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Venues of America: Brooklyn Spotlight


Muchmore’s NYC
Located at: 2 Havemeyer St.
Upcoming event: Bonsai Trees/Actually, I’m A Ghost/Common Sage/Power Funeral, August 26
Perfect for: Keeping it low-key and making plans on the spur of the moment

Muchmore’s NYC / Photo credit: Serry Park

The beauty of Muchmore’s is the intimacy that the venue is able to cultivate, combined with a consistently killer line-up of talent seven days a week. The venue prides itself on bringing in entirely original talent (it does not allow cover songs to be played at any shows) and on working with bands to produce the best show possible. The use of the venue is free, other than a sound-tech cost, and bands are able to set the price of their shows and keep all of revenue. If you’re into catching a show on the smaller side, grabbing a drink — picking from a wide selection of coffees, drafts, and wines — or even doing your laundry on their coin-op machines, then hop on the L train and spend a night at Muchmore’s. You’ll probably make a few friends and you’re your new favorite band along the way, too.

Baby’s All Right

Located at: 146 Broadway
Upcoming event: Slow Hollows, September 21
Perfect for: Sipping a drink at the bar before seeing your favorite up-and-coming band

Baby’s All Right / Photo credit: Brooklyn Magazine

Baby’s All Right is the coolest venue that you might not have heard of. Home to countless album releases shows for local bands, the venue is a staple spot for artists who are on the brink of catching their big break. However, this comes with a price. You have to be prepared to buy tickets in advance because shows tend to sell out at Baby’s, for good reason. But fear not: if you end up at the venue and can’t snag a spot in the back room for the show, there’s still plenty to do. The bar is open every night until 4 am, and dinner is served daily until 11 pm. Baby’s even hosts brunch every weekend from 11 am to 4 pm.

Knitting Factory

Located at: 361 Metropolitan Ave.
Upcoming event: Comedy Night every Sunday
Perfect for: Seeing unique talent in a very established performance space

Knitting Factory BK / Photo credit: Steve Pisano

Founded by Michael Dorf in the late ‘80s, the Knitting Factory has history running through its veins. Since opening, the space has transformed from a fledgling DIY spot to one of the most popular venues in town with shows happening on a daily basis. Knitting Factory Brooklyn is also home to a weekly comedy night, which was originally started by Hannibal Buress himself. Now hosted by Will Miles, Clark Jones, and Kenny Deforest, the weekly comedy show is a highlight in the New York scene, providing a space for super-stars and up-and-comers to meet for a few laughs.

Brooklyn Bazaar

Located at: 150 Greenpoint Ave.
Upcoming event: Moose Blood, September 18
Perfect for: Grabbing a delicious bite to eat before catching an all-ages show

Brooklyn Bazaar / Photo credit: Mike Cicchetti

The Brooklyn Bazaar is one of the best restaurant and venue combinations around. What the menu lacks in length, it makes up for in quality — especially when it comes to its famous fried chicken family dinner, which is a must for anyone new to the spot. After you’re done eating, head over to the ball room where you can see a slew of local talent on a spacious and beautifully decorated stage. What’s even better is that you can bring the whole family, as most of the shows are all-ages. Between the fun and retro décor, the great food, and the chance to see an awesome show, the Brooklyn Bazaar has everything you need for a fun night in the city.

This article originally appeared in the Aug/Sept issue of Cliché Magazine.


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Venues of America: Brooklyn Spotlight: Featured image courtesy of Steve Pisano

Spring in the City


It’s not cold enough to bundle up and hit the ski slopes, and it’s not quite hot enough to throw on a yellow-polka-dot-bikini and hit the Jersey shore. It’s that infuriatingly pretty time of year when we can’t decide what to do for entertainment anymore: spring. Sure, there’s always dinner and a movie, but that always leaves something to be desired. For that, we turn to a little state called New York. With the perfect blend of culture and crazy, New York always has something going on. We’ve compiled a list of cool things to do throughout the boroughs to keep you motivated but more importantly, to keep you satiated.

See a Broadway Show
If you’ve never seen a play, you’re missing out on one of the most amazing experiences that New York has to offer. Though, who are we to judge? Maybe you’re just not sure what’s out there! That’s why we’re here to inform you. Music lovers, especially, will be thrilled to discover tributes like Motown the Musical, A Night with Janis Joplin, and Jersey Boys. Literature lovers will go crazy over A Raisin in the Sun and Macbeth. Of course, there are always fan favorites like The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, and Wicked.  Whether it’s on Broadway or off, go indulge!

Shop at a Flea Market
Who said New York City gets to have all the fun? Brooklynites definitely know how to have a good time. If you think a flea market is just a bunch of people selling their junk, you’re absolutely right. If you think a flea market is just a waste of your precious time, you’re absolutely wrong–and you’ve definitely never been to the Brooklyn Flea. There is certainly no shortage of flea markets all over the city, but the Brooklyn Flea is an urban oasis. Every weekend, the event promises fresh food, repurposed furniture, stunning antiques, retro clothing, vintage jewelry, and everything in between. The vendors’ “junk” doesn’t feel like junk at all, but fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces that will have you rearranging your home to make space for a rainbow Buddha lamp that you didn’t know you needed. Let’s not call this an event, but an experience–one that every city slicker should experience if only once.

Take a Class
While you can do this pretty much anywhere, no place offers variety quite like New York. There are literally hundreds of classes to choose from; what’s more is that many of them are free! On warmer spring afternoons, take advantage of yoga in Bryant Park. On chillier days, plenty of rec centers offer free indoor yoga on the weekends. The New York Public Library boasts everything from chess lessons to crochet/knitting instruction. Do you want to learn how to cook like a Top Chef or perfect your pottery skills like Demi Moore (Patrick Swayze not included)? Check out Groupon and Living Social for awesome daily deals on either hobby. We guarantee you’ll find yourself having fun trying new things–things that you never knew you had any interest in!

MUSEUMVisit a Museum
You don’t have to be an art buff to appreciate New York City’s incredible museums. You also don’t have to be loaded. With most museums offering donation-only days, there’s no reason not to make the trip to Manhattan. Whether it’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frick Collection, or The Cloisters, there’s enough inspirational eye candy for the average Joe to just stare for hours. If you think it’s all paintings, think again. You’ll encounter everything from unicorn tapestries to suits of armor. If you’re looking for great photo opps, play paparazzi with your favorite celebrities at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Science and anatomy lovers will be blown away by BODIES… The Exhibition where over 200 human forms are displayed in all of their inner beauty. There’s no shortage of museums in the city, so find one that fits your interests.

Take a Tour
It’s common knowledge that tourism in The Big Apple centers on staples like The Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building. While you should definitely see these landmarks, if only once, know that city tours can be so much more unusual and fun! Take a ride on the TMZ bus to see all of the city’s celebrity hot-spots. Take advantage of the countless New York City and/or Brooklyn brewery and winery tours. Take a bike tour through Strawberry Fields in Central Park–not after your brewery tour, of course! You should probably avoid a tour through the New York City precinct. Just use your imagination (and Google)! There’s so much more to see than old Lady Liberty.

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Ace Reporter Has Arrived



Brooklyn’s Ace Reporter recently performed at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey at one of the venue’s final shows. Their set featured songs from their album Yearling, released in late February, and lead singer Chris Snyder’s voice mesmerized the crowd from the first to last note. Now, typically their ability to entertain would be a cause for celebration. However, after listening to their album on acereporter.bandcamp.com, it’s hard to decide which sound is superior: live or digital.
Yearling contains ten songs and each song differs from the next. “Bronze,” is slow and sexy, “Aesop,” is a Coldplay-meets-Imagine-Dragons track, while the groovy “Untouched and Arrived,” is a headbop worthy tune. This diverse quality frees listeners from other autonomous trends and enables them to fully appreciate the album. In addition to the various melodies, Ace Reporter features complex lyrics and wordplay in their song titles that not only draw listeners in, but establishes a fan base.
Still, the key difference between the album and live performance is the energy that Ace Reporter envelops the audience in. Chris Snyder’s voice alone is enough to swoon an audience, but his stage presence and interactions with the audience creates an intimate performance. Their live show was stripped from the very electronic sound that was featured online and sets a down to earth mood for all to enjoy. So, whether it’s digital or live, Ace Reporter has a sound to suit all ears.
Photographs courtesy of acereporter.bandcamp.com

Brooklyn Boutique: Cotton Candy Machine


Cotton Candy Machine

Don’t be fooled by the name; the only form of sweet satisfaction you’ll be feeding off of in this place is eye candy. Though I’m an art lover and an avid show-goer, not many boutiques appeal to me the way that the Cotton Candy Machine does. Located in Brooklyn, NYC, this art boutique was founded by Tara McPherson in 2011. Though still fairly new, it’s growing the recognition it deserves with consistently radical monthly shows, featuring only the coolest of contemporary artists.

The boutique itself does the joy of gallery viewing justice with its down-to-earth staff, the eccentric crowd it attracts and the load of awesome merchandise housed within its walls, ranging from hundreds of dollars worth of original art to ten bucks worth of prints. With great selections of apparel, posters, toys, art books, accessories, housewares, etc., it’s hard to walk out of this place empty handed. The Cotton Candy Machine is more than just an art boutique, it’s an experience that no one in the Brooklyn area should overlook. If you are planning to go to this boutique, make sure to have a good attitude, an open mind, and a good wad of cash. The store is open Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 8:00 PM, and it’s upcoming monthly schedule is below.


Michael Motorcycle, Dilek Baykara, Jeremy Hush, Paul Romano

September 13th to October 6th, 2013 (Opening event is Friday, September 13, 7 to 11 PM)

Dave Correia, Jon Wayshak, Matt Ritchie, Alex Pardee 

October 11th to November 3rd, 2013 (Opening event is Friday, October 11th, 7 to 11 PM)

Jay Ryan and Diana Sudyka

November 8th to December 8th, 2013 (Opening event is Friday, November 8th, 7 to 11 PM)

To find out more about the Cotton Candy Machine and it’s upcoming events visit their website: