra has to be my largest superficial cross to bear this time of year. So, a line of products boasting glowy skin in just 3 steps twice a day? I’m in.

As someone who is passionate about being careful which foods and products you put into and onto your body, Dr. Lancer’s ‘two-way street’ skincare approach appealed to me immediately: he firmly believes that the lifestyle you lead should be healthy and good skin will be a result (supplemented with product, of course). You can’t have radiant skin if you’re fueling your body with fast food and guzzling boxed wine on weeknights (unfortunately).

For someone like me, a 3-part system is perfect: it’s quick and it’s easy. Some people have such elaborate skincare routines that I can’t even imagine sustaining, particularly not for someone like me who has late nights and early mornings just about every day. If you’re someone rocking a 7-part nightly routine, more power to ya. You’ll look younger than me forever. But, simplicity is key in my world, and this system was super manageable, even on a crazy schedule:

  1. Polish: Basically an exfoliator that “polishes” your skin. I have super sensitive skin, so this uber-gritty polish left my face super red, but it didn’t hurt, and once I rinsed it off my skin felt so incredibly soft.
  2. Cleanse: This cleanser looks like a typical cleanser and leaves your skin feeling not just smooth, but oh-so-clean.
  3. Nourish: After you’re all polished and cleansed, you use the moisturizer from forehead to collarbone, targeting all the problem areas (that I’d rather not even think about).

Boom, done.

After a full 10 days of religiously polishing, cleansing, and moisturizing twice a day, I can confidently (and honestly) say that my skin is smoother and I’ve noticed a few fine lines majorly reduced.

Who’s the man behind this simple skincare line that actually works? Dr. Lancer, located in Beverly Hills, is the mastermind behind the Lancer Skincare. A dermatologist for decades, he’s been passionate about skin care since an early age. I interviewed him about his passion for dermatology and got him to reveal some skincare secrets that we all could learn a thing or two from! *cough, party less and rest more, cough*

Cliché: What inspired you to get into dermatology?
Dr. Lancer: When I was 7 years old, I was severely burned and I am ever grateful to the local physician and my mother who both worked quickly to help clean and repair my skin.  It is amazing how the skin is capable of healing in the right, nurturing environment.    

What inspired you to start your skincare line?
When I was training in the 1980s, I was always taught to ask all patients regardless why they were seeing me about their skincare regimen at home because it makes a difference in their treatment protocol and healing time.  I also realized there was a tremendous need for reinventing home skincare—something that would work for all skin types and ethnicities and simple enough for someone to adhere to the regimen every day.

What sets your anti-aging regimen apart from other similar products on the market?
The Lancer Method is a simple, easy to follow skincare regimen and consists of daily exfoliation, cleansing, and nourishing the skin.  Unlike other programs, the first step of the Lancer Method is polishing (exfoliation), followed by cleansing and then by nourishing.  This changes the traditional order of skincare and allows for a deeper, more thorough cleanse and efficient delivery of active ingredients.  The Method was also developed with “interlocking chemistry” wherein each step, or product, makes the others more effective.

How important is a consistent anti-aging/skincare regimen?
Extremely important.  Adhering to a skincare regimen is a key to success in maintaining a beautiful, healthy-looking complexion.

What is one mistake you see clients making with their skin most frequently?
Believing in the hype of a “miracle” cream or serum.  The best way to keep the skin looking radiant, smooth, and youthful is adhering to consistent skincare regimen and using high quality skincare products.  

If you had TWO pieces of advice to give everyone to maintain beautiful skin, what would they be?
Link your home skincare program to a lifestyle that promotes health. A balanced diet that incorporates a lot of deep green vegetables and lean meats while limiting excess caffeine, dairy, salt and carbohydrates can do wonders for the complexion.  

Incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare regimen as well, like the Lancer Advanced C Radiance Treatment.  It contains 10% Vitamin C in a water-free base and helps to minimize the effects of sun damage while brightening the skin.

Aside from drinking water and wearing sunscreen, what is the #1 anti-aging tip you can give to young people?
Party less and rest more.  Aim to get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep every day so that the skin can help recharge and repair itself.  Lack of sleep leads to the skin looking dull, dry, and dehydrated.

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Dr. Lancer: Dermatologist to the Stars (& Now You, Too!): images courtesy of Lancer