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Tips to Finding Your Perfect Bikini


Today we want to share some great tips to finding your perfect bikini. Trying to get a perfect summer body for the beach? We’ll let you in on a secret. You already have the perfect summer body! Enough of the patriarchal structures trying to fit women into a corset. You no longer have to be in “shape” to fit into the perfect bikini.

At Bananamoon.com, we have something for every size. Just follow these tips, and you will find yourself on the beach, in that bikini you have been dreaming of, soaking in all the sun.

Don’t ignore your body type

finding your perfect bikini

Photo by Jorck Zavala on Pexels

While you don’t have to change the way you look, all women indeed have different body types.  Deciding on a swimsuit or bikini keeping in your body type will add a certain effect to the way you look.


An apple-shaped body refers to the type where the person has a heavier upper body and a comparatively lighter lower body. Therefore, it will be wise not to wear something prominent as bottom wear and focus on a supportive bra top.


People with straight figures tend to have no or fewer curves. Therefore, the idea is to create an illusion of the same. The best way to do that is to find a bikini with fringes, flounce details.

Apart from that, you can also try an outfit with heavier bottom wear and a Brazilian top.


finding your perfect bikini

Photo by Igor Starkov on Pexels

In the case of an hourglass body, the upper body and the lower body share a similar equation of curves. Therefore, your attire has to style, taking that into account. If you wear something like a triangle top, try to pair it with shorts. This will ensure that the upper receive as much coverage as the lower body.

Pear Shape

A Pear-shaped body has more bust in the lower body with a small upper body. To highlight the latter, you can use a tip with an interesting neckline or something that catches the attention quickly.

Make sure you are comfortable enough

Not a lot of people are too keen on comfort when it comes to fashion. That’s where we disagree with them. If you find a good stylist or a good brand (like us!), they will manage to find you designs that are both attractive and comfortable.

If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, how will you flaunt yourself in that very outfit? Your mind will keep wandering to where it hurts and how you want to take it off.

Hence, don’t go overboard. Sexy and cozy don’t have to be alternatives.

Pay close attention to the size chart

Now, we all would agree that the best way to shop for bikinis is to try them out. However, with this pandemic on our heads, online shopping seems to be the only way out.

Don’t fret; we have a way out! Our website posts pictures of a bikini from every possible angle and complements it with an illustrative size chart. Thus, all you have to do is take your measurements and decide which one suits you the best.

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Suited Up: How To Buy The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape


After what was for many a long, seemingly endless winter, sunnier days are finally upon us and here to stay. With these higher temperatures also comes another occasion: swimsuit season. For some, the thought of dancing around on a beach clad in an itsy-bitsy bikini with a Mojito in hand is nothing short of heaven; and yet, there are still those of us that, even upon hearing the word “swimsuit”, experience a unique sense of panic (and perhaps a few blushes). But that needn’t be the case. Whatever your body type is — slim, curvy, busty, athletic — there’s absolutely a perfect swimsuit out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the most flattering style for your shape.

Here, we’ve taken the stress out of swimsuit shopping with a simple guide to help you buy the best swimsuit for your shape this season. Though we of course believe that any woman can and should try out any look she so desires (#bcbodypositivityisimportant), the right fit is undoubtedly the one key to looking good, no matter your size and shape. Read on to select the perfect ensemble that will take you from pool parties to tropical vacays in these warm months to come.


The Hourglass

The ladies of the Hourglass are blessed with beautiful proportions that are meant to be shown off. If you’re one lucky enough to have this covetably contoured shape, your balanced figure works in your favor come swimsuit season, as there are so many different designs suitable for your body. Perhaps the best of all is the cult classic: the triangle string bikini. This barely-there style allows your curves to take center stage, and is not to mention ideal for a bronzing session while sprawled out on a towel with a good book, or an impromptu photoshoot with your friends (whichever suits your fancy). We love this glamorous metallic look by Lisa Marie Fernandez, as well as another popular style this season: crocheted swimwear, for those who adore a bohemian aesthetic. Hourglass shapes also look especially seductive in underwire styles, which also provide additional support and definition up top.



The Pear

For Pear shapes, your thighs, hips, and behind are your greatest assets (pun intended? yep.), but also the features that you’ll have to work on balancing out for a more proportionate look. The idea is to celebrate your bodacious bottom half — you put all those squats in for a reason, right? — while also finding a style that will help to elongate you since your lower body tends to dominate your physique. Boy shorts and skirt styles are no-go’s for these reasons, as these designs cut you off at the mid-thigh and will actually make you appear shorter and stockier.

For a longer and leaner silhouette, opt for tops that draw the eye — be it with bare shoulders, cutouts, twists, or ruching — and bottoms cut high on the hips for a leg-lengthening effect. Sports-bra-inspired styles present an alternative option for these ladies, as the straight-cut design assists in creating the illusion of increased width up top that will match well with your lower half. Our picks for this shape include this minimalist, lilac-hued set by LA Hearts, and this wallet-friendly ASOS find perfect for those who’ve recently put a little extra work into their abs.




The Apple

Apple girls boast a full bust, but often carry more weight in the mid-section area, which sometimes makes swimsuit shopping a bit more intimidating for these folks. But, the reality is, there’s a wide range of styles conducive for this body type. For one, plunging necklines were made for the Apple shape; not only are you able to play up your plentiful cleavage, but the vertical line created by this style draws the eye up and down, creating the illusion of more length. Surplice necklines are similarly flattering, as they serve to highlight the upper waistline and thus create a curvier silhouette.

Details are especially important to consider when shopping for the Apple shape swimsuit. Styles featuring gathering at the front or side have a slimming effect, as do suits with colorblocked side panels. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and prints, too — especially at the bodice, which helps to draw attention away from the fuller waist area. Strategically-placed ruffles conceal any lumps or bumps, and moreover add a feminine feel. High-waist bottoms are always a safe bet when you feel the need to streamline your silhouette, or if you’re going for a retro look.


image courtesy of swimsuitsforall.com


The Inverted Triangle

Ladies with the killer upper body strength, we’re looking right at you. As the name of this body type suggests, Inverted Triangle gals are best known for their beautiful backs and shoulders. These features should be shown off — but the lower half of this physique can sometimes be overshadowed in result. Since a proportionate look is the end goal, swimsuits that attract the eye to the core and below are the most successful fits for this shape. Halter strap styles are especially ideal for balancing out broad shoulders, and self-ties at the hips help to add emphasis to the legs.

We love this sensual bandage bikini design by OYE Swimwear because it still bares the shoulders, but moreover wraps around the body in a fashion that accentuates the natural waist and midsection for an hourglass effect. As a basic rule: everyone should own at least one black swimsuit, the most slimming color of them all. This one-piece style by Suboo is another attractive option, with a chevron-pattern knit fabric and flirtatious side cutouts that add interest.



The Ruler

The Rulers are the naturally long, lean girls of the group, with straighter, athletic builds often equipped with a solid core and powerful legs. Given their more “rectangular” shape, these ladies will benefit from a suit that gives their sweet and subtle curves some extra love. Bikinis are perfect for showcasing your toned bellies, but avoid straight-cut styles that will only further emphasize the straightness of the body and instead search for styles with ruffles, cutouts, strappy details, and the like to add dimension. Bikini styles with high-waist bottoms are also helpful for Ruler shapes since they enhance the natural waist, like this chic one by Solid & Striped.

We also can’t forget about a basic one-piece, which was made for athletic ladies who are more likely playing volleyball on the beach than just chilling in the sun. If you’re not so into solid-colored suits, playful patterns and textured fabric elevate these simple pieces so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.




Remember: these guidelines are tips — not hard and fast rules. The truth is, each and every one of us has a unique and beautiful figure that only we know best, one that’s also determined by other factors such as genetics, health conditions, and lifestyle choices. We’re the ones that have to be both happy and comfortable in the style we choose. The one real mantra to bear in mind is this: rock what you got, and play up what’s lacking. And make the shopping experience as fun and positive as possible, of course. We certainly wouldn’t frown up a dressing room fashion show should the need arise.


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Suited Up; How To Buy The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape. Featured Image courtesy of The Curvy & The Curveless

Dress for your body type: Business Edition


Balancing professionalism at work while infusing your stylish diva nature into your business attire can often be a daunting task. Dowdy suits from our grandparents era come to mind and the horror of ill fitting blouses haunt the soul. However, all is not lost. Here are the guidelines for dressing for your body type while incorporating the trends of the season.


Bananas, apples, pears- all these fruits can become confusing, but the simplicity of it all is: do you carry more of your weight in your upper body? If so, drawing attention from your middle area while highlighting your attributes such as your bust and legs, is key to sealing your status as style queen of the office. You’ll want to gravitate to dresses and shirts with an empire waist that draw in under the bust and floats away from the body to camouflage any unwanted bumps. Accentuating the legs with A-line skirts also draws the eye away from the trunk of your torso. To ensure you are following the dress code of an office environment, highlight the bust not with a revealing blouse, but with a statement necklace that focuses the eye around the face. When selecting these items keep in mind winter whites. White will never go out of style and this season continues to assert itself as a must have color in your wardrobe.


BCBGMAXAZRIA Camber A-Line Skirt


The most common body type for women, a pear-shaped figure carries more weight in the thighs and hips. The objective with a bottom heavy figure is to keep the focus on the upper body, highlighting it to balance out the proportions between your hips and shoulders. Wear blouses in bright hues to cast attention to your top half and printed dresses to camouflage the hips. This season menswear prints are on the rise, so do not hesitate to venture out of your comfort zone with tartan prints and the classic houndstooth as these patterns stay in tuned with an office environment while staying on trend. Streamlined pants in basic colors are your friend, therefore avoid pockets or details that add emphasis to this area. Incorporating a tailored blazer into your wardrobe adds definition to the shoulders, while emphasizing your narrow waist.

houndstooth dress

Lauren Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Dress


A boxy shape closely resembles a rectangle. Focusing on creating and enhancing the waist is one of the main focuses for this body type to create the illusion of a fuller figure. Wrap dresses are your friends, embrace them. Drawing in at the waist, this style succeeds at creating a cinched in waist and the presence of fuller hips. Stick to knee length dresses and skirts as this cut is very professional and very stylish. Designers Jonathan Saunders and House of Holland featured the modest cut in their collections this season, giving a nod to ladylike styles.

wrap dress

Karen Kane Cascade Wrap Dress


It is easy to overwhelm a small frame with too many fabrics and ill fitting cuts. A cropped blazer works well with a smaller frame. It doesn’t overwhelm the body while adding definition and form. Ensure that the end of the jacket hits a little bit above your natural hip as you want to avoid cutting the body in half, shortening your appearance. High waisted pants and skirts are ideal as they elongate your form, creating the illusion of longer legs. Skirts and dresses should stop at or just above the knee, as you can pull this off more easily without stepping into the danger of appearing inappropriate. Invest in an emerald hued item as this is the color of the season. The rich color offers a muted tone to an outfit which is a plus in an office setting since louder colors are not always appreciated.

cropped blazer


Photos courtesy of Bloomingdale’s