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Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’s Workin’ Moms


You don’t have to be a mother, and you certainly don’t even have to be a woman to enjoy the comedy gold that is Netflix’s Workin’ Moms. Created by and starring husband and wife duo, Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg, the Canadian series follows a group of friends dealing with the challenges of being working mothers, hence the title of the show. If you haven’t already, you should definitely start watching.

Reitman portrays Kate Foster, whom, along with her husband Nathan (portrayed by Sternberg), must learn to deal with raising a newborn while both being working parents. Dani Kind portrays Anne Carlson, a no-nonsense psychiatrist, and mother of two. Juno Rinaldi plays Frankie Coyne, a real estate agent in an interracial, same-sex relationship. She’s learning to overcome the emotional and mental struggles that many women face post pregnancy. Finally, Jessalyn Wanlim portrays Jenny Matthews, an I.T. specialist who is struggling to find her true identity after giving birth.

What makes Workin’ Moms so special is the fact that each character on the show is relatable in some way. They’re real and they’re raw. Reitman created the show to shed light on the fact that having a baby and starting a family isn’t always bright rainbows and sunshine. It’s tough and it’s a lot of work, but it’s not impossible and can be rewarding. If you’re watching the show and are already a parent, there’s a chance you know exactly what these families are going through. But if you’re tuning in and are not yet a parent, the show serves as a reminder of what your parents may have gone through.

The show wasn’t designed to scare viewers away from being a parent. In fact, the heart of the show comes from the fact that if you have a wonderful support system – whether it’s your friends, family, a support group, or a therapist – you can overcome anything. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be true for parenthood only. Happy Netflix binging!


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Why You Should Be Watching Netflix’s Workin’ Moms: Featured Image Credit: cbc.ca

9 Netflix Originals to Binge in February


Netflix is taking television to the mat with its new slew of originals. With so many binge-worthy originals, it was hard to choose which we liked best. These are the nine we couldn’t keep off of our screens.

Image taken from Netflix.com

1. Santa Clarita Diet 
In this zombies-meets-Desperate Housewives new show, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play a married couple who are both real estate agents in Santa Clarita California. When one of them dies, and comes back to life, they have to figure out how to live their new bloodthirsty life. This show hits Netflix on February 3rd and we are so excited to see what this show has in store for us!

Photo taken from screenrant.com

2. Stranger Things
If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, we suggest you climb aboard and fast. This show has a cast of some of the most talented kids in Hollywood. This show is the sci-fi thriller we all needed in our lives but at eight episodes long, it’s a quick binge.

Photo taken from denofgeek.com

3. The OA
What happens when you can choose whether or not you die? Do angels exist? The OA takes these questions to the extreme and explores them in a riveting, heartfelt story that kept us on the edge of our seats. At the end of another eight episode run, we are left on a cliffhanger that we can’t wait to have answers to.

Photo taken from britishcomedyguide.com

4. Crazyhead
Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this demonic dramedy brought to us out of the UK. Two unlikely best friends fight demons together and try to conquer life as awkward twenty-somethings without a clue how to navigate their superpowers. Raquel and Amy make a hilarious demon fighting team and we could listen to their accents all day.

Photo taken from Netflix.com

5. The Crown
This period drama gives us the inside scoop on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II as she learns how to lead the British Monarchy and befriends Winston Churchill. The two time Golden Globe winning show is incredibly well-researched and beautifully shot. Watching The Crown feels like being fully immersed into Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom with every episode.

Photo taken from thewrap.com

6. Black Mirror
This show brings horror into our real lives through the possibilities of parallel universes and futuristic societies. Black Mirror delves into the dark side and explores the “Black Mirrors” of our lives in the form of technology and all of the screens in our lives. What could happen if technology becomes too powerful?

Photo taken from mondaymorningmatinee.com

7. Love
Judd Apatow brings the romantic comedy to our television screens through the lives of Mickey and Gus, the most unlikely couple. Their antics and actions as they try to discover how to deal with the awkward stages of intimacy and a romantic relationship. With season 2 being released on March 10th, now is the perfect time to binge season one.

Photo taken from 2017auditiondatabase.com

8. Sense 8
This show follows eight seemingly unrelated lives from all over the globe who are mysteriously connected by a rebirth they all experience through dreams/visions. This show requires your undivided attention which won’t be too difficult to give as soon as you get your grips into the lives of these eight strangers and the people trying to hunt them down. The first half of season two was just released and the second half will come out in May.

Photo taken from youtube.com

9. A Series of Unfortunate Events
This series, produced by Neil Patrick Harris, takes us on a trip back to our childhood and the books that consumed it. The show is an almost direct reflection of Lemony Snicket’s stories right down to the titles with a few new twists to keep us on our toes. Neil Patrick Harris’s production is a treat and his portrayal of Count Olaf is picture perfect.
With all of these options to choose from, it looks like your February is booked! You may find yourself in a Netflix induced daze but please don’t forget to eat, sleep, and shower! Happy bingeing!
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9 Netflix Originals to Binge in February. Feature image courtesy of IndieWire.com

Binge-Worthy Netflix Fall Favorites


Fall is upon us and so is the ever-anticipated cuddle weather! What better way to enjoy the season of change than by spending some time inside snuggled up with your honey…or yourself! Break out the junk food and comfy clothes as I fill you in on some binge-worthy Netflix fall favorites to get you ready for the perfect binge-a-thon for your next Netflix and Chill session.


Short and Sweet
(For the bingers on a time crunch)



Stranger Things (1 season)
For the lovers of the supernatural and mystery, this Netflix-original drama stars Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, a woman who lives in a small Indiana town set in 1983 when her 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing. She makes it her mission to launch an investigation into his disappearance with the local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.


Making a Murderer (1 season)
For those into the real-life drama, the documentary Making a Murderer may be right up your alley. With season two to be released in late 2016/early 2017, follow the court trials of Steven Avery. Exonerated after spending nearly two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit, Steven Avery filed suit against Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, and several individuals involved with his arrest. Shortly after, however, Avery found himself behind bars again, this time accused of the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach, who was last seen on Avery’s property, where she was to photograph a vehicle. Avery and nephew Brendan Dassey were tried and (spoiler alert) convicted of the crime, but the story doesn’t stop there…


Master of None (1 season)
Feel the commandery with Aziz Ansari’s character Dev in the comedy Master of None as he goes through the trials and tribulations as a 30-year-old New Yorker trying to find his way both personally and professionally in life, love, and career, but getting it all wrong.


Keep Me Entertained
(Committed, but not for the long haul)



Bloodline (2 seasons)
Built on family secrets, Bloodline is a dramatic thriller that explores the demons lurking beneath the surface of the Rayburns. A past full of dark secrets that they hoped would remain buried, paranoia and mistrust build as lies pile up, alliances are shattered, and an unthinkable crime takes place. The tight-knit family’s formerly harmonious relationship deteriorates, and they become good people who are forced to consider doing very bad things.


House of Cards (4 seasons)
The scripted Netflix original, boasting a number of real-life media figures making cameo appearances, follows U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina starting out as a ruthless politician seeking revenge after being promised the post of Secretary of State in exchange for his support and his effort to ensure the election of Garrett Walker to the presidency. Walker changes his mind before the inauguration, telling Underwood he’s too valuable in Congress. Outwardly, Underwood accepts his marching orders, but secretly he and his wife, an environmental activist, make a pact to destroy Walker and his allies. This series is based on the U.K. miniseries of the same name, but the U.S. version offers a look behind the scenes at the greed and corruption in American politics.


Do Not Disturb
(For serious bingers only)



Once Upon A Time (5 seasons)
Coming off the Netflix summer release of season 5 and season 6 airing on ABC September 25, Once Upon a Time takes you through an everlasting fantasy in which fairytale legends and modern life collide. Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, is comfortable in her life as a bail bonds collector when Henry—the child she gave up a decade earlier—suddenly shows up. He is convinced that she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who sent her away before the Evil Queen could cast a spell, freezing the fairytale world in time and bringing them to present-day Storybrooke, Maine. After taking Henry home, Emma decides to stay in the town to keep an eye on him, and she discovers he may not be wrong after all.


Shameless (6 seasons)
Sex, love, and a lot of alcohol. William H. Macy stars as Frank Gallagher, a single father of six who spends much of his free time drinking at bars. The Gallagher children—led by eldest daughter Fiona, who takes on much of the child-rearing responsibility due to her mother’s absence—manages to raise themselves in spite of Frank’s lack of parenting and unusual parenting style when he does choose to act like a father. This isn’t your typical Chicago family and they have no desire to be.
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What to Watch During the Winter Hiatus


As we approach the holiday season, it’s now time for the yearly TV hiatus that takes place through the winter months. Our favorite shows won’t be back until January (some, in February!) And though this is an unfortunate time, it does mean that we have a little more time to catch up on what work or school keeps us from. There are a number of shows that I have become addicted to over the past few weeks that I will sorely miss, there are shows I cannot wait to return, and there are some shows that I want to start watching. I’ve come up with eight of the ones I’ve been sucked into, but there are so many I wish I could include. Though we may mourn for the shows we sorely miss, take advantage of this time! Here is what to watch during the winter hiatus:
Gotham; returns Jan. 5
With only 10 episodes to it’s first season, Gotham has covered quite a bit of ground in exploring Jim Gordon’s introduction to the Gotham police force, while also introducing some of Gotham’s most vile villains before they become the popular characters known today. With the case of the Wayne murder hanging over Gordon’s head, the corruption and violence in Gotham gives Gordon a reason to fight. It’ll be interesting to see who is introduced in January.
American Horror Story; returns Jan. 7
Since the Murder House miniseries premiered in 2011, the American Horror Story series has been praised since then. Each miniseries has different characters and a new story, but features many of the same actors. Now, I have never seen any of the American Horror Story series. The reason I’ve avoided it is because I know I can’t watch them by myself or I’d probably have a nightmare. My sister and I have decided to watch them over winter break, so I’ll be right there with you if you decide to start now as well.
Parks and Recreation; returns Jan. 13
This beloved comedy is returning for its seventh and final season on Jan. 13. Unfortunately, the season will only have 13 episodes. As much as I am saddened by this show ending, I can’t wait to see where the characters end up. You have plenty of time to watch the last six seasons and come to love these characters as much as I do.
The Flash; returns Jan. 20
A spin-off of Arrow, The Flash has 10 episodes to its first season, so it’ll be fairly simple to catch up. The season starts with an introduction to how Barry Allen got his powers and follows him as he learns how to control them. Towards the end of the season, there is a Flash/Arrow crossover, which is why I highly recommend catching up on Arrow.
Arrow; returns Jan. 21
Arrow is currently in its third season, so if you haven’t caught up yet, Netflix has the first two seasons. I can’t speak much to the newest season, because I got a late start and am only on season two, but what I have seen so far has been tremendous. The show flashes between the experiences Oliver Queen had to become the Arrow and what he is using his abilities for.
How to Get Away With Murder; returns Jan. 29
Well, this show has had quite the first season. From showing a murder through flashbacks and through the eyes of various characters to focusing on a larger case throughout the series to working on smaller cases, there was always something happening on the show. There are only nine episodes to watch from now until January, so you have no excuse to fall behind.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; returns March 3
I love the Marvel franchise, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t really impressed with season one, but this show returned with an incredible story for season two and has been on an upwards trajectory. The mid-season finale introduces a new Marvel character to the universe, who will be familiar to fans of the comics. Though there is a long break before its return, Marvel’s Agent Carter will be premiering on Jan. 6 and will air during the break.
Game of Thrones; returns Spring 2015
So I’m including this show on the list even though it has been off the air since June and won’t return for its fifth season until the spring, because if you haven’t started watching this show, you really need to. Game of Thrones is phenomenally put together and the storylines will drag you in. Also, you should probably read the books too if you don’t mind some spoilers, because they are amazing.

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Photo: IGN.com