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Adaire Byerly Examines How Cognitive Science Can Reboot The Business of Fame

Adaire Byerly is a woman on a mission. After witnessing firsthand how often ego and power struggles prevent businesses in the entertainment industry from being productive and healthy workplace environments, the former model decided to launch Entertainment Mindframe, a company which seeks to improve communication among industry professionals through the application of brain and behavioral science. Adaire has a love affair with the brain – our own personal supercomputer. Understanding how it works and the role our own perceptions play in both communication and mental health is one keystone of a thriving professional and personal life. Learn more about Entertainment Mindframe on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cliché: Your experiences in the acting and modeling industries catalyzed your initial awareness of unprofessional behavior in the workplace. What was it about these moments that really stuck with you and led you to resolve to want to make a change?

Adaire Byerly: Through my years as a professional in the industry, I noticed psychological patterns & behaviors that were constantly projecting into business politics, negatively effecting the success in one’s career, or an entire brand. Working in a world full of creative geniuses, you will experience the want for expression and acceptance rather than structure. You find a lot of ego, selfishness, rebellious and stubborn behavior, push back, gossip and power dynamics that make it difficult for anyone to properly conduct business. The main issue I found through observation is many people only view these industries as a platform to showcase their talent, overlooking the fact that these industries are actual business that that effect our U.S. economy by billions of dollars. When we put that into perspective, we begin to understand why we should ensure our brands are operating as such.

Talk about your company, Entertainment Mindframe.

Entertainment Mindframe™ is a company developed to provide cognitive enhancement for professionals in the Entertainment industry by applying brain and behavioral sciences into the business side of fame. The industry branches include media, fashion, film, and sports.

I developed the company to tackle the common and intangible communication issues in the work environment that negatively affect business. My focus starts at the root. That means everything that goes on behind the camera, in the mind of professionals and in operations. I aim to identify, eliminate, rebuild neuropathways, and shift perspectives that project into a career & work environment by creating a tailored communication strategy. That includes trainings, cognitive consulting, seminars, rewriting policies or HR procedures or changing company culture. I focus mainly on communication through linguistics and perception. I also work with professional Psychologists and Neuroscientists to ensure the methods concur with the scientific community and provide long lasting results.

What are the basics that everyone needs to understand about workplace communication?

I often tell my clients that communication is a science as much as it is an art. It is not just made for you to express how you feel. The purpose of communication is to become fluent with another person by speaking at their comprehension rather than enforcing your own.

In business, we cannot just look at people as opportunity or money, we must recognize them first as humans. Communication is key. Without proper communication an understanding will never be reached. Many people view an understanding as “agreeing” however, you do not need to agree to reach an understanding, or to even communicate. I have a simple order of process that I show my clients to visually show them how their thoughts impact communication, which then impacts the company as a whole:

The individual (the mind) ➡️ The environment ➡️ Operations ➡️ The project/production ➡️ The final product

It all starts in our heads and trickles into everything we do. If we can solve it at the root, the rest of the process runs smoothly. What does that look like? It increases employee retention rates, lowers office tension allowing more efficient workspaces, even prevents legal repercussions by enforcing proper business code and education, and finally creativity and work production is greatly enhanced by finetuning this communication. All of this has ultimately resulted in an increase and expansion in business.

What are some common issues that arise and how can we make ourselves aware of them to better avoid those issues?

Beginner common issues include frustration, gossip, “I” thinking, lack of appreciation, lack of trust, lack of respect and exhausting your work ethic. These all result in larger issues such as resentment, bad business deals, loss of business deals, losing great talent or workers, creating a bad reputation associated with the brand and loss of clientele.

From a scientific perspective, one thing to note is, your thoughts and beliefs are not always right or true in the grand scheme of things. Our perception is a huge factor regarding the decisions we make. Understanding that everyone has their own perspective, (Which is their reality) will tell you that there are multiple realities in the same room. Does that mean someone is wrong? No, it means we are human and that is how we process information. Understanding human nature in business is a major way to not only prevent miscommunication but enhance the company as a whole.

Your practice is now working to help companies navigate both COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. How is that restructuring going to impact the way that employees and companies themselves approach work and communication?

One major focus point of my assessments when I am working with clients is to make sure they adapt to the social changes that can affect business. Covid-19 and the social justice movements are the current changes that we have to alter in operations. We have to ensure that protocol and safety procedures are being followed for health reasons, as well as educating ourselves on social justice movements and how they influence the economy, as well as being sensitive to the visceral reaction and human nature aspect of workers and customers during these times.

You have a rich family history – your father’s ancestors were the first African-Americans to own over 4000 acres of land in East Texas following the end of slavery. What does it mean to you in this moment to be a Black woman, a Black mother, and a successful Black female entrepreneur?

 Honestly, it is extremely powerful and motivating. The history I come from has always been a fire in my soul to push forward even when the odds are against me. When I am facing the unknown, the impossible, and even wanting to accomplish something that has never been done before… I look at my ancestors and I say if they can do it, I can. I have no excuses because it is in my blood to make things happen regardless of the circumstance.

How can non-Black entrepreneurs and consumers better support Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs? 

I would say to first educate yourself on local and even major black owned businesses that you are interested in. For consumers, the best way is to purchase their products and spread the word. For Entrepreneurs, if you find a black owned start-up, you can either promote or offer a solution as a third-party resource for the brand. For instance, if there is a black owned business that is in line with a mission you believe in and is having trouble getting off the ground, invest in it or provide resources to help that business flourish. Offering educational resources, lawyers, advisors, potential business clients or even seminars or promotional deals to help expand their exposure and success.

You’re a licensed Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuroplasticity. Break that down for us. Why are you so fascinated with the brain and what do you think a greater understanding of how it works can inform in terms of how we understand ourselves and each other?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a psychological approach to quickly find solutions in communicating and perceiving the world around you. Neuroplasticity is the ability for the neurons in the brain to change and how information travels through the nervous system. I also have studies in Cognitive Behavioral techniques which is a short-term psychotherapeutic technique that changes toxic thinking patterns. Scientifically, it changes the neural circuits related to negative emotion in the nervous system.  

I am in love with the brain because it is the root to everything that we do. It is the most complicated computer on the planet and we still do not fully understand it. After studying neuroscience, it is fascinating how our thoughts, belief systems, decision making, and behavior all start from tiny cells in our brain. And it is all happening on a subconscious level, meaning we do not even know it is happening! Being able to see that, to me, is phenomenal.

I believe educating ourselves on our own brains is a recipe for a potential superhuman mentality and life. I am sure you have heard this before, “The mind is a powerful thing”, that is said because so much of what we need to enhance, lies between our ears. It can be the make or break of your life.

Why do you believe it’s so crucial to advocate for a greater focus on mental stability of professionals?

This ties in with the understanding of power that the mind has on our lifestyles. If our mind is not right, we cannot do right. It always starts from the inside. The product of work, personal life, relationships, finances and even grounding all starts from within, mainly tied to belief systems that we have. I often find professionals getting lost in their work/brand resulting in an identity crisis OR they become a part of business so heavily that they treat themselves as robots, which then neglects major needs that any human requires to function. Don’t get me wrong, you can still hustle, commit and work your tale off to get the results you need. Sacrifices do have to be made when you are pursuing a career but if you are doing it to the level of needing to see a therapist or take medication just to function, that may be a good indicator that you need to re-evaluate your habits and mental state.

What advice do you have for professionals out there who may feel that their company does not provide adequate mental health resources?

The good thing about this is, if you see your company is lacking, you can always change it. You don’t necessarily have to have mental health resources to create a better environment. You can very easily allow employees to do certain things, such as take multiple short breaks throughout the day, advise them to move around from their desk, allow employees to play music or dress more comfortably.  Another way is to acknowledge that they are human. Ask them how they are doing, ask about things that interest them, and if you don’t know, get to know them. There are always fun team building exercises that you can implement.

If you are wanting to lean more on the side of resources, you can also inform your coworkers of certain apps that help regulate your mood such as Virtual Moodbox, Stop, Breathe and Think and Mood Coach. You can also provide them with emergency hotlines and/or websites that can assist them during their own time. 

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Adaire Byerly Examines How Cognitive Science Can Reboot The Business of Fame. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Adaire Byerly.

Run Run, Your Freedom


Every day we hear more stories of police brutality and it doesn’t stop.  Even when people are protesting and begging for justice, it still happens.  Oklahoma?  What is wrong with our country?  Why are police doing this?  Why?  The story goes so deep that most can’t understand.  This is not the platform to discuss but please understand that Cliché Magazine supports a movement that all life matters. We fell in love with this song, so we are going to share it with everyone!!!!

We stand with you and next to you….arm in arm, hand in hand.  The saddest thing is that we have no leadership.  Our PRESIDENT decided to do his own thing.  Never supported people fighting for rights that  EVERYONE should have.  Nothing else should be said about that.  We, the people….we are who cares.  No one else cares.  After all these years, corporations and companies want to speak up??  Why?  Because you might lose money?  Because you might loose brand affinity or brand loyalty? 

Shame on you.  It’s 2020 and this is beyond BAD.  We, as the greatest nation on earth should help our citizens, support them no matter their color and love them.  Unite our country…….don’t destroy it.  What is Trump doing?? Why?  By design or pure stupidity?  I guess we’ll find out soon. So many people love this country……DON’T destroy it.  Lift people up and make them feel that they matter.  Inspire them, create hope and take care of your fucking country.  We are so angry and very sad.  All lives matter, we are American?  Want to take our site down?  You can’t fire us……we stand united ad we are PISSED.

NO RIOTING. NO FIGHTING.  Don’t let them dictate how we react.  Search inside your soul and figure it out because NO ONE will do it for you.  One love, One peace and UNITY. 

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10 Black-Owned Vintage Shops to Support Today


In just a few short months, the coronavirus’ impact on local businesses has already been substantial, creating lasting consequences for black-owned vintage shops in particular. While both global powerhouses and local retailers have shuttered their doors, local businesses have been hit the hardest with staggering financial consequences. Consumer preferences rapidly shift from hedonic to utilitarian as the demand and budget for investment goods dwindle across various consumer demographics. The pandemic’s implications for the garment industry are no different: consumers are increasingly prioritizing affordable, long-lasting essentials over ephemeral trends or designer staples. The need to shop sustainably becomes more crucial than ever. 

It is important to recognize that black-owned businesses in particular have been disproportionately affected as the pandemic and resurgence in political turbulence coincide. And as consumers, it is our responsibility to remember who and what we are supporting with our purchasing power. While protesting, supporting grassroots organizations, petitioning, and engaging in conversations on racial justice are crucial for political progress, supporting black-owned businesses is one of the most impactful and sustainable ways to demonstrate allyship. After all, elevating black voices and supporting black communities are necessary to create lasting changes. 

Below is a list of ten top black-owned thrift stores and consignment shops, which offer one-of-a-kind vintage staples at accessible costs all over the country. From Fyre Vintage, a philanthropic vintage shop celebrating local artisans, to Small Needs, a vintage wonderland, these stores offer the opportunity to promote black-owned local businesses, shop sustainably, and find timeless statement pieces for your wardrobe. Think carefully about the implications of your purchases, remember the people behind the clothes you’re supporting, promote black-owned businesses and artisans, and have fun digging! 

10. Roam Vintage

Founded by Natasha Zoë Garrett, Roam Vintage is an online thrift store based in LA. Natasha hand-picks and curates Roam Vintage’s product assortment of clothing, accessories, and home decor. Roam vintage is the perfect place to browse for intricate, earth-toned garments, chunky knits, and leather accessories. 

New @RoamVintage drop for sale on 6/11 at 6:30 PM PST. Photo credits: Roam Vintage Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/roam.vintage/

9. Shirley and Alice

Shirley and Alice was founded by Khalilah Williams-Webb, the personal stylist for Brooklyn-based indy consignment store offers one-of-a-kind vintage staples. From a custom Alexander Wang purse to an embroidered 70s vest, shopping here is like digging through a treasure chest. In addition to being a vintage dreamland, Shirley and Alice supports local designers and businesses through collaborations and partnerships. It also fosters a strong sense of community among its fans through its pop up events, from Wine and Sip night to art fairs. 

8. Ephrance Vintage

Ephrance Vintage is an Austin-based vintage store and Depop shop that features bold colors, geometric prints, and androgynous silhouettes. In addition to offering funky everyday staples, Ephrance Vintage is currently donating 75% of its proceeds to Six Square, a cultural center in Austin that celebrates black arts, music, and history.

7. SofistaFunk

Founded by Creative Director Arlinda McIntosh, The Sofistafunk label promotes slow-fashion consumption through its versatile, zero-waste skirts, which are all Handmade-to-Order. The brand brings Victorian-style silhouettes to the contemporary market with their funky details and couture prints. The voluminous skirts are designed to be worn for a myriad of occasions. The signature skirt, called The Gathering, is inspired by McIntosh’s childhood memories of her mother working in cotton fields in North Carolina. As Arlinda explained, “I was especially drawn to their full skirts, which seemed to blow musically on the wind, they were passed down and multifunctional.  I’d watch them pin the hemlines up to the waist to create a large pocket that would hold various items needed for that day’s tasks, then by simply changing a few things and adding accessories, that same skirt that served them so well during the day seemed to magically transform into the most elegant outfit for other activities throughout the week.  These and other memories left me with a full Anthology of future “Skirt Stories” to tell.”

Sofistafunk’s signature “Gathering Skirt” in its Reversible Late Day Style. Photo credits: https://sofistafunk.com/collections/the-gathering/products/a-late-day-gathering-1

6. Kuration Collective

Kuration Collective, a funky collection of hand-picked Alaskan vintage, is a Depop and Instagram-based second-hand resale shop. The brand prides itself upon its intricately-curated 80s Alaskan aesthetic and timeless collection of vintage Disney staples. The prices fall between $25.00 -$125.00, offering a wide array of styles from graphic tee’s to occasionwear. Kuration Collective donates 10% of its profits to Essie Justice Group, a nonprofit, intersectionalist organization of women combatting mass incarceration reform.

90s Disney Mom Jeans for sale on Kuration Collective’s Depop page. Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBJbQZ9ldfi/

5. Marché Rue Dix

Marché Rue Dix, a concept store situated in Crown Heights Brooklyn, is any creative’s wonderworld. Their brick and mortar location carries quality vintage clothing, along with the work of contemporary Brooklyn creatives. From graphic tee’s and natural beauty products to teas and spices, Marché Rue Dix carries it all.

4. Second Hand Shawty

A global second-hand powerhouse, Second Hand Shawty is an eclectic e-commerce platform that prides itself upon its inclusive, one-of-a-kind wardrobe. Gender non-conforming and inclusive in sizing, the statement garments feature fun colors, oversized silhouettes, and funky 80s styles. Most garments are priced between $20.00 – $40.00. 

3. People of 2Morrow

People of 2Morrow is an e-commerce fashion, accessory, and home decor vintage shop. The brand’s core values are centered around environmental sustainability, and it seeks to provide social responsible garments and home adornment for the eco-conscious millennial. With a slightly higher price point than the majority of the brands on this list, the platform features some designer finds. Most of the garments are around $80.00- $100.00. 

80s Fuchsia Linen Blazer for sale on Peopleof2Morrow’s online store. Photo credits: https://www.peopleof2morrow.com/products/fuchsia-linen-vintage-blazer

2. Small Needs

A thrifting fanatic favorite, Small Needs is an online Etsy shop that sells whimsical designer vintage-wear. Its carefully curated collection is enchantingly beautiful, from its vintage 1960s womens clothing and fairy tale dresses and Dior blazers to its plissé gowns, lace corsets, and ornate 70s jewelry. Just a scroll through their Instagram feed will take your breath away. Feminine, Parisian, dreamy, and sexy, Small Needs is the place to turn when you’re in search of a vintage investment. 

60s Lace Bustier for sale on Small Needs’ Etsy Store. Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBCDd0ng4m8/

1. Fyre Vintage

Fyre Vintage is a Michigan-based vintage shop founded by @Daynabyday. Dayna strives to combat the dire environmental impact of fast fashion by encouraging second-hand shopping and supporting local businesses. Through Fyre Vintage, she seeks to promote second-hand consumption and to celebrate local artisans and businesses. 10% of Fyre’s proceeds are used to purchase sustainable, new clothing to donate to women’s shelters in Detroit.  

90s Jones New York Oversized Houdstooth Blazer for sale on Fyre Vintage. Photo credits: https://www.fyrevintage.com/shop/vintage-jones-new-york-houndstooth-oversized-blazer

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Photo credits: Roam Vintage, SofistaFunk, Kuration Collective, People of 2Morrow, Small Needs, & Fyre Vintage

MLK Day Celebrates 30 Years of Remembrance


“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we celebrate 30 years since MLK Day was observed for the first time on January 20th, 1986. We celebrate in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s efforts for racial equality and the legacy he left behind.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In a time when the hashtags “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” live and spark such controversy online and in the media, it is important for society to take a step back and reflect on the hardships this civil rights leader endured in his fight for equality amongst races and against racial segregation.
Known for his nonviolent activism and bravery to stand up for what he felt was right, MLK’s legacy is forever remembered and continuously recognized year after year.
Join Cliché Magazine as we honor Martin Luther King, Jr. after 30 years of remembrance this MLK Day!
To find an event happening in your neighborhood, head over to MLKday.gov to search their seemingly endless list of activities, or follow them on Twitter @MLKday for news and updates all day long.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Featured image courtesy of ASC Ideas

Celebrities Call for Social Change


There was once a time when we couldn’t state both fact and opinion and receive an immediate response, whether it be positive or negative. We went from a society who found out about events, tragedies, and everything in-between days and weeks later to discovering things in real time. The emergence of social media and the ability to watch and hear news as it is happening is often both a blessing and a curse. There was once a time when we didn’t know the daily thoughts of celebrities and the things they are passionate about, but the rise of social media has changed that. Twitter is the most often used platform for celebrities to share their thoughts with their biggest fans and biggest haters.
We know their favorite cereals, costars, movies, albums, and TV shows, and now we know their stance on political and social issues. Recently, there has been a bit of a debate on whether knowing your favorite action or romantic comedy star will or won’t use the #BlackLivesMatter moniker at the end of a tweet is a good or bad thing. In the wake of the deaths of multiple people of color, Celebrities are joining the voices of protestors and activists alike. Celebrities call for social change. There are many people who believe that they should stick to their perspective fields and leave everything political and social issues out of their tweets. Singer John Legend was told just as much by IBNN News after he took to Twitter to talk about the events in Ferguson Missouri.

IBNN News said to Legend “Music…stay in you lane.” To which he replied “@IBNN News human. Citizen, taxpayer. I’m in my lane, homie.”
Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams often takes to Twitter specifically to educate his followers about systematic racism and discrimination. Williams is a former educator and attaches sources to all of his tweets. On July 22, 2015, in 24 tweets, he talked to his followers about race in regards to the police.

One of the most powerful and thought-provoking tweets in the batch was number 8 of 24 when he discussed that certain Americans have the right to be angry or agitated and to display those emotions saying, “A select segment of Americans are granted the privilege of being able to resist said tyranny, scream at it, punch, shove or elude it.”
Legend and Williams aren’t the only celebrities asking their followers to pay attention to these issues and create change. Reality star Kim Kardashian-West, Cara Delevigne, Jeffrey Wright, Margaret Cho, and Ava DuVernay are urging their followers to do the same in the case of Sandra Bland, a woman who was arrested under the charge of resisting arrest and was found dead days later from an alleged suicide.

As stated earlier, the aforementioned celebrities are often asked to stay away from topics such as these and stick to their perspective fields. Asking this question brings about another: Would asking them to ignore social issues because they make some followers uncomfortable be the exact thing they are asking their followers not to do? Not to strip anyone of their rights as a human being or strip them of the right of being capable of multiple thoughts and feelings? At the end of the day, celebrities are simply people with public jobs and to ask them not to comment on these issues is to truly believe that they can only stay in one lane like Legend was asked to do.
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Photo courtesy of Twitter