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That Time of Year Where it’s Socially Acceptable to Wear a Blanket in Public: The Easy Way to Dress up or Down an Outfit


If you’re from the Northeast Coast like me, then you are familiar with the same four seasons: pre-winter, winter, post-winter, and summer. How do you survive the cold and still look fabulous? Winter is tough, don’t get me wrong. Most of our outfits are covered with heavy coats, bulky scarves, and enormous hats. However, the soft spots in pre-winter and post-winter allow for some more creative outlets. This time of year allows for the simplest of ways to really put an outfit together and set just the right mood. It’s finally that time of year where it’s socially acceptable to wear a blanket in public: the easy way to dress up or down an outfit.


Cardigans, jackets, blanket wrap scarves, shawls, and even your dad’s old plaid jackets are the perfect accessories to play around with this time of year for both style and warmth purposes. With just the right “blankets” you can dress up something plain, dress down something flashy, or keep the mood casual while still rocking outfits you thought you had to save for summer.

We’ve all been there; you’ve got this fancy holiday party to go to and you’re staring at your favorite dress, but maybe it’s better suited for summer. It’s got spaghetti straps, a sexy torso cut out, and the perfect style to show off your beautiful shape. The thought is nice, but you sigh because you know looking amazing for the price of hypothermia is not worth it. Well, with the help of an elegant blanket wrap scarf, you can sport the look and keep all of your toes and fingers. Zara has the perfect neutral black soft wrap scarf that can not only give you the chance to have that look, but level up its classiness as well! The scarf is soft, warm, classic, and goes with just about anything. So take that summer dress out of your closet, shake off the dust, and look your best!

Maybe one night in early December, you decide to ask your crush out on a date. The pressure is on. You don’t want to look too casual, but you don’t want to look too fancy either. You want to look really good, put you don’t want to look like you put in too much effort. You want to wear something that shows off your body a little, but maybe you want to tease a bit too. Where in the world is the sweet spot of first dinner date attire?? With only a half hour left before you have to leave to meet your date, you decide to go with your gut and wear what you feel most confident in. It’s that mildly fancy dress that you love, but maybe it’s a bit too fancy for the occasion. Well, go grab your dad and tell him that his clothes are back in style because his vintage flannel is really going to come in handy. Your dad doesn’t feel like sharing? Who could blame him? They are a delicacy! Worry not because Forever21 has a plethora of flannels to choose from. Even the classic brown flannel that will keep you feeling cozy and looking chic!

It’s everyone’s go-to; the white t-shirt and jeans. It’s the easiest outfit to throw on in a pinch and still stay stylish. But maybe this is the fourth time in the last two weeks that you’ve had to keep the fashion as effortless as possible. Do not set your alarm a minute earlier because all you need to throw on to show some variety is a nice shawl. Shawls are the perfect way to make a simple outfit pop while maintaining a professional look. In addition, they keep you warm and comfy; what could be better? Fashionnova has the perfect answer with the shawl of your dreams. It’s fashionable, versatile, and can effortlessly spice up your wardrobe.

It’s finally Friday night and you and your friends have plans to get dinner, some casual drinks, and see a late night movie. Bad news, all of your sweaters are sitting in the heap of laundry you didn’t have time to do and your favorite pair of jeans is being borrowed by your roommate… without your permission. So, what are you left with? It’s that pre-winter season and all you have are shorts! If you also have stockings, your favorite band t-shirt, and a funky cardigan, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Bring back the 80s vibe with a boho twist and throw on some jean shorts over stockings, throw on your favorite band’s tour t-shirt, and put on the cardigan to both complete the look and keep you from shivering at dinner. Charlotte Russe has that bold yellow cardigan that snaps that 80s look right to the present.


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That Time of Year Where it’s Socially Acceptable to Wear a Blanket in Public: The Easy Way to Dress up or Down an Outfit: Image Credits: www.zara.com, www.fashionnova.com, designersoutfits.com, www.charlotterusse.com

Every Sweater You Need This Winter


As the temperatures drop and we start to see our first flurries of snow, there is no better accessory than a classic sweater. However, sometimes just a classic sweater can be boring. After seeing so many exciting new trends over summer and fall, it’s time to step up your winter game. Gone are the days of heading out in the same oversized turtleneck you’ve worn for the last five years. This winter, it’s all about unique, yet comfortable pieces.

The Pullover
The idea of a plain pullover may make you yawn, but unique details can bring this classic winter piece from drab to fab. This ivory sweater by Eri+Ali has great distressed details, a girly neckline, and a fun series of circular cutouts imitating stitching. It’s a perfectly fun and fresh take on a boring cream sweater, and when paired with a great pair of distressed jeans and your go-to booties, this is a total winner.

(Eri + Ali Lisette Fringed Sweater, $98, anthropologie.com)

The cardigan
Layering in the winter is essential, but the textbook cardigan can be a complete snooze-fest. With the right piece, however, this wardrobe staple can be a great way to amp up your outfit. Faux fur is always in, and this faux lamb fur is no exception. Shaggy, oversized, and undeniably soft, this cardigan can make any outfit chic. Perfect for daring to go white on white, or a fashion-forward option to wear over that LBD on New Year’s Eve, this cardigan has it all.

(Kimchi Blue Grizzly Open Cardigan, $129, urbanoutfitters.com)

The cowl neck
The ‘70s were back and better than ever this fall, so why do they have to disappear as we transition to colder weather? With this wonderfully warm cashmere sweater by Minnie Rose, the fringy, boho, off-the-shoulder trends of yesterseason make a comeback in a winter-appropriate way. Long enough to be worn as a dress or tunic, this piece is the perfect companion for leggings or sheer tights and is sure to make a statement anywhere you go.

(Fringe Boho 70’s Cowl Neck Sweater, $348, minnierose.com)

The cape
A cape is probably not the first thing you search for when browsing your favorite store, but this plaid garment is more shawl than Halloween costume. Thick, classic, and customizable, this cape is perfect for layering. It instantly pulls together any otherwise simple outfit and makes a great companion for jeans and a knit top. This statement piece could even be paired with an infinity scarf to further enhance the comfy and cozy vibe.

(Modena Reversible Plaid & Herringbone Cape, $48, nordstrom.com)

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