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5 Amazing Bracelets That are More Than Just Beautiful


Today we want to share 5 amazing bracelets that are more than just beautiful. Jewelry in all manner of forms has been enjoyed in different cultures for thousands of years. Rings are exchanged in marriages across the world, and some women choose to wear a black ring to symbolize power and strength. Jewelry is not always something that is worn as an accessory, it can have a deeper meaning.

In some countries, gold is brought as an investment but also as a way of displaying wealth. While gold doesn’t always yield the same return as stocks or bonds, it has grown by 330% over the last 15 years and is an investment that can be enjoyed and worn.

Other materials used in jewelry can have different spiritual powers, and bring about protection, or luck. Bracelets have traditionally been a way to harness power, luck, protective forces, healing properties, and perhaps even magic.

For some, a bracelet may just look attractive and nice to wear, but it may be holding more power than you realize. 

The spiritual power of precious metals and stone

Selective focus photography of person wearing three bangles

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It is believed by many that different precious metals have their own powers. Silver, gold, steel, and natural stone are commonly used for this. 


This metal has long been seen as a symbol of wealth, and in some cultures, it is normal to flaunt this. Gold is a popular purchase in some Asian countries such as Thailand, where it is worn and shown off in good times but in a period of hardship can be redeemed for cash.

It is also believed that gold can open the Crown Chakra, which is also known as the sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit, is the key, or bridge to the cosmos. This can help to overcome black energy and bring about a higher level of understanding and spirituality. 


This precious metal is linked forever with the Moon, and Goddesses such as Diana, and Artemis. It is believed that not only can silver protect but provide good luck and help with psychic abilities. It is also well documented that silver can be used in the prevention and treatment of infections, dating back to 4000 BC or earlier. 


This metal may not be the obvious choice when it comes to bracelets or rings but it has some powers of its own. Firstly, steel is hypoallergenic, making it better than silver or gold for allergy sufferers. It is heat, corrosive, and scratch-resistant, and it is believed by some to offer protection against psychic attacks and negative energy. 

Natural stone

Gemstones and natural stones can reduce stress and help the wearer to focus. Gemstones are varied and come with individual powers and healing abilities of their own. 

Amazing Bracelets

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The use of gemstones in bracelets

Below you can read about five very different bracelets that each have their own significance and power. Before you dive below, here are a few gemstones and their abilities. If you are considering designing your own or buying jewelry for someone special, then you might want to think about what each stone means and what it can bring.

  • Onyx – beautiful stone that is linked to the Root Chakra, and brings control over emotions
  • Amethyst – can help with several symptoms including pain, insomnia, arthritis, and circulation
  • Peridot – helps in relationships by reducing jealousy and anger
  • Ruby – this deep red gem can bring about devotion
  • Turquoise – throughout lore, this stone has been known to bring balance to its owner
  • Sapphire – can bring about inner peace and help with meditation

However, some of the most powerful bracelets do not contain precious metals or gemstones. Some of them are simple in design but have hidden strengths that may surprise many people. Some of them are well known in certain cultures, while others may be new to you. 

Kabbalah and other religions

Amazing Bracelets

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A scarlet string bracelet is worn by followers of Hinduism, Kabbalah or Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

Depending on the wearer, the bracelet may be made of a number of beads or may contain one single gold bead. They may also just be a string with no other adornments. The bracelet is used to symbolize many things in each religion.

In Hinduism, it can show if a woman or man is married. Unmarried women wear it on the right wrist, and married females, on the left. The string is sacred and is used to bring luck and protection.

Kabbalah followers use the bracelet partly for protection. Before the bracelet is worn it must be tied seven times while reciting a prayer. Traditionally, these bracelets were cut from a string that was wound seven times around Rachel’s tomb. 

Evil eye bracelet

Anyone wearing an evil eye bracelet will be hoping to invoke the power of God and bring protection to themselves. The symbol of the evil eye goes back to around 5,000 years ago and has been used in many cultures and religions. It was probably first used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans but was adopted by Christians, and by the Jewish and Muslim faiths.

Someone wearing one of these bracelets can look for protection over material items in their life or spiritual life, depending on how they wear it. If you want to look after your career, finances, or material assets, then it should be worn on the right wrist. If however, you want to care for your emotional wellbeing, then it is worn on the left.

This is because the left side of the body is thought to be linked to the emotional side of our makeup. 

Laos’ baasi bracelets

Amazing Bracelets

Photo by Castorly Stock on Pexels

North of Thailand, and landlocked by China, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, lies the secretive country of Laos PDR. The country is made of several ethnic tribes with Lao Tai being the largest, followed by Khmu, and Hmong. Despite the diversity in tribes, Theravada Buddhism is practiced by around 66% of the population.

Ceremonies in Laos are known as baasi or a baci ritual. They are used for many purposes but generally, they are there to provide luck and prosperity. During the ritual, thirty-two white string bracelets will be tied to the recipient. These strings represent the 32 guardian spirits or khuan, and the tying ritual is to bind these protective spirits to the individual.

This is often done before someone goes on a long journey to ensure that they are in perfect balance and have all their khuan with them. 

Charm bracelets

A charm bracelet can, at first glance, look like a pretty piece of wrist jewelry. To the owner though, they can have deep personal, religious, or even spiritual meaning.

Many bracelets are handed down from one generation to another, and some are given to mark certain events in one’s life. Charms can be added to the bracelet to aid in protection or luck or to mark the birth of a child, with a zodiac symbol for instance. 

Rheumatism copper bracelets

Metal has often been believed to have healing effects, and this is partly because the human body contains traces of different elements itself. Copper is one of these metals, and its purpose is to reduce inflammation.

Rheumatism bracelets these days can look very elegant with intricate engraving but they are much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is believed by many users that copper is absorbed through the skin to help bring relief to pain and inflammation.


Five very different bracelets that have much more going on than meets the eye. One of the jewelry trends that are going to take over may be items with hidden meaning, power, and healing abilities. Although some of these are linked to ceremonies, others such as the evil eye can be worn by anyone.

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The Best Jewelry Layering Trends


Festival season is upon us and whether you’re going to Bonnaroo, Panorama, or Summerfest, you’ll need the right accessories to make sure you’re raving in style. While I’m a huge fan of fringe and floppy hats, sometimes it’s the subtle accessories that pull an outfit together. My personal style leans towards the simpler side of the spectrum, so jewelry is my best friend when I need to amp up an outfit.
Layering makes sense when it’s cold out and you need extra accessories for warmth, but the same principle applies when the sun is out, too. Layering jewelry is the easiest way to make a statement this season and I am all for it. Personally, I think a layered necklace look is both bold and chic. Stacking bracelets and lining your ears with earrings can pack a punch too if you aren’t looking to be too flashy.

Body Chains

If there’s one jewelry layering essential, it’s a body chain. Pair this with any number of necklaces and you’ll be sending out beachy vibes all summer long. Perfect for lounging by the pool or as an attention-grabber under a deep v-cut dress, the body chain is sexy, yet subtle.

AUrate Jewelry


In terms of a jewelry, I’m a big, big ring girl. Rings give attention to your hands. They make them look prettier, they bring an audience to the out-of-sight manicure you got with that Essie polish you love. Nevertheless, I’m not a bling-bling, huge diamond person. I like to keep my rings subtle, small, and significant. I like rings that make a statement and are dainty. This is where AUrate Jewelry comes in.
AUrate, founded in 2014, is high quality gold jewelry with a look all its own compared to its competition. With each product sold, someone is being helped in the world. An underprivileged child receives a book to read.
The look of the rings are nothing short of spectacular, with clean cut shapes and lines that are both a statement and minimalist fashionista’s dream. The use of stones is sincere, honest, and straight to the point. AUrate plays with classic ring silhouettes, like the snake ring that can make waves beautifully wrapped around a thumb or an index finger. These rings are wonderfully constructed and can be used in both day and nightwear, easily making it a staple in your jewelry box.
For more information of AUrate and their beautiful statement jewelry, visit and shop online at auratenewyork.com. Happy shopping!
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Images courtesy of AUrate

Wakami USA Bracelets Are For Earth Lovers


Wakami offers both single and wrap bracelets available in different styles and titles for those who want to mix and match, like the leather-banded “Elements of Fire” bracelet and the silver-coated Noir “Unique” bracelet. There are also themed bracelet packs inspired by adventures (one is titled “aquatic” and another is “outdoors”) and planets (like “Earth, Sun and Moon” and “Mercury, Venus and Mars”). Prices range from $7.25 to $47.
You can browse the entire Wakami collection and purchase your own bracelets at wakamiusa.com.
Photo courtesy of Wakami USA

Back with a Bangle!



It’s never easy to predict whether or not a trend will stick. Nowadays, most are fleeting. By the time you’ve fallen in love with a look and decided to join the bandwagon, chances are the style is already on its way out. However, you’re in luck if you allowed yourself to fall in love with Alex and Ani bangle bracelets. Far from fading away, these bracelets gained popularity earlier this year and are currently still all the rage.

These bracelets stand for much more than the sound they make when they dangle delicately from your wrist; they are all about empowerment. Each bangle is designed with symbols and messages meant to empower wearers to express and appreciate their individuality as well as to celebrate it. They are made of adjustable and eco-friendly materials and are sure to suit any occasion!

My first Alex and Ani bangle was a gift from my mother. It’s a silver bracelet with a dangling flower charm that says “daughter.” The bracelet is a simple yet special piece of jewelry. Every time I wear it and hear its jingle, I am reminded that I am loved and that I play an important role in someone else’s life. I have since received several other bracelets as gifts, including a gold “om” bracelet in honor of my yoga practice and a “miracles do happen” charm that has much sentimental value.

What I like most about Alex and Ani bangles is that they are so personal and unique. The combination of bracelets found on my wrist means something to me and is bound to be different from those which decorate your wrist and the meanings you assign to them. They truly are a wonderful and creative way to celebrate you and express what lies inside!

All the hype on Alex and Ani and its rising popularity has brought many new designs! There’s a bracelet out there for everyone. With a quick glance at the company website, you’ll find everything from birthstones to spiritual symbols, and there are even charms to honor hobbies, schools, and sororities. Be sure to also keep an eye out for new studded and beaded trends that are sure to add a fun pop of color to your wrist!

There’s only one way to come back with a bangle this season, and that’s with Alex and Ani. Check out the website www.alexandani.com for more styles and the latest trends so that you too can jingle with purpose!

Photo courtesy of www.alexandani.com