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Civil Youth’s Mike Kepko Opens Up About Mental Health


Civil Youth is one of our favorite bands here at Cliché. With their powerful sound and even more powerful lyrics, we know that their music connects with many and their lyrics bring light to what it’s like to struggle with the weight of mental health. We asked lead singer of Civil Youth, Mike Kepko, about his Mental Health walk and what it’s been like for him. He vulnerably opened up with his “I Am Here.” Check it out below:


For whatever reason, I always see two drastic “groups” when it comes to mental health. Those who flaunt about it, thinking it’s a cool/trending thing to have, or those who don’t say a word about what they’re going through. I don’t know when it became cool not being able to breathe or feeling like you have nothing left to the point of ending your life, so this is for the introverted people who don’t wear their feelings on their arms.

For someone who has gone through depression, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and even sleep paralysis, I’ve tried everything to cope. For each person, it’s going to be different, and in my opinion, only time and self-growth will help you realize how to overcome these things. That’s not to discourage anyone who’s going through this or worse things, but rather a light at the end of the tunnel. Greatness and happiness are on the other side of fear.

I remember while I was writing Who Rescued Who, I found things out about myself that I never knew I had. It put me into a huge depression. I would have panic attacks every night around the same time, I couldn’t sleep, and it made me scared to leave my house just because I didn’t want to have a situation outside. I tried everything from music and sound therapy to aromatherapy to eventually going to see a shrink. All of this helped TONS. The self-inflicted therapies were easier to do since it was just me, but I had such a hard time admitting I had a problem and seeking professional help. I thought it made me weaker or “crazy.” Crazy is just a term to write off the issue and to put it aside. It’s a made-up word, just like snitlzelfritz. It doesn’t matter; just go seek help. It’s their job. Over the matter of time, I learned new ways to deal and to keep myself occupied. I found more than ever how important music was to me, which set me on the path of self-righteousness.

I think what I’m trying to say is: just find what you’re meant to do and do it. IT IS OKAY TO NEED HELP. IT’S OKAY TO SAY YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Look at me; I did and I’m doing more than fine now. In my coming to, I found there are 3 stages in overcoming fear:

– Arrogance (corresponding to the definition of lacking knowledge)
– Being just (knowing the bare minimum and fabricating scenarios)
– Knowledge (understanding the nooks and crannies of all things which put you on the other side of fear)

Once you’re on the other side, it’s pure bliss. You have control and you understand who you are as a person. I believe you can get there. Try the things I did. Let me know. All mental health articles are ways to cope, which I even mentioned some ways that helped me, but what people don’t get is the support. The point of writing this blog to you is MY support in your life. I AM here.


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Civil Youth’s Mike Kepko Opens Up About Mental Health: Photographed by Imani Givertz

Blogger of the Month: Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies


Envision yourself doing what you love on a daily basis and then it becoming something entirely bigger that can not only support your lifestyle, but inspire others as well. Sounds like magic, right? We believe that this can happen to each and every one of us with hard work, positivity, and a fierceness that cannot be faltered. Rachel Parcell―wife, mommy, business owner, and blogger of Pink Peonies―is living proof of this.

As a resident of Utah, Parcell began blogging in 2010 as a hobby and way to remember her first year of marriage with her hubby. After having her wedding featured on the cover of Utah Valley Brides Magazine, her blog quickly gained spotlight from women around the world, as well as major fashion brands and businesses.
With the growth of her blog as a go-to site for women to gain fashion, beauty, and even home decor inspiration, another business venture found itself on the horizon for Parcell. The creation of her own fashion line, Rachel Parcell, was founded in 2016 featuring classic, feminine pieces that reflect her signature style. Did we mention that she can do it all? With a family of five, including her fur baby, she’s a force to be reckoned with that is as sweet as can be.

©Nicole Gerulat

Cliché: Both your family and blog have blossomed over the years. How do you find a balance between your personal and business happenings?
Rachel Parcell: It’s really hard for me to find balance, but the best way I’ve done it is to separate my days out. I have days when I’m at home with my kids playing on the floor in my sweats (not glamorous at all!), and then I have days where I go into the office and have several meetings, conference calls, and photoshoots for upcoming projects for both my blog and clothing line. I’ve found that this schedule is what works best for me and helps me find balance in my life so that when I’m at work I can be focused and get everything done, and when I’m home, I can be fully dedicated to my kids.
Where do you gain inspiration for the pieces in your fashion brand?
I gain inspiration from the Pinterest, Fashion Forecasting books, and my favorite fashion magazines. I also love to look at my readers’ Instagram accounts to see what type of silhouettes and clothing they’re wearing, what colors they like, etc.
Where are your top places to find clothing for your children? Any hopes in creating your own children’s fashion line one day?
Oh my gosh, I love to dress my kids and coordinate mine and Isla’s outfits! My favorite places to shop for both my kids are Zara, Gap, and Old Navy. Honestly, I’m so busy with my blog and clothing line that I haven’t given a children’s fashion line much thought, but maybe one day.

The thing I’ve gained most from being a businesswoman is confidence in myself.

It’s truly motivational to see how much you have been able to build with your business. How do you motivate yourself to keep pushing forward? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or in a rut?
I’m a mom of two, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed, but I try to take it one day at a time. Whenever I’m in a rut, I remind myself why I do the things I do and it’s because I have such a love and passion for it. And that’s what motivates me the most! The industry I’m in is full of so many talented people, some of which have become close friends, and what they do inspires me and pushes me to keep going.
What have you gained from being a businesswoman?
The thing I’ve gained most from being a businesswoman is confidence in myself. I was able to take something I love and turn it into a successful business, which has proven that I can do anything I work hard at! My one tip would be to just do it.
We have seen your blog, Pink Peonies, bloom beautifully from its creation to where it is today. Do you have any upcoming ideas in the works that you can share with our readers?
I have a few fun projects coming down the pipeline that I’m excited about! Some of them include Nordstrom and Amazon’s live fashion show, Style Code Live. My new spring collection for my clothing line is launching soon as well. Stay tuned!

©JessaKae Photo

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Blogger of the Month: Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies: Featured image courtesy of JessaKae Photo

Alyssa Freitas


December means the start of our Winter session for our Style Column! Get ready for style and beauty inspiration all made for this cold weather season. Our featured bloggers will have your skin looking radiant, your makeup on point, and your clothes stylish and snugged with their helpful tips. Kicking off the start to these snowy days is blogger Alyssa Freitas from her blog on Blogspot. She’s a nineteen-year-old student with an exuberant personality that shines through her blog writing. Her posts feature the equal excitement in her life from her experiences and the incredible, helpful tips she shares with readers. Read on to see why we think she is a blogger’s delight in this debut of our Winter session Style Column.


Cliché: What are you top beauty/fashion routines?
Alyssa Freitas: Over the years, I have learned that simple works best for me for both fashion and beauty. Fashion wise, the most important part of my routine is asking myself, “If someone else was wearing this, would I compliment them?” If the answer is yes, then I go with it. If not, I ask myself how I can make it better. For beauty, I don’t do too much. Moisturizer, foundation, cream blush, mascara, some concealer, lipstick, and I’m ready to go.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
This season, I am all about lipstick to brighten up dreary winter days. My particular favorite is Wine with Everything by Revlon because of the creamy texture and affordable price. I also find it very important to use moisturizer to protect my skin from the effects of the cold. I use Olay’s Complete Daily Defense with SPF because the sun does shine even in the winter after all! I love the rosy cheeks you get from being out during the winter, so to have that look even when inside I use cream blush. As it turns out, my favorite cream blush has been discontinued, so I’m on the lookout for a replacement.

Any staple items that you think are winter must-haves? 
Winter must-haves are a plaid scarf, a wool coat, and if you’re feeling French, a beret. A plaid scarf can be sleek in the city, cozy in the country, and perfect just about anytime. Many fashion bloggers have been sporting blanket scarfs, but I am a little more traditional and will stick to my standard, non-fringed scarf. A wool coat can be simultaneously functional and fashionable. Unless there is a major blizzard you won’t catch me in a ski jacket; it’s all about wool. Whether you go for a pea coat, toggle coat (my personal favorite), or any other, you’ll be sure to look chic. Lastly, I LOVE to wear a beret in the winter, but I know it is not a look that everyone is willing to try. If you’re a hat person, I definitely recommend a beret.

Hanna Hotsyk: Dream. Love. Shop.


Ending our fall 14’ Style Column session beautifully is blogger, Hanna Hotsyk, from the gorgeous blog Dream. Love. Shop. Hanna is a fashion blogger with an exquisite sense of fashion that she features all the time on her darling blog. She mixes elements of European style and French details into eclectic outfits that you won’t want to take your eyes off of. She’s one of our top style muses when it comes to fashion inspiration (put her on your fashion inspo lists, gals)! You won’t get enough of the outfits she is always turning out. Hanna’s blog hasn’t only captured us, but other publications as well, including Teen Vogue, in which she is a contributor. Her talents also have allowed her to collab with many brands and designers such as Daniel Wellington. Doesn’t she sound like a Devil Wears Prada gal? We think so! Gain some inspiration whether it be beauty, fashion, or traveling from this gorgeous soul. Read on for some priceless style and beauty tips she eagerly shared with us!

Cliché: What are you top beauty/fashion routines?
Hanna Hotsyk: I love having a bit more of free time while getting ready to go out. In such situations I spend more time than usually doing my makeup. I love using the highlighter for my cheekbones (my favourite is the Benefit one) or playing with the eyeshadows (Marc Jacobs or Givenchy). I love having my hair curled with a straightener, but be careful, do not do it often because it damages your hair badly.
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Body Creams and Body Butters (Victoria’s Secret, Body Shop, or Bath and Body Works), Candles (Yankee Candle, Zara Home) and Woollen skirts. Fall is the perfect time to wear a woollen skirt with a warm sweater and a leather jacket on a sunny day!
Any staple items that you think are fall must-haves?
A warm cozy sweater. Seriously, how can you survive ‘sweater weather’ without a sweater? This season, I am obsessed with grey and I love how grey woollen sweaters look with jeans and leather shorts and olive pants. And don’t forget a matching scarf. I love silky ones. Beige scarf combined with a grey sweater is a must-wear outfit.
What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Leave enough time for yourself. Do not get ready in a hurry. When you have time to carefully pick an outfit for the day and make your hair and makeup, you always get a satisfied feeling of a finished look. I personally always think of what I am going to wear the day before, try to find something original. It is hard for me to feel special in a pair of simple jeans.

Mariel Mendoza: Lifestyle Blog


Meet city gal and Manhattan inhabitant Mariel Mendoza from her blog of the same name! She treats New York City as her personal playground and frequently shares her encounters in the Big Apple with her readers. From series such as “First Look” that cover trends, stores, or new things she tries, to “Cover This” in which she focuses on something special, Mariel is continuously staying in the loop of anything and everything in the city that never sleeps. We’ll call her our personal travel tour guide for the city that we can’t get enough of! We know this gal is one to count on after previously living in Las Vegas — she’s a go-getter for sure. Check out her fabulous blog and some of her style and beauty tips she graciously shared with us below!


Cliché: What are your​ beauty/fashion routines?
Mariel Mendoza:
My beauty routine consists of cleansing, with a face wipe or a cleanser, and doing a swipe of toner. Afterwards, I moisturize under my eyes and around my face and if I plan on going out, this is when I apply moisturizer with SPF. My everyday makeup is fairly light, so I only use Smashbox’s CC cream, a microfinish powder to help mattify my skin, eyeliner and mascara to define my eyes, and a little bit of contouring and blush so I don’t look washed out.
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Coconut oil, Lush’s Silky Underwear dusting powder, and Fresh’s Sugar Lip Advanced Therapy. You can literally use coconut oil for anything and I find it to be a great overnight moisturizer for the colder months. Lush’s dusting powders are just awesome because not only do they make my skin soft, they’re great for keeping me dry… especially when I’m all layered up and find myself waiting for a train in the hot subways. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Advanced Therapy seems to be the only lip balm that can really combat my dry and chapped lips.
Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves?
Capes and ponchos are my favorite fall fashion items and every retailer is carrying them this season. Zara has some beautiful ones at the moment but if you have a budget, Forever 21 has cute ponchos for a fraction of the cost.
What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
This may seem like a silly thing to consider as a tip, but having clothes that properly fit will make you feel good about what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing poorly fitted clothes, you’re going to find yourself being self conscious about how you look and that will eventually show in photos and your body language. I was actually a victim of this when I had bought a dress that was a size too large and I insisted on wearing it even though the shoulders were large and I constantly had to adjust the straps of the dress from falling off my shoulders. Needless to say, the entire time I was wearing the dress, the only thing I was obsessing about was keeping my straps on my shoulders.

Vicky Sullivan: Aspiring Socialite


Known as a modern-day Cinderella, Vicky Sullivan is a blogger that has certainly evolved through the online world. After finding herself in a place she wasn’t happy with in the hustle and bustle of New York City, she turned to the internet to switch her life up. Her dream of becoming a socialite out on the town making experiences and meeting people in a fabulous life came true — all thanks to the cyber world! From life adventures of a socialite to tips on beauty and fashion, Vicky has conquered all she could wish for and more. Check out some of the style and beauty tips she shared with us below. You may find some notes on how to make your dreams come true, too!

Cliché: What are your top beauty/fashion routines?
Vicky Sullivan: I have acne-prone skin, so I follow the daily beauty routine my dermatologist gave me very closely. In the morning, I wash my face with Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash. I then moisturize with Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30. Lastly, I apply Acanya, a combination of Clindamycin Phosphate and Benzoyl Peroxide available by prescription only to fight acne.
At night, I again wash my face with Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash followed by CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion. As the final acne treatment of the day, I apply the prescription cream Tazorac. This has really been the secret sauce to keeping acne away.
As far as fashion routines go, it really depends on the season and the occasion. While some days I dress up and do full makeup, other days I wear a t-shirt, jeans, and light makeup.
For more on my beauty routine, check out this post: http://www.aspiringsocialite.com/my-daily-skin-care-routine-revealed/
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Three products I couldn’t live without this season include thigh-high boots, moisturizer, and black eyeliner. While thigh-high boots are both sexy and functional, a good moisturizer keeps your skin soft and smooth during the winter months. Black eyeliner always brings out my blue eyes perfectly, but I can’t really use it during the summer because it tends to melt off. So I take advantage of the wintertime and wear black eyeliner whenever I get the chance. I love liquid liners the best.
Any staple items that you think are winter must-haves?
A good pair of boots, a favorite sweater, and a pair of skinny jeans are your basic winter must-haves. Leggings and a stylish trench coat are also fabulous to have on hand for the winter.
What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
If you feel comfortable in your own skin, you’ll feel confident in what you’re wearing. Wear what you feel most comfortable in and let your confidence do the rest.
What is your favorite piece(s) from your wardrobe?
My favorite pieces in my wardrobe include my dark skinny jeans, black tank tops, and black boots. My dark skinny jeans can be either dressed up or dressed down and make me look my best either way. Black tank tops are an essential to go under certain shirts and dresses, while black boots show that you mean business.

Ellen Borza: A Pop of Pink


Need some fall style inspiration? Ellen Borza can feed all of your fashion needs on her gorgeous site, A Pop of Pink. With just some typing and a click, you enter Ellen’s modest yet chic world where she shares her personal style, fashion favorites, “Pink Profiles” that spotlight other inspirational bloggers, and more. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Ellen now attends the University of Pittsburgh as a Communications and Psychology student. Beauty and brains, right? Let’s just call her your modern day Elle Woods! Her blog started from her passion to write, and she made A Pop of Pink into something not only beautiful to look at but filled with beauty and words. Check out some of the fashion and beauty tips Ellen generously shared with us for our Style Column! You may want to add some of her must-haves to your lists as well!

photo 1

Cliché: What are you top beauty/fashion routines?
Ellen Borza:
I’ve really come to learn the importance of wearing lipstick in recent months. Now, I hardly leave the house without it. I think it’s important to have a lip color for day and night.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
A blanket scarf (so comfy), combat boots, and a great dark nude lip for fall.
Any staple items that you think are fall must-haves?
Again, a blanket scarf is so chic and unbelievably cozy. There’s a reason that it’s called a blanket scarf. I also love combat boots when I want to add an edge to my outfit, but I also love my riding boots too.
What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
I think confidence comes from the inside, and I think you should always wear clothing that makes you feel good and represents the best version of you or who you are in that moment.
What is your favorite piece(s) from your wardrobe? 
I just got a navy and white striped sweater dress from the Gap. It’s so comfortable, but it’s also timeless. I’ll be pairing it with my riding boots throughout the fall.

Emily Snider: Em La Jolie


Gold, glitter, and some French; how much more darling can you get? These little elements make up some of blogger Emily Snider’s site, Em La Jolie. La Jolie stands for the pretty, lovely, or nice-looking, which is a French translation that describes Emily’s blog right on point. This twenty-one year old East Coast-at-heart gal is currently blogging all the way from Paris. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? She shares some breathtaking photos of her travels with her readers, including food reviews, overseas looks, and her thoughts about her Paris journey. Her “101 Things in 1,001 Days” bucket-list post, which she started last year as a New Year’s resolution, is a must-check-out piece on her blog, especially for the holiday season. Try it out yourself (I’m getting mine started)! Continue reading to check out Emily’s tips on beauty/fashion that we had the pleasure of speaking with her about.

Cliché: What are your top beauty/fashion routines?
Emily Snider:  For beauty, I like to keep my look natural. My go-to routine always involves exfoliating my face, darkening my brows/eyelashes, and a slight cheek contour with bronzer. When it comes to fashion, I’m also a minimalist. I wear a lot of natural and dark hues, but I love to accent my look with a cute scarf, jewelry, or an oversized sweater.
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Burt’s Bees Peach Ginger Exfoliating wipes (perfect for on-the-go), oversized sweaters, and my Michael Kors Jet Set tortoiseshell watch.
Any staple items that you think are fall must-haves? 
Definitely a pair of leather riding boots. They’re so versatile, comfortable, and practically scream “it’s autumn” when you wear them! Also, big scarves and the oh-so-necessary Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Comfort comes first. If you’re going to be constantly readjusting, you’re not going to be happy, and you know what Audrey Hepburn says…

Miranda Mendoza: Slashed Beauty


We’ve found one beauty blogger who has all of the answers to any of your beauty questions! Call Miranda Mendoza your beauty genie in a bottle—perfume bottle that is. Her blog, Slashed Beauty, is a top source for anyone’s beauty needs, featuring anything from reviews to tips. Can you count how many times we’ve said beauty already? We can’t help it! This beauty guru is one pro for sure, having been named “Most Buzzworthy” Blogger by Allure Magazine this year. Miranda not only shares the latest and hottest cosmetics out there, but as a feminist she speaks out against any “ideals” society has put on the definition of beauty. She shows her readers how beauty should not only be pointed towards makeup but inside all of us most of all. She defines beauty in her own way, one we are super supportive of! Head on over to her blog to check out tutorials, beauty news/updates, and more! For now, get to know Miranda with some of the tips she has provided on both fashion and beauty. Read on!


Cliché: What are you top beauty/fashion routines?
Miranda Mendoza:
My everyday beauty routine consists of foundation, brows, a neutral smokey eye, mascara, contouring, and a statement lip!

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
My top three products I couldn’t live without this season: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen (THE perfect fall vampy lip), Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara (for the most fluttery lashes), and my e.l.f. Stippling Brush (to get flawless foundation)
Any staple items that you think are fall must-haves? 
I’ve been using my Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette religiously because of all the rosy fall shades and sultry neutrals.
What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
My number one tip to feel confident no matter what you’re wearing: smile and own your look, never apologizing for stepping outside the box! If you look confident, others will perceive you that way.

Gabrielle Sorto: Gabriellesantoinette.com


Honest, witty, and like any twenty-something year old out there, Gabrielle Sorto tells it all on Gabriellesantointette.com. Gabrielle has no fear of putting her authentic self out into the internet world, a self which many of us women can relate to throughout her blog posts on dating, fashion, beauty, and anything else that life has to offer. She’s a girlfriend we’d all love to blab with over any overpriced coffee that she is currently favoriting! The main thing she’ll chat about today is beauty and fashion — a topic that we all could definitely talk about a lot. So grab your cups of coffee and share some time with Gabrielle as she shares some of her personal tips!


Cliché: What are your​ beauty/fashion routines?
Gabrielle Sorto:
I wouldn’t say that I have a fashion routine because I just dress the way I’m feeling each day, which usually varies. However, there are two things in my beauty routine that are always consistent: I always moisturize and I never leave home without winged eyeliner. Winged liner has sort of become my signature look, so I always incorporate it into my eye shadow looks.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
I love the deep colors that the fall season brings. Bold lipstick is a must have for me. I particularly love plums. Again, with my winged eyeliner obsession, I can’t live without my liquid liner. I also need blush. My favorite this season is Milani’s Mineral Blush in Red Vino. It’s the perfect fall blush tone; I’m obsessed with it.
Any staple items that you think are fall ​must-haves? 
Fall fashion is all about layering for me. I love that I can wear a dress, skirt, or pants and just throw something over it. My favorite pieces to layer are my denim and leather jackets. They’re the perfect pieces to throw on over pretty much anything. Another fall staple is definitely boots. All of the boots. I have an issue where I have way too many black boots in different variations, but I’m obsessed with them all. I pretty much wear a pair of boots every day in the fall season.
What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
I think the number one thing that you can do to feel good in your outfit is to love your clothes and own it. Trends are fun, but I think you should always wear whatever you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel good. Even if you think it’s something that other people might find strange, if you like it, then just own it. If you love your outfit and it makes you feel good, then your confidence will radiate and that’s the most important thing.

Kiara Michelle: KiaraMichelle.com


Many of us can relate to going to school to achieve career goals, and we end up rushing from class to class, studying really hard to get those good grades, and juggling all of it along with anything else we may have going on. In the midst of teaching ourselves and learning all that we can, we often strive to find something to inspire us, something to pull out the creativeness within our souls. Kiara Michelle, who runs the blog Kiaramichelle.com, is one such 20-year-old college student from Florida making her way in the medical field and inspiring her readers with her bohemian-esque style. Through her blog, she shares how you don’t just have to stick to one field in life. Instead, she believes you should move with your heart, try out as many of your passions as you can, and let your creativity thrive in as many roles as you can manage. She is a perfect example of being both a fashionista (when not in her scrubs!) and a medical student. Talk about the best of both worlds for her! Check out just how passionate Kiara is about living your life to the fullest and how adding some style will make life feel more loved.


Cliché: What are you​r​ beauty/fashion routines?
Kiara Michelle:
I don’t think I have a certain fashion routine just because whatever mood I’m in is what I go for clothing-wise. When it comes to makeup, I am super simple. In college, I don’t feel the need to cake my face; I usually lean towards a nice BB cream to freshen up my face, mascara (it’s a must), and I always love to do a slight contour on the cheeks!
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
This season is exciting for me because I get to play with dark lips and a matte finish face. Three products that I cannot live without this fall season is my Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder to set my foundation (I have a super oily T-zone), my Benefit Hoola bronzer, and of course my Mac lipstick in “Rebel.” I feel like I am fall-ready with those three products.
Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves? 
My fall must-haves are pretty basic because I love to keep certain pieces casual just to layer up and add one statement item to my outfit. My first fall must-have is definitely black booties because they can go with any outfit. Black booties can give your look an urban/edgy feel, or you can wear them casually and dressy. My second fall must-have definitely has to be a leather jacket/vest. I love the dark look for the fall. A leather motorcycle jacket and wine colored lips is definitely my go-to fall look.

Kelly Baum: A Thing of Beauty


We’re at it again with the second addition of Cliché Magazine’s blogger feature with the spotlight on Kelly Baum of A Thing of Beauty. Baum founded her blog in 2011 and it has grown and evolved beautifully over three years, featuring posts from product reviews to motivational words. The style of each post makes Baum’s readers feel right at home, as if they’re sitting across from their best girlfriend sharing beauty and fashion tips and dishing about life’s moments. Her way with words has created not only a bounty of readers on her blog, but a community itself—one that not only shares outward beauty, but inward beauty as well. Self-love is something we’re always rooting for at Cliché, and Baum’s messages have surely been received positively. The blog has been recognized by many, with listed partnerships being Her Campus and Linqia, and Baum has also worked with brands like Global Goddess and Prestige Cosmetics. With a growing audience of 2,000 people who make up eight social networks, including YouTube, there is definitely more to come from this empowering blogger.


Cliché: What are your​ beauty/fashion routines?
Kelly Baum:
My beauty and fashion routines are very similar. I always start with a classic look or piece and then build it up from there. With my beauty routines, I start with a clean, fresh base and light eyeliner, and then add a twist with my blush or lipstick. I do the same with my everyday fashion. I love to start with a classic piece like a pleated black dress or simple skirt and then add pop with a pair of fun shoes or accessories.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Berry-toned lip balm pencils, a reliable lip balm, and hydrating face masks. I’m a bit obsessed with lip products at the moment, so I’ve been hoarding berry-toned lip balm pencils like crazy! I love them because even after the gloss wears off, you’re left with a pretty stain on the lips. Since the weather is getting cooler, I’m hoarding lip balms to keep chapped lips far away! To give my skin a little extra glow, I love to use a good hydrating face mask once a week to rejuvenate.

Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves?
Brown riding boots. I have been wearing a pair I picked up from Kohl’s last year almost every day this month. I love them because they’re a great way to keep your legs warm as the weather gets cooler. They are also so versatile; I’ve worn them with black tights, dresses, and skinny jeans.
What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Stick to your style. It’s good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, but I prefer to stick to a main classic style that I know works for me. It’s what I personally feel the best and most confident in.