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Popular Casino Games Around the World


Avid casino fans can now play their favorite game at any time or place, thanks to the magic of technology and the easy accessibility of online casino. Whether that’s American Roulette or the European variant, traditional Baccarat or the live version of Blackjack.

But when it comes to the games played in land-based casinos around the world, which ones come out on top? Let us take you from country to country, as we explore the games that are most played in casinos across the globe.

Blackjack in Monaco

Popular Casino Games Around the World

Photo by Yanina on Pexels

One of the most popular casino games, online Blackjack at Paddy Power Games is readily available for all to play, whenever or wherever its players choose. However, if you’re looking for the best land-based casino experience, the game of Blackjack is most popular in the glamorous city-state of Monaco.

Recognized as one of the most expensive and wealthiest places in the world, the casinos match this atmosphere of luxury and glamour, especially when it comes to playing Blackjack. The Monte Carlo Casino, in particular, is a hotspot for tourists and has appeared in numerous star-studded films. At this brick-and-mortar establishment, players can expect to play a truly luxurious version of Blackjack, where stakes are high and prizes are even higher.

Roulette and Slots in Las Vegas

It’s no surprise that several casino games are popular in the bright lights and big city of Las Vegas. The famous strip is home to many glamorous and alluring casinos, with each playing host to all kinds of slot machines and table games.

Amongst tourists in the state of Nevada, Slots are the go-to game, and come in every theme and type imaginable. Their popularity is likely due to their simplicity, making it easy to play and enjoy for players of any level. Slots also offer a wide range of stakes, so they suit everyone’s budget.

However, when it comes to avid fans of the famous Vegas casinos, Roulette comes out on top, as the city offers so many different variations to entice and entertain its high rollers.

Popular Casino Games Around the World

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

The Mirage Casino is notable for offering both single and double zero American Roulette, as well as the European version. If it’s a VIP Roulette game that you’re after, The Golden Gate Casino opened in 1906 and is known for the variant called Riverboat Roulette. This involves new betting types, where you can wager on additional coloured areas on the wheel.

You should visit The Tropicana Casino, if you’re looking for something even more exciting. This Vegas establishment offers the weird and wonderful Double Ball Roulette. You’ve guessed it – this involves a Roulette game with two balls in play, which opens up much more excitement and anticipation amongst its players.

Poker and Roulette in France

Did you know that Roulette translates as ‘little wheel’ in French? And that the classic casino game was originally created by a French mathematician? It seems obvious then, that Roulette is one of the most popular games in this inventive nation, and has withstood the test of time amongst its players.

However, coming in a close second as the most favorable game, is perhaps the less likely obvious choice of Poker. France plays host to many luxurious casinos, who in turn offer some of the best Poker tournaments in the world.

At the Lyon Vert Casino, a special Poker tournament is held at particular times during the year, which offers a chance to win some impressive prizes to expert players, as well as an incredibly glamorous experience. Likewise, the tournaments in The Aviation Club in France are graced by the presence of many world-famous Poker personalities.

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Mobile Slots – Download or Play Online?


Today we want to share some great info about mobile slots. Should you download or play online? Online slot machines represent the most popular, as well as the most diverse online casino games
category, with thousands of different online pokies in the “database.”

Some of the reasons for such popularity lie in slot’s simplicity, the potential to award massive payouts,
especially through progressive jackpots, and the feeling of game personalization, which is a direct
consequence of a vast number of available online slot machines. And with the introduction of
smartphones and tablets, things got even more exciting, while online slot developers started competing
for a brand new market – the online mobile gambling! Allowing players to enjoy their favorite online
pokies even on the go has increased the popularity of these already worldwide popular casino games
almost exponentially!

Slot machines

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Nowadays, the players can stumble upon a high variety of online mobile casino slots, including retro-designed ones with classic 3×3 reel patterns, then standard video slots with a 5×3 grid, as well as those with unusual reel designs. The number of paylines goes from 3 up to a couple hundred of thousand, included in some special reel mechanics, such as the popular Megaways system developed by Net Entertainment. New slots are available in desktop and mobile versions for free on review sites and developers official pages, so you can try Lucky Lady Charm free play mode on your mobile any time.

 Online casino slots are so beloved by the players mostly because of the following features:

1. Ease of access – since they are mostly HTML5-based, they can be accessed directly through the web browsing app installed on your portable device. Such is known as “instant play” and is available in all online casinos and specialized online slots websites.

2. Demo & Real Money – online slot machines are, in most cases, available as free demo versions,
which serve as a good training method before you start wagering genuine cash in real money

3. Features & Bonuses – no other online casino game type introduces so many additions in the
form of features and bonuses as an online slot machine. You can benefit from wild symbol
substitutions, free spins and re-spins, sticky, stacked, or multiplier wilds, as well as extra bonus
mini-games, progressive jackpots, and many, many more online slots additional features.

4. Availability – the last but not the least of their features – mobile slots are always available since
there is no person today that leaves the comfort of the home without carrying a mobile phone.
This means that you can access and enjoy your favorite online slot machines at any time and
place, assuming that you have your portable device with you and access to an Internet

Young man with earphones and tablet on street

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Download vs Instant Play
Here are some of the advantages/disadvantages of both of these ways of playing online slot machines.

Instant Play


● Mobility – instant play allows you to enjoy your favourite slots from virtually any location on the
planet that provides access to the Internet.
● Game Portfolio – in instant play, you get the chance to try some of the most popular online slot
games developed by renowned software development companies. If you don’t like the available
game selection, you can always switch to another casino operator without downloading and
installing anything.
● Storage – instant play saves the storage space of your mobile device, while you don’t need to
download or install any specific app.
● Free demo – instant play games allow the player to access and play for free before deciding to
wager real money. And such can be done without having to install and uninstall the game if it
happens that you are not so fond of it!


● Internet-dependent – instant play mode requires a constant and stable Internet connection in
order to avoid game lagging and crashing due to poor wi-fi signal. However, this is slowly being
overcome, along with the worldwide implementation of 4G and 5G networks with enormous
data traffic speed.
● Game quality – the quality of Flash, Java and HTML5-based games is not yet the level you need
to download and install on your PC to play. However, this is a field still open for improvements,
and they are expected to come pretty soon!
● Login – in order to play your favourite online mobile slot for real money, you would need to log
in each and every time you visit your preferred online casino operator. However, such is dealt
with through various password save & protect software, such as the one built within the Google
Chrome browser.
Download & Play


● Quality – download & play casino games, logically, are expected to introduce better quality in all
terms, from design and graphics to the gameplay itself. However, it is usually the rule that the
greater the gaming quality, the more space on your mobile phone will be taken by the game.
● Reliability – since such games run on an already installed software, totally independent of the
Internet connection quality, the chances of crashing and lagging are virtually down to zero. Lags
can appear only due to excessive storage space usage, which is related to the device and not to
the slot game itself.
● Safe & Secure – games already installed on your device present no risk of potential fraud or
● One-time login – when playing already downloaded games, you need to log in just once – the first
time you run the installed casino software.
● Gameplay – the gameplay of downloaded slot games tends to be much faster and more slick
compared to instant play casino slots. This may vary depending on the type of portable device
used by the player, as well as on the free storage space.


● Lack of flexibility – if you choose to play games from a downloaded online casino software, you
will be limited only to those devices possessing such apps.
● Lack of demo – if you want to try a particular online slot, you will still have to go through
installing the entire casino app and then uninstalling it if it turns out unappealing to you.
● Memory – each casino app installed takes a piece of your storage space, which may affect the
device’s overall performance if you go and install several such apps.

● Game selection – nowadays, there are only a few online casino software developers that still
offer downloadable games, which means that the range of available games is far more inferior
compared to the instant play online slots offerings.
● Safety – although, when installed, online slot games are less likely to be the object of mischief or
fraud, you still need to download and install the casino app. You can avoid such issues by
installing only apps coming from trusted, reputable online casino operators or other trustworthy

What Should I Choose?
When deciding whether to download and play or to access online slots directly through the web browser, you need to first ask yourself what do you want from the game and your gaming time? If you
want to try out as many online slots as possible, then you should pick instant play, while it provides
access to a much greater number of games.

However, if you want 100% stable gameplay without lags, then download & play should be your way
since it doesn’t depend on the Internet connection strength. One thing is certain – whether you choose
instant play or downloadable online slots, you will enjoy your time playing them, and there is a great
chance of scoring some money along the way!

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Slots’ Fairness: How to Check the Validity of Slot Games


Today we want to share with you some helpful tips on how to check the validity of slot games.  It’s sad that every so often, people get scammed. From buying fake iPhones, TVs, windowpanes, the list is endless. 

Validity of Slot GamesIn the same way, the gambling industry has been dealing with fake slots for the longest time. Slots hold a really huge market share, and there are so many of them that scam slots cannot be visible at first glance in this wide diversity. But for seasoned players, it’ll be easier to detect changes in graphics, sound, or paytable and distinguish a fake from the real one. For a new player, however, such changes could go unnoticed.

In this guide, we offer some workable tips on ways you can detect fake slots and avoid getting scammed.


Check the Paytable and the Rules

One of the red flags you need to look out for is the paytable discrepancy. If you’ve played that specific game before, it’ll be easier to notice any difference.  The best action, in this case, is opening 2 paytables so you can make comparisons. Check the symbols, positioning, values, bonus descriptions, pay values, and colors. If all these don’t match, it’s likely that one is fake.

Also, as you go through the rules, you may notice some omissions or variations in the text. Maybe it’s a question mark that is missing or the font is different.  If any of these looks different, the slot is most likely a fake. You don’t have to play a fake when there are thousands of legit slots that pay real money.

Validity of Slot GamesMake Notice of Poor Graphics

Just like a pirated movie, a fake slot will have very poor graphics. For instance, if the resolutions are full of glitches or the animation is not as crispy as it should, the slot could be fake.

Also, if the sound is not as good as it usually is, that is most likely not a real slot. Just like you can tell that a product is fake due to poor quality, so are fake slot games.

Game Downloading

Most slot games have both a download and an instant play version. Now, when you choose to download the slot, be very careful to avoid getting redirected to other servers.

You need to ensure that the server address is the same as all other games. To know if the server address is authentic, right-click the webpage, then choose the ‘view code’ option. If the server is different, the slot machine is most likely not valid.  Remember, if you’re not careful, you may click on a spam link and put your security at risk.

Ensure the Casino Is Licensed

Validity of Slot Games

One of the surest ways of protecting yourself from stumbling onto fake slots is playing in a legit casino. You can check at the bottom of the casino’s website to verify if the casino is licensed. Curacao, Malta, Giblartar, UK gambling commissions are considered the best in this area.

Though it’s not a complete guarantee of the slots’ validity, it is an assurance that the casino is legal. If you’re not sure that the casino is legal, you can’t guarantee the validity of the slot games too.

Here are ways a casino and slot developers guarantee slots’ fairness:

  • Rigorous Offline Testing: After a slot is designed, the developer will take it through rigorous testing. At the end of the tests, analyze the results to ensure that everything, including the payout, is in order.
  • Slot Verification: The testing of a slot’s validity does not stop with the developer. Before the pre-launch, the game will be tested by an independent lab to ensure it is fair.

You can check a certification logo on a casino’s homepage which is an assurance of fair gaming.

  • Ongoing Slot Testing: To ensure that you enjoy fair gaming all year round, the casino conducts regular testing for all slot machines through an independent body.

If there’s no proof that the slot has been proven as fair by an independent body, stay away from it.

Consider the Loading Screen

If you are an experienced player, you’ll find it very easy to identify discrepancies in a slot by checking the screen. For instance, it’ll be very easy to recognize fake RTG slots by simply checking out the loading screen.

Unfortunately for new players, it’ll be hard to tell a fake slot by checking the loading screen. But you can still notice some few glitches while the game is loading. 

Stay Safe, Play Safe

Besides getting your due rewards after winning a slot game, it’s only fair that your security is guaranteed. Check out the reviews from past players and any reputable recommendations. 

You can begin by playing the demo and if you feel anything is amiss, log off. Remember, your safety and fair treatment comes first.

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How to Dress to Impress Your Casino Date Tonight?


Casinos have become a popular place for a date lately. It is still among the most common venues for the romantics, but more and more couples decide to visit one of America’s numerous adventurous casinos. We all want to stand out in a huge crowd and in places with lots of noise going around. This is where a proper dress code can make all the difference in terms of your overall experience for the night. If you look good, you will feel good too. There are no doubts you will have a much better time when you show off your personality in the most appropriate way through your apparel.

Men’s Fashion

We all tend to follow the latest trends in all life spheres. Just as all online operators need to launch a strong real money poker app nowadays, we need to take a look at clothes popular for the specific occasion at the specific time of the year to stand out in crowded environments like casinos. Fashion is quite simple for men as there are combinations you can never make a mistake with. You don’t necessarily have to wear a full suit to look attractive to your significant one on a date. A regular button-down shirt, paired with dark pants, a decent jacket, and adequate shoes will do the job on every single occasion. It is much more important to know whether something fits you well. As long as the pants are not too long and as long as your shirt is not wrinkled, you will be good. Eventually, you can go with regular fit jeans and a polo shirt with a light sweater for a more casual occasion.

Women’s Fashion

Women generally pay much more attention to details and usually need much more time to prepare a combination that will make you stand out in a crowd. In reality, there is something they can’t make a mistake with either. A simple midi dress and high heels will always be classy. The main tip for females would be to be careful about wearing something that does not actually fit their body types. Women usually exaggerate trying to avoid areas they are not huge fans of about themselves. Obviously, they should always wear something they will feel comfortable in. If you can’t walk wearing specific high heels, go for simpler shoes. Casino dates can include dancing and the more comfortable shoes will help you impress your partner on the floor.

What to avoid

A casino date is much more than gambling. It usually involves dining in a fancy environment and dancing on the podium. Bear in mind you are not going to drink beers at the pub. You should always wear well-fitted and classy clothes to show you’ve done the effort to look good. Both men and women should obviously avoid sports clothes, leggings, shorts, miss-matched prints, etc. Males should particularly avoid sandals.

The aforementioned tips represent the core fashion principles we should all take into consideration before going out to a fancy casino date with our partners. 

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What to Wear Before Visiting a Casino


Sometimes people just don’t know what to wear before visiting a casino yet no-one wants to be turned away at the entrance.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what can happen if you fail to wear the appropriate attire to a venue. If you want to effortlessly blend in with the crowd, or stand out for all the right reasons, you should check out these top tips on what to wear before visiting a casino.

What to Wear Before Visiting a CasinoReasonably Smart Clothing at Night

Most luxury casinos will turn you away at the door if you attempt to enter wearing casual clothing at night.  That’s why it’s extra import to know what to wear before visiting a casino.  It is, therefore, wise to switch the leggings, sportswear or sneakers to an attractive dress or a pretty blouse with skinny trousers. This will allow you to walk into a high-end casino with ease to play a variety of card games and slot machines.

The evening will tend to start once the sun goes down, so you must time your outfit for when you plan to explore a casino. So, if you plan to be out from 6 pm onwards, you should glam yourself up a bit to ensure you aren’t forced to return to your home or hotel to receive entry into a sophisticated casino.

Wear a Semi-Formal Cocktail Dress

Anyone wanting to look sophisticated and stylish at  real money casinos should wear a semi-formal cocktail dress. It will ensure you ooze elegance and style, which will force high rollers to look up from a table or slot machine. Dressing up a little will ultimately boost your confidence once you arrive, so you will feel right at home when mixing with the crowd.

A Relaxed Dress Code During the Day

It is common for most casinos to relax their dress code throughout the day, as they will want to welcome passing customers into their venue. However, you still should never enter a casino in your gym clothing or a work uniform, as you will more than likely be asked to leave as soon as you arrive.

So, while the dress code might be casual, you should attempt to appear smart and tidy. For example, you will not look out of place when wearing a beautiful summer dress or a blouse with a pair of jeans or a smart skirt.

Understand the Word Casual

If a casino states they have a casual dress code, this doesn’t mean you can turn up in your sweaty gym clothes and a pair of sneakers. Casual often means relaxed in comparison to cocktail dresses and black tie.

For example, it is unlikely you will be refused entry into a casino if you are wearing a sundress, a plain t-shirt with smart jeans or a turtle neck with sophisticated khakis. Yet, brash slogans, skimpy attire or swimwear will more than likely lead to you being turned away.

To ensure you don’t make any other big or small mistakes during a visit, here are a few tips for the casino that will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Stick to Flat Shoes

You don’t need to don a pair of high heels when visiting a casino. In fact, most modern venues will not dictate women’s footwear. However, this doesn’t mean you should put on a pair of sneakers or flip-flops, as you will be left disappointed when you are unable to play a table game or machine. 

You can, however, wear other smart, flat shoes, such as pumps or boots. It will ensure you feel both comfortable and stylish when standing in front of a slot machine for many hours at a time.

Always Check the Dress Code

While most casinos will permit casual clothing through the day and smart attire during an evening, you should still check a venue’s dress code before your visit. A casino will more than likely detail the clothing, footwear or accessories you can or can’t wear, which can prevent you from experiencing a fashion faux pas when expecting to enjoy a fun night of blackjack, poker or roulette with your friends, family or partner.

It is also important to remember that casinos might feature different rules for different floors of their venue. For example, the Bellagio in Las Vegas doesn’t have a dress code for their casino floor. However, if you want to gain access to The Bank, which is their exclusive nightclub, you will need to stick to their clothing rules. For example, gentlemen will need to wear a collared shirt and nice shoes, and they must avoid garments that could be viewed as sportswear while women must opt for an outfit that isn’t too casual or revealing.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are some big fashion blunders you must avoid when prepping for a day or night at a casino. A venue will want to provide their customers with the best possible experience, which is why they might encourage all gamblers to avoid wearing clothing with offensive slogans or images, overly revealing outfits or garments that could be used to conceal their appearance.

While it goes without saying, you also should care for your personal hygiene before a visit, as you will be within close quarters with many people as you gamble. So, ensure you shower and use deodorant before you put on an outfit and walk into a luxurious casino.

So, if you are planning to roll the dice and visit a casino in the not-so-distant future, you would be smart to bear the above tips in mind to ensure you don’t make a big fashion mistake that could ruin your day or evening.

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The Perfect Dress Code for a Night at the Casino


Although many people play at an online casino there are still many that love going out with a significant other or with a group of friends and what to know what the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is.  The truth is that for many of these people it will be their first visit and are unaware of what to wear.

Perfect Dress Code for a Night at the Casino

Photo by Lucian Savluc

Knowing the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is super important. Equally important is one who really looks the part in much the same way as if you were attending an important race meeting like the Gold Cup or Aintree.

There is still a layer of protocol and etiquette that defines the land-based casino, and this stems from when casinos were the playground of only the ‘elite’ when there were many rules both written and unwritten that defined how one was to act and dress whilst in the establishment.

Today, casinos are far more accessible to the general population both in the UK and around the world with the UK alone being home to over 100 land-based casinos with the largest numbers found in the major cities like Birmingham, Edinburgh and London.

So, what do you need to wear that will help you blend into the casino environment?

For ladies the majority of the casino dress code has become more relaxed through the years as the casinos changed and you are, in essence, free to dress as you like within reason. Ladies will not be judged by other casino goers, especially if they dress as if they are going to a high-end bar or restaurant. Some casinos do expect smart dress, especially if they are a high-end establishment in the city.

Night time visits to a casino often inspire people to get into the spirit of things and that includes dressing the part. Most casinos will accept you inside the establishment if you are dressed fairly smartly (no sportswear or leggings).

Don’t fancy going out?… then you can always play online bingo games at home sitting in your sweat pants eating pizza. Many comparison portals like bingosites.uk will certainly help you if you fancy a chilled night in.

Earth tones complemented with a subtle glamour of earrings, a clutch bag and heels is one tried and tested look as is a kimono complemented with earrings, sparkly shoes, great makeup and a silver clutch.

Both the above looks are classic garment and you can’t really go wrong with those outfits that you can bring out of the wardrobe for almost any occasion.

men playing poker photo

Photo by Adriano Agulló

Men have less options than women to choose from which can be a blessing, and typically smart, casual wear is enough to allow them entry into most casinos, but if there is a need to buy a ‘casino suit’ then taking a look at some of the latest movies that feature casinos will offer some great ideas.

Generally, men already know what the perfect dress code for a night at the casino is.  If men follow the same advice as women it actually all boils down to making an effort to look smart. Even smart jeans with a long sleeve shirt unbuttoned at the top with great shoes or boots will see most men through most of the time, and if a higher classed establishment is being visited then a nice suit possibly with a tie will suffice.

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