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Rag Poets’ Timeless Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


Rag Poets, a sister line of Z SUPPLY, launched its spring/summer 2017 collection that will make choosing outfits this season as easy as using your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone. This is the season where you look forward to dressing it up with vibrant spring/summer colors and feel free in anything you wear. But what about the days where you just want to lounge around and be comfortable, yet stay fashionable doing it? Well, thanks to designer Annie Luong and her team, Rag Poets brings a timeless and casual collection filled with basics fit for all ages that will transcend through every season (yes, that does mean fall/winter as well).

Based in Southern California, the entire collection consists of light-wear clothing to bring California fashion anywhere you go. And, to cater to cooler nights, it’s French terry and plush fleece pieces will keep you cozy.
“I definitely have a lot of the California lifestyle ingrained within the line—relaxed-yet-chic is in our DNA,” said Luong.
This timeless collection consists of classic silhouettes while staying fresh with new colors and prints.
“The colors are muted for Spring/Summer ‘17 because it seemed to be both where our consumer was focused and seamlessly tied into our travel and coastal inspiration for the collection,” said Luong.
The development of Rag Poets was put to work after a trip to Carmel, California, and being inspired by the everyday fashion similar to Positano, Italy, and Santorini, Greece. The team decided to merge the “everyday essentials” customers love from Z SUPPLY and bring it “on another level,” according to Luong. The goal was to create this sense of “relaxation and effortless” style from these places that will allow customers to feel like they’re on vacation anywhere, anytime.

With a focus on designing pieces to compliment and fit every woman, this season’s collection will inspire various ways to style your everyday wear. Whether you’re traveling, exploring/relaxing on vacation, or in the comfort of your own home, these pieces will fit appropriately.  
“We don’t see her as one type of woman; we see this line transcending many different looks and trends,” said Loung. “The pieces in our collection are designed to be worn alone or mixed with the unique, trendy items women add to their wardrobe each season.”
Not only does Rag Poets intend for this collection to fit each season, but to embody the idea of timeless pieces that will last through generations. According to Luong, what really sets this line apart from other casual collections is the fact that each fabric was chosen with fashion and comfort in mind for its customers.
“The line is designed to drape and fit a bit more loosely so women of different shapes and sizes can wear each item stylishly and comfortably,” said Luong.

In addition to casual basics, the collection comes with prints and patterns, dip-dyes, and button downs to add a variety of options in your wardrobe.
“The great thing about Rag Poets is there is so much potential,” said Luong.  “Most women have yet to learn about our line, but once they have had the opportunity to try on an item or see the collection, we are sure we have gained another loyal fan.”
Rag Poets definitely excelled in creating a timeless, casual collection. It’s lightweight, California-feel and combination of neutral and fresh colors will have women looking classy, chic, and relaxed—not just for this spring and summer, but for every season.
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Rag Poets’ Timeless Spring/Summer 2017 Collection: Photographed by LR Creative

British vs. American Style


As a British girl who has visited The States a number of times, I’ve noticed just how different American style compares to ours. From overalls to plaid shirts, leather jackets to brogues, here’s my lowdown on how British style contrasts to our friends across the pond.
British Casual:

  • Overalls

05P10FBLC_large      topshop-blue-moto-short-dungarees-product-1-17922860-1-746540881-normal_large_flex
I don’t know about other Brits, but I LOVE dungarees (overalls). When I visited America, my friends were surprised to see me wear them. What isn’t to love about overalls?! They’re comfy, cute, and they go with just about anything! Band t-shirts in particular are my favourite item to pair them with. You can find these on topshop.com.

  •    Pinafores

asos-blue-pinafore-dress-in-floral-jacquard-product-4-9902008-678289976_large_flex  asos-blue-pinafore-dress-in-floral-jacquard-product-2-9902008-503582422_large_flex
Similar to overalls, pinafores are another popular trend among Britons. Especially cute with knee high socks, pinafores are eligible to wear all year round, particularly floral patterned ones in Spring! www.lyst.com

  • Brogues

Brogues are my all time favourite shoe. Not only can you wear them during the day with a cute smock dress or the overalls I mentioned earlier, but you could rock a pair of T-bar flats with a smart/casual dress for a night out on the town or a fancy meal! topshop.com

  • Peter Pan collars

26D08JYLW_large topshop-contrast-dress-2
A favourite of mine, peter pan collars on t shirts, dresses or playsuits automatically make any outfit look adorable. Adding an element of class, collar dresses are perfect to wear during the summer to achieve that cute ‘girl next door’ look. misselfridge.com
American Casual:

  • Denim

image1xl  river-island-denim-denim-jacket-product-1-8108589-387484719
This is probably the fashion item I saw people wear the most, especially jackets! Denim is a great fashion accessory any can make any statement look casual. asos.com

  • Plaid Shirts

00137027-02  topshop-pink-oversize-check-shirt-product-1-16548240-0-050918481-normal_large_flex
Plaid checkered shirts teamed with denim shorts was a very popular choice of outfit I soon discovered when I visited the states. topshop.com

  • Leather jackets

11P01GBLK_2_large 11P34EBLK_large
Another popular fashion choice in the USA, especially to parties, the leather jacket can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans or denim shorts to create that edgy biker look. topshop.com

  • College Sweaters

31011602 img-thing
This may be stereotypical, but the amount of people I saw wearing university pullovers was unbelievable! In the UK, we don’t very often sell jumpers (sweatshirts) for our university’s, so it is rare to see someone wearing one. As a Brit, I love it! I think they give off the coolest vintage vibe. It’s great to be able to represent your university and be proud of it! polyvore.com
What do you think about British vs. American Style? Let us know in the comments below!
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5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt


The circle skirt is this season’s most versatile and flattering wardrobe staple. Named for their shape, which is cut like a big doughnut, circle skirts keep the fullness of the skirt at the hem rather than at the waist. The skirt, tight around your waist, flares out around your thighs, creating an hourglass shape on any body type. Sometimes called a skater skirt, this piece is comfortable and easily adaptable for every occasion and style.

Your entire summer wardrobe could be built around one of these striking skirts–like the Light Up My Life Skirt from Modcloth. A gorgeous black skirt is a great investment because you can wear it not only in the warm seasons but also in the fall and winter too! Here are 5 ways to wear a circle skirt:


Who says a skirt has to be feminine? Show off your inner rebel with a form-fitting crop top with a tantalizing metallic zipper closure. A bold color will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Clear Cut Crop Top in Navy, $8.80, Forever21.com)


A tiered crop top in soft hues makes the perfect canvas for your most dangly necklaces. A peek of skin between the skirt and the top gives just a hint of carefree sexiness.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Tiered Crop Tank in Desert Flower, $12.90, Wetseal.com)


Channel the elegance of mid-century glamour with a pussy bow blouse tucked into your skirt. Soft colors like seafoam will evoke the essence of summer.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Science of Chic Top, $42.99, Modcloth.com)


Need a last minute dress for a fancy event? Reinvent the little black dress! Pair a circle skirt with a figure-hugging top with sheer details to keep you cute and classy.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(¾ Sleeve Mesh Inset Crop Top, $11.99, Cicihot.com)


When you’re hanging out with your girls or watching your favorite heartthrob on the big screen, keep it casual and pair a circle skirt with a relaxed-fit top featuring a tie-front detail.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Ivory Floral Smocked Tie Front Tank , $29.90, Delias.com)

Featured image courtesy Modcloth.com

Braided Details


Braided Details

Keeping our hair in check every day of the week and trying to make it look like we just stepped out of a Pantene commercial takes time and dedication. Often we prepare ourselves ahead of time by setting our alarm clocks an hour earlier than usual, but let’s be honest; none of us have all the time in the world. That precious extra hour can often be taken as that extra hour of beauty rest we need.

However, once we’re up and ready to take on our day with the ambition of a superwoman, we are left with little time and no idea how to style our hair. This is where braids come to the rescue! Braids are an easy way to add some detail to your locks if you leave them out or style them into an updo. They add that extra glamour, making it seem as effortless and chic as if you really did step out of a hair commercial.

Hairstyles used with braids are endless and can always be experimented with to create more styles. You can dress up or dress down a look with whichever one you choose to adorn.


Milkmaid braid updos are perfect for whether you’re going casual or slightly formal. They’re quick to perfect by parting your hair into two braids of your choice, and then wrapping them over your head like a crown. Voilà! You’ve created a gorgeous updo that will be sure to receive compliments all day.


Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are another favorite in the braiding world because it adjusts to any way you want your hair styled. You can put it into a chunky side braid where the fishtail is messed up a little, or you can go with the classic style, beautifully showing off the colors and texture of your hair.


The most simple to-do braids out of the bunch have to be French braids and the old school triple-locks braid. These two are simple enough to create an actual headband out of your hair. The braids will show no matter which one you pick and provide a textured touch to an everyday look.


Get your braid on!
Photos credited to John and Tina ReidyasarorucuCultura Asia/Sydney BourneFotokia, and If you can dream, You can do it!.

Midi Mayhem


Midi Mayhem
Say goodbye to the mini and hello to the midi trend! It’s all about the balance in the short vs. long competition. The two lengths have overlooked their differences and created a love child in the form of the midi length: a not too short, not too long perfect combination.
Now here’s the big question that’s probably popping in your head: what’s so great about a midi length? For one thing, it comes in a variety of fits for any and every woman out there. Want something free-flowing that fits well on the waist? Midi has it. Want something that hugs your curves just right? Midi has that, too. This trend has been taking the world by storm, and has been seen on many celebrities, from Sandra Bullock to Lily Collins, in various shapes creating a midi mayhem.
The trend can be styled in multiple ways: by tucking a shirt inside the midi skirt of your choice, wearing a midi fitted dress, or pairing it with another favorite trend, such as a crop top.
If you’re new to the midi trend, a simple way to try it out would be by getting a staple piece. Start off with a basic midi skirt in a neutral color. The favorites that have been paired with it are booties and simple tops of a different color. Put it together and there you have it–a midi trend all your own!
Once you’ve conquered the first take on it, the possibilities are endless. It’s safe to say that the “simple is more” saying has transformed to “Midi is more.”
Here are some midi inspirations that you could own yourself!
(ASOS Midi Skirt in Sheer Burnout $70, Asos.com) 


(Missguided Skyle Front Split Skirt in Nude $24, Missguided.co.uk)


(Boohoo Elvie Velvet Full Midi Skirt $26, Boohoo.com)


(Bossy Midi Skirt $70, Piximarket.com) 


(Powerful Bodycon Midi Dress $45, Dailylook.com)


(Venice Midi Dress $398, Anthropologie.com) 


(Asos Bardot Body Conscious Midi Dress $46, Asos.com)



The Beanie: A Fall Must-Have



Fall is in the air, and the must-have accessory for the season is the beanie. Now, the beanie has always been around—lurking in the background on modern hipsters, rock gods and skateboarders. But this year, the knitted hat is making its mark on the fashion world.

Photo obtained from Flikr Creative Commons user idhren

CC image by Maria Morri 2009 @ flikr

I truly believe that beanies are an accessory that everyone needs to try at least once. It may seem uncomfortable at first, a bit unorthodox with your everyday wear, but worn correctly, the piece can really draw positive attention to your outfit. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t really have to “dress down” to sport the cap.

Option 1: Simple

Sport a slouch beanie with your favorite V-neck and boots. Fall is the perfect season to begin experimenting with this trend, the cool air providing a perfect excuse to start sporting the beanie and boots together. You can mix and match solid colors between your beanie and your shirt to create contrast, or even wear a patterned beanie to make it the focal point. Let your hair fall naturally for a laid-back look.

Option 2: Grunge/ Urban

Pair your favorite, bold colored beanie with a pair of harlem pants and tee or sweater. You can glam this look up with heels to match the hat, or keep it retro with some high tops. Coordinate the color of the cap with something else in your outfit, whether it be the shoes, script on the tee or even some colored bangle bracelets.

Option 3: Preppy

Layer a sweater over a button-up and add a knitted beanie for some spunk. With some stressed, straight leg jeans and a pair of simple heels or combat boots, this look is sure to make a statement on campus. For a nerdier appeal, add some faux thick-rimmed glasses. Curl the ends of your hair for a subtle, pretty effect.

Whatever style you choose, make sure that it suits you, especially if you’ve never tried to wear a beanie before. It may seem different, so you want an outfit you can really feel comfortable in to even it out. Get creative with it and mix and match pieces to make your own individual look! Once you figure it out, odds are you’re going to get hooked on this trend. Soon enough, you will have a beanie for every look!