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Billie Eilish Just Dropped New Single ‘Therefore I Am’


The voice behind 2019’s chart-topping single Bad Guy, is back at it again. On November 12, Billie Eilish just dropped her new single Therefore I Am.  The dark pop track comes along with a minimalist, fun music video that absolutely screams Billie. From the signature fashion to the layered vocals that we have come to associate with the artist, the entire piece drips with swag.

Shot in Glendale Galleria mall, the video features Billie running around the empty space, vibing to the track, with a pretzel in her hand.  She artfully switches between rapped verses and a catchy chorus to keep the track from getting monotonous. The title itself is a witty reference to Descartes’ Cogito ergo sum– I think therefore I am. She smirks as she sings about how the media uses her name for clout so often. “Get my pretty name out of your mouth”, she raps as she casually drags paparazzi culture. In her chorus, she mocks an unknown subject as they claim to be important despite not knowing who they are. She explains that she is an individual that is completely capable of taking her own decisions.

While the video adopts a stripped-back approach, the song itself flaunts a significant amount of layering. Combining pop with hip-hop influences, the track features rapped verses and a chorus laced with a recurring synthesizer.

Inspirations, upcoming music, and the future:

In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Billie said that quarantine had been quite the uninspiring time for her. For an entire month, she had not been able to productively create. Her mother suggested that Finneas and her should try sticking to a schedule and that was what changed the game. On the very first day, they ended up writing the lo-fi single, My Future. She also goes on to mention that the pandemic forced her to create tracks that she was extremely happy with, to the point of not caring what others think of it at all. 

In her live-streamed concert, where she performed her hits Ocean Eyes and Bad Guys, among others, she urged her fans to vote out Trump. She has long been outspoken about her stance on the Trump presidency. She addressed this in the interview as well, stating that Biden’s win had changed so much. “I think that there’s just a hopefulness in the air, that was not there before”, she said. When asked about the future she envisions for her generation, she emphasized the need to pay attention to the needs of the climate and handle the looming crisis. She then went on to say that anyone that has a platform needs to be vocal about issues that matter.

Billie Eilish’s interview with BBC Radio 1- here

Listen to I Think Therefore I Am- here.

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Billie Eilish: Pioneering A New Wave Of Teen Pop Music


Since her debut EP in 2017 “Don’t Smile at Me”, Billie Eilish has been a pioneer in the music industry. At the age of 17, she’s been taking risks and reinventing the pop music scene. Her hauntingly different sound has everyone wanting more. Friday, March 28, she released her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, and her fans are going crazy for it. Billie Eilish has produced a different type of music than most pop stars, and this album is nothing short of what we would expect.

The album begins with a short 14 second intro titled “!!!!!!!” where she introduces the album by taking out her Invisalign; a short, funny intro to pull in her fans. Then the album dives into her song “bad guy” which has an eerie feel to it, like a horror movie. This song depicts Eilish as the bad guy who’s going to mess around and wreak havoc.

One of the defining qualities of the album is that most of the songs are really bass heavy and have a slower tempo. “Xanny”, which touches on the struggles Eilish has with her anxiety, is a slow, almost ballad type song where Eilish pours out her soul to her listeners. Another slow, yet lighter song is “when the party’s over” which Eilish released before the album itself. The lyrics to this song spell out tale of a relationship. Fans loved this song when Eilish released it and it fits in well with the rest of the album.

The album has some lighter feeling songs including “8”, “i love you”, and  “my strange addiction” which has audio clips from the hit show The Office throughout the song.

Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell write all their own songs and Eilish performs them. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? definitely has an eerie, vibey feel to it, like most of Eilish’s music. Her new style of music has fans wanting more, but for now they will be satisfied with this album.


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