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Meet Selfie Queen India Westbrooks


With over 2 million followers on social media and a TV show The Westbrooks on BET, we’ve all been dying to know: who is the real India Westbrooks and how do we get our selfies to look like hers?! From our perspective, she is an inspirational, trailblazing socialite whose future career endeavors, alongside her sisters, will be a force to be reckoned with. Here, we get a closer look at the life of India Westbrooks and her take on the things we’ve all been dying to know.

Jay Ellis Interview


Jay Ellis, who was born in Fort Sumter, South Carolina, began his career as an international print model. Since then he has turned into one of BET’s breakthrough actors, starring as Bryce "Blue" Westbrook in the television series The Game. He has also been seen on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, the CW’s Heart of Dixie, and ...

Comedic Genius Chris Rock To Host 2014 BET Awards


Apparently not everybody hates Chris. BET announced today, May 14th, that comedian Chris Rock will host the 2014 BET Awards and critics and fans alike couldn't be more excited. “We’ve been trying to make this happen for a VERY long while, and we’re ecstatic that Chris Rock will be the host of the BET Awards for the first time,” said ...

The Keke Palmer Project


I'll be the first to say that I am an ultimate social networking junkie, and I love to stay up to date on all my favorite celebrities via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Today while scrolling down my timeline on Instagram, I ran across a post from one of my faves, Ms. Keke Palmer. She announced ...

Our Latest Issue

Covers: Lilia Buckingham & Ruby Modine
Inside, cover star Lilia Buckingham opens up about trying to end cyberbullying, her role in Dirt, and more; cover star Ruby Modine discusses creating her own legacy and Happy Death Day 2U; actress Keesha Sharp discusses acting and directing on Lethal Weapon; actor Hank Chen chats about making Life-Size 2; and much more!