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Tips to Finding Your Perfect Bikini


Today we want to share some great tips to finding your perfect bikini. Trying to get a perfect summer body for the beach? We’ll let you in on a secret. You already have the perfect summer body! Enough of the patriarchal structures trying to fit women into a corset. You no longer have to be in “shape” to fit into the perfect bikini.

At Bananamoon.com, we have something for every size. Just follow these tips, and you will find yourself on the beach, in that bikini you have been dreaming of, soaking in all the sun.

Don’t ignore your body type

finding your perfect bikini

Photo by Jorck Zavala on Pexels

While you don’t have to change the way you look, all women indeed have different body types.  Deciding on a swimsuit or bikini keeping in your body type will add a certain effect to the way you look.


An apple-shaped body refers to the type where the person has a heavier upper body and a comparatively lighter lower body. Therefore, it will be wise not to wear something prominent as bottom wear and focus on a supportive bra top.


People with straight figures tend to have no or fewer curves. Therefore, the idea is to create an illusion of the same. The best way to do that is to find a bikini with fringes, flounce details.

Apart from that, you can also try an outfit with heavier bottom wear and a Brazilian top.


finding your perfect bikini

Photo by Igor Starkov on Pexels

In the case of an hourglass body, the upper body and the lower body share a similar equation of curves. Therefore, your attire has to style, taking that into account. If you wear something like a triangle top, try to pair it with shorts. This will ensure that the upper receive as much coverage as the lower body.

Pear Shape

A Pear-shaped body has more bust in the lower body with a small upper body. To highlight the latter, you can use a tip with an interesting neckline or something that catches the attention quickly.

Make sure you are comfortable enough

Not a lot of people are too keen on comfort when it comes to fashion. That’s where we disagree with them. If you find a good stylist or a good brand (like us!), they will manage to find you designs that are both attractive and comfortable.

If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, how will you flaunt yourself in that very outfit? Your mind will keep wandering to where it hurts and how you want to take it off.

Hence, don’t go overboard. Sexy and cozy don’t have to be alternatives.

Pay close attention to the size chart

Now, we all would agree that the best way to shop for bikinis is to try them out. However, with this pandemic on our heads, online shopping seems to be the only way out.

Don’t fret; we have a way out! Our website posts pictures of a bikini from every possible angle and complements it with an illustrative size chart. Thus, all you have to do is take your measurements and decide which one suits you the best.

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

allSisters ECO SS17 Collection


Looking your best is always a priority, and now that the sun is here to stay for the summer months, that means skin is in! Flip flops, shorts, and bathing suits are definitely at the top of every fashion list, but what if we told you that you could help save the planet while getting your swim on?
Designed in Barcelona, swim company allSisters has been making a breakthrough with their eco-friendly and luxury brand swimwear that is sure to turn heads—and not just because they’re incredibly cute. Aside from the brand’s unique cuts and designs, what’s most fascinating is their fabric, which is made up of the highest quality of recycled ocean debris, such as fishing nets and nylon.
The brand’s love for the ocean and water-sport culture is absolutely inspiring. Deeming themselves “the swimwear for the conscious fashionista,” allSisters truly goes above and beyond with their contribution to the environment.
“We love the wide sea as much as we love fashion,” their website reads.
Setting out to reduce the negative impact the fashion industry has on the environment, as well as working to reduce water pollution, allSisters was able to turn waste into wear in an incredibly fashionable way. They have even collaborated with tennis star Serena Williams to showcase how their products can be perfect for the everyday woman as well as the sports-enthusiast.

 Their philosophy? They are aiming to create swimsuits that are both comfortable and fashionable, as well as respectable to the female body and the environment. It’s hard to top reliable pieces and save the planet.
Working out of a small and socially responsible workplace in Barcelona, the brand even takes on the responsibility of guaranteeing that their recycled products are safe for wearing and meet all safety regulations. In conjunction with all of this awesomeness, allSisters has released their newest collection, Organic Abstraction. The collection is inspired by various European sculptors and artists such as Jean Arp, Anish Kapoor, Barbara Hepworth, and Constantin Brancusi. Their overall hope for the Spring and Summer 2017 collections is to maintain the creativity of their luxury brand while emphasizing creativity and exquisiteness.
From one-pieces and bikinis to adventurous cut-outs and designs, this responsible swimwear collection will be sure to grab anyone’s attention. Featuring various black and white suits, the environmentally friendly pieces are definitely on our must-have list.
With sexy slashes, straps, and cut outs, the shapes and styles featured in this swimwear line are like no other. The collection also features high-neck styles, keyhole cuts, and various sexy plunges for all of your creative and flirtatious looks.
On top of that, all of the recycled fabrics are created to be lightweight and comfortably soft, while maintaining resilience and durability for any healthy or active woman. So if you’re in the market for a life-changing and economically friendly swimsuit, this one’s for you.
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allSisters ECO SS17 Collection: Photographs courtesy of allSisters

Frankies Bikinis Channels the Summer of Love


Frankies Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello has been taking the fashion industry by storm with her swimsuit lines for years. Being one of the youngest designers to feature her collections during Miami Swim Week in 2014, Aiello is no stranger to success. The Malibu-raised fashionista has seen her designs on supermodels and celebrities such as Candice Swanepoel, Ireland Baldwin, and even social media queen Kylie Jenner!

Now back with an even bigger splash this summer, Frankies Bikinis is now featuring their newest collection called The Summer of Love, focusing on female empowerment. With must-have tropical tie-dyes, sweet florals, and bold solids to mix and match, Frankies has every swim look in mind. Ranging from edgy and daring to relaxed and carefree, these unique and sexy swimsuits are tailored to channel every girl’s inner confidence.

Cliché: Why is The Summer of 1966 special for you?
Francesca Aiello: For this collection, I wanted to pump up the volume and have fun. I was inspired by the psychedelic ‘60s, an era of social, musical, and artistic change. I always want women to feel beautiful and empowered when they put on a Frankies bikini, and nothing says female empowerment like the 1960s when the bikini finally became accepted into women’s lives.
What are some of the best features of this new line?
The best features of this collection would have to be our unique and signature crochet accents and all of our amazing prints.
What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the bikinis?
This collection is full of flirty bardot necklines, ultra-feminine lace-up detailing, and Frankies Bikinis’ signature boho-chic crochet accents, in the psychedelic 1960s.
How is this collection’s design different from every other brand?
We always try to strive for flirty and feminine pieces with a twist of boho. We have some amazing new one-pieces with lace up sides, which have become our super flirty and popular pieces from this collection!

Ashley Moore was an excellent model choice for this collection. What inspired you to feature her for your lookbook?
I was already a huge fan of Ashley Moore and casted her to walk in our RE17 fashion show, which is when I really fell in love and knew she would be perfect for the SS17 campaign.
How is Frankies Bikinis better than the average brand?
Frankies has distinguished itself from other brands for many reasons. One being our intricate designs and prints—making us recognizable to almost everyone!
What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole as well as for the new collection?
The ultimate goal is to keep making unique suits that make girls of all shapes feel beautiful!
What is your inspiration behind Frankies Bikinis and what motivates you to continue to work hard to produce quality bathing suits?
I am inspired by everything constantly. Ever since beginning Frankies, I’ve always been on the lookout for inspo!
What is your favorite piece from The Summer of 1966 collection?
I would say the Stella Crochet bikini and the Valentina!
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Frankies Bikinis Channels the Summer of Love: Featured image and all images courtesy of frankiesbikinis.com

Best Bathing Suits of 2014


There are so many cute different kinds of bathing suits out there! Here are 5 different best bathing suits of 2014 that are super cute and won’t leave you broke. Below we spotlight a strappy bandeau, scalloped swim dress, a one piece, bikini with fringe, and a midkini 2 piece–something for everyone! 
1. Beach Sexy Bandeau and Strappy Bottom (Victoria’s Secret)
[$28] – My favorite thing about this suit are the three straps across the back. It’s such a unique fun look, and the brooch in the front is so cute. Victoria’s Secret sure knows how to design a bathing suit!

2. Scalloped Bow-Front One-Piece Swimdress (Jessica Simpson)
[$68.99] – I’m such a huge fan of these swimdresses, and I think Jessica Simpson really nailed the look! Swimdresses are such a throwback and are such a cute way to enjoy the water!
3. Classic Halter One-Piece (Forever 21)
[$24.80] – I love me a good black bathing suit and I love that it’s just $24.80 even more! The cut and the plunging neckline are so cute! Pair this with a sun hat and some accessories (like these gold bangles and colorful bracelets) and you’re ready to go!

4. Fringe Push-Up Halter Bikini Top & Side-Tab Hipster Bikini Bottom (Hula Honey)
​[$44] – It’s a pretty simple look, but fringe is in this summer! There are several color choices and they’re all cute, but my favorite has to be the “mermaid blue.”
5. Xhilaration Junior’s Midkini 2-Piece Swimsuit (Xhilaration at Target)
​[$33] – I love these midkini tops! Target has quite a few if you’re into this look! I think it’s a nice change up from just a regular bikini.

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DSC_2706Every woman wants to look and feel like a goddess. That’s why we’re constantly dishing out dollars to keep up with the latest trends in apparel, hair and makeup. When we’re sufficiently decked out and dressed to the nines, not only do we look our best, but we feel our best too! If we could bottle those sexy, confident feelings in a bottle and sell them, we’d be swimming in gold. What happens when the trendy clothes come off though? Often times our undergarments are incongruent with our trendy outerwear.  This is not the case at Purpuratta.

This up and coming line of undergarments founded by two college girls from Colombia is absolutely breathtaking. The timeless collection boasts a variety of daring cuts and colors while maintaining a simplicity that just oozes elegance. There’s no sacrifice of comfort either. Though you may be scantily clad in your sheer lace undies and matching bra, the materials are nothing if not top-quality.  I highly recommend the Laced-With-Love Bra that is unbelievably soft and fits like a dream with its beautiful cross back design. Might I add that it looks absolutely scrumptious when paired with a cheeky pair of panties? The styles are just incredibly sexy while maintaining a sophistication that most lingerie doesn’t.DSC_2644

The girls at Purpuratta didn’t stop at bras and panties. Their new swimwear line is almost too stunning to wear anywhere other than the sublime beaches of Europe (but we’d wear them to the Jersey Shore anyway). Normally, I would never recommend a one-piece, but I’m not talking about your grandmother’s swimsuit! Purparatta’s Elegant Halter Mokokini is simply mind-blowing – who knew you could look so alluring while you’re completely covered? Their bikinis are equally lovely, with a variety of colors, cuts, patterns and of course styles to choose from. Pair your swimwear with one of their must-have cover ups and be ready to turn heads once you sink your toes into that sand.

Purpuratta was created in 2009 and has been a hit in the fashion market ever since, even being a celebrity favorite at Coachella. With ever-changing styles, the company keeps its customers both interested in new, upcoming products and stylish in bestselling favorites. With a small team that is very hands-on in the creation process, it’s no wonder that all of these hand-picked fabrics are logical, comfortable and undeniably on trend.

To check out the rest of Purpuratta’s beautiful collection of lingerie and swimwear, visit their website.

DSC_2762 DSC_2744

Post and feature images courtesy of Purpuratta.