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Short Hair Inspiration


Making the decision to cut your hair is never an easy one. Most of us go through the 5 stages of grief at the thought of losing our crown and glory. Your identity can be so wrapped up in your fabulous tresses, but it’s important to keep in mind: It’s. Just. Hair. Now that we’ve got that established, it’s time to narrow down exactly how you’re going to style your new ‘do with some much needed short hair inspiration. We did all the work for you and have some lovely ladies who show how sexy short can be.

How To: Shaggy Bob


The shaggy bob might be the most season-friendly hairstyle out there. It looks great in the fall, edgy in the winter, cute in the spring, and efficient in the summer. No matter what time or season of the year, the shaggy bob can stand out amongst other hairstyles out there. And if you are a ...