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Swimwear That Doesn’t Break Bank


With summer comes fun tropical vacations, delicious fruity drinks and long days spent tanning in the sand. But for a quality vacation, all of that fun can sometimes come at a high cost. While cheap flights and inexpensive tropical drinks can be difficult to find, one thing that shouldn’t be difficult is affordable swimwear that keeps you looking and feeling your best.

Many times, some of the cutest swimwear is right under our noses. Forget waiting months for your online order or driving hours to find your favorite pieces that still break bank. Check out some of these convenient, everyday shopping stores and find some of our favorite affordable swimwear for the summer!


Aerie – Perky Triangle Bikini Top ($29.95, ae.com) Following a more traditional bathing suit style with a subtle twist is Aerie’s perky triangle bikini top! The halter top neck and triangle bust is accompanied by a thick band around the chest that accentuates your cleavage and helps to slim your shape so you always look stunning. In a dark navy and a double bow back, this $29.95 suit is one we already have in our swimwear drawers.

Pacsun – Amor Y Besas ($39.50, pacsun.com)

Pac Sun is known for their fun clothing and unique styles, and that’s exactly where their Amor Y Besas bikini top comes in. With a cage neck top to show off subtle cleavage and fun bright colors, this top will have you turning heads as you go for a quick dip. Even more impressive is the swimsuit’s reversible top half for two fun designs. For only $39.50 (without their awesome sales) this cute top is a must have!

H&M – Floral Super Push-Up Bikini ($24.99, hm.com)

For a brighter more summery style, check out H&M’s coral, floral bikini top with matching high waisted bottoms. This fun and fully lined, push up top maximizes your bust while ensuring comfortability. The balconette features detachable, adjustable shoulder straps for various wear, making this bikini versatile and the best bang for your buck!

Vanilla Beach – Ribbed Scallop One Shoulder Bikini Top ($27.99, target.com)

One of the most convenient places to find quality swimsuits for a good price is Target! With so many fun options, you can’t go wrong with a quick trip to Target’s bathing suit section. One of our favorites is the simple ribbed scallop one shoulder bikini. In general, one shoulder swimsuits are super unique and creative but pair it with the soft scalloped design and a light olive green and you’re ready for a day out in the sun with your girls.

Aerie – Wraparound Scoop Bikini Top ($34.95, ae.com)

Lastly is one of our favorite tops from the American Eagle, Aerie collection.The Wraparound Scoop Bikini is a flirty yet modest top with thick, ruffled straps, a triangle shape bust and a thin wraparound string that bows in the back. But the cut of the top isn’t why it’s one of our favorite swim pieces, it’s the leafy design that has us wishing we were somewhere tropical.

Let us know where your favorite spots are to buy affordable swimwear that will keep up looking ready for the sun and sand but won’t break bank.


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Swimwear That Doesn’t Break Bank: Featured image courtesy of pacsun.com.

How Maison Pixel Transforms the Basic Bikini


Maison Pixel is changing the way our generation views swimwear for women. A Lisbon-based company created by two video gamers, Maison Pixel offers both bikinis and underwear that appeal to a diverse audience—with an emphasis on the digital era. The majority of Maison Pixel’s products are eco-friendly and made from Italian lycra, a material created from recycled plastic bottles. Need more convincing? $1 from every purchase is donated to charity.


With the launch of their Spring/Summer 2017 line, Maison Pixel offers unique swimwear options to give you stand-out style when you’re lounging poolside. This must-have collection features a variety of bathing suits in bright, bold colors complete with a pixelated design around the neckline and upper thighs. Maison Pixel’s swimwear includes both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, which allows women to rock the classic styles they love (while loving the environment, too). Here, we chat with founder Sebastian Teixeria about the collection.

Cliché: Why did you choose to convey an eco-friendly message to consumers?
Sebastian Teixeira: We feel that, as designers and creators, our work must surpass the creation by itself, and go further. At this age, what better way than to be held accountable for the impact on the population and the planet? It’s actually something intrinsically connected—the way we think of products or even the notion of wanting to design.

What is the style inspiration behind Maison Pixel?
Video games, music, design, illustration, and the Internet culture.

Why do you aim to reach the women of the digital generation instead of selling the typical bathing suit styles?
We wanted to design something that we might use ourselves. We also wanted to challenge the notion that underlines the brand—that real and digital life had to be kept apart. By designing pixelated shapes, it kind of tricks your mind. For example, in the early days, some people saw our products online and thought that we sold a photo filter and the product wasn’t real.

How have the proceeds from Maison Pixel impacted the non-profit Camfed you support?
All contributions matter when dealing with such noble, important, and effective causes like the one Camfed pursues. Our contributions are just a drop in the ocean of the many more needed to bring a change to people’s lives that, unlike us, haven’t been fortunate enough to be given the tools and means to pursue their dreams.

By helping Camfed, we gain extra motivation to grow as a business knowing that our success, done responsibly in the first place, ends up helping others in a profound way. We do encourage everyone to visit Camfed and get to know his or her work. The stats are mesmerizing and the effectiveness and impact of the work in the community in short, and in the long run, are truly inspiring.

If you can only do one, please donate to Camfed instead of buying one of our products. This is what some might call suicidal management, but who cares?

Do you think your brand message will give women’s swimwear a newfound meaning?
That is something every creator aims for and we’re not an exception. However, coming back to reality, we know that is extremely difficult, especially since we’re doing something really different and unseen. It taps into a universe of gaming, fun, and nerdiness that apparently is sitting on the opposite spectrum of fashion. It will probably be very hard to attain, but hey, we’re definitely going to try, and if by chance it happens, that would be awesome.

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How Maison Pixel Transforms the Basic Bikini: Photographs courtesy of Maison Pixel

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A Quick Boost to Feel Bikini Ready


Annie Lawless, creator of  www.blawnde.com, regularly shares with her readers not only her passion for fashion, traveling, food, but also health and wellness — and in this case, how to get bikini body ready. Her love for teaching others about such topics through her very own knowledge is evident, as she does so in a positive and helpful style. After leaving law school to pursue these passions, Annie made sure to share what inspired her, which allowed people to naturally gravitate towards her blog. This also led her to help create Suja, a cold-pressured beverages company focused on providing organic, Non-GMO drinks around the U.S. Below, Annie takes feeling good and looking good in the total right direction! BY VICTORIA OLMO
AnnieLawless_BlawndeOkay, before you begin rolling your eyes about reading yet another “bikini body” blog post, give me a chance to explain! It seems to me like there’s a lot of buzz around getting beach ready really fast, and I’m going to tell you that it’s all about incorporating healthy habits all year long, not just a week before your big vacation. Feeling your best really begins with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that you can continue from year to year, and makes you feel whole and fulfilled. I supplement a healthy diet with daily yoga, exercise and juices (of course!), and that’s what keeps me fueled and feeling fabulous for the long haul.
But, let’s be really honest here. Sometime we slip up and have too many dinner outings, skip yoga or start stress-snacking, and our bodies show it. Sometimes it happens right before a big trip that includes lounging at the beach, or simply right before a summer filled with sandy trips to the coast. For me, I’ve found that giving myself a little kick in the butt with a delicious cleansing recipe can really provide the jumpstart and motivation I need to keep my lifestyle as healthy as possible. Here’s my favorite cleansing and boosting recipe that leaves me feeling energized and ready to go!
Mountain Magic from Suja Juice Solution
– 3 lemons, peel removed
– ½ cup blueberries
– 1 tablespoon chia seeds
– Maple syrup, to taste
– Pinch of cayenne
– 8-10 ounces of water
Juice the lemons, then combine the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.
This recipe, along with several others from the Suja Juice Solution, always helps me stay on track when it comes to my diet and getting my body beach ready in no time. Although it’s always important to keep in mind that the most important thing is a healthy, balanced lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a boost!
Annie Lawless Bio:
Annie Lawless is creator of lifestyle and wellness blog, Blawnde.com, and is the co-founder of the fastest growing organic, non-GMO, cold-pressured juice company, Suja Juice. You can learn more about her on Blawnde.
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Photographs courtesy of Blawnde.com.

Best Swimwear


Swimwear is a vital fashion item for the summer time. Update your swimwear fashion from these best swimwear picks!
Zarna Black Cut Out Bandeau Bikini
Zarna Black Cut Out Bandeau Bikini, $40.00
Get prepped for the beach with this hot bandeau style bikini from Missguided. Complete with detachable straps for when you’re trying to catch the rays and removable padding, we love this bikini here at cliché and its sure to get you attention when lounging around the pool
Beach Riot X Stone Cold Fox Daphine One-Piece Swimsuit
Beach Riot X Stone Cold Fox Daphine One-Piece Swimsuit, $155.00
This unusual bandeau all-in-one bathing suite is a showstopper from Beach Riot at Urban Outfitters. The stretchy nylon material enables a comfier fit and the deep plunge V sweetheart neckline gives off a super flattering and seductive feel. Swimwear has never been so classy!
Sand Beach Bikini by Elle Mere
Sand Beach Bikini by Elle Mer
Elle Mer, a brand designed for active girls, blends fashion and function with their stunning bikini line. Simple yet stylish, we love this bikini set at the price of $150.00. The top doesn’t only have to be used for swimwear – as it can also be worn as a bralette or layering pieces.
Body Suit by Ipanema Swimwear
Known as the original Brazilian bikini, it comes as no surprise that Ipanema swimwear has been worn by supermodels such as Pamela Anderson and Elle Macpherson. This unique body suit with an open back and tropical design is bound to fit right in with whatever paradise you find yourself in! This swimsuit is $155.00 and can be found on the Ipanema website.
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Lolli Swim SS15


Get ready to take a dip in the ocean while styled in the sweetest swimwear this summer! We’re talking about a total fun-in-the-sun vibe with the vivacious brand Lolli Swim. Created by California native Vy Nguyen, this swimwear collection is all about spreading sparkles, bright colors, and flirty hints wherever the pieces are worn.
Nguyen gains her inspiration from the world around her when thinking of new swimsuits. “When creating a collection, I always start with scrapbooking,” Nguyen said. “I take pictures of yummy colors that make me smile and pull swatches and photos that spark a memory. Once I have all of my inspiration, I put everything together in one little swimmie.”
We’re sure that Katy Perry’s “California Dream” will come to mind when checking out this eye candy brand well-known for its original cheeky bow bottoms and sweets-related bikini tops. Lolli is made in southern California and has collaborated with incredible names, including Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Modcloth, and ShopBop. This season, Lolli’s SS15 collection features its popular designs in a whole new and vibrant perspective. Elements of tropical fruits, scrumptious desserts, and bold, popping colors make up the titled SUNdae FUNday collection. How could you resist that name?
According to Nguyen, “SUNdae FUNday was inspired by spending long summer days in Newport Beach… Especially Sundays! It’s about hanging out with friends, eating ice cream, and tanning!”
Each stellar swimsuit is designed with only the best swimwear fabrics made to fit your body just right. The swimsuits vary for everyone’s preference, from sophisticated monochrome suits to an array of rainbow-colored suits in bright shades and candy-colored pastels. If you thought that sounded sweet, your sweet shopping is in for a surprise with the details of Lolli’s swimsuits. From adorned embellishments, including bows and ruffles, to sexy cutouts, low necklines, and intricate cuts, the balance of sexy meets girly is what Lolli is all about. Think mesmerizing mermaid meets sensual siren on a day at the beach—it’s the best of both worlds in the summertime with Lolli!
vuv3Sf_sznF_bolLWaMxdGWwzsz3_1yxYpwnhjo42g8 1dwpRv12-T6-Di6_nQBfHv2xwbdc-_WZnrX04bVsYVo 0pR-t_gK8tetb45IZC_1AlJ9cid7E926U-AIfAjINhg
Want to snag your own Lolli creation? Head on over to ilovelolli.com to purchase one (or maybe three) today!
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Lolli Swim SS15: Photo credit to ilovelolli.com

Frankie’s Bikinis


If there ever was a beach babe queen out there, we’ve found her. No, it isn’t the Little Mermaid, but she is as close to that sea princess as we can get in real life. Meet the naturally stunning and effortlessly creative Francesca Aiello—a surfer native to Malibu who has made her mark within the cyber world of social media with her carefree personality and gorgeous swimwear line, Frankie’s Bikinis. Since the age of 17, Aiello has conquered the roles of being a designer, social media guru, and entrepreneur; her connection with the beach she has grown up around and her passion to relate with others has made her a popular icon for young women everywhere. Her swimsuit line is one such passion that has been received exceptionally well by the social media world.
rt 8 Marc_Paula_Kayne ©_68A6483
While surfing in Malibu and on trips to Hawaii, Aiello found that she needed swimsuits to fit her needs and express the lifestyle of being at a beach. With support and help from her mom, she was able to launch her independent line, handmade in the USA, at the early age of 17. After making the decision to complete high school at home in order to fulfill her dreams, Aiello continued to grow in success just like a wave. At the age of 19, she made her first debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in 2014, titling her as the youngest designer ever to do so.
Frankie’s Bikinis are worn by women all over the world, and the simple and sexy designs are made to fit beautifully. It’s California meets Hawaii with feminine, exotic, and beach lifestyle all in one. See why we are joining the millions of fans Aiello and her swimsuit line have! Warning: you’ll be wanting to buy a couple of her lovely suits once you’re done reading this—guaranteed!
rt 8 Marc_Paula_Kayne ©_68A3877
Cliché: Where do you get your inspiration?
Francesca Aiello: I grew up in Malibu and have been surfing my whole life, so I’m really inspired by southern California’s carefree beach lifestyle. My travels to Hawaii have also played a huge part in my designs.
How would you describe your line as a whole?
Frankie’s Bikinis encompasses what it means to be a carefree beach girl. The line’s signature style is simple and sexy with a bohemian flair.
What do you believe has been your most successful attribute in the social media world? Do you have any advice for social media newbies out there?
I think my age gave me an upper-hand for social media because it just came so naturally to me. For me, posting beautiful photos on Tumblr and Instagram helped create a following of people who enjoyed the same type of lifestyle. It can’t just be about promoting the company. People want to feel like they are friends with you, not just outsiders looking in.
rt 8 Marc_Paula_Kayne ©_68A7204
Do you have a number one tip in feeling and looking confident while wearing one of your creations?
My suits are seamless so they can be flattering for all kinds of bikini babes, but no matter what, a girl should always stand up straight, smile big, and work what she’s got!
What’s next on the horizon?
Frankie’s Bikinis will hold a runway show this year at Swim Week in Miami Beach. I couldn’t be more excited to head back for my second year! We will be showing on Saturday, July 18 at 10:30 pm at the W Hotel.
Be sure to follow Aiello on Instagram @francescaaiello / @frankiesbikinis and on Snapchat @frankiesbikinis
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Photo courtesy of Frankie’s Bikinis

Tatiana’s Column: Happy Summer, Darlings!


unnamed-28Happy summer, darlings! In the east coast, we have definitely had enough of the winter blues, so welcome, summer warmth! Other than working like a maniac, I will be spending my summer doing some light traveling and relaxing; I’ll try to enjoy as much time as I can outside, soaking in the vitamin D.
Other than the mandatory summer shopping, one ritual I have is that I must buy new bathing suits every year. I don’t necessarily throw out my older bikinis unless they are worn out, but I think buying a new bathing suit is a great confidence booster. Sure, you may have plenty already, but you need to reward yourself for all those hours spent at the gym to fit into that itty-bitty bikini. Plus, it seems like the bathing suits gets cuter and cuter every year!
I found my bikini fix at South Beach, a fab site that has affordable and trendy suits for all shapes and sizes. From tons of bikinis and one piece options varying from crochet and cut-outs, mesh and lace, to frills and structured tops, the options at South Beach will make you find any possible way to get to the nearest pool or beach just to wear your new little number. Since I don’t get to spend too much time outdoors, I prefer bikinis and bandeaus because I get to tan more of my body than I would if I wore a cut-out one piece; it’s all about logistics when it comes to this Jersey girl’s tan. My top three picks from South Beach Swimwear are the floral pastel bandeau, the taupe crochet triangle, and the mod structured balconette bikini. They each offer a different vibe; the floral pastel print is pretty and feminine, the taupe crochet is simple yet sexy, and the structured balconette is edgy. You definitely won’t find me without a pair of sunglasses, either.
P.S. Don’t forget to protect your skin with lots of SPF! Here’s to the summer and living easy!
To learn more about South Beach go to Southbeachofficial.com
Tatiana’s Column: Happy Summer, Darlings! originally appeared in Cliché’s June/July 2015 issue. Photos courtesy of Jason Tezgerevski
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Voda Swim Review


We at Cliché love swimsuit lines made from high quality materials that keep us looking summer sizzling hot. Voda Swim has tons of bathing suit styles, cuts, prints, and colors ranging from bikinis and monokinis to cover-ups. Their collection is made from Lycra material that resists the damaging effects from chlorine while extending the durability of the fabric. The sexy company has even been featured in Sports Illustrated, so you know they mean business! Check out what we had to say in this Voda Swim Review.

Our favorite bathing suit by Voda Swim is the black Envy Push Up Double String Bikini. The top contains light padding that isn’t removable, which is great because you won’t have to constantly adjust your top. The padding is very supportive and makes you look 1 to 2 cup sizes bigger. The bikini bottoms have a half scrunch design that adds a little flirt to your backside. The bikini is made from Lycra material with 14k gold plated accents on the double drawstrings for a fancy touch. I wore my black bikini to the beach, and I really liked how quickly it dried when I got out of the ocean.

The bikini top retails at $71 and the bikini bottom retails at $49. You can’t go wrong with a sexy black bikini! To learn more check out Vodaswim.com.

Fit 4 U Swimwear


Fashion Manuscript #405263After more than 20 years of designing swimwear, Pattie Byrnes knows a thing or two about making women look good in their summer gear. Some ladies aren’t quite ready for that “itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini”—and let’s face it, not all of us have the body type for it—but that doesn’t mean that we have to stay covered up all season. With Byrne’s Fit 4 U Innovative Swimwear Solutions, we can show off some skin, soak up some rays and look fabulous doing it!

Who knows your body better than you do, and why not keep it that way? No one needs to know about your not-quite toned hips or thighs. Instead of thinking about how you look with your imperfections exposed, take a tip from Fit 4 U and “Accent the positive and hide Fashion Manuscript #401275the negative!” The line boasts a collection for every body type imaginable. “Fit 4 Ur Tummy” pieces hide embarrassing belly bulges while “Fit 2 Lift” suits give low chest lines a perky boost. Other styles focus on wide hips, large breasts, lengthy torsos and thicker thighs. Whatever your age, shape or size, Fit 4 U has a piece that highlights the parts of your body that you love while hiding those that you’re not so thrilled to share with other beach-goers.

Fit 4 U Innovative Swimwear Solutions is a beautiful, versatile collection that can flatter any figure. Many of the pieces can even double as everyday summer outfits!  Peplum tankini tops? Yes, please! Empire-waisted swim dresses? I’ll take some of those too! With a wide array of colors, patterns and styles to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding one that’s Fit 4 U.

Visit Fit 4 U’s official website and look for other styles here.


Images courtesy of Fit 4 U Swimwear Solutions.

Suit Yourself


Summer’s right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be strutting your stuff in when you take those long strolls on the beach. It’s all about confidence! Here’s a guide to help you feel and look your best when you’re shopping for the perfect suit.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.39.00 PM

1. Short Torso

If you have a short torso, your best bet is a tankini. It will lengthen your middle and leave you looking a few inches taller.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.38.53 PM

2. Long Torso

If you have the height, and the long torso to go along with it, don’t be afraid to try patterns, prints, and cutouts. Decorate your frame with fun designs to spice up the look.

3. Petite/Boy-Shape

If you’ve got a petite frame, play it up with ruffles and bows. Find a suit with volume that will give your frame a fuller appearance.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.38.33 PM4. Round Belly

If you’ve got the curves, no need to hide them, celebrate them with ruching and draping.  These suits will bring in your middle and highlight your beautiful hourglass figure. Not a fan of the one-piece? Try a high-cut bikini that will elongate your legs and leave you looking fabulous.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.39.07 PM

5. Busty

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Try a suit with thicker straps if you’re looking for support. For a sexier look, try a one-piece with a V-neck cut.

Suit yourself with this guide and you’ll be strutting your stuff in style this summer!
Photographs Courtesy of www.macys.com