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Revamped Beach Hairstyles


So you’re getting ready for a day at the beach and you have everything: sunscreen, bikini, and a towel. But what about your hair? Making an impression is necessary no matter where you are, and the beach is no exception. Prepare to turn heads with these revamped beach hairstyles!

The Best Braided Hairstyles


As the beautiful weather begins, we’re ecstatic to break out some of the best braided hairstyles for spring. Nothing compliments an outfit more than a gorgeous braided hairdo. Three of our favorites come from one of the coolest Hair Gurus named Amber Fillerup Clark, who’s also known as Barefoot Blonde. Aside from her raw and ...

Coachella Hairstyles


Coachella is finally here, and for those who are spending their weekend dancing to Florence and the Machine and screaming their favorite Jack White lyrics in the hot California dessert, we've got three perfect Coachella hairstyles just for you, courtesy of CHI. Day 1: Textured Boho Waves What You'll Need: 1” CHI ARC Rotating Curling Iron CHI 44 ...

TRESemmé at Marissa Webb Spring/Summer 2015


Braided pompadours and five-strand braids were all the rage at the Marrissa Web Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show in New York this week, and TRESemmé Hair Stylist Jeanie Syfu was there to help keep these fierce, edgy styles in check. Are you lusting over these gorgeous looks as much as we are? Then follow her step-by-step ...

DIY Braids Book Review


There’s no use denying it—braids are in this spring. And I don’t mean your boring, three-stranded braid. No—there are dozens of ways to add your own personal twist (no pun intended) to braids by experimenting with different styles. So instead of browsing the chaos that is the Pinterest “braids” category (try it—you’ll be there for ...

Braided Details


Braided Details Keeping our hair in check every day of the week and trying to make it look like we just stepped out of a Pantene commercial takes time and dedication. Often we prepare ourselves ahead of time by setting our alarm clocks an hour earlier than usual, but let’s be honest; none of us have ...

Spice Up a Hairdo


Are you tired of the same dull hairdo? Then why not throw some braids into the mix. Small braids, big braids and side braids can help you add some funk to your style. The smallest details of your ‘do can make the biggest difference.                                                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of ushairstules.com A side braid is very classic, simple and ...

Six Tips for the Stylish Student


Headbands courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters It’s that time of year again, when the sound of alarm clocks replaces that of crashing beach waves, and homework threatens to trump hanging out with friends. Each September, reality sets back in again, and we all fall into crazy routines that will never measure up to the frivolities ...

Our Latest Issue

Covers: Jade Chynoweth & Ciara Riley Wilson
Inside, cover star Jade Chynoweth talks her passion for acting and dancing, her role on Step Up: High Water, and more; cover star Ciara Riley Wilson discusses her journey as an actress and Kim Possible; actress Siena Agudong talks her first starring role on No Good Nick; we chat with the founders of the wellness podcast Elevate the Globe; and much more!