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Celebrity Books You Must Read


I love TV and I love reading, so memoirs or books written by some of my favorite celebrities make for the best of both worlds. I’ve devoured Tina Fey’s Bossypants, Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, and both of Mindy Kaling’s books—among others—but I have plenty that are still on my to-read list. Here are four that I want to get through this year. 

Love Life by Rob Lowe
Lowe released his second memoir in 2014, and I’ve been meaning to read it ever since. He’s literally (get it?) one of my favorite actors. Here, he reveals more about his life and family, and I’m just already smitten.
Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow
This is less of a memoir and more of a collection of interviews, but I love it. Funny man and director Judd Apatow compiled interviews with some of the biggest and best names in comedy, so I know this book will make me laugh out loud.
Life by Keith Richards
This book was published six years ago, and I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. However, as a fan of the Rolling Stones, I know Keith Richards has amazing stories to tell. This autobiography is still dominating the bestseller list.
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
Aziz Ansari is a comedic genius and this novel mixes his humor with an investigation into how people find love in a modern world. As someone who has been single her whole life and refuses to resort to Internet dating services, I’m interested in what Aziz has to say.
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Celebrity Books You Must Read: Featured image courtesy of Penguin Press

Enter to Win ‘The Immortals’ by Jordanna Max Brodsky


Cliché Magazine is teaming up with Orbit Books for a giveaway you won’t want to miss! Enter to win ‘The Immortals‘ by Jordanna Max Brodsky, in stores February 16, 2016!
One (1) lucky winner will receive the following:
– One copy of The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky
– One branded “GODDESS” sweatshirt.
*Prizing and samples provided by Orbit Books

How to Enter:
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Giveaway open to U.S. addresses only.

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MTheImmortalsanhattan has many secrets. Some are older than the city itself.

The city sleeps. Selene DiSilva walks her dog along the banks of the Hudson. She is alone—just the way she likes it. She doesn’t believe in friends, and she doesn’t speak to her family. Most of them are simply too dangerous.
In the predawn calm, Selene finds the body of a young woman washed ashore, gruesomely mutilated and wreathed in laurel. Her ancient rage returns. And so does the memory of a promise she made long ago—when her name was Artemis.

Photographed by Ben Arons

Photographed by Ben Arons

Jordanna Max Brodsky hails from Virginia, where she spent four years at a science and technology high school pretending it was a theater conservatory. She holds a degree in History and Literature from Harvard University.  When she’s not wandering the forests of Maine, she lives in Manhattan with her husband. She often sees goddesses in Central Park and wishes she were one.
Learn more about the book at OlympusBound.com
Visit the author at JordannaMaxBrodsky.com
Follow Jordanna on Twitter and Facebook

This post is brought to you in partnership with Orbit Books.

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5 Fashion Gift Ideas


The holiday season is in full effect, and with that comes the endless crowds of shoppers hustling through department stores, shopping centers, and local malls. When it comes to checking off gifts on your lists, we know how much of a hunting experience it can turn into. Not only are you searching for presents amongst endless arrays of shiny items, but you’re also trying to make your way through the crowds—without stepping on anyone’s toes. We understand how trying holiday shopping can be, especially when it’s fashion focused. With the growing amount of fashion products out there, it can become quite overwhelming in the decision-making process. Luckily, here at Cliché we’re always ready to lend a hand in being your holiday elves—stylish ones, of course. We’ve gathered 5 fashion gift ideas for all of the fashionistas in your life. Check them out below and put your present worries to rest. Happy shopping, readers! 
Fashion Reads:
What better way to enhance your fashionista’s knowledge than with a hip fashion book all about what they love?



Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, By Andrew Bolton (www.amazon.com, $25.27)

Grace A Memoir


Fifty Dresses That Changed The World, By Design Museum (www.amazon.com, $15.41)

Bling Bling:
Anything covered in gold will light their eyes right up.



Charmed I’m Sure Gift Set (www.baublebar.com, $68)

Shiny Mix Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket


Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket (www.baublebar.com, $23)

Faux Fur Finds:
So they can stay warm and fashion forward at the same time.

Soft Furry Stole


Soft Furry Stole (www.zara.com, $25.99)

Faux Fur Hat


Faux Fur Hat (www.hm.com, $24.99)

All That Glitters:
During the holiday season, it’s their chance to get away with wearing as much glitter as they want.

Metallise Clutch


Metallise Clutch (www.anthropologie.com, $78)

Petite Party Bag


Cooperative Petite Party Crossbody Bag (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $44)

The Coziest Knits:
Whether inside, or out, a high-quality knit will last a lifetime.

Animal Ears Beanie


Animal Ears Beanie (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $29)

J Crew Pjs


Stretch Cotton Sleep Set (www.jcrew.com, $69.50)

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5 Entertainment Gift Ideas


There is something magical about the holidays. The changing leaves and blankets of snow are excuses to curl up in your warmest blankets and sip something hot. Even if you live in a place warm enough to skip the snow, you can still sip hot cocoa anyway. That’s the great thing about the holidays—there are no rules. However, the true magic of the holidays lies in gift giving. What is more rewarding than watching someone you love open the perfect gift that you picked out for them? That’s right! Nothing. We have compiled a list of five things that are sure to keep the magic of the holidays alive with gifts that are perfect for any entertainment lover.

  1.  Movies/DVDS

My favorite thing to do leading up to Christmas (or any other holiday) is to watch movies. I tend to curl up with my warmest blankets and my laptop and watch the movies that involve the upcoming holiday’s theme in some way. My favorite Christmas movie to watch is The Family Stone. I watch it every year without apology. So why not gift your loved one with a good movie? Give them a gift you can watch together.

  1. Music

Music is always the answer in our opinion. You can’t go wrong when you gift your loved one with their favorite artist’s new album or EP. If you want to introduce them to new music, why not go old school and make them a mixed CD? Nothing says I care about you more than, ‘Hey, I heard this song and thought of you.’

  1.  Books

No, really. Books are some of the best things about the holidays. There’s nothing more fun than being able to transport yourself to another world to laugh, cry, and smile for a few hours as the holiday festivities come together around you. Is your loved one a fan of pop culture like we are? Gift them the funny, witty, and honest essay collections of their favorite people like Roxane Gay, Mindy Kaling and Issa Rae. They’ll thank you for it later; trust us.

  1.  Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect when you’re an indecisive, self-conscious gift giver. Gift cards give you the freedom to be confident in your choices because you’re essentially giving out free money. Your loved one can buy what they want (i.e. the books, music, movies), and you still get the credit. Sweet, right?

  1.  A Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV Subscription

Hear me out. Who wouldn’t love a year of free TV and movies? Offering your loved one a chance to never miss an episode of their favorite TV show and a chance to watch all of their favorite classic movies is a surefire way to get the favorite cousin, child, or niece title you’ve been eyeing for years. Plus, it gives you an excuse to sit and watch with them in the name of insuring it is everything they hoped it would be.
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5 Entertainment Gift Ideas: Featured image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

BLUEPRINTS by Barbara Delinsky Giveaway


BlueprintsCoverCliché Magazine is teaming up with New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky for a giveaway you won’t want to miss!
One (1) winner will receive:
– One copy of Blueprints
– One blanket and popcorn bowl to help get you cozy!
*Prizing provided by St. Martin’s Press
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Some women are born with an instinct for knowing how things work—and what to do when they break.
Caroline MacAfee is a skilled carpenter, her daughter Jamie, a talented architect. Together they are the faces of Gut It!, a home renovation series on local public television. Caroline takes pride in her work, and in the way she connects with the show’s audience.  But when she is told the network wants her daughter to replace her as host-the day after Caroline’s fifty-sixth birthday-she is devastated. The fallout couldn’t come at a worse time.
For Jamie, life changes overnight when, soon after learning of the host shift, her father and his new wife die in a car accident that orphans their two-year-old son. Accustomed to organization and planning, she is now grappling with a toddler who misses his parents, a fiancé who doesn’t want the child, a staggering new attraction, and a work challenge that, if botched, could undermine the future of both MacAfee Homes and Gut It!
For Caroline, hosting Gut It! is part of her identity. Facing its loss, she feels betrayed by her daughter and old in the eyes of the world. Her ex-husband’s death thrusts her into the role of caregiver to his aging father. And then there’s Dean, a long-time friend, whose efforts to seduce her awaken desires that have been dormant for so long that she feels foreign to herself.
Who am I? Both women ask, as the blueprints they’ve built their lives around suddenly need revising. While loyalties shift, decisions hover, and new relationships tempt, their challenge comes not only in remaking themselves, but in rebuilding their relationship with each other.


photo credit: Kerry Brett

BARBARA DELINSKY is the author of twenty-one New York Times bestselling books. She has been published in twenty-eight languages worldwide. A lifelong New Englander, Delinsky earned a B.A. in psychology at Tufts University and an M.A. in sociology at Boston College. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, more books than she’ll ever be able to read, two tennis racquets, and enough electronic devices to keep in close touch with her children and their families.
Learn more at BarbaraDelinsky.com
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BLUEPRINTS by Barbara Delinsky Giveaway: Prizing, summaries, bio, and images provided by St. Martin’s Press

Things Are Looking Grim Giveaway


Are you a fan of the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones? In honor of the release of the newest book in the series, Eighth Grave After Dark, we are teaming up with St. Martin’s Press for a giveaway you won’t want to miss!
One (1) lucky grand prize winners will receive:
– Shimmer eye shadow for a Grim-like Glow
– Custom Charley Davidson Grim Reaper nail decals
– A branded coffee mug
– The complete Charley Davidson series!
How to Enter:
-Fill out the form below for entry to the giveaway
-Earn extra entries by doing things like following us on Pinterest and tweeting about the giveaway**
**You may tweet once daily to earn extra entries
The winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com and will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 72 hours to claim his or her prize before he or she must forfeit it to another winner.
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About the new book:
CompleteSeriesFirst Grave on the Right is the smashing, award-winning debut novel that introduces Charley Davidson: part-time private investigator and full-time Grim Reaper..
Charley sees dead people. That’s right, she sees dead people. And it’s her job to convince them to “go into the light.” But when these very dead people have died under less than ideal circumstances (i.e., murder), sometimes they want Charley to bring the bad guys to justice. Complicating matters are the intensely hot dreams she’s been having about an Entity who has been following her all her life… and it turns out he might not be dead after all. In fact, he might be something else entirely.
About the Author
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author DARYNDA JONES won a RITA Award for best first novel for First Grave On The Right. As a born storyteller, she grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike. Jones lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.
Connect with Darynda Jones
Follow Darynda on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
Friend Darynda on Goodreads
Learn more at DaryndaJones.com
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Things are Looking Grim Giveaway: Images, synopsis, and prizes courtesy of St. Martin’s Press

Pinterest Favorites


In Cliché Magazine’s Feb/Mar 2015, Editor in Chief Megan Portorreal shares her Ed Picks on Pinterest! Be sure to follow @ClicheMag and @MeganPortorreal for more Pinterest favorites!
#1: Eliza J Illusion Yoke Mesh & Faille Fit & Flare Dress, $168, nordstrom.com
#2: CK One Color Pure Color Lipstick in Undressed, $16, ulta.com
#3: Austin Slingback Buckle Bootie in Dark Mushroom, $79.95, solesociety.com
#4: Personalized Phrase Bracelet DIY, abeautifulmess.com
#5: Zoya Satin Nail Polish in Tove and Leah, $9, zoya.com
#6: Posy Court Heart Dish, $40, katespade.com
#7: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami, $19.19, barnesandnoble.com
#8: Cable-knit sweater in Light taupe, $24.95, hm.com

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Featured image courtesy of Nordstrom

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review


Contracts, whips and chains, oh my!
Okay, ladies (and gents) Valentine’s Day weekend is here and so is Cliché Mag’s Fifty Shades of Grey movie review!
Audiences are flooding their local movie theaters this weekend with their friends, significant others and some even solo to see the film that’s been heating up movie screens, but is it worth it? Well…some things you’ll love, some things you’ll hate and others will make you go WTF.
First things first, the movie is based on the first book in British author E. L. James’ erotic trilogy, which began as Twilight fan fiction and stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, a sexually inexperienced college student and Jamie Dornan as Christen Grey , the handsome, charming, BDSM-obsessed young billionaire. The two unexpectedly fall for each other, but Steele wants a love story and fairytale romance while Grey admits that he wants her, but on his own terms.
Let’s break things down. If you were expecting to see heart racing erotica, steamy sex scenes in the “Red Room of Pain” or anything that was too hot for TV in order to pick up a tip or two- you’d be disappointed. It’s not to say the film lacked these things, but let’s just say the build up was better than the actual climax.
Now, if you’re one of those people who knew all along that the film was going to be a bust, you’re not entirely correct, but you have a point. The lovers of the Fifty Shades book series would encourage those to read the book and just skip on the movie, but we must remember that only so much can be translated from book to big screen, so bare with it and keep an open mind.
Some things you’ll love about the movie: the sexual chemistry between Steele and Grey, although their regular interaction was a bit awkward and reminiscent of the relationship between Bella and Edward from the Twilight movies. The two did an amazing job capturing the lust, sensuality and dominance of their relationship, while also staying true to the real life situations people encounter while dating (i.e. drunk phone calls and jealousy).
Some things you’ll hate: the contract, the contract, the contract! The constant talk about the contract, which became irrelevant as time went on. Also, the ending. Compare it to a bad sexual encounter, just when things start to get good, they finish first and just leave you hanging. Completely unsatisfied. Now, you have to wait for the next time around or in this case for the next movie.
Overall, did Fifty Shades of Grey live up to the hype? Not exactly. Was it enjoyable? Yes. It kept audiences interested and might have sparked some sexual fantasies, but it also triggered many side conversations about book comparisons, inconsistencies and more laughs and funny lines than expected.
For the first installment, the movie was OK, but the real verdict is how the trilogy will do as a whole in the future.
Photos Courtesy of E! Online

Jessica Stefan: Bookworms in Dresses


Jessica Stefan, from the blog Bookworms in Dresses, is one down-to-earth soul who we absolutely adore with her life-filled posts that not only feature her cozy and modest style, but her many adventures as well. From delicious recipes written sometimes by her boyfriend, Alex, to the epic to-do lists she features (ones that make ours look like they need some serious editing!), her blog is a great resource for everything and anything. She’s a blogger from Pittsburgh who many of us can absolutely relate to with the many interests she has and shares, including home decor, books, and delicious eats. When not delving into her adorable and busy life (she’s a freelance designer, student, barista, bookworm, and traveler – talk about some serious skills!), she photographs her on-the-go and intricate outfits. Get to know Jessica and her personal style by reading on! Not to mention, she kind of reminds us of Jess from New Girl. We know; you’re wishing she was your best friend, too!


Cliché: What are you​r​ beauty/fashion routines?
Jessica Stefan: I try for a more natural look on a daily basis. I like using a BB creme, blush, and mascara. If I’m heading out to lunch with friends, sometimes I’ll throw on some eyeliner! My favorite product right now is Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB creme. It’s a Korean product that my best friend swears by. It matches my skin tone really well and blends easily.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Benefit’s new eyeliner has saved me; I’m in love! I supported a Kickstarter a while ago called Nerdwax, which is chapstick for your glasses to keep them up on your nose, and I just got it in the mail today and it’s wonderful! As someone who wears glasses when I don’t feel like putting in contacts, it’s been really helpful! I’m also in love with Essie’s fall 2014 nail polishes! I love the colors and the names.


Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves? If so, why?
Boots! Being from up north, I live in my boots. I have a few pairs: some thrifted old army boots and some new lace up ones as well. You also won’t catch me without a big chunky sweater on this fall.
What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Look confident. If you look confident, hold your head up and strut your stuff, and then you’ll feel confident as well. Don’t worry about what others think; style is something we all have and everyone’s is different.

Fall Book Releases


As autumn begins to bring us chilly nights and comfy sweaters, these new fall book releases are just what you need for a perfect night spent huddled near the fireplace. Whether you’re a lover of young adult books, or can’t get enough of celebrity autobiographies, we’ve got our favorite books for you to look out for!

1. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham is typically known for her role on HBO’s Girls and her strong, open views on feminism and body image. Compiling a list of her personal essays, Dunham’s novel is sure to be equal parts serious and comedic. The goal of her new book? To help her readers avoid bad sex and survive through terrible jobs.

2. Revival by Stephen King
With 47 other books under his belt, Stephen King has created yet another horror book for his fans to sink their teeth into. Without giving too much away, King’s promotional team have worked hard to make it one of his most thrilling novels yet. Revival will be released on November 11th.

3. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Amy Poehler is one of many celebrities releasing their own books this fall. Poehler combines both her wit and her insight into one book: Yes Please. Sure to be a hit with her fans, Poehler discusses parenting, love, sex, and humor in her debut novel. From her cast appearances on Saturday Night Live to her Emmy-nominated role as Leslie on Parks and Recreation, Poehler’s list of accomplishments are about to expand with the release of her first book on October 28th.

4. Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
Fans of young adult fiction have no doubt heard of Maggie Stiefvater, the prolific author that has released over ten books in the young adult arena. Stiefvater continues the adventure of Blue Sargent in the third installment in The Raven Cycle. Quite popular among the teen generation, Stiefvater’s newest book is sure to be a great continuation of the ever popular series. The book released on September 9th and is available both in print and on your E-reader device.

5. Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
It’s been over a decade since Anne Rice wrote one of her tantalizing vampire novels, but come late October, Rice will be releasing a new enticing vampire novel entitled Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles. With a strong fanbase since the late 1970’s, Rice’s newest mission is to capture the hearts and minds of a younger audience. Although the Twilight phase has cooled down significantly, Rice may be the one to help us fall back in love with our blood-sucking friends.

Bonus: The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
Game of Thrones fans can celebrate with this new book from George R.R. Martin that explores the history of the Seven Kingdoms like never before. This will certainly help tide you over until Season 5 premieres in 2015.



That familiar feeling of dread settles in as summer begins to wind down. August is incredible, but it’s one step closer to a slightly colder September, and I, for one, am just not ready for sweater season. What gets me through it all is the motto “something old, something new.” I’m talking about a 90’s sitcom that is still loved by current generations and a revamped (pun intended) book series that in no way resembles—but is no doubt inspired by—Anne Rice prototypes. This season, I’m all about the classics and the reissues.

Listening to: Native by One Republic (2014 re-release)
I am very specific about the re-release for one reason and that is “Love Runs Out,” which I have been listening to all summer at high volume. The vocals are amazing as usual, but I’m particularly drawn to the blend of bass, drums, and what I can only assume are tambourines. While the song was supposed to be the first single on the original release in March 2013, it ended up not being included at all. This year’s addition really completes the album for me, hence the reason I’ve had it on rotation all season. What could be a more fitting way to end the summer than the uninhibited electro pop hit “Lose Myself” or “Counting Stars” where you’re forced to slap your knees uncontrollably because the beat is just that catchy? From start to finish, this album is simply pop-rock perfection.

Black Dagger BrotherhoodReading: Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward
Yes, I’m a sucker for romance novels—paranormal romance novels, in this case. I won’t lie and tell readers that these are the most intelligent works of literature that I’ve ever picked up—far from it. In fact, I’ll compare it closely to reality television: it’s so terrible, but admit it, you can’t stop watching because it’s so bad that it’s good. I’ll call it junk reading, and I’m a pure junkie for these vampires and unique creatures called lessers (the undead, so to speak) and sympaths (mind-controlling beings). Throw in the coexistence of humans and I’m bitten!

Playing: Donkey Kong Returns 3D (Nintendo 3DS)DK3
Hashtag O-M-G. Hashtag T-B-T. You cannot fathom my excitement when I heard that they were recreating Donkey Kong Country for the 3DS. Any adult who hasn’t experienced banana collecting, barrel throwing, or even those annoying bees as a child has truly never lived. What I love about this reinvention is that while it feels like a completely new game, the characters, themes, and objectives remain very much the same. There’s nothing I love more than a remastered classic.

SEINFELDWatching: Seinfeld (Seasons 1-9)
Once again, I’ve been invited to the party at the very last minute. I am always a latecomer to these incredible shows that are fan-favorites across the globe. Thanks to frequent reruns of the sitcom, I’ve been catching enough bits and pieces of Seinfeld to realize that I was greatly deprived in my youth. The characters are ridiculous and the situations they find themselves in are ludicrous. The completionist in me had to start from season one. As Newman says, “It’s so great to see a show that’s about something.”

Be sure to check out our Aug/Sept issue for #NowPlaying and other articles!

The New Braiding Book


All out of fresh ideas on how to style your hair? Then you might want to get your hands on the New Braiding Handbook. The handy book is filled with enough creative new ways to style your hair that you will never need to revert back to your old ponytail. Each hairdo comes with easy to follow step by step tutorials, and if for some reason you are still having trouble mastering your do there are video tutorials being posted every Wednesday on Abby Smith’s youtube Channel. Here are a couple of my favorite looks I tried out.

The Alternative Braid
This is one of my favorite looks for a couple of reasons, one being that if you’re always in a rush you can pull of this flirty look in minutes. It is a great alternative to just quickly putting your hair in a ponytail or bun and it is just as fast.You can easily follow the step to step tutorial in the book or follow this video which you will also be able to find on Abby Smith’s youtube Channel.

The Fishtail Bun
The fishtail bun is a perfect look for the office and it’s very creative compared to the usual ballerina bun. I love it because it’s professional looking and well put together in the front that no one would ever expect what it looks like from behind. It all starts with two braids and from there on you are just wrapping and twisting them around until you reach the finished look.

The Waterfall Braid Updo
Whether you are going on a date night or to a cocktail party this is a great, easy to do elegant updo. You’ll never have to spend a dime getting your hair ready for a big night out but it will definitely look like you did. I tried this look out myself once. After a few attempts I finally got the look down and I was getting compliments all night.

You can find all these looks and  more in the New Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith. It will be your tool in pulling off hairstyles that you would have never thought of to attempt on your own. I would suggest you use bobby pins and scrunchies that are very close to your hair color because at times you might find yourself needing quite a few of them, especially if you have thick hair. One other thing that you should keep in mind is that you can customize any of these looks to your own personal tastes by using intricate hair accessories or by braiding in colored hair clip-ins.
Images for The New Braiding Book courtesy of Ulysses Press & Abby Smith.