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Celebrity Buzz Cuts That Are Hot Right Now


Chances are that the thought of shaving your head and rocking a buzz cut trips an anxiety wire in your brain. Or…is that just me? The thought of revealing to the world my unusually round, pale head is nothing short of my own personal nightmare. If you told me five years ago that the female buzz cut would enter the mainstream in 2017, I’d have told you to get outta town. But here we are in 2017, which will likely be known to our children as “The Year of the Buzzcut,” and I’m totally here for it.

Paper Towns Review


Paper Towns, the latest film adaptation of one of John Green’s books, came out earlier this week to rave reviews. For those not familiar with the story, Paper Towns is your classic ‘Boy meets Girl, Girl ignores Boy even though Boy is hopelessly in love with Girl’ story, but with a satisfying twist. The film opens ...

Taylor Swift’s BFF-Filled Night


Boy, does Taylor Swift have a lot of celebrity friends. According to E! Online, the “Blank Space” singer met with several of her famous close friends Tuesday night. Wanna know more about Taylor Swift’s BFF-filled night? Of course, you do. The country-turned-pop artist started the night with the Victoria’s Secret Angels at the Victoria’s Secret Viewing ...