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All The Loose Ends ‘Captain Marvel’ Tied Together


The long awaited first female led superhero film from Marvel finally hit theaters March 8th. The film establishes the origin story for Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) who becomes Captain Marvel. As you may remember, we first got an insight of Captain Marvel’s role in the franchise in one of the post credit scenes for Avengers: Infinity War. Despite the film being an origin for the character, it also brought together loose ends that never really got an explanation in the Marvel films.


1. How Fury Lost His Eye

Nick Fury is known for looking like a badass with his eye patch. Although, we never really know how he loses his eye and oftentimes Fury brushes off the question. We get a look at Fury’s eye in Captain America: Winter Soldier when he says, “You need to keep both eyes open,” and lifts his eye patch to scan his eye to gain access to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s system. Now we have a viable answer. In Captain Marvel, Danver’s cat Goose, is a Flerkin! A seemingly normal cat that can manifest deadly octopus like tentacles from its mouth. The Flerkin ends up scratching Fury’s eye. Yep, that’s why he wears a eye patch.


2. Naming the Avengers

Fury being the creator of the Avengers Initiative, did you ever wonder how he came up with the name? Danvers, in her human life having been an U.S Air Force pilot, was given a nickname. One the side of her aircraft are the words, Carol ‘Avenger’ Danvers. When Fury sees the photograph he changes the name from ‘Protector Initiative’ to Avenger.


3. How Captain Marvel got her name

While Danvers was a pilot, she was under the wing of Dr. Wendy Lawson who was head of a project Danvers and pilot Maria Rambeau were a part of. It is discovered that Lawson was actually a renegade Kree scientist who was helping the Skrulls find a new home. Lawson’s real name was Mar-Vell, which inspired Danvers superhero name. What a coincidence.


4. How Captain Marvel got her powers

Mar-Vell was creating an engine using an energy source harvested from the Tesseract. Yes it’s back. Kree Starforce commander Yon-Rogg set out to capture the engine and find the location of Mar-Vell’s lab. Danvers, who piloted the aircraft with Mar-Vell to try to reach her lab, destroyed the engine’s energy core causing her to absorb the core’s powers.


5. How S.H.I.E.L.D came to really be

Fury and Agent Coulson are part of S.H.I.E.L.D in its early days when it was focused on espionage and counter terrorism. It is Vers (Captain Marvel) arrival to Earth that sparks the S.H.I.E.L.D we currently know in the Marvel film franchise. Fury comes to realize that maybe earth’s greatest threats don’t come from earth.


6. The Tesseract!!

This thing does not go away. Everywhere you turn there it is and Captain Marvel is no exception. The engine Mar-vell created harnesses its power from the Tesseract. In the franchise, there is a gap between Howard Stark finding the Tesseract at the bottom of the ocean in Captain America and it appearing in a S.H.I.E.L.D facility (The Avengers). Now we know how S.H.I.E.L.D got it. Danvers leaves Fury in charge of protecting the Tesseract and the Flirkin decided to gobble it up and in the post credit scene, the Flirkin upchucked it onto Fury’s desk.


7. The Pager

The post credit scene of Fury activating Captain Marvel’s pager, leaves us all to wonder how he got it and why he never pressed it before. It’s quite simple. Danvers modified the pager to work galaxies away while she was helping the Skrulls find a new home. She gave specific instructions to only activate it for serious emergencies. But, why weren’t the other major battles an emergency? Kevin Feige even said in an interview that we don’t know if Fury pressed it before.



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All The Loose Ends ‘Captain Marvel’ Tied Together: Image Credit: Marvel and Disney


Brie Larson Wants a Metroid Movie and Fans Aren’t Upset About It


Yet another star took the internet into a bit of a craze this week after showcasing her Halloween costume. Brie Larson has already had increasing success in the film world. From winning an Oscar for her performance in the movie Room to recently scoring the role of Carol Danvers in the upcoming Captain Marvel. If you’re a follower of the MCU, you’ve probably already seen the trailer. But Larson doesn’t want to stop. Fans of Metroid are already losing their minds over the photo Brie Larson shared: her Halloween costume as “Zero Suit Samus.” After a few reactions to her posts, Brie Larson expressed her desire for a Metroid movie.

Brie Larson as “Zero Suit Samus” for Halloween

Metroid’s Samus Aran is an iconic female video game character. Thanks to the Nintendo franchise, we have a female bounty hunter who battles Space Pirates and biological weapons (Metroids and Phazon, for example). So far, there have been fourteen game releases since the first Metroid release in 1986. Nintendo recognizes the Metroid franchise as one of their most successful series’ of games. Check out the original post below by @brielarson via Instagram:



So when you get an actress who has already landed a huge role like Captain Marvel and put her in a Samus suit for Halloween, fans are definitely going to go crazy. Fans have wanted to see a Metroid film adaption for years, and although it would be a large undertaking, perhaps Larson’s desire to play Samus—which she expressed via Twitter— may speed up the process. Who knows. We can only hope.

Fan Reactions: Brie Larson Wants a Metroid Movie, But How Do the Fans Feel?

Sure, there are probably some other actors out there who could pull off playing the lead in a Metroid film. I can think of a few. However, with the weight of success that Larson already has behind her, it may just be a match that could come to fruition. And to be honest, most of the fan reactions via Twitter are anything but negative. See a few of them below.


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Brie Larson Wants a Metroid Movie and Fans Aren’t Upset About It. Featured Photo Credit: Christopher Patey, TheTalks.com


Highlights and Winners from the Oscars 2016


I don’t know about you all, but I’m suffering from a serious post-Oscars syndrome this Monday morning. A person can only handle so much glamour, talent, and film nostalgia without feeling completely overwhelmed. I laughed, I cried… I cried again. This year’s Academy Awards was an emotional roller coaster and I did not want to get off.
Before we delve into the actual awards, I’d like to take a moment of silence for all the hearts that simultaneously exploded the moment that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet stepped onto the red carpet together. I’m still recovering.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.27.56 PM

Credit: MTV News

Okay, on to the show! Host Chris Rock exemplified the best way to address the #OscarsSoWhite debacle: through humor. With a refreshing twist on the usually safe monologue route post Seth McFarlane’s failed jokes of 2013, Chris really went for it. Although some of his jokes were met with an uncomfortable silence and hesitant applause, for example following a comment that this year’s “In Memoriam package was going to be black people who were shot by cops on their way to the movies,” his message was clear, powerful, and grounded.
This year, there were some noticeable deviations from the traditional order of presentation. Normally, the show starts off with one of the supporting actor categories ,but this year the awards followed the order of production of a film, kicking off with the foundation of a movie, best screenplay(s). With no surprise to anyone, Original Screenplay went to Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight and Adapted to Charles Randolph and Adam McKay with The Big Short.
Following a head to head race with this year’s BAFTA and Globe recipient Kate Winslet, best supporting actress went to The Danish Girl’s Alicia Vikander. Her acceptance speech was adorable and her genuine excitement was contagious. Following a quick kiss with fellow academy award nominee and boyfriend Michael Fastbender, Vikander made her way to the stage and thanked her parents for believing in her and encouraging her to dream big.
In the spirit of change, the 88th Academy Awards also incorporated new little details throughout the show ,such as having the winner’s ‘Thank You’s’ running in a stream below their acceptance speeches and little blurbs beside the presenter’s with their filmography.
Chris Rock continued his humorous social commentary throughout the show with little side comments such as “should have been nominee Michael B. Jordan,” re-creating important scenes from best pictures with the inclusion of actors of color, and a segment titled ‘Black History Month Minute’ which celebrated actor Jack Black.
At the hour and half mark, things started to get… interesting. First, we were surprised with an appearance by R2D2, C3PL, and BB-8; a moment that clearly blew the mind of the prince of this year’s award season and star of Room, 9-year-old Jacob Trumbley.

Following the arrival of the trio of droids, Chris Rock invited his daughter’s girl scouts troop out in the audience to sell Girl Scout Cookies to Hollywood’s elite, gifting us with moments of Kate Winslet looking exceptionally excited over a box of Tagalongs and Sam Smith waving $5 in the air for his own. Then, to the pleasure of my inner-child, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, who are celebrating 20 years of friendship (excuse me…what?) presented the award to Pixar’s Inside Out for best-animated feature.
We then turned back towards the serious, with comedian Kevin Hart giving a touching speech where he applauded actors of color in the industry for an incredible year of powerful performances, encouraging his fellow creative to continue to push boundaries.
In a personal disappointment and first real snub of the night, Best Supporting Actor went to Mark Rylance for his performance in Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. That’s not to say his performance in the film wasn’t impressive, because it absolutely was, but let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t have loved to see Stallone up on that stage? You’re still a champ in my heart, Rocky.
One of the most talked about segments of the night came from a shocking collaboration between Joe Biden and Lady Gaga in a stance against sexual assault. After a speech made by our Vice President, Lady Gaga took to the stage to sing ‘Till it Happens to You, surrounded by sexual abuse survivors with ‘it’s not your fault’ written on their arms, a moment that moved the entire room, and everyone at home, to tears. The tears then continued with the shot of Brie Larson hugging all of the participants during the commercial break.

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Talking about Brie Larson, excuse my gushing here, but… YAY!!!! Aside from the fact that her performance in Room was breathtaking, heartbreaking, and genuine beyond belief, Brie is one of the most eloquent and intelligent women in this world and I’m so glad that she is getting the recognition she deserves as lead actress. Seriously, she’s made my entire year.
And of course, the moment that gave humanity as a whole a sense of justice (and perhaps a tear or two), Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar. May the Internet’s favorite memes rest in peace.
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.26.27 PM

Credit: MTV News

To close out the show with the final shocker, the absolute treasure that is Spotlight takes home the award for Best Picture.
And that’s a wrap on this year’s Academy Awards! Thank you 2015 for an inspiring collection of films and let the countdown to next year begin! For more highlights and winners from the Oscars 2016, visit oscar.go.com.
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Featured image courtesy of the Oscars