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Lil Yachty: ‘Nuthin’ 2 Prove’ Album Review


If you name your album Nuthin’ 2 Prove, it means that you’re well aware you have sumthin’ to prove but are not confident you can deliver OR you rap under the name Lil Yachty and you really couldn’t care less about pleasing the rap illuminati.


Artists emerging from the current Atlanta rap scene have the endearing and refreshing quality of not taking themselves too seriously. Lil Yachty has been a leader in this movement, with his palette of often goofy voices and simplistic tongue-in-cheek lyrics. He really nailed this aesthetic in his first EP, Lil Boat, in 2016 and fans have yearned for a release that hits these notes of childlike innocence and creativity in quite the same way. Nuthin’ 2 Prove gets very close and fans of the Quality Control rapper might be pleasantly surprised. Even though he doesn’t care what you think. Because he has nothing to prove. So there.


The first thing that struck me about the album is how much thought Yachty put into the overall structure of the album, which is an often overlooked quality in modern rap. The first half of the album transitions from his more bombastic, arrogant rap persona, usually referred to as Lil Boat, gradually moving to the sweeter autotuned crooner style, introduced as Lil Yachty.


There are hits and misses in both these dualities with tracks like “Riley From The Boondocks” creating a well-crafted, dark soundscape. However, some songs like “I’m The Mack” are a little too exposed, with underdeveloped lyrics placed over generic beats.


The second duality features tracks like “Worth It” and “Everything Good, Everything Right”, and shows that Yachty’s softer side is definitely the most interesting and listenable. His innocent charm and quirky sincerities shine through in the lyrical content of these tracks. The instrumentation has a 90s R&B nostalgia quality that wouldn’t be out of place on a Tamia track. You’ll even find a sample of Faith Evans’ 1995, “Soon As I Get Home” thrown in, just in case you didn’t pick up on the vibe already.  


The stand out track, an obvious choice for lead single, “Who Want To Smoke” sees Yachty getting back to the simple hooks and malleable vocal delivery that made him. Despite the fairly cookie-cutter production from Tay Keith, Cardi B delivers a stereotypically fun and taunting verse. Comparing herself to Jay-Z and being “the king of New York” is classic antagonistic Cardi and I’m sure many fans will have a fun time attacking her for this claim. Although the track ends rather abruptly at the end of Offset’s verse it actually makes for a comically jarring transition into the softer back half of the album.


Lil Yachty fans who like his rap persona, will find a few tracks that they enjoy and fans who enjoy the autotuned crooner persona will definitely enjoy the back end of this album, so I think we can count that as a win for Lil Yachty… despite the fact he has nuthin’ 2 prove. So back off.


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Lil Yachty: ‘Nuthin’ 2 Prove’ Album Review: Featured Image Credit: Capitol Records

Celebrity Moms with Beautiful Baby Bumps


Who says pregnancy holds back women and their unique styles? Who says an enormous baby bump is not simply beautiful? Check out these celebrity moms that show us how it’s done and inspire women everywhere to celebrate their large pregnant tummies.

First on our list of stylish moms is Kirsten Dunst. She may be a first time mom, but she sure dresses like she’s done this before. While shopping in LA, Kirsten wears a long tie-dyed dress, keeping herself fresh and free with vivacious colors and plenty of room to walk comfortably with her marvelous baby bump. To compliment the LA sunset tones of her dress, she throws on some earthy-toned accessories to complete the look, including her warm, brown sweater, beige sunglasses with a burnt umber tint in the shades, ivory white bag, and black velvet shoes to bring it all together. On the top of her head, she keeps her golden blond hair tucked into a bun to keep her look neat and practical for a mom on a mission!

This next mom is no stranger to the pregnancy life. Chrissy Teigen doesn’t let her unique style falter for a minute while carrying her second child. Posing with her husband, John Legend, at the 2018 Grammys, Chrissy shows with her stunning dress that pregnancy is certainly something to celebrate. Here she is gleaming from her twisted, twinkling earrings down to her strappy silver heels—not to mention how exhausting it must be to walk gracefully in heels while pregnant! Her Yanina Couture sequined dress matches the same sparkle coming from her smile, while the reflected light bouncing from the accented belt and detail along her hips accentuates her wonderful baby bump. Chrissy Teigen effortlessly takes her pregnancy glow to a whole new level!

Tia Mowry is another second-time mom who shows us that pregnancy glow. Being one of the only moms here who chose a look with pants, she absolutely rocks it with her lustrous, velvet suit. While filming for her YouTube channel, Tia takes the time to strike a pose in her charming, linen-colored rag & bone tracksuit. With this style, Tia makes being pregnant look comfy! She completes her outfit with a pair of black, pointy-toed boot heels, showing all of her fans that this is no lazy day sweat-suit, but a glamorous, yet relaxed ensemble meant for the camera. Her naturally gorgeous curls, tousled to the side, bring the attention immediately to her face where we see that signature bubbly smile that begs the question: Are there any hearts that Tia Mowry can’t steal?

Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio sure doesn’t let a second pregnancy stop her from making the world her runway. Here, she casually walks the streets wearing a sensuous green slip dress that gives her a style that can turn heads and keep her feeling fresh. Her gray, full-length cardigan drapes along her shoulders, keeping her warm in addition to the light gray beanie placed gently atop her warmly highlighted head of hair. Her small black bag with an accented gold chain matches perfectly with her grungy, Doc Martin boots and mysterious black shades. With her first son Zion resting preciously on her hip, she shows that even while carrying two children, she can still manage to carry herself with such grace and magnetism.

Last, but not least is the woman that has been making headlines since early April: first time mom Cardi B. Her baby bump debut wardrobe is definitely something to gush over. On stage, she wore her hair in a slick beehive style with neat pieces of silky hair framing her glowing face, giving her a hairstyle of royalty status. Her dress is simply timeless. Wearing an all white, skin-tight dress allows for the audience to gaze in excitement at every shadow made by her beautiful baby bump. The ruffled detail in the fabric adds the perfect texture while the flared out bottom adds elegance to her passionate performance as an artist and icon. From recently creating a new album to now creating new life, Cardi B has nowhere to go but up!


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Moms with Beautiful Baby Bumps: Image credits: www.celebskart.com, www.usmagazine.com, people.com, www.dailymail.co.uk, thecelebritycafe.com, out.com

Hot or Not? Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” Review


Cardi B is the true representation of starting from the bottom. Her rags-to-riches story begins quite conventional to the new age of fame. The Bronx-born rapper gained notoriety as a social media celebrity who posted funny videos of herself before landing a spot on Love & Hip Hop, where she used her screen time to push her aspiring music career. It wouldn’t be long before she dropped two mixtapes, and broke out into the mainstream with “Bodak Yellow.” Many were skeptical of how long Cardi’s reign would last, and some even questioned her apparent talent. On top of that, there’s still a few people that refuse to give a woman credit where it’s due in the area of rap music.

Invasion of Privacy is that middle finger to Cardi’s skeptics as she proves yet again that she is more than just a pretty face and a one-hit wonder. The upbeat album features Cardi spitting on different beats, varying from pop-trap music to ballads. Cardi knows that her personality is intoxicating, and she uses it to bring you into her life. Her music remains equally as unapologetic as she is and displays different layers of who she is.

The introduction sets the tone for the album with “Get Up 10,” an explosive tune that nods to her rise to fame. She reflects on the struggle she faced in order to get to where she is now, and the song upholds the empowering feel of the album. She gets in tune with her Latina side with “I Like It,” featuring Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny and the Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin, a badass revision to Pete Rodriguez’s “I Like It Like That.” It is without question that Cardi drops empowering and relatable tracks for women throughout, including the upbeat ballads “Be Careful” and her “Ring” collaboration with Kehlani. The Cardi confidence that we know and love shines in both “Drip” featuring Migos, as well as in her collaboration with Chance the Rapper, “Best Life.” Her emotional ballad “Thru Your Phone” contrasts with her boldness and shows off a much more vulnerable side of herself.

Cardi B lets her fans into her world and allows them to, essentially, invade her privacy. The album was executed well, and has had amazing numbers since its release last week. Invasion of Privacy was certified Gold by the RIAA the same day it released, selling over 500,000 units. It also debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. Cardi B is doing her thing in the rap game, giving it a playful, yet bold side. She successfully displayed her ability of being versatile, and it’s without question that this is not gonna be the last we see of her.

Stream Invasion of Privacy now on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and other music streaming platforms.


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Hot or Not? Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” Review: Featured Image Credit: Atlantic Records

Year in Review: Top Singles of 2017


One of the best ways to remember a certain period in your life is by listening to music from that time. As the year comes to a close, it’s inevitable that we begin reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. All in all, 2017 was a great year for popular music; we saw new faces, old favorites, and new twists on classic pop conventions. We’ve rounded up a list of the top single from the first week of every month to help you remember the good, the bad, and everything in between from the past year. Enjoy the newest installment of our series Year in Review: Top Singles of 2017.



“Starboy” – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

The titular track of The Weeknd’s third studio album, “Starboy” started the year off on a soulful note, with his signature electro-pop R&B tones and catchy lyrics.

Female Rappers on the Rise


In a genre defined by hypermasculinity, profanity, and the sexualization of female bodies, it’s not surprising that there has never been a historically high concentration of women in rap. When it came to hip-hop, women were always tied to the role of “featured” artist, or contributing harmonies and hooks, but rarely verses. However, things are finally changing in the rap world and we have many genre-defying female artists to thank for that. We rounded up a list of the most up-and-coming female rappers on the rise that you should not be sleeping on this year.


If you haven’t heard Cardi B’s breakout single “Bodak Yellow,” then you must be living under a rock. The overarching message of the song is obvious from the first few lines: Cardi B thinks she’s better than you, and she wants to be the one to tell you. The song takes cues from classic rap culture surrounding money, glory, and celebrity. It also subverts the classic rap narrative because Cardi is a woman—the antithesis of the tough, black male rapper stereotype. She’s effortlessly breaking boundaries, and she’s doing it in a way you can dance to.  

Starting out as a slam poet in Chicago, Fatima Warner (Noname) broke out onto the rap scene when she was featured by Chance the Rapper on the Acid Rap mixtape. Since then, she and Chance have collaborated a few more times (Surf, Coloring Book), but she was also busy recording her own debut album, Telefone. An uncompromised look at the experience of growing up a black woman in Chicago, this album is a triumph. Not only does she experiment with unconventional jazz-influenced beats, but she also uses her background in spoken word to craft extremely smart and personal verses.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Young M.A. (also known as Katorah Marrero) has rap running through her veins. Beginning to rap as early as age 9, the 25-year-old has accomplished a lot in her short life thus far; she’s released more than a few viral tracks (“Brooklyn Chiraq,” “Body Bag”) and two mixtapes (Sleepwalkin’, Herstory,) and the latter two received critical acclaim. Her single “OOOUUU” has over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, and it was featured on basically every party playlist in the country for a few months. Her songs aren’t just mindless bangers, either; she also uses her music as an outlet to discuss social issues and her identity as a black lesbian woman.

Called “Oakland’s Best New Rapper” by MTV, Kamaiyah is definitely one to watch. Her debut album A Good Night in the Ghetto is a cross-section of everything she represents as a rapper: confidence, clarity, and charisma. Her verses are sharp, but they’re also fun. Heavy bass lines and catchy hooks make the tracks perfect for parties without compromising who she is. She’s not a singer, she’s a rapper—and she’s not afraid to say it. If you’re still unconvinced that she’s the next big thing, just remember she also shared a feature with Drake on the YG track “Why You Always Hatin’” in 2016.

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Female Rappers on the Rise: Featured image courtesy of CardiB/Faceboook