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Understanding the Science in Games of Chance


Today we want you to learn more about understanding the science in games of chance. Mathematicians have long looked at games of chance in order to study the science of probability. From simple dice games such as craps, to lotteries, card games and casino table games such as roulette and backgammon, what we think of as luck is actually probability. This can be mathematically calculated, giving players a better understanding of the game at hand.

What is probability?

understanding the science in games of chance

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Probability is the likelihood that something will happen. Expressed as a percentage, probability can range from 0% (impossible) to 100% (inevitable). However, it’s important to remember that probability and its attendant laws are based on observation rather than prediction. Probability can tell us how likely something is to happen, but it cannot tell us when or how often that outcome will occur.

Probability for gamers

An understanding of probability as it applies to games of chance can help us decide whether a particular game is worth playing. We can use it to determine the conditions necessary for certain results, such as a winning number, to occur. We can also get an idea of our long-term financial prospects if we were to keep playing a particular game, perhaps to cope with quarantine boredom. Are we likely to make a profit or a loss, and just how often are we likely to lose?

This is worth bearing in mind if we visit a casino website or use the Resorts Casino app, where there are around 500 different games to choose from, all of which can be played for real money. How do we decide which ones offer the best chances of winning, when in theory they are all a matter of luck? As well as taking into account the generous welcome bonuses, promotions, progressive jackpots and other factors, a basic understanding of probability can help us to make an informed decision.

Tumbling dice

helpful tips before visiting a casino

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The basic idea of probability can be best understood by looking at dice. The chances of a particular number coming up when we roll a single dice are one in six (1/6). However, to get the chances of rolling the same number twice in a row, or of getting, say, two threes when we roll two dice together, we must multiply the original probability. 1×1=1, while 6×6=36, so our chances are now 1/36, significantly worse.

Figuring out the chances of getting three threes on three rolls of the dice requires us to multiply again, and while one will always be one no matter how many times we multiply it by itself, 36×6=216. The probability is now 1/216. Our chances get worse at an exponential rate.

Probability and odds

Odds are a common way of expressing probability in casino games and sports betting, but the two should not be confused, especially as they are often expressed in similar ways. A probability of one in four (1/4) is actually odds of three to one (3/1), as you have one chance of winning and three chances of losing.

Additionally, the odds given are generally the payout odds rather than the true odds. They are subjective rather than mathematical, and include a house edge for the casino or bookie. In sports betting, other factors, such as the number of people wagering on a particular horse to win a race, may affect the odds given, which is why they change over time and vary from one bookmaker to another.

understanding the science in games of chance

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The law of independence

There is a popular saying among the more clued-up gamblers that “dice have no memory.” What this means is that the likelihood of a number coming up is not affected by the number of times it has come up in the past. This also applies to other random events. The probability of a coin toss coming up heads is always 50%. If it came up heads on the last toss, it is still 50%. If it came up heads on the last five tosses, there is still a 50-50 chance of it coming up heads on the sixth toss.

This principle also applies to purely random casino games such as roulette. Every number on the wheel always has an equal chance of being the one that the ball stops on. A number is never ‘due’ and the probability is always the same. Mathematically, this is known as the theory of independent events.

What people think of as luck, at least as far as casino games go, is the science of probability. Luck only seems to operate in the short term. You may have good days and bad days, a good run or a losing streak, though science would say that even this is an illusion. Over the long term, science is proved right.

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What is Gamification and how is it Implemented Into Everyday Activities and Casino Games


What is gamification and how is it implemented into everyday activities and casino games? You may or may not have realized that elements of gamification have begun infiltrating nearly every facet of modern-day life. Aspects of gamification are now used for everything from encouraging someone to keep playing a video game to improving voter turnout to promoting exercise to improving user engagement.

So, what is gamification? Keep reading to learn more about gamification is and how it impacts your daily life.

What is gamification?

In some ways, gamification is what it sounds like – it is essentially using techniques that leverage human instincts for competition, learning, status, and achievement to encourage a person to do a certain thing. Some of the earliest gamification techniques involved encouraging participants or users of a game to complete specific levels, fill a progress bar, compete within a team dynamic, or give users imaginary currency as a reward.

Gamification techniques

A variety of different gamification techniques are used in video games and everyday tasks and activities. One of the most common and fundamental techniques is to create a points system in which participants are rewarded with points after successfully accomplishing specific tasks. Although the points are illusory, they provide a numerical system in which a participant can conceptualize their progress and success.

App augmented reality game gps

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Similar techniques include the creation and use of leader boards and progress bars, or other performance graphs. These techniques help users visualize their progress through specific tasks or activities and help generate some feelings of competition, however subconscious or superficial, to encourage active interest, engagement, and participation in the task. These are all techniques that you have likely seen used in games, along with in courses, tasks, and other activities.

Another tool that is used is that of badges or other reward systems. After completing certain levels, users may receive a badge of some sort, which symbolizes an achievement. These badges represent an individual’s levels of accomplishment and achieved goals and can even help to symbolize an individual’s involvement with a specific group.

Finally, narratives, avatars, and teammates can also all be utilized as gamification techniques. Meaningful stories and narratives, even if portrayed in highly symbolic pared-down terms, can encourage users to continue with the task to achieve the sense of completion and satisfaction that accompanies the end of a narrative.

Casino games and online gambling

Over the course of the last ten years, the online gambling sector has exploded in popularity. A global loosening of gambling restrictions has conveniently coincided with an increased innovation and development of gambling platform technology to lead to this moment where online gambling has begun to eclipse traditional brick and mortar gambling in popularity.

There are now so many online casinos and gambling apps that it can

what is gamification

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be difficult to find the online casinos with the best registration bonuses, selection of games, and features. BonusSeeker.com does the research for you by collecting and collating the important information related to online casinos, so that you can find the casinos that most fit what you are looking for, such as those with no deposit bonuses.

The Gamification Research Network has extensively studied the relationship between gamification and online gambling. The Network has studied how video games like Overwatch are increasingly innovative with payment methods which, in certain aspects, mirror online gambling. They have also considered how online gambling platforms have utilized features like VIP levels, bonus features, and the characteristics of the games themselves to boost the gamification aspects of the online casino platforms.

Other applications for gamification

Once you know what gamification entails, you will likely start seeing it everywhere, in little ways. Perhaps your workout app gives you a “thumbs up” or a “badge” or a “score” once you have completed an exercise, or maybe you collect points on a learning app that you can watch accumulate and then subsequently compare your points with other app users.

The applications for gamification are virtually limitless, especially as humans respond positively to gamification aspects and motivation. In fact, gamification has become so popular that some academics have warned of using gamification too often. In a paper presented at the GamiFIN Conference in 2017, a team of researchers warned that there is a “dark side” to gamification.

The researchers do not argue that we should avoid all gamification, but rather that more research is required so that we can fully recognize the importance of gamification and its application to elements of everyday life.

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Why Music in Games is Important


Having a great musics tracks in your online gaming app has a lot of benefits and advantages so today we want to share why music in games is important.  Indeed, music has been accustomed to unite individuals, just as make recollections.  Music has the ability to give you a sense of nostalgia and happiness but can equally make you feel sadness.  In other words it’s implied that music can affect your state of mind.  Likewise, music can be utilized as an energizer to encourage continued game play.

music in games

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Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most casinos games, and video games having inspiring and upbeat music tracks.  In this post, we are going to share with you why music in games is more significant than you might think.

Player Commitment

Game developers consistently ensure that they really put an effort into creating the best music for their games.  This will allow the player to truly connect with the game and induce player commitment.


Game engineers consistently ensure that they strategically think about music for their games, which suits the mind-set as it relates to specific scenes.  This way, gamers are completely drenched in the game.  This truly improves the entire gaming experience.

Setting the Temperament and Scene

As referenced above, music in games assists with setting the temperament within the scenes  of a game. This has a truly incredible effect on the game as it helps fix the mind-set, just as rejuvenate the game’s reality.

This is the reason why online game developers make music for Syndicate.casino slots AUS that supplements the general topic of the game. For example, if the game is a treasure hunting game, they will ensure to incorporate easy listening music and if the game is an action packed fighting game, then uptempo and dramatic music would be used.

music in games

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Inspiration and Coordination

Coordination and music regularly go hand in hand. Take an artist of any kind, for instance that has a deep connection to the music,  singing or rapping to the beat and cadence in perfect tune and rhythm.

Another extraordinary case of this happens in the gym. Working out channels your body, particularly in the beginning of your workout. Exercise centers and fitness coaches regularly use music to keep a wellness class in a state of harmony by coordinating the movements of the exercise to the beat. 

Music and inspiration research doesn’t stop there.  Recent studies have shown that music can help develop confidence as well.  Individuals experiencing helpless confidence profit by music. It decides and set your qualities on specific issues. It can likewise help inspire you to handle a convoluted test in your life.

Relaxation and Concentration

music in games

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Have you ever thought about how game play would be without music?  Probably not because if you did have to play your online games without music, you would soon realize how significant music in games can be. For quite a long time people have utilized music as a stress reliever. 

Music created to help you relax utilizes specific frequencies to help draw out specific feelings, for example, satisfaction and harmony.  Music can help console you after a bad day.  It can also keep you relaxed so that you can focus on your task at hand.


Additionally, games attempt to incorporate music that aid and assist with providing the players with an exceptional gaming experience.  You will find an array of diverse music across thousands of online games.  In fact, you will find that there may be different music tracks for different levels or sections of the game.  This is to keep you interested in the game and make things exciting.  We hope you now understand why music in games is important.

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Fun Online Casino Games


There’s no doubt about it that interest and participation in online gaming is at an all time high.   Over 100 billion dollars were spent on online games in 2017 alone.  This trend will continue it’s upward slope with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  One of the most popular segments of gaming are fun online casino games where an estimated 40 billion dollars will be generated in 2018.   Even regular casinos are developing their own online gambling websites.  The opportunity to generate additional revenue is simply too great despite their reluctance to get involved with an online model that would compete with their traditional sources of revenue.

Most people have  no clue that the first casino game was made back in 1996.  Most post-millennial’s weren’t even born yet.  There are thousands of fun online casino games to choose from.  Though it’s a few years old, check out this really cool infographic depicting the history of online casinos.


A History of Online Casinos
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Things have changed a lot over the years including regulation, social and mobile casino games, revenue and amount of countries that offer legalized gambling.  Some are free games that do not require an exchange of money while others are played live for real cash.  Let’s checkout the top types of fun online casino games.

Online Slots:  Slots are the most popular online casino game in the world.  Everyone’s probably familiar with the classic slot machine.  In order to win you’ll need to match 3 identical symbols across the middle, read Ultimate Slots Guide. Online Slots are a little bit different however as there are usually 5 reels that need to be matched and you can win by matching symbols in the top, middle, bottom, diagonal or a zigzag shape.  Playing fun casino style slot machines online for free is a blast and there are literally hundreds of different themed slot machines.

blackjack table photo

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Online Blackjack: Blackjack is incredibly fun and super popular among casino players.  The object for the player is to draw cards totaling closer to 21, without going over, than the dealer’s cards. The best total of all is a two-card 21, or a blackjack.  Cards 2 through 10 are worth their exact value while kings, queens, and jacks are each worth 10. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 depending on which is better for your hand.  The first thing you do is decide how much money you want to bet on a hand.  Offered amounts are typically $1, $5, $25 and $100.  Once the cards have been dealt and you see your cards, you’ll either Hit, Stand or Double Down.

Online Roulette: Roulette is French for “little wheel and has become the face of the casino industry commonly referred to as the King of casino games.  I don’t think anyone could imagine a casino without a roulette table.    Roulette may seem like a complicated casino game to understand but in fact it’s really simple.  The objective of roulette is to accurately predict which slot the ball will fall into once the roulette wheel comes to a stop by placing a bet.   There are hundreds of great places to play roulette online.  Exciting sites like www.conquercasino.com offer real live roulette games.

poker photoOnline Poker: Poker is a member of the card game family.  It involves gambling, strategy and a certain level of skills that come with experience.  The most popular kind of poker is Texas Hold ‘Em.  This is the same variation of poker that is played in the World Series of Poker.  Poker is particularly popular among celebrities.   Michael Phelps, Matt Damon, Kevin Heart, James Woods, Jennifer Tilly and those that love the poker table.  It’s been rumored that Tobey Maguire (superman) has won over $10 million playing high stakes poker at his Hollywood Hills mansion.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, fun online casino games are here to stay and are becoming more popular each year.  It will be interesting to see how the online casino industry will evolve in the coming years.  For now whether you play for pleasure or real money, enjoy every second win, loose or draw.

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iGaming Trends for 2018


Who’s interested in iGaming trends for 2018?  We sure are that’s for sure.  One of the fastest growing industries right now is iGaming with an estimated 11 billion generated in 2016 which even surpassed mobile gaming revenues.  As this sector of online gaming continues to grow, let’s explore a few possible iGaming Trends for 2018.

  1. Virtual Reality

virtual reality photo

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VR could in fact change the entire landscape for iGaming in 2018 and is a definite technology to keep an eye on for upward trends.  What sets Virtual Reality casino games a part from others is the super exciting interactive experience one can get by tossing on their VR headset and experience everything in a jaw dropping 3D environment.  Everything from the game rooms, slot machines and interactions with other casino players and dealers will seem extremely realistic.  VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and Google Daydream provide great options to play VR casino games.

  1. Smartwatch Gaming

smart watch photo
Wearable tech probably hasn’t been as popular the last few years as some would’ve thought but companies like LG, Apple, Samsung and computer giant Acer still see wearable tech worth investing in   This is because gaming on the go and smartwatch technology in general continue to grow as evidenced by the Apple Watch 2 and Samsung Gear.  While video poker lured early adopters to the smaller smartwatch screen, today the iGaming enthusiast can play everything from Blackjack to Poker on their smartwatch devices.  As of right now, most smartwatches have different operating systems and require separate applications for casino games associated with them but be on the lookout for companies who see the value in creating universal apps that will function on any smartwatch regardless of brand or OS.

  1. Best of Bingo

bingo photo

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Believe it or not, there are millions of iGaming fans who love playing casino type games like play n go as well as Bingo.  Bingo has been trending upwards for several years in the iGaming world and we are sure this will continue to be a part of iGaming Trends in 2018.  iGaming developers know that online players want diversity and now that Bingo is clearly in the mix as an additional revenue path, they have seriously gotten creative when introducing different types of Bingo games.   Traditional games like 75 and 90 ball versions are always available but now you can play other games like Quick Shot and Death Bingo.   The latter being a game in which the person who gets a BINGO is actually eliminated and the last person standing who never got a BINGO is the winner.  How’s that for a different type of Bingo?  There are even Bingo games on Facebook that you can play.
Expect 2018 to be a super big year for the entire iGaming industry.  While legislation and oversight continue to cause major headaches for operators, gamers are still demanding more diverse and creative games, a better experience and of course those large jackpot payouts.
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