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6 Tips for a Teen Birthday During Lockdown


In case your teen’s birthday is just around the corner, then they are most likely experiencing a cocktail of emotions and feeling right now. While they might be excited about their birthday, they might already be feeling disappointed about the party. Or by the fact that they won’t be able to throw one – at least not in the way that they would have wanted to. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines, your teen won’t be able to hold the party that they would have wanted or might have already planned.

With that being said, how exactly does one celebrate a teen’s birthday during coronavirus?  The first thing that you need to understand is that your teen is likely to get disappointed, regardless of what happens. The first and fundamental step is to look out for and validate these feelings.

Experts suggest that parents tend to invalidate their children’s feelings, though unintentionally, by downplaying their losses. Being dismissive of your child’s feelings just ends up hurting them more.

Rather than just invalidating what they are expressing, experts suggest emphatically saying something along the lines of “I understand what you are saying. I know that this is a big let down. You were really excited and anticipating to be celebrating your birthday in XYZ way, but now that is not going to happen.”

Next, find out whether your teen is open to alternative ways of celebrating their birthday. Is there a particular gift that they’ve always desired? You can get inspiration here from these gifts for teen girls if you haven’t gotten an idea of what to get. Also, are they willing to consider a zoom party with family or friends? Or, are you able to come up with something special to surprise them with? Just keep in mind that doing even the slightest meaningful thing for them is far much better than not doing anything at all. There is no reason at all to give up on the birthday just because you can’t celebrate it the way it was initially planned. 

The following are seven incredible ways you can celebrate a birthday during the coronavirus pandemic:

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Bake a cake. Or you can just order one in case there is a bakery closely available. You can also be a little generous and bake some cupcakes or mini-cakes and give them out to your relatives that live closeby. However, remember to maintain the proper social distancing measures. Then, on the actual day of your teen’s birthday, organize a Zoom party where your teen can enjoy the same cake with the relatives. Refer to #6 to learn more about Zoom birthdays.

Balloons! Get up early in the morning on their birthday and set up a bunch of balloons outside their bedroom door or in an ideal surprise area of the house to give them a colorful surprise. Balloons can be easily found in supermarkets; hence, you won’t need to search far.

Prepare their favorite dish. Or, if possible, you can treat them by ordering their best dish at their favorite restaurant that offers pick-up or delivery.

The Drive-by Party. Contact their friends or friends’ parents and request them to spare some time to walk or drive by your house with balloons, posters, and music. One heart-warming idea is to have each member of the group hold up each letter of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – this will serve as a talking, walking, and singing human birthday card.

Create a photo album. While this will require some prior planning, the reaction of your teen will be worth the effort. Request their closest friends and relatives to send you pictures, memories, and even quotes from the previous year. You have to do this secretly so as not to ruin the surprise. You can then make use of the many available online tools to design a special and intimate scrapbook that you can present to your teen on the day of their birthday.

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Plan a Zoom Birthday Party. Zoom is becoming widely popular, not only for its role in facilitating distance learning but also being the preferred app for most teens to hang out and throw virtual parties. You can ask your teen to invite their friends to their Zoom birthday party, or just do it for them in case you feel your teen would appreciate the gesture. One idea is to bring out a cake for your teen to make the Zoom party even more fun. The friends can then join in and virtually perform the “Happy Birthday” song. To give the party some structure, you can plan a group activity during the party, for example, you can ask everyone to share a happy pre-COVID memory of your teen.

Plan an Art Party. In case your teen has a passion for art, then a virtual paint night is a special and great way of celebrating their birthday while their friends join in. Send Zoom E-vites to some of your teen’s friends asking them to join the party. You also need to send a DIY Paint Night Kit to all of them a few days or weeks before the party. This way, they will all be able to paint together when the party starts.

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Miley Cyrus Celebrates 22nd Birthday


Bangerz artist Miley Cyrus celebrated her 22nd birthday this past Sunday. And in true Miley fashion, it was elaborate and crazy.
According to E! Online, the party took place at a new Beacher’s Madhouse secret location by the Santa Monica Pier. Cyrus arrived wearing a neon pink top and fluorescent green mini skirt with cutouts, a bright furry coat, and blue and pink butterfly clips. With blue eyeshadow, face paint, and a pacifier necklace, Cyrus appeared ready for a rave.
Party attendees were treated to a large pizza cake and a mechanical ride…in the form of a penis, which you can view here (NSFW).
According to E! Online, a source stated, “Everyone had a great time.” He/She revealed, “It was fun and relaxed and it was quite a spectacle. Nothing less than what you would expect from a party with Miley.”
Guests of the Hannah Montana star’s 22nd birthday party included her new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, her younger brother Braison Cyrus, and actress and singer Sky Ferreria.
From all of us here at Cliché Magazine, happy birthday, Miley!
(All photos from “Miley Cyrus Celebrates 22nd Birthday” are courtesy of E! Online and Miley Cyrus’s Instagram)
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Katy Perry Releases Hilarious New Music Video


Katy Perry definitely tapped into her more comedic side in the music video for her new song “Birthday” in which she transforms herself into her alter egos Goldie Dancer, Yosef Shulem, Kriss The Clown, Ace The Animal Trainer and Princess Mandee. The 29 year old pop singer is almost unrecognizable in her ensembles, as she portrays the “world’s worst birthday party entertainers.”

My personal favorite, and the most hilarious character in the video is Goldie the dancer, with her wrinkly skin, sagging breasts and stringy gray hair. The makeup makes the beautiful Katy Perry look hideous, but that definitely doesn’t take away from the hilarity of it all.

Katy’s acting skills aren’t too shabby either. While playing the aging flapper Goldie the dancer in the video she says “My name is Goldie because of my golden nuggets,” Katy explains in a British accent and full wacky old lady costume. “I moved to Las Vegas because I love dance. I was great friends with all of those boys in the Rat Pack. Have you ever heard that song ‘The Lady Is a Tramp’? That might be about me.”

In the video, Katy goes around to five different birthday parties in disguises and no one knew it was her! This is a side to Ms. Perry the world hasn’t gotten a chance to see until now, but I must say I love it. Everybody should check out Katy’s new “Birthday” video. It’s a real knee slapper.


Katy Perry releases hilarious new music video. Check it out here! Katy Perry Birthday Video

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