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3 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back


Jewelry is one of the most popular, classic Valentine’s Day gifts to date, yet it always seems impossible to find just the right piece for your loved one. A bracelet can’t be too gaudy if their tastes are simple, or a necklace too simple if their tastes are more extravagant. With so much on the market, it can seem a daunting task to select just the right piece and find something at the right price. With these three Valentines Day gifts that give back, we’ve made it simple to find the right bling for even the most picky of recipients, donating a little something to a good cause. After all, it is the holiday of love.


(Photo courtesy of Delicacies Jewelry, Delicacies Wheat Bracelet, $50)

Whether she’s a chef or just a major foodie, Delicacies Jewelry offers a variety of ingredient themed jewelry and donates the proceeds to a good cause. This Valentine’s Day each bracelet purchased donates 50 meals to charities, hand selected by a team of chefs, including brand ambassador Andrew Zimmern. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving and is a totally unique alternative to the typical diamond pendant.


(Photo courtesy of Novica, Pearl and Sterling Silver Branch Pendant Necklace from Peru, ‘Modern Branch’, $79.99)

Every woman deserves to have a nice set of pearls; however, the modern woman often doesn’t have a need for a full set.  Enter designer Daniela de Sainz’s contemporary spin on the classic pearl necklace. Simple and understated, yet totally elegant, this piece is sure to please both the minimalist and the woman who enjoys the finer things in life. Sourced by Novica, a company in association with National Geographic, each item purchased supports the business of artisans around the world.


(Photo courtesy of Fashionable, Druzy Earrings, $98)

For the gal who needs a little sparkle in her life, Fashionable offers gorgeous druzy stone earrings set in 14K gold, all while providing business opportunities to women facing hardships locally and abroad. Iridescent, subtle, and perfect for any occasion, these earrings are sure to make your S.O. swoon.

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3 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back.  Featured Image courtesy of Delicacies Jewelry

Jewelry Instagrams to Obsess Over


A nice piece of jewelry is what can really pull an ensemble together. There are so many ideas and combinations that you can use when accessorizing your favorite jewelry pieces that make the experience so fun. However, the hardest part is finding what bangle, necklace, or rings you want to incorporate into your outfit. This is why social media like Instagram is so fun, they do all the  work for you. Check out these 5 jewelry companies (and their IGs!) for some style inspo for your next look.

Rocksbox Set_1

Rocksbox (@rocksbox)
Rocksbox takes all of the hard work out of accessorizing. Fancy event coming up? Job interview? First date? They have you covered. With a Rocksbox account you can have a stylist pick out personalized jewelry for you that you can “borrow” and whatever you are finished with you send back and if something catches your eye you can buy it and keep forever!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.51.21 AM

Harper & Jewels (@harperandjewels)
If you have a taste for expensive looking jewelry at a great price then Harper and Jewels is the company for you. Their Insagram and website harperandjewels.com regularly features beautiful pieces like the “Collette Crystal Silver & Black Statement Necklace” which is guaranteed to turn heads.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.52.36 AM

Jewels by Grace (@jewelsbygrace)
Jewels by Grace are for the seriously jewelry obsessed. Their antique one of a kind pieces are perfect for someone looking to splurge to have that must have piece in their jewelry collection. Take a look at their “Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Calibre Emerald Halo Ring” and see if you can stop yourself from drooling.

creativity-sm (1)

Chrysalis (@lovechrysalis)
It can be overwhelming sifting through a jewelry site and trying to pinpoint what you need the most. Chrysalis specializes in cute, colorful bangles that you can customize, mix and match, or purchase ready-made stacks. The founders of the company pledge to create jewelry that means something special and now have collections available all over the world in
the USA, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

il_fullxfull.314743516 (1)

Copper Canary (@coppercanary)
If you find yourself frequenting Etsy a lot you may have stumbled upon Copper Canary’s page. With antique and vintage jewelry spanning fro engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets, Copper Canary caters to your fine jewelry tastes.

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Jewelry Instagrams to Obsess Over: Featured image courtesy of Rocksbox

Ann Taylor’s Elephant Jewelry Collection


Everyone has that one thing in their life that they are just obsessed with. For you, it may be a certain color, childhood show, or even specific detail, like glitter. For me it is, and always has been since I was 12, elephants. When you step into my room there is no denying it—I’m an elephant fanatic, and proud of it. From stuffed animals and pictures to little trinkets and decor, it’s elephants galore. So, when I found out that Ann Taylor created a limited-edition jewelry collection that not only features elephants, but gives back to a charity with every purchase, it was a no-brainer that I had to share..

It’s my pleasure to introduce Ann Taylor’s Limited-Edition Elephant Jewelry Collection to all of you. Since November 13, these good luck jewelry pieces have been available for purchase in-stores and on AnnTaylor.com, which will continue till January 30, 2016. Ranging from necklaces with elephant pendants, a charming gold bracelet, and a dainty gold ring set, every item purchased donates 50% of the price to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. What is sweeter than that? This holiday season, select a gift that gives back from a brand that cares. Happy shopping, Cliché readers!


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Ann Taylor’s Elephant Jewelry Collection: Photographs courtesy of Ann Taylor

Faery of Tales Jewelry Collection


Once upon a time, there was a jewelry brand that shared the most magical fairy tales of our childhood through beautiful pieces of jewelry. How delightful does that sound? Luckily, this jewelry brand is more than just a “Once upon a time” tale; it’s a real-life brand that makes all our wishes come true. For all of you dreamers out there, allow us to introduce Susie B’s FAERY of TALES jewelry line that dreams up and creates fine collections made just for you. This gorgeous, multi-generational jewelry is created right here in the United States by skilled artisans with the highest-quality materials. Each piece is hand-crafted, just like the stories they are inspired from.

These lovely pieces are made for both adults and children to cherish for a very long time, just as they have with their favorite fairy tales. The jewelry pieces in each collection symbolize some of the most iconic fairy tales, from Snow White to The Puss in Boots. From necklaces to bracelets, each piece of jewelry shines with intensity and quality — just like a found piece of treasure. This stunning jewelry line is perfect for any member of your family who has a fairy tale that they treasure. With the recent theatrical premiere of Cinderella, we’re sure that FAERY of TALES has something perfect to represent the magical film. What better way to carry this delightful fairy tale with you than on a piece of jewelry?

PrincessCarriage_Castle_no shadow SNOW_WHITE_prince SNOW_WHITE_princess

For more information or instructions on purchasing your own piece of a fairy tale, visit www.faeryoftales.com. You can also stay in the know for any more magical pieces from FAERY of TALES via their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

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Faery of Tales Jewelry Collection: Photos courtesy of  www.faeryoftales.com