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These Celebrities Rock out on the Guitar or Ukulele in Their Spare Time


These celebrities rock out on the guitar or Ukulele in their spare time. Celebrities are in some ways, just like you. Well, apart from the invites to the Academy Awards, marrying Princes, and trying to smuggle monkeys into Germany; looking at you Mr. Bieber.

One thing they do have in common with regular folk, is spare time, especially during the last year. Once the pandemic arrived in 2020, millions of people were unable to work, including actors and filmmakers. For regular folk, this meant staying at home mostly, and trying to find some way to keep entertained and busy.

Many people went online to look for movies and TV shows to watch, some played more games, and others decided to learn how to cook. One other hobby that many people started was learning to play an instrument.

Ukulele and guitar sales surged during the pandemic as people went online to purchase a new instrument to learn at home. It wasn’t just regular people either, many actors and celebs have also found pleasure in playing these instruments. 

Why the ukulele?

Person playing ukulele

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels

George Formby was one of the first people to bring the ukulele to worldwide attention. He did this through comedy, singing, and the cinema where he amassed a string of hits. He was at one point the highest-paid entertainer in the UK, and his movies were a hit throughout the world.

Since then, it could be said that ukuleles have not been seen as being quite as cool as guitars. However, many musicians understand the appeal of the ukulele, and musicians such as Johnny Marr and Billie Eilish are both notable players.

While it is perhaps more understandable that many people would gravitate towards buying a guitar, the ukulele has much appeal and is also easier to learn.

Musical apps such as Chordify allow anyone to pick up ukulele chords very easily and learn new songs. It is these types of internet resources, plus the low price of a ukulele, that are making learning music so popular now.

So who are these celebrities who like to chill out with their ukulele? 

Ryan Gosling

This Hollywood name has already shown he has a talent for music and dance after performing in La La Land, and Blue Valentine. The former movie won Mr. Gosling the 2017 Best Actor at the Oscars, but the latter movie revealed a secret talent.

In Blue Valentine, Ryan Gosling’s character, Dean, seeks to woo Cindy, played by Michelle Williams. In one scene, Dean plays Love at First Sight for Cindy on his ukulele while she dances in a shop doorway.

This might be just a scene in a movie, but when Gosling appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show he took out his uke and played the song again for the audience. If you need any more proof of Gosling’s musical credentials you can check out his band, Dead Man’s Bones. 

Dwayne Johnson

Yes, that’s right. Man mountain, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays the ukulele. Picture a really big man, who is literally walking muscle, holding what looks like a tiny guitar, singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Wait, you don’t have to imagine it, because the power of the internet means you can watch it right here

Tony Danza

The former star of Who’s The Boss loves nothing more than whipping out what he refers to as his secret weapon. Tony Danza has been playing the ukulele for years, and has played multiple times on talk shows such as The Rosie Show, but also on tour.

Danza who has starred on Broadway as well as TV and cinema has a band that regularly tours the country impressing people with his ukulele skills. 

Marilyn Monroe

Before her mysterious and untimely death, Marilyn Monroe enjoyed what might be for some, a surprising hobby. Although she practiced and posed for publicity shots with the ukulele, she wasn’t quite good enough for Hollywood, and her uke scene in Some Like it Hot was sadly faked. 

Is the guitar cooler?

White stratocaster guitar

Photo by Gustavo Borges on Pexels

For many, the electric guitar is the epitome of cool when it comes to playing an instrument. Ear-splitting solos, rocking out on stage, and filling up stadiums, are all linked to ax playing.

However, many musicians have found time for both. Billie Eilish might be pioneering a new wave of pop music, but she also has her own ukulele for sale now from Fender. Eddie Vedder released a whole album with only a ukulele and no guitar. 

So, is the guitar cooler than a ukulele? These celebrities might think so. 

Steve Martin

The legendary comedian is also an accomplished musician. As well as playing the guitar on stage in his comedy act and with the band, Steep Canyon Rangers, he can play a number of other instruments.

Martin is a highly skilled mandolin and upright bass player, as well as the banjo. It is the latter instrument that has won him many Grammys for his skills. 

Ricky Gervais

Another comedian who has used the guitar as part of his act, but also enjoys playing it for musical pleasure. Before finding fame with David Brent and the Office, Gervais tried his hand at music.

The short-lived Seona Dancing was a new-wave band in England that didn’t see much success, except in the Philippines where they became a huge hit. Later Gervais managed the UK band Suede, before taking his guitar and incorporating it into his comedy and acting. 

Actors who have guitar bands

For some celebrities, it isn’t just enough to play the guitar for fun, they need to have their own band too.

Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, and Keannu Reeves have all at one time had their own bands and recorded music. They have played live, and enjoyed some…err…success.

Jack Black has long made guitar playing and singing part of his life and his act. Part tribute band, part comedy, part rock, Tenacious D have actually enjoyed some hits and even their own movie. Black is probably the most successful crossover from acting to music, or is it the other way around?

Kevin Bacon is also an accomplished musician who plays with his Emmy-winning brother, Michael, in the Bacon Brothers. They have a long history of performing and recording albums.  

And some who went a different way

For some actors, the ukulele had no appeal, and even the guitar wasn’t cool enough. Perhaps these three actors decided they had enough of the limelight with filming, and they would prefer to be at the back of the stage where their music could speak for itself.

Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle, Christopher Mintz-Plasse from KickAss, and The Flash himself – Ezra Miller, all enjoy nothing more than getting behind a drum kit and belting out a solo. 


If you see yourself as Adam Sandler wooing Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, then maybe try the ukulele. As a gateway instrument, it is hard to beat. Learning a chord ukulele these days is easy with online apps and resources, and the instruments themselves are affordable.

Alternatively, rock out like Russel Crowe on the guitar, and join the millions of other people who are taking up this instrument. Choosing either of these instruments doesn’t just mean you are joining an army of actors and musicians, you will be enjoying the sheer pleasure of making music.

By the way, Ryan Gosling also plays guitar, because of course, he does.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay & Creative Commons

Talking Style with Adam Lupis


Talk show host Adam Lupis shares his passion for the 80s and 90s eras on his YouTube show “The Up & Adam Show” where he interviews notable artists in the music, film and TV spaces. Some of Adam’s recent guests include singer AJA, actors Charles Baker (“Breaking Bad”) and Lillo Brancato Jr. (Sopranos), creator Butch Hartman (Cartoon Network’s “Fairly OddParents”), television host Carlos Bustamante (YTV, Canadian television), and horror host Dead Meat (4.4M subscribers) — and upcoming guests include Jesse Kove (Netflix’s “Cobra Kai”) and storied super villain Robert Davi (“Die Hard,” “James Bond: License to Kill,” and “The Goonies”).

Who were some fashion influences in your youth?

Ed Hardy was a big influence on my generation growing up. The bright, vibrant colours and the crazy designs always stood out to me. I still love the brand and I have a few pieces that I still wear today! I also admire Puma. Back in 2006, when Italy won the World Cup, I remember buying a whole Puma wardrobe. I think your sense of fashion plays a huge role in your character. I believe that when you look good, you feel good. 

When did you discover your personal style?

I think when I was exiting high school is when I discovered my personal style. Before that, I always followed the crowd and never thought for myself. Over time, I broke out of my shell and started to be more confident and expressive in how I dressed and acted around people. I have an old soul, so this plays a huge role in how I dress and act. I admire vintage clothing, bright colours and baggy clothes. However, I really do like looking sophisticated at times too, wearing a nice blazer with dress pants, or nice jeans and a clean pair of shined shoes! 

Who do you look to now for style inspiration?

I look to a lot of my favourite actors for style inspiration. I admire Johnny Depp’s style as it’s more edgy and “rocker”-esque. I play a lot of instruments and love rock music, so that’s why I love his style. I also look to Brad Pitt from the 90s, as he was very out there. I remember he did a fashion shoot in a pink dress — and even though I would never wear it, it inspired me to dress however I want. Style is like art — everyone has their own look and it means something different to them. 

Is there an item that you collect (like a sneaker collection)?

I collect watches. I have a vast collection of them ranging from Gucci to Burberry to Michael Kors to some local Toronto brands like “Maestro.” 

You’ve interviewed some great guests on your show, “The Up & Adam Show.” If you could have anyone on your show, who would it be (a few dream guests)?

I think one of my dream guests would have to be Sylvester Stallone. He is such an inspiration to me admin lupisbecause he is always true to who he is and never sold out. He took the biggest pay cut when he made “Rocky” just so he could star in it. It was one of the best decisions he made. That inspires me because it reminds me that sometimes you need to take one step back in order to go two steps forward. Another dream guest would have to be Brendan Fraser. He has starred in some of my all time favourite movies like “The Mummy,” “Airheads” and “Encino Man.” His presence on screen is amazing and makes me feel very comfortable. I know that sounds weird to say, but he comes off as such a friendly guy and I would love to just talk about life with him. I think he is a very interesting guy. 

James Corden has really changed the talk show game with his creative side. Do you ever study other talk show hosts?

Yes I do! I watch all the late night show hosts as they all bring something valuable to the table. I think the one thing I study is the overall format. I do love how the late night show hosts have a monologue and then it cuts to the interview. It’s very interactive and I’m a huge advocate for being personable with people. I want to be as relatable as possible to people because anyone can do what I do. Anything is possible. 

We noticed your show has a “Tonight Show” feel. Can you tell us about that?

Yes, I grew up watching “The Tonight Show” and I love how professional it looks. I want to have a similar vibe but make it my own. I’ve implemented monologues into my show and have also added different segments in each episode to bring some extra value to people. I also love how my show has the city landscape behind me, though I might update it and change it down the road. My main admiration for “The Tonight Show” is how big it is. It’s truly larger than life. I really want people to watch my show and take it seriously since my team and I have put so much hard work into it. 

Favorite quote? 

“Going in one more round when you don’t think you can — that’s what makes all the difference in your life”- Rocky Balboa. I love this quote because it’s a symbol of never giving up, no matter what obstacles you may come across. Life is going to throw you so many curveballs and do everything in its power to keep you from chasing your dreams, but it’s up to you if you want to go that “extra round.”

You’re based in Toronto. What would you recommend we do if we only had 1 day in the city?

I would recommend to visit some of the amazing restaurants. There are so many and I’m a huge food lover, even though I never gain any weight! [laughs] I also would recommend going to the Royal Ontario Museum and visiting the C.N Tower. 

For more information on “The Up & Adam Show,” please visit: https://linktr.ee/theupandadamshow.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay & Creative Commons

Interview with Actress Bianca D’Ambrosio


Inspiration for Becoming an Actress

1.   How long have you been an actress?

“I began acting when I was three years old recurring on Daytime Drama Series THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS playing Summer Newman. This is where I fell in love with acting, and the rest is history.”

2.     Who/what inspired you to become an actress?

“I continue to be inspired by so many incredible actors in this industry—Jodie Comer, Zendaya and Scarlett Johansson.”

3.     Do you prefer acting in movies or television shows?

“I love them both so much!  What I love most about acting in movies is there’s more flexibility with adlibs. What I enjoy most about working on television shows is watching my character develop over time.” 

The acting process explained 

4.     Which types of acting do you feel you are most suited for?

“I wouldn’t say I’m most suited for any specific role as I feel that I’m a well-rounded actress and enjoy playing a wide variety of roles.  From comedy for Nickelodeon to Criminal Minds I enjoy all opportunities given to me.”

 5. What is the first thing you do to research and approach a role?

“For me, I study the script and review it several times. Then I look up the director to see what other things they have worked on. If it is a television show, I will watch some episodes to see the tone of the show.”

6.     Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?

“Yes, and to be a director !!  That’s all I ever want to do.”

7.     Have you ever gotten starstruck by any of the actors/actresses you have met and/or worked with?

“Recently, I worked with Elizabeth Banks whose work I admire tremendously. Her ability to work as both an actress and director is something I’m in awe of, as I also hope to do both in the future.”

The Challenges of being an Actress

8.     Describe your most challenging role to date.

“Definitely, Frankie! I play her on the Daytime Emmy winning Series , THE BAY and spin off yA.   Frankie goes through a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout both shows. I have to dig deep into my emotions to bring her character to life.”

9.     Do you find it more challenging or comforting to have an identical twin sister in the same field as you?

“My sister is my best friend and biggest supporter. It’s comforting to have someone understand the ups and downs of this business going through it with me. I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.” 

 10.  How were you discovered for “Call Jane,” and can you elaborate on the casting process?

“Every casting is different; however, this audition was done via self-tape, which has become the new normal due to COVID.”

Images Provided by: Kenny Goldberg 

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Getting to Know Actor Jesse Kove


Jesse Kove is an actor best known for his role alongside Joseph Fiennes in “On Wings of Eagles” (the unofficial sequel to “Chariots of Fire”). Son of pop-culture icon Martin Kove (Sensei Kreese in “Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”), the 6’2” superhero-in-the-making was born in Los Angeles and raised in the world of film, television, and theatre. At the age of 10, he spent his time creating movies using his father’s camera and performing skits for the family. Through his younger years and up into high school, he studied at a variety of performing arts and improv classes, continuing to cultivate his cinematic craft and even venturing off to New York to perform off Broadway. Jesse went on to appear in an array of TV and film projects, and even took on the task of producer for the teen crime thriller “As Night Comes.” In 2019, Jesse led the cast of the film “D-Day: Battle of Omaha Beach” alongside MMA fighters Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, as well as Weston Cage Coppola (Nicolas Cage’s son). And in 2021 he came full circle when he officially joined The Karate Kid universe by bullying a young John Kreese in season 3 of Netflix’s breakout series “Cobra Kai.”

Your dad is a pop culture icon. What was it like arriving to set to play his character’s childhood bully on “Cobra Kai?”

There was something about it that felt just right. And there was also an aspect of nervousness in the right way because I really wanted to do the character justice.

I see you have a musical in your future called “Ask Me to Dance.” Can you tell us a little more about that? Do you sing?

I love to sing in the shower [laughs]. I could definitely use some training. But I think my voice is pretty good. I love to dance. It’s a thing in my family. The Koves are always the first ones on the dance floor.

And then how do you find making the transition (from a musical) to a thriller like “A Deadly Abduction”?

That’s a good question. It’s always nice to jump to different genres as an actor, to play different characters and to go from a comedy to a thriller, but hopefully the comedy is after the thriller so you have something nice to do after a thriller. I love the challenge of the different aspects of these different genres.

Jesse Kove

What would your dream project be?

It would be so exciting to play a superhero on some series similar to a Batman-type character or Captain America-type character where they use a lot of physical training and hand-to-hand combat and creative weaponry versus being able to fly or bend space and time. I feel that a superhero who’s a little more “Earthly” would be so much fun! I still have my fingers crossed.

How about directors? Someone you’re dying to work with?

I’d of course love to work with James Cameron, who is such a visionary. And Martin Scorsese would be such an honor. But there’s more than that — list is long for sure.

You’re in incredible shape. What’s your mantra when it comes to taking care of your body?

Get the hard stuff out of the way first. It’s always downhill after that. And that goes for life as well.

What does your ideal day off look like?

Being lazy with my girlfriend, Shelby, and our Pitbull, Brody — watching TV shows or going to the movies and eating whatever food we want.

Any travel plans this summer?

Yes, I will be in New York filming, and also Las Vegas filming another romantic comedy. Then I will be back in New York filming again during the summer. And I will also be doing some vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee too.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

“A Deadly Abduction,” a TV Thriller. I’m very much looking forward to that. Also, series called Gravesend, which I’ll be working on in New York. And of course, “Ask Me to Dance,” the musical, which is very exciting. And several others that I can’t really discuss at the moment.

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Images provided by Jesse Kove

The Unlikely Return Of ZZ Top


The unlikely return of ZZ Top. It’s hard to think of a band more uniquely American than ZZ Top. The subject matter of almost all of their songs is distinctly American. Their sound is American. Even the way they dress is American. They’ve been representing American rock music since the late 1960s – and they’re not done yet. After a break of almost a decade, the band is preparing to record and release its sixteenth studio album. According to founder member Billy Gibbons, “the last laugh is yet to be heard.”

Almost everybody reading this article will have heard of ZZ Top, even if they can’t name any of the band’s greatest hits. Allow us to refresh your memory if you’re struggling. ZZ Top is the band that gave us “Gimme All Your Lovin,” Sharp Dressed Man,” “Rough Boy,” and their unique cover of “Viva Las Vegas.” They’ve been around since 1969 and are well known for being “the band with the beards.” The irony of that statement has always been that the only member of ZZ Top who doesn’t have a beard is the drummer, whose name is Frank Beard.

The unlikely return of ZZ TopThe band was prolific during its early years. ZZ Top’s first album, imaginatively and literally entitled “ZZ Top’s First Album,” was released in 1971. “Rio Grande Mud” came a year later, with “Tres Hombres” following the year after that. Then there was a two-year gap to “Fandango” in 1975 and a three-year gap between 1976’s “Tejas” and 1979’s “Deguello.” After that, things began to slow down. ZZ Top released only three albums in the 1980s and four in the 1990s. Since the turn of the century, they’ve released just two – “Mescalero” in 2003 and “La Futura” in 2012. All three of the band’s permanent members are now in their early 70s and could be forgiven for retiring. In fact, most fans probably assumed that they already had. Like the UK’s Rolling Stones, though, ZZ Top appears to want to carry on forever. Nine years on from “La Futura,” their as-yet-untitled sixteenth album should be with us before the end of 2021.

For Billy Gibbons, this will be the busiest year he’s had in decades. While the members of ZZ Top may not have recorded together in some time, all three of them have remained active in music to a greater or lesser degree. Gibbons is about to release a solo album called “Hardware,” for which he’s just released the single “My Lucky Card.” The album itself will be released through Concord on July 4th. It’s Gibbons’ third solo album, with his previous effort coming out in 2018 under the name “The Big Bad Blues.” This is the first time he’s attempted to release a solo album and a ZZ Top album within the same year. Quite how he intends to handle touring duties for the albums is unclear, although it’s entirely possible he could play songs from both recordings at the same performances. It’s to be assumed that the majority of ZZ Top’s fans will also buy Gibbons’ work.

We should perhaps have known something was going on with ZZ Top when new licensed products and merchandise began to appear earlier this year. Aside from the usual run of t-shirts, ZZ Top has decided to become the latest classic rock band to try their hand at releasing an official online slots game. From Alice Cooper to Jimi Hendrix and Megadeth, many of the band’s contemporaries have found that releasing “jukebox” games to online slots websites has turned into a lucrative side project. The official “ZZ Top – Roadside Riches” online slots game is currently scheduled to be released to slots sites like Rose Slots CA in mid-August 2021. We don’t have any significant detail about the slot this far ahead of its release, but if it’s anything like the slots we’ve seen from Guns n’ Roses and all the rest, it will be a feature-heavy attraction with high bonuses and a selection of the band’s greatest hits playing in the background to keep you spinning. It’s likely that virtual versions of the band will appear in the slot too. With revenue from recorded music lower than ever before because of the tiny fraction of profits bands receive from streaming, new ideas like this help to keep the bills paid.

While we can’t tell you anything specific about the band’s online slots game, is there anything we can tell you about the album? The answer to that question is “yes,” but sadly, not very much. In interviews, Gibbons has said that the recording process has already started. Most of the songs that will appear on it were originally written for “Hardware,” but Gibbons felt that they weren’t a good fit for his solo work and would sound better with the whole band. While he’s aiming for a late 2021 release and hasn’t experienced any issues with the process thus far, he’s not ruled out the possibility that it might slip into early 2022. Even if it does, that’s only a little over six months away. Having waited almost ten years for a new ZZ Top album, we’re sure fans won’t mind waiting a little longer to get the finished product.

The unlikely return of ZZ Top
Rock and roll was once thought to be a young person’s game, but that isn’t the case any longer. There’s a lack of high-profile rock bands coming through the ranks at the moment, so we still look to the stars of the past for entertainment. It’s apparent that so long as ZZ Top, The Who, the Rolling Stones, and Guns n’ Roses still feel able to set foot on a stage and entertain us, they’re going to keep doing so. You can add KISS to that list, too. The face-painted rockers have promised everyone that the tour they’re playing now will be the last one they ever do – but they’ve told us that before! From the Eagles to Aerosmith and even a version of the Beach Boys, the sounds of the 60s and 70s are still there to be experienced if you’re prepared to go out and find them. They can’t last forever, so enjoy them while you can!

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Telling Stories Through Visual Content: the Portrait of Cloe Luu, Beauty Influencer


Telling Stories Through Visual Content: the Portrait of
Cloe Luu, Beauty Influencer

Cloe Luu is a talented and remarkable beauty influencer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because she’s also a refined content creator and a seasoned marketing strategist for everything that regards visual storytelling. Whether she’s working as a freelancer for cosmetics and skincare brands or herself as a makeup artist, Cloe is always connecting her knowledge with her passion and that’s the key for her to help build strong brand identities targeting the people of her generation.

A natural for art and business

She was born in 1995 in a small Vietnamese town before moving to Ho Chi Minh when she was about 10. As a child, Cloe was already very creative and crafty, nurturing her passion for arts at an early age by drawing, watching arts and crafts tutorials on Youtube, and adventuring herself in everything DIY with the complicity of her father. It didn’t take long before she started her first business in elementary school selling homemade holiday cards to her schoolmates!

First success

Cloe LuuWhen she graduated from Highschool, it didn’t take long for Cloe to start her first real business. She was the first Vietnamese entrepreneur to develop the Decoden market. The Decoden was originally a Japanese craft that consists of decorating and personalizing one’s phone case. Cloe got very successful in that field, applying her love for arts and crafts through an innovative business model. And that’s how she naturally started to experiment with clay, jewelry, and the whole concept of decoration, nurturing both of her passions for art and business.

The American dream

But it wasn’t until Cloe came to the US in 2015 that she could finally get to be familiar with cosmetics, the last piece to her extended set of skills and fields of expertise. In Vietnam, she didn’t have many chances to learn and experiment with makeup because it’s a luxury and her family couldn’t afford it.

She bought her first eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, and what she immediately did, as any millennial would, was to look for a tutorial on Youtube. She followed instructions but soon it wasn’t enough. Cloe’s creativity found new material and she started experimenting very quickly, sharing her results on Instagram where she gained popularity and support from total strangers. This was a mind-blowing experience as Cloe realized that makeup was a new outlet for her to express her never-ending creativity. It was her way to reach out to a new set of friends and building an actual community supporting her and her art. This is something important, especially when your family is not around you anymore.

Cloe is now sharing her skills with the world as she works with renown brands while she keeps growing her community more than ever. 

Cloe LuuShe mostly works with makeup and skincare brands but she’s recently broadened her horizon with new industries like shoe brands such as Toms or Twoobs. She also worked with food and beverage brands like Mott’s and Naked and also collaborated with haircare brands such as Splat, Fanola, Remilia, and many more. 

“Arctic fox, a hair dye company that I love, was the first brand I ever got to work with ! It was like a dream come true. I haven’t stopped working with my favorite make-up and skin care brands ever since !” -Cloe Luu

But the biggest highlight of Cloe’s career to date, is to land her dream job with a brand she’s always loved and supported : Kinship

Businesses are going online since the pandemic, that led to the high demand in content creation to keep up their presence online and to stay connected with their customers.

When most people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, Cloe Luu was able to land a job quicker because of the high demand for content creators. 

In the end, what matters for Cloe is to tell a story. And her own story is turning into a fairy tale. 

Follow her stories :


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Images provided by Cloe Luu

Top 5 Popular Businesses Among Celebrities


Today we want to share the top 5 popular businesses among celebrities. Many people think that celebrities make millions of dollars from their movies, music, TV series, etc. However, this is not always correct. Most famous stars in show business always want more. 

They open their businesses or buy existing ones and turn them into their brand. Quite a lot of stars have already done that to tell you about it. Let’s find out what the top 5 most popular star businesses are.

Beauty products

popular businesses among celebrities

Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Pexels

A huge number of teenage girls listen to the songs of many famous performers, watch movies and TV series with their favorite actresses and try to imitate them. It’s great that they want to become better, develop, and grow themselves. Therefore, celebrity marketers and personal managers have realized that this is a great opportunity to make some more money.

So if an actress or singer agrees, her managers buy some small brand of cosmetics with her money. An audience that sees an advertisement for cosmetics from a celebrity thinks he or she looks so good because of it and naturally wants to buy it. However, celebrities don’t look so good because of their cosmetics, but because of the professionals who do their make-up. There is also another option. 

A big cosmetics brand creates a division or even a subsidiary. And it releases its products under the celebrity’s name, of course buying the rights to use the name, photos, etc. The brand is supposedly owned by the star, but more often she just gets only a share of the profits.

Such brands and stars include:

  • Florence – Millie Bobby Brown;
  • Kylie Cosmetics – Kylie Jenner;
  • Haus Laboratories – Lady Gaga;
  • KKW Beauty – Kim Kardashian;
  • Flower Beauty – Drew Barrymore;
  • Kora Organics – Miranda Kerr;
  • Meaningful Beauty – Cindy Crawford;
  • Pattern – Tracey Ellis.


popular businesses among celebrities

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

Stars love to drink and love to promote their brands of alcohol. Who knew there are so many celebrities doing this kind of business? Many actors buy out a part or the whole brand and start to promote it for more profit.

A good example of this rebranding is Aviation Gin and its owner Ryan Reynolds, an actor known for his roles in superhero and comedy films. In 2018, he purchased a brand of gin called Aviation Gin and immediately began the promoting campaign. Ryan has made a huge number of videos, one of them featuring Hugh Jackman, his friend and colleague. And two years later, the Diageo company announced the purchase of the brand for $600 million.

Ryan Reynolds is not the only one who bought the brand of alcohol and began to promote it. His colleagues also decided to occupy this niche:

  • Haig Club – David Beckham;
  • Wild Turkey – Matthew McConaughey;
  • Drink Prospero – Rita Ora;
  • Teremana Tequila – Duane Johnson;
  • Casamigos – George Clooney.

And that’s not the whole list. Naturally, the stars promote alcohol to an adult audience. However, they should keep in mind that their target audience is usually no more than PG-13 and they should be responsible for what they advertise. Therefore, those who don’t want to advertise and sell 18+ products have other businesses.


popular businesses among celebrities

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

The restaurant business can also be attributed to the types of businesses preferred by celebrities. At the moment, a huge number of celebrities in show business already have their restaurant, and some even acquire an entire chain. However, not all such projects have been successful. 

In the early 90’s three Hollywood blockbuster megastars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis decided to launch their chain of restaurants along the lines of the Hard Rock Cafe and called it Planet Hollywood. At first, everything was going great and there were plenty of customers. Unfortunately over time due to a series of failures in the financial market and poor management the chain went bankrupt.

However, not all celebrity restaurants ended up the same way. Many are still in business:

  • Wahlburgers – Mark Wahlberg;
  • Nobu, Tribeca Grill, Locanda Verde – Robert De Niro;
  • Tagine – Ryan Gosling;
  • Southern Hospitality – Justin Timberlake;
  • Do Hwa – Quentin Tarantino;
  • Bess Bistro, Walton’s Fancy & Staple – Sandra Bullock.


popular businesses among celebritiesMany celebrities have their merchandise, which you can buy on their official website or after the concert. However, not everyone has their clothing line. Unlike merch, the clothing line contains many more types of clothing. These can be t-shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, and even underwear.

A great example is Cristiano Ronaldo’s clothing line CR7. This brand is completely private, which means it is not a subsidiary of another major clothing brand.. However, there are other options for celebrity-owned clothing brands.

As an example, Jordan is part of the sportswear brand Nike. Sneakers, T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, etc. are produced under this brand.

There are quite a lot of celebrity brands like this, including:

  • Victoria Beckham – Victoria Beckham;
  • Rocawear – Jay Z;
  • Topshop – Kate Moss;
  • Material Girl – Madonna;
  • L.A.M.B. – Gwen Stefani;
  • House of Harlow 1960 – Nicole Ricci;
  • The Row – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen;
  • Aquazzura – Olivia Palermo.

A lot of young people would like to buy something from the celebrity clothing line. However, you have to work hard to do this, because the prices there are very high. In this case, there would not be enough time to study. For example, you don’t understand how to do sociology homework, in which case you can look for society essay examples which will make it much easier to do your homework. You can also find more difficult assignments, such as free English papers. If you need a big paper for which you don’t have time and you can’t find anything on the internet, you can always use science paper writing services.


It’s hard to call investments a business, but it also makes money. Many celebrities can boast of successful investments. 

For example, Ashton Kutcher has invested in a huge number of startups. These include Skype, Meerkat, Genius, Airbnb, and Spotify. All of them are now considered very large, and the actor continues to get dividends from them.

In addition to him, other celebrities have invested in various projects:

  • Totspot, FitMob – Nas;
  • Nucleus, Mux, SkyMind – Joe Montana;
  • DocuSign, Headspace – Jared Leto;
  • MakeSpace, PureWow – Carmelo Anthony;
  • Robinhood, Shyp – Linkin Park;
  • MySpace, Stipple – Justin Timberlake.

As you can see, a huge number of celebrities have many businesses. They create them for extra income and to promote their brand.

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Olivia Rodrigo


On May 21, 2021, eighteen-year-old Disney star Olivia Rodrigo released her first album titled Sour. The album walks us through the truly raw emotions of teenage years. Before releasing the entire album, she released three singles. The first was Driver’s License. This is a truly remarkable song about heartbreak. Although she is singing about recently getting her driver’s license, this song is very mature, relatable, vulnerable, and raw. She sings, “I just can’t imagine how you could be so okay now that I’m gone,” and you can hear the sorrow in her voice when she sings, “cause you said forever now I drive alone past your street”. The song broke so many records and received so many accolades and became an instant classic that will be remembered beyond her years. 

Sour album cover. Rodrigo posted this photograph on her Instagram account @oliviarodrigo.

The second single that preceded her album was Déjà vu. This song is more vindictive with a nostalgic and magical sound. She is singing to her ex about all of the lovely things they used to do together and asking him if he gets déjà vu when he does all of the same things with his new lover. This song proved to her fans that she is not just a one hit wonder. Déjà Vu also rose to the top of music charts and left her fans wanting more.

Rodrigo posted this photograph on her Instagram account @oliviarodrigo before releasing Deja Vu.

The third single Rodrigo released before the rest of the album is title Good 4 U. This record resembles Avril Lavigne as it is rock n roll, angsty, and fun. In this song Olivia reached the point of anger. Rodrigo powerfully sings, “I’ve lost my mind I’ve spent my nights crying on the floor of my bathroom and your so unaffected I really don’t get it, I guess good for you”. The song is very sarcastic as she says good for you to her ex-boyfriend for being in such a great place after the breakup while she is still miserable. It is another showcase of her amazing song writing skills and her ability to be versatile. Good 4 U left her fans counting down the days until the release of the album and is currently the number one record on Spotify. https://spotifycharts.com/regional

@oliviarodrigo Instagram post from the Good 4 U music video.

Rodrigo released the rest of Sour on May 21, 2021. The album includes eleven hit songs and each of them are unique and powerful and three of her songs are currently sitting in the top ten of The Hot 100 Billboard charts. https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100

She sings about heartbreak, insecurities, jealousy, and sympathy for others going through hard times as well. She has become the worlds most popular star in such a short amount of time. This year Rodrigo has performed on Saturday Night Live, The BRIT Awards, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to name a few. Rodrigo is so incredibly talented and is bound to continue to create timeless music for the rest of her career.

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7 Celebrities Who’ve Gone to Jail and Why


Today we want to take a look at 7 celebrities who’ve gone to jail and why. Even with fame and money, celebrities sometimes go off the rails and find themselves in jail. Here is a look at seven notable celebs who have spent time behind bars.

Contacting a Friend or Family Member in County Jail, e.g. in South Carolina

If you have a friend or family member in jail, whether he or she is a celebrity or not, one of the best ways of giving your support is to write letters on a regular basis. When an inmate receives weekly correspondence, it allows him or her to connect with the outside world and know that people care, thus making a difficult time more manageable.

To contact a loved one in county jail, you can search an inmate roster online to find out the relevant details. For example, if he or she is in county jail in South Carolina, you can use an inmate search engine to find prisoners at facilities like Darlington County Detention Center. All you have to do to get started is enter your loved one’s name. Now, let us take a look at some of the celebrities who have spent time in jail.

Celebrities Who've Gone to Jail

Before Mark Wahlberg was famous, at the age of sixteen, he was sentenced to two years in prison after assaulting two Vietnamese men. Both offenses, which happened on the same day at different times, were found to be unprovoked. Wahlberg pleaded guilty on both counts. Despite being sentenced to two years, the now-well-known actor ended up serving only forty-five days in jail.

Lindsay Lohan

Actress, singer, and songwriter Lindsay Lohan had been in trouble with the law and in and out of rehab since 2007. But in 2010, the Mean Girls star ended up serving two weeks of jail time. The reason was she missed mandatory classes and meetings as a result of a DUI charge.

Tommy Lee

Founding member of the world-famous heavy metal group Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee, became just as well known in the late 1990s for his relationship with Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson. But in 1998, Lee was convicted for six months after the assault of Anderson, who was his wife at the time.

Wesley Snipes

Celebrities Who've Gone to JailWhen will people realize that not filing tax returns has serious consequences? In 2009, the Blade and White Men Can’t Jump star Wesley Snipes found out just how serious the matter is. He failed to file his tax returns between 1994 and 2000. Subsequently, Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison. He completed all three years and was released in 2013.

Lauryn Hill

The former Fugees singer Lauryn Hill was also sent to prison due to failing to pay taxes. She was sentenced to three months for tax evasion. Upon release, she immediately went back to making music. In fact, she released her new single on the same day that she was released!

Robert Downey, Jr.

Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. may put the bad guys in his movies behind bars, but the renowned actor found himself spending time at a Californian treatment facility and state prison for almost a year from 1999 to 2000. The charges were related to several parole violations associated with drug-related offenses.

Phil Spector

Legendary record producer Phil Spector has many accolades to his name, including producing The Beatles’ iconic 1970 album Let It Be. Unfortunately, his celebrity status took a knock when he shot actress Lana Clarkson in the mouth at his mansion in 2003. Spector told Esquire magazine that the death was an accidental suicide, but he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to nineteen years to life in prison. He died at the age of 81 in January this year as an inmate at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton, California.

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Shelby Surdam is a Rising Force


Shelby Surdam is a rising force. Her youth is not a limitation on her already impressive resume of shows. From starring on “Believe Me” to the main role in “SKAM Austin”, an iteration of the SKAM series, she is a force to be reckoned with.

“Cruel Summer” is her latest project, a psychological thriller that centers on the problematic teenhood set in the ’90s where the drama lay bare and authentic, that is without social media. Shelby stars as Tenielle, a “queen bee” whose life is upended by the disappearance of her posse. Learn about her life on set and as an actress at large below. 

Photographer Credits: Anthony Chiang

What was your experience like filming for “Cruel Summer”?

 Everyone was phenomenal! To the writers, actors, crew, everyone is so talented. They are real pros and I felt really safe while filming during these times. It was a blessing to work on this project and I’m really grateful for the friends and the memories made along the way. It was a great time filming!

As Tenielle, how did you channel a “queen bee” persona? Were there any challenges you faced learning her character?

Well, I was homeschooled in high school, so it was a little bit of a challenge finding this “queen bee” persona but we have an amazing team of wardrobe, hair, and makeup that helped a lot as I think if you feel confident then it will show. That’s what being a “queen bee” is all about – having confidence. 

What was it like regressing back to your high school self for the role?

Well, being homeschooled I felt I never got a real high school experience and now I feel like I’ve had one! Especially since at that age I was very nerdy so I never thought I would be playing a popular girl. Playing Tenielle is so different, she’s very much a gossip who tells it like she sees or hears it. 

Photographer Credits: Anthony Chiang

Was there anything you learned from being on set?

There was a lot that I learned while being on set. I’m really just a watcher, just taking everything in. What was so great is that “Cruel Summer” is so women-driven. To the story, but also behind the scenes as well. Seeing Michell Purple, working with Jessica Biel and Tia Napolitano, our showrunner, they are all such hard-working women. We also had two women directors, Kellie Cryus and Alexis Ostrander, and seeing how they do it and taking directions from them was so cool. It was great to see and gave me hope that one day I can do that as well.  

How did you decide to become an actress?

There were a lot of things on why I decided to become an actress. I started in theatre when I was younger and transitioned into a film when I was a teen. With doing that, I found something that I loved doing, that I was really passionate about. It’s a bug I caught because I wanted to learn everything there was to learn and I had this huge curiosity. I know I haven’t learned everything and I don’t think I ever will, but that’s the beauty of it. Finding something you never knew.

What does being an actress mean to you?

Being an actress to me means you’re helping tell a story. The great part is doing the work and the research, all while having fun. There’s also the part where viewers might resonate with it in some way. I don’t know, there are lots of emotions being an actress and that’s why I love it. Because I can feel all of them and that’s okay.

What are the (unspoken) challenges in pursuing acting as a career and in the art itself?

I think everyone knows that there is gonna be a lot of rejection, but an unspoken challenge is that sometimes it does take time, even years, to get that gig or job. I know for me it didn’t come quickly. I went to acting classes, worked at restaurants as a host, and worked in fast food. And still, I don’t think I’ve yet “made it,” whatever “making it” means to you. But everyone’s journey is different and it’s good to remember that.

Who/what motivates you whenever you’re in an acting slump or block?

If you’re ever in a slump or block I think it’s a good idea to talk to friends or family about how you are feeling. That always helps me. Usually, I don’t want to do anything, so I’ll watch movies, TV shows, some comfort films and while watching, it helps me and inspires me. Films and TV shows make me feel less alone. Hopefully one day I can do the same in projects. 

What kind of projects do you hope to work on?

Photographer Credits: Anthony Chiang

I don’t want to put myself in a box genre-wise. For me, I just want to help tell stories that need to be told and matter.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

In five years I hope to still be acting. It will always be my number one passion. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to dip my toes and branch out into other avenues like directing and producing. I’m already writing! I’m writing with a great group of girls and I’m so proud of what we have right now. I would love to get something off the ground and see it come to life. 

If you were given the opportunity to create your own show (reality, drama, etc.), what would you create?

 If I was given the opportunity, I have two ideas. One is more fantasy: it was a book that my friend loved. It deals with life and death and wonders if the monster everyone says is real or is it really humans who are the monsters all along. I and a group of talented girls wrote a pilot for it already.  

The second is more reality-based and deals with being in your twenties.

So that the readers can get to know you better, here’re some fast facts for you to answer!

Favorite animal?

Favorite animals are seals. They’re like dogs of the sea.

Star sign (and do you believe in them)?

I’m a Leo sun. Yeah, why not? It’s fun but I definitely won’t dislike you just because of your star sign.

Favorite album?

Depending on the mood, some albums I like with no skips Rex Orange County “Pony”, Kacey Musgrave “Golden Hour”, and “Ungodly Hour” by Chloe x Halle, Dayglow has some new songs that I’ve been listening to lately! And of course, I like Taylor Swift. I could listen to her music from any album any day.

 Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

Tune in on Tuesdays on Freeform to watch Cruel Summer or the next day on Hulu!

This article has been lightly edited for clarity 
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NBA Players With Amazing Fashion Sense


Today we want to share with you several NBA players with amazing fashion sense. The NBA season has been filled with plenty of surprises. The best surprises come from players that exceed all expectations. There have been some high caliber moments coming from players, so let’s take a look at who has positively surprised us the most. While some of these players have been surprising on the court, what they wear off the court might shock you as well. 

Larry Nance Jr. 

NBA Players With Amazing Fashion Sense

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels

Nance is standing out this season like a LeBron James hairline. Nance has never been a great offensive scorer, but what is standing out this season is his ability to play defense. Nance leads the league in steals (2.6). He is beating out Jrue Holiday, Kawhi Leonard, and others for the top spot. The Cavaliers have started the season 4-3, which is a huge surprise given that the team owned a top draft piece and didn’t sign any major free agents. 

Off the court, Nance announced in December that he was going to only wear aparallel to games that were owned by local businesses. Due to the pandemic, local businesses have been hit hard. For Nance, this was his way of supporting his community, even if it’s not the hottest threads out there. 

Myles Turner

Who can’t get enough of Mr. Swat? While that may not be in an actual nickname, Turner is a man amongst boys in the paint. Turner leads the league in blocks per game (3.6). In his first game of the season, Turner had eight blocks against the New York Knicks. In his first three games combined, Turner finished with 17 blocks. Turner is slowly inserting his name into NBA awards predictions. 

When it comes to fashion, Turner is public about how he wants to sport his style. He doesn’t copy anybody. He goes for the slim fit, which makes sense since he is 6-foot-11, and he doesn’t go commercial. Turner is his person when it comes to defining his look. 

Julius Randle

NBA Players With Amazing Fashion Sense

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

If the playoffs started today, the Knicks would be the No. 5 seed. If the All-Star game was next week, Randle would be starting. Again, this is an overreaction to seven games but who saw this coming from Randle? Right now, Randle owns a stat line of 22.1 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 7.4 assists. His assists margin is tied with LeBron James for seventh-best in the league. Randle already has a triple-double this season and was just one assist away from having two. It’s early, but Randle is making noise to be a starter in the All-Star game. 

Randle’s wife, Kendra, started her contemporary sportswear collection called Kalore. The fall collection featured tailored pants, dresses, jumpsuits, blazers, and body suits. Prices ranged from $40 to $125. While Randle has his threads that stand out, he also supports his wife’s brand. Kendra studied fashion while she was in college. The Randles is a true representation of two individuals participating in careers that they love. 

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An Interview With Curator Yani Dong Of ‘Tomatoland’


Today, we interviewed curator Yani Dong Of ‘Tomatoland’ and what we learned from her.

1. ​​Hi Yani, could you please give us a brief introduction about your latestpop-up ‘Tomatoland’?

Yani DongHi! Thanks for inviting me to join today’s interview. This pop-up is about a tomato’s journey in New York City. All installations inside were things appeared in our everyday life scenes like fridge, paper roll, and bread loaf but designed into exaggerated sizes to show people the environmental struggles created by us. The main idea is to educate people about environmental problems in a fun way.

2.​​ We are curious – why did you choose ‘Dr. Tomato’ as the main character?Is there any story behind ‘Dr. Tomato? What’s the ​prototype of ​ ‘Dr.Tomato’?

The prototype of Dr.Tomato is one of my scientist friends, Pelayo Salinas, who works in Galapagos and who’s dedicated to shark conservation. We first met in Galapagos years ago, and I have participated in some of his conservation projects. He is an environmentalist and always devotes himself to protecting wild animals and the planet. When I worked with him, his passion inspired me to create ‘Tomatoland’.

3. ​There were so many symbols or stuff that can be selected as the main character. Why did you only choose ‘tomato’?

The reason is very simple, not only because tomato is considered as a healthy food but also Pelayo has a round face and he is an introverted person who blushes all the time that reminds me of a tomato lol.

4.​ Haha, that’s funny! How long did you prepare this pop-up? What’s the crucial difficulty during your preparation?

I have always wanted to create a pop-up in the environment conservation theme and to tell people about​our story​my perspectives on environmental problems. From the initial idea to opening, it took only 4 months, but I spent 2 years planning the whole project. The main difficulty is to convert this invisible concept into a physical exhibition – for example, how to present the food waste problem via tomato-related design. Another main difficulty is the make of our huge installations and their transportation from China to the United States because of their enormous size and number.

5.​ How does your traveling or diving experience affect your creation on the pop-up?

Yani DongBecause of my diving experience, I am closer to ocean and underwater animals than people without that experience. I see how beautiful and crucial the ocean is to us. Thus, I really want to use my own profession to educate people on ocean conservation and ocean environment protection.

6.​ What do you think visitors would learn from this pop-up?

There is nothing deep in this pop-up. The reason I used common things as the main focus of this exhibition is that I hope our audiences could get the idea right away and remember the knowledge I wanted to promote while having fun.

7.​ What’s the future plans for Tomatoland? Will it open in other cities in the U.S?

Yes, when our pop-up in New York was still opened, we started getting many requests and questions on our social media platform on other locations of Tomatoland. We already have plans for that in Hawaii and Los Angeles, and even in other countries.

8.​ What’s your expectation for Tomatoland?

I really hope it can open in as many cities as possible, while it’s nothing about the money but I want more people to know what Pelayo and other ​environmentalists ​are doing for this planet and the importance of protecting our environment.

9.​ What’s the biggest difference between Tomatoland and your other exhibitions?

It’s the first time for me to do a project that requires teams in China and the United States to work together. And usually I am mainly responsible for the curating and manufacturing and only advising on other parts, while this time, from picking the location to marketing, I was in charge of every detail.

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