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5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Know


Eco-friendly fashion is more important now than ever. As the world evolves fashion needs to as well. Brands are making an effort to change the way they design, produce, and sell clothes. Here is a list of 5 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to get you started!

1. Black Bough Swim


“Being eco-friendly never looked this good” is Black Bough’s new motto. The beloved bathing suit brand that is made for all shapes and sizes is now slowly but surely becoming sustainable too! Their new collection is made from 80% regenerated fabric. Although they are new to the game, between turning plastic waste into bikinis, compostable mail bags, and reusable swimsuit packaging, they are on the rise to become one of your new fav eco-friendly brands. Black Bough Swim is an inspiration for other brands to start making the change one step at a time!

2. Island Tribe


Island Tribe is for all my boho babes! Their clothes consist of mostly whimsical and flowy dresses with a little edge. They do all this with the mission to reduce their carbon footprint in mind. In efforts to have less overstock and waste, they do small collections and made-to-order designs. When you purchase from them a portion of the sale is donated to the Offset Earth. This donation will go to recovering forests and planting trees. This brand is about as eco-friendly as it gets.



If you love a good graphic tee, social change, and the environment, CHNGE is for you! This streetwear brand is all about making a difference. 50% of their net profits go to various organizations including those fighting climate change. The designs on their clothing reflect the world’s pressing current issues. Their clothing is 100% organic cotton and 100% carbon neutral, meaning less water, energy, and chemicals. You not only look good but feel good too because you’re promoting change and sustainability at the same time

4. Privato


Every outfit needs a great pair of shoes to go with it. Why not make them eco-friendly? Privato takes the current sneaker trends and transforms them into more sustainable versions. Every part of their brand has the environment in mind from their production to your feet. Their shoes are all vegan and made from vegetable origin materials. As a brand, they show that you don’t need to sacrifice style for sustainability. You can have both!

5. Public Myth


It’s no secret that every girl loves a good pair of leggings. This activewear brand screams sustainable and ethical. Their mission is to make sustainability more than just a trend. Their clothes are made from bamboo and organic cotton and have eco-friendly packaging right down to the recyclable minimalistic paper tape. Whether you’re wearing these clothes to the gym or on the couch (like me), you know you’re helping the environment. With plenty of styles and colors to choose from, Public Myth gives a revamp to exercise and eco-friendly fashion.

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Images provided by FlickrUnsplashPexels & Pixabay

Must-Have Winter Bags


With the fall/winter fashion week debuts behind us, we can now calmly look through all of the various new and exciting trends that have thrived since the runway.  Brands like Lauren Cecchi New York, Ectu Los Angeles, and Meli Melo have created must-have collections to complete any winter outfit. From several styles of hand bags and clutches to warm winter colors and shapes, these 2016-2017 collections are to die for.  Don’t forget about amazing discounts from trendy places like Wallis which offer several new trendy brands as well.

Whether you’re a serial handbag collector or trendy purse fanatic, the various styles presented in each collection offered something both unique and satisfying for every customer. The trends typically follow warmer color schemes for this cool season, which brings together the ultimate winter feel. Check out some of our favorite handbags that are absolute must-haves for this winter season.

Palermo by Ectu Los Angeles

Ectu Los Angeles has followed the earthy-neutral trend in its versatile Palermo hand bag. Inspired primarily by olive green, the brand has chosen to feature its handy tote in their designated fall/winter hue. The cool season allows for the perfect earth-related green in accessories to compliment the neutral color trends found in many winter outfits.
The Palermo is a buttery-soft olive calfskin leather tote that is the perfect travel carryall. The versatile bag features gold-plated hardware to accent the olive green statement piece. The sturdy top handle and crossbody strap allows for hands-free travels and outfit options for your winter agenda. The zip-around closure and protective metal feet guarantee security with your belongings among travels. Overall, this trendy bag has the perfect amount of room and accented style that it just can’t be left off our must-have list!

Army Green Stretta by LCNY

Lauren Cecchi New York has created the ultimate collection with every type of hand bag you’ll ever need. The goal in mind was to make the perfect bag for any woman regardless of her daily adventures. So whether you are traveling, going to work, or needing something cute on a daily basis, the LCNY collection has exactly what you need.

In particular, Lauren Cecchi’s Army Green Stretta is the perfect winter clutch featuring a snap closure, inside pockets, Italian leather, and a detachable gold chain for any occasion. The clutch, inspired by natural scenery and neutral colors, is new for LCNY, which typically features brighter tones. This camouflage color is perfect for matching and blending while still being dramatic enough to stand out. It follows the LCNY idea of creating a luxury accessory that can be used at any moment. This bag follows the collection’s monochromatic theme and is perfect for completing any winter outfit, whether you choose for it to be a clutch or chain bag.

Thela Medium Elephant by Meli Melo

Meli Melo is a uniquely innovative brand that constantly explores various notable designs and styles in their handbag creations. This winter, Meli Melo created an array of bags for their new collection called Lost in the Current, which focuses on the reflection of the largely unexplored underwater kingdom.
The Thela Medium Elephant tote is a luxury bag crafted from Italian leather with inverted handles and a magnetic flap closure. Its soft green-gray color, finished with a silver hardware accent, makes the tote bag perfect for any winter outing. Large enough to carry your essentials but not be overwhelming, the bag completes any trendy look with its unique straps and shape. Complete with a detachable leather clutch bag, the tote is the perfect investment.
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Must-have Winter Bags: Featured image and all images courtesy of melimelo.com, laurencecchi.com and ectula.com.

W Concept Feature


Shopping in stores sometimes doesn’t quite cut it. We can face shopping struggles like not finding a to-die-for top in our size, finding a dress in our size only to spot a rip or stain, or spending all day at the mall and having little to bring back to our closets at home. But with online shopping, you won’t experience this disappointment! Shopping has rapidly moved into the cyber world with more people enjoying clothes hunting through their browsers than in crowded stores. Every new bag, shoe, and accessory are all at your fingertips: just a type into the search bar and click to add items into your shopping cart. Plus, there are deals and bargains found online everyday! 30% off designer? We’re there!

(Laboratoria 917 Dorsay Flat Shoes $65, Us.wconcept.com)

W Concept is one stellar exclusive online retailer that brings designer labels right to your screen with amazing deals and bargains. The online inventory of this fabulous retailer includes well-known brand names, such as Ray Ban, Saint Laurent, Tres Chic, Mulberry, and Ling Wu. The W Concept also features an exclusive designer LURI, which takes “Made in Italy” seriously. Each genuine Italian leather handbag in their collection is made to add a combination of edge and simplicity to any look, while being stylish in a minimal way. Laboratoria 917, another authentic Italian brand that recently launched a collection of handcrafted and chemical-free shoes, can also be found on The W Concept. Their shoes have a bold and modern style but stay true to tradition with their century-old shoe making process. We absolutely appreciate the value of authenticity these brands boast and it’s certainly reflected in the quality of their products.

(BOLOGNA_Blue Lavender, Us.wconcept.com)
(PERUGIA POCHETTE_Crocodile Sage, Us.wconcept.com)
You can find some serious deals on the W Concept right on their website. There’s a “1% a Day” deal that targets all of the merchandise on the site. Each day, an item is listed in their “1% a Day” section and drops 1% in price for every day that it remains on the site. Bonus: their most dropped items are always featured on top. Easy shopping! Besides their shop-worthy deals and coupon codes, you also receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more and free returns. Check out everything the W Concept has to offer on Us.wconcept.com!
All photo credit goes to the W Concept.
Featured Image Details: (Laboratoria 917 Pointy Toe Slingback Pump $60, Us.wconcept.com)