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What Do We Expect from Every Real Housewives Show?



The Real Housewives franchise on BravoTV.com is watched by many for the lifestyles the ladies lead onscreen. The slice of life of some of the most elite socialites in the world is exciting and aspirational viewing. Each show may be wildly different, but there are some things we come to expect from all of them. So, what is a must for each season of Real Housewives that helps the viewer relate to the wealthy women?

Casino Trips

The Real Housewives frequently indulge in game nights or take trips to casino resorts. The New York and New Jersey ladies have visited nearby Atlantic City, while the Beverly Hills and most recently Salt Lake City wives descended on Las Vegas. While casino trips might not be on everyone’s radar, they are considered by many as a luxury trip away. Much the same as how the Real Housewives view them. Sharing the same exciting excursions helps ground the show in realism for the viewer.  

As CasinoWings.com shows through their vast range of online casino options, the industry has taken off in the online sphere. Many of the sites include live casino elements, which reflect the immersive experience that one could expect at a resort the housewives may attend. Indeed, the sheer number of sites competing in the market shows how popular the online casino industry has grown.

The casino backdrop in the show provides one rife with drama already. As the tension is high naturally, the cast members are inclined to indulge in drama with one another. The setting provides a perfect destination for secrets to be revealed and long-standing feuds to come to a head, such as the confrontation between Jen Shah and Whitney, Heather, Meredith, and Lisa in Salt Lake City’s premiere season.  

Business Launches

The Real Housewives wouldn’t be the Real Housewives if we didn’t see a business take off during the show. Some of these businesses existed beforehand, such as Heather Thomson’s Yummie, but many of the most popular ones from Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl to LVP’s Villa Blanca and SUR were conceived on the show.

Research from the blog at Hubspot.com indicates that 99.9% of American businesses are ‘small businesses’, reflecting the entrepreneurial nature people have. 79% of these small businesses operate as one-person shows.  

Entrepreneurial spirit is something that many people can relate to. By seeing stars go through similar predicaments onscreen, it helps us relate to them. It also gives us faith in our own business ventures. They may have a larger platform than we do at home, but that doesn’t mean the show’s focus on business doesn’t inspire. Plus, many of the businesses face catastrophe, such as Sonja Morgan’s numerous ventures. What did happen to that toaster oven?

The Real Housewives is avidly watched by millions each week as we flit from city to state to see different groups of women navigate life. As longstanding viewers (the show began airing with Orange County in 2006), we come to expect certain things from the show to help us digest the drama and keep up with the Joneses. These include casino trips and business launches, both of which reflect some element of our own lives.   

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Glam Gala: The Brent Shapiro Foundation



Marina Anderson and Elliot Mintz

What could be better than a balmy night in Beverly Hills, a slight breeze through the palm trees under a cascade of stars, food catered by Wolfgang Puck, a fashion show, great conversation, A-list celebrities, top echelon socialites and media, glitz, and glamour…? The benefit for the Brent Shapiro Foundation for drug and alcohol awareness, founded by famed attorney Robert Shapiro and his dedicated wife, Linelle, had all that, and more!
Over 1,200 people attended the star-studded summer spectacular gala event held September 7 in Beverly Hills. Each year, the event focuses on sobriety, strides of recovering addicts, and celebrating life to its fullest. This year’s event raised $500,000!

Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin

Shuttles took patrons from parking to the 40,000 sq. ft. palatial estate, owned by Mei Sze Chan and Jeff Greene, where guests schmoozed the night away and dined on the scrumptious cuisine.  Red velvet cake, assorted cookies, and chocolate-dipped strawberries were to scream for as everyone “ooooh’d” and “ahhhh’d” over a jaw-dropping fashion show by G Haute Couture.
The evening was highlighted by Master of Ceremonies, television personality Pat O’Brien’s participation, actor Robert Davi’s charming us all with Sinatra favorites, and a live auction, which included once-in-a-lifetime events as well as prized art (Douglas Kirkland, Bradford Stewart), jewelry (Swiss Jewelry House of Avakian), dream vacations (Diamond Resorts International) and even a pure-bred Cocker Spaniel puppy!

Baj Ling

Ted Danson was honored for Angels at Risk, and perhaps the most touching and inspiring moment of the evening was not only the Shapiro’s own personal story of the tragic loss of their son Brent to drug and alcohol use, but that of Harry Hamlin, who recounted his own family history of tragedy and personal battles. Hamlin (accompanied by his vibrant celebrity wife Lisa Rinna), was honored by the foundation for his accomplishments in overcoming his obstacles. Two college-bound, sober students from the Phoenix House were also honored with fully-funded scholarships to continue their education.
The foundation’s vision is to bring awareness, compassion and support to those who suffer from the fear, grief, and helplessness caused by the disease of drug and alcohol abuse in order to help turn their lives around.  In Boyle Heights, the Shapiro Foundation recently launched “Brent’s Club,” which offers educational incentives to kids who “do the right thing” by remaining in school and staying clean. BY MARINA ANDERSON
Visit brentshapiro.org for more information and news on future events!