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Getting to Know Actor Jesse Kove


Jesse Kove is an actor best known for his role alongside Joseph Fiennes in “On Wings of Eagles” (the unofficial sequel to “Chariots of Fire”). Son of pop-culture icon Martin Kove (Sensei Kreese in “Karate Kid” and “Cobra Kai”), the 6’2” superhero-in-the-making was born in Los Angeles and raised in the world of film, television, and theatre. At the age of 10, he spent his time creating movies using his father’s camera and performing skits for the family. Through his younger years and up into high school, he studied at a variety of performing arts and improv classes, continuing to cultivate his cinematic craft and even venturing off to New York to perform off Broadway. Jesse went on to appear in an array of TV and film projects, and even took on the task of producer for the teen crime thriller “As Night Comes.” In 2019, Jesse led the cast of the film “D-Day: Battle of Omaha Beach” alongside MMA fighters Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, as well as Weston Cage Coppola (Nicolas Cage’s son). And in 2021 he came full circle when he officially joined The Karate Kid universe by bullying a young John Kreese in season 3 of Netflix’s breakout series “Cobra Kai.”

Your dad is a pop culture icon. What was it like arriving to set to play his character’s childhood bully on “Cobra Kai?”

There was something about it that felt just right. And there was also an aspect of nervousness in the right way because I really wanted to do the character justice.

I see you have a musical in your future called “Ask Me to Dance.” Can you tell us a little more about that? Do you sing?

I love to sing in the shower [laughs]. I could definitely use some training. But I think my voice is pretty good. I love to dance. It’s a thing in my family. The Koves are always the first ones on the dance floor.

And then how do you find making the transition (from a musical) to a thriller like “A Deadly Abduction”?

That’s a good question. It’s always nice to jump to different genres as an actor, to play different characters and to go from a comedy to a thriller, but hopefully the comedy is after the thriller so you have something nice to do after a thriller. I love the challenge of the different aspects of these different genres.

Jesse Kove

What would your dream project be?

It would be so exciting to play a superhero on some series similar to a Batman-type character or Captain America-type character where they use a lot of physical training and hand-to-hand combat and creative weaponry versus being able to fly or bend space and time. I feel that a superhero who’s a little more “Earthly” would be so much fun! I still have my fingers crossed.

How about directors? Someone you’re dying to work with?

I’d of course love to work with James Cameron, who is such a visionary. And Martin Scorsese would be such an honor. But there’s more than that — list is long for sure.

You’re in incredible shape. What’s your mantra when it comes to taking care of your body?

Get the hard stuff out of the way first. It’s always downhill after that. And that goes for life as well.

What does your ideal day off look like?

Being lazy with my girlfriend, Shelby, and our Pitbull, Brody — watching TV shows or going to the movies and eating whatever food we want.

Any travel plans this summer?

Yes, I will be in New York filming, and also Las Vegas filming another romantic comedy. Then I will be back in New York filming again during the summer. And I will also be doing some vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee too.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

“A Deadly Abduction,” a TV Thriller. I’m very much looking forward to that. Also, series called Gravesend, which I’ll be working on in New York. And of course, “Ask Me to Dance,” the musical, which is very exciting. And several others that I can’t really discuss at the moment.

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Images provided by Jesse Kove

Olivia Rodrigo


On May 21, 2021, eighteen-year-old Disney star Olivia Rodrigo released her first album titled Sour. The album walks us through the truly raw emotions of teenage years. Before releasing the entire album, she released three singles. The first was Driver’s License. This is a truly remarkable song about heartbreak. Although she is singing about recently getting her driver’s license, this song is very mature, relatable, vulnerable, and raw. She sings, “I just can’t imagine how you could be so okay now that I’m gone,” and you can hear the sorrow in her voice when she sings, “cause you said forever now I drive alone past your street”. The song broke so many records and received so many accolades and became an instant classic that will be remembered beyond her years. 

Sour album cover. Rodrigo posted this photograph on her Instagram account @oliviarodrigo.

The second single that preceded her album was Déjà vu. This song is more vindictive with a nostalgic and magical sound. She is singing to her ex about all of the lovely things they used to do together and asking him if he gets déjà vu when he does all of the same things with his new lover. This song proved to her fans that she is not just a one hit wonder. Déjà Vu also rose to the top of music charts and left her fans wanting more.

Rodrigo posted this photograph on her Instagram account @oliviarodrigo before releasing Deja Vu.

The third single Rodrigo released before the rest of the album is title Good 4 U. This record resembles Avril Lavigne as it is rock n roll, angsty, and fun. In this song Olivia reached the point of anger. Rodrigo powerfully sings, “I’ve lost my mind I’ve spent my nights crying on the floor of my bathroom and your so unaffected I really don’t get it, I guess good for you”. The song is very sarcastic as she says good for you to her ex-boyfriend for being in such a great place after the breakup while she is still miserable. It is another showcase of her amazing song writing skills and her ability to be versatile. Good 4 U left her fans counting down the days until the release of the album and is currently the number one record on Spotify. https://spotifycharts.com/regional

@oliviarodrigo Instagram post from the Good 4 U music video.

Rodrigo released the rest of Sour on May 21, 2021. The album includes eleven hit songs and each of them are unique and powerful and three of her songs are currently sitting in the top ten of The Hot 100 Billboard charts. https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100

She sings about heartbreak, insecurities, jealousy, and sympathy for others going through hard times as well. She has become the worlds most popular star in such a short amount of time. This year Rodrigo has performed on Saturday Night Live, The BRIT Awards, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to name a few. Rodrigo is so incredibly talented and is bound to continue to create timeless music for the rest of her career.

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Kash Hovey — Actor, Producer, and Host of “On Air with Ka$h”


Kash Hovey is an award-winning actor, producer, and podcast host. He is best known for producing and starring in Plastic Daydream, in which he shared the screen with Shari Belafonte. Plastic Daydream was an official selection at LA Femme International Film Festival and went on to win four awards at Film Fest LA Live including Best Short Film, Best Actress, Best Writer, and Best Director. Kash can also be seen in Another Blackout, Rebound, Powerhorse, John Fogerty: Mystic Highway, Unusual Suspects, and Edge of Incursion. In 2021, Kash launched his own talk show “On Air with Ka$h” on YouTube where he interviews celebrities about their upcoming film and TV. So far he’s had on such guest as Jesse Kove (Cobra Kai), Swen Temmel (After), Gabrielle Stone (Eat, Pray #FML),” Will Champlin (The Voice), Jackie Moore (Westworld), Samantha Bailey (Just Add Magic, 1 Night in San Diego) and Eugenia Kuzmina (Bad Moms, The Gentlemen.) As a way to give back, Kash mentors and support underserved youth groups working closely with BTCF, Boys & Girls Club & Free2Luv. We caught up to Kash to discuss his work, his new show, and more.

What makes you excited about getting to know [diving in deep with] your guests?

I really connect with artists, and I get inspired being around creative people. Every guest is unique and interesting in their own way. I had my friend Gabrielle Stone on the show recently and she’d written a book titled “Eat, Pray #FML.” I had read her book at the beginning of the Pandemic and her story had really connected with where I was at that moment in time. There were so many parallels that we shared at different moments in our life that were unavoidable to notice. Before the interview, I told her that I had wanted to address certain topics like loss, grief, growing up fast and really go deep in this particular interview. Her response was “Totally an open book. 🙂 Go for whatever questions move you!” I had wanted to have this discussion with her ever since finishing her book, and I felt like our conversation was therapeutic for me — and I was very moved when people sent me DM’s or posted about how moved they were by our discussion.

What sort of research/prep to you do to prepare for you interviews?

Kash HoveyBefore I interview someone, it’s vital for me to know their work. I watch their shows and movies, listen to their music, and read their books. I watch and read past interviews and articles of theirs. It’s very important for me to have an angle to connect with them on. I want them to know that I am grateful that they’ve given me their time and that I am interested in them, their journey, and their story.

What do you like to do to make it fun for your guests?

When I prepare for an interview, I like to look for something that I have in common with a guest or discover something that I find interesting about them and bring it up in the conversation. I had Kiefer O’Reilly on the show, who plays Logan in the Disney+ series “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.” We both played hockey and watched the original “Mighty Ducks” film growing up, so that led to a fun conversation. 

Who are some of your all-time favorite interviews? 

The Jesse Kove interview was one of the first I did and I still get people reaching out about how much they enjoyed it. I had watched his film “D-Day” and his character quotes both of my grandfathers who were World War 2 veterans. I really enjoyed talking with Jesse about his role on “Cobra Kai” and his experience on set. We both studied martial arts and grew up in the industry so I felt the connection in that interview was apparent to the audience.

I also just interviewed Shari Belafonte, which was very special for me since we have known each other for years and worked together on “Plastic Daydream.” She is someone who’s always pushed and encouraged me. I could talk to her for hours and learn so much about life, activism and the industry. 

Samantha Bailey is another actress who I have a lot of respect for and had the opportunity to interview about her new film “1 Night in San Diego.” One of my best friends Ron Robinson from “Undateable John.” He has a daughter named Soleil who loves Samantha’s show, “Just Add Magic.” During the interview it came up in the conversation and Samantha gave Soleil a shout-out. Ron said that Soleil watched it 10 times after it aired.

What is your work uniform like these days? 

I’ve become a T-shirt and sweatpants guy the past year. If it’s a special occasion I’ll wear jeans and occasionally throw on a jacket. 

What about your weekend uniform? 

Pajamas when I’m inside the house or outside floating around in the pool wearing swim trunks.

How does your morning routine go?

I get up around 5:00 am, journal, go for a morning run, workout, have my coffee, then check my phone and see what the day has in store for me.

Playlist for your workout? 

I mix it up. Some of my current Spotify Playlists are Today’s Top Hits. I love The Weekend, Panic! At the Disco, Sabrina Carpenter, Love Ghost — and of course there are days when I need my 80s rock anthems when I workout.

Favorite TV discovery this year? 

“Ginny and Georgia.”

Do you feel a special connection when your guest is a fellow actor? 

Absolutely. I recently interviewed my friend Swen Temmel whose career really took off in the past few years with the Netflix feature film “After,” among many others. It was really inspiring to talk with him about where we were 10 years ago when we were both starting out, hanging in Malibu and talking about films that moved us. Then fast forward all these years later and we acknowledge where we are both now. I find that when I’m talking to another actor I respect, we tend to have so many shared experiences in our backstories. Whether it was making films with our parents’ video cameras growing up, or our first time on a movie set. It’s the journey we take that captures the essence of our stories.

Producer Amber Palson About Extreme Photo Shoots in the Most Remote and Dangerous Places


For over 15 years, Amber Palson has been behind the orchestration of some of the top fashion projects in both magazine editorials and major brand advertising. 

You may recognize projects that she’s master-minded in the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Instyle Magazines. 

« Orchestrating » and « master-minding » are two words that define well the role of a producer. 

Today, let’s talk about Amber Palson’s journey to producing some of the most extreme and technical photoshoots.

Early career

Amber Palson worked with the most talented photographers in the world, including Mark Seliger, who was the first to notice her talent. Working in his team for 3 years raised Amber through the ranks to become one of the studio’s top producers.

As a renowned producer, many talents, celebrities such as Amy Schumer, Dwayne Johnson, and brands such as Urban Outfitters, Madewell, Athleta, Air Canada, and Aerie (American Eagle), can’t envision a shooting without her expertise.

She pursued her career as an executive producer in Hawaii, where she produced for Oprah Winfrey on 5 magazine covers.  Although she knew she had accomplished her dream career, something was missing in Amber’s life. As a proud Canadian and an adventurer at heart, she needed more action. !

Amber Palson, a woman and producer of action

“When I’m on a job, I give my everything. My client gets my full attention and devotion to the success of their project. On my days off I live for surfing, snowboarding and keeping my body and mind healthy. All of the aspects of my schedule support each other for life success.” —she says

By 2018, Amber was an established producer in the industry, confident and strong with her successful range of experiences ; but  she didn’t feel complete. 

« I like the seeing my clients’ creative vision and translating that into what’s necessary for locations, crew and logistics to make it happen. Every day is different, every challenge is unique. » – says Amber Palson 

Being a producer involves getting places, convincing people of a creative project, and negotiating with them to secure the best places, the best talents and being surrounded by the best in the industry.

« My job is all about relationships. I need the support of the hotel booker, modeling agencies and a location owner…it’s all walks of life and if I can establish genuine respect and rapport with my negotiations, I can give my clients more options to achieve success in their production. Being a good human is key to any long-term business project. » —she says.

Taking production to the extreme

That’s how she developed her niche and became independent : In 2019, she launched Blue Amber Production, a full service production company based in Vancouver, Canada, in order to take care of her clients wanting to shoot epic high-end city locations, stunning Whistler glaciers and world renowned Canadian Rockies. Once you have two nice photos have customcornholeboards.com make you a nice cornhole board set with them.

Blue Amber Production represents everything that she loves, doing what she’s the best at.  All of her passions took her on an exciting professional path, and that’s Amber’s unique journey to success.

We asked Amber Palson about her latest projects and about her unique production work, in remote places. Here’s the interview:

What do you call “Backcountry Production » ? Is it a generic term for productions in remote places?

Yes, you got it! Really it just describes the nature of location of the shoot. Other shoots are either in-studio, city, or residential/interior environments. Shooting in Hawaii and Canada, often I will be taking a large crew to a remote volcano, jungle, waterfall or secret beach (Hawaii) or a glacier, snow town, mountain top with expansive views (Canada). Production on these is a unique animal and it’s my specialty (and my passion!!).

Why is it different?

– Often there isn’t road access and I’m handling logistics on boats, helicopters, snowmobiles, snowcats, seaplanes, off-road vehicles, anything to get large numbers of crew and equipment somewhere cool. I love a good 4×4 adventure!

– Accomodation closest to a remote area requires unique relationship-building with Concierges and hotel staff. Rapport is everything! If you take care of them, they will go that extra mile for your crew. It makes all the difference in a shoot when things go smoothly.

– The majority of brands coming to Canada to shoot are seeking snow.  And the typical timing for the shoot is in Summer!! So the trick is to get crew and equipment up a mountain high enough for there to be snow in the summer, while having an infrastructure for as close to high-end crew accomodations and healthy meals available.

– Often in active wear shoots, shooting in nature, we are using athletes, which requires experience working with non-model agencies, PR and management representations.

– There’s bears! and mosquitos! I have to anticipate nature! It’s a fun challenge to foresee how the natural elements will affect the shoot and my crew, and put in place safeties and comfort such that everyone is able to put their best work forward.


Could you tell us about the Eddie Bauer set and production? We heard it was epic!

We shot in August 2020, on the Whistler backcountry glacier, with helicopter access for full crew (hair, makeup, camera crew, props, manicurist, clothing stylist, + all of our assistants) and equipment. And we flew in a portapotty!! We had to hire a mountain safety guide.

As an active outdoor brand, the location was a pinnacle component to the overall success of the shoot. They wanted epic backdrops to engage their customer. The location was aspirational and featured landscapes that were unique to the region and are specific to an activity. Models were casted to reflect diversity, health and life enjoyment.

Did you encounter any difficulty ?  

Mosquitoes!! We were all wearing nets! Also, we were shooting during a pandemic, so transportation logistics as well as writing and strictly following our Blue Amber Production Safety Protocols was key to keep everyone safe! The other thing related to the pandemic was that the client was unable to travel to Canada at that time. Having systems in place such that the client feels a part of the process, and that the department heads can get direct feedback easily, was an important part of this shoot.

The shoot was epic!! And the shoot made the cover of their catalogue! The shots looked amazing!


How about the Urban Outfitters shoot ?

We shot this one in the fall of 2019, in the Canadian Arctic (Churchill, MB) + The Rockies, at a remote backcountry heli-ski lodge.

For the men’s shoot they wanted a small town feel with snow, and for the women’s shoot they wanted a fashion story combining skiing and snow play.

The morning we were scheduled to leave the back country it was snowing so hard, we weren’t even sure we’d be able to fly out! We almost got snowed in. But we were having so much fun that we all secretly wanted to stay.

Meghan Eng, Urban Outfitter’s in-house producer said on Instagram, “This was one of my favorite shoots of all time. Thanks to an awesome team we survived the Arctic cold & the polar bears and had a lot of fun making it happen.”

This shoot was memorable and we were in the “polar bear capital of the world’!! So I had to hire a bear security guard. He watched for bears and kept us safe!

Discover Amber Palson’s complete work : https://www.instagram.com/blue_amber.pro/?hl=en 

on Instagram @blue_amber.pro

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Images provided by Mike Seehagel and Matteo Montanari

An Interview With Curator Yani Dong Of ‘Tomatoland’


Today, we interviewed curator Yani Dong Of ‘Tomatoland’ and what we learned from her.

1. ​​Hi Yani, could you please give us a brief introduction about your latestpop-up ‘Tomatoland’?

Yani DongHi! Thanks for inviting me to join today’s interview. This pop-up is about a tomato’s journey in New York City. All installations inside were things appeared in our everyday life scenes like fridge, paper roll, and bread loaf but designed into exaggerated sizes to show people the environmental struggles created by us. The main idea is to educate people about environmental problems in a fun way.

2.​​ We are curious – why did you choose ‘Dr. Tomato’ as the main character?Is there any story behind ‘Dr. Tomato? What’s the ​prototype of ​ ‘Dr.Tomato’?

The prototype of Dr.Tomato is one of my scientist friends, Pelayo Salinas, who works in Galapagos and who’s dedicated to shark conservation. We first met in Galapagos years ago, and I have participated in some of his conservation projects. He is an environmentalist and always devotes himself to protecting wild animals and the planet. When I worked with him, his passion inspired me to create ‘Tomatoland’.

3. ​There were so many symbols or stuff that can be selected as the main character. Why did you only choose ‘tomato’?

The reason is very simple, not only because tomato is considered as a healthy food but also Pelayo has a round face and he is an introverted person who blushes all the time that reminds me of a tomato lol.

4.​ Haha, that’s funny! How long did you prepare this pop-up? What’s the crucial difficulty during your preparation?

I have always wanted to create a pop-up in the environment conservation theme and to tell people about​our story​my perspectives on environmental problems. From the initial idea to opening, it took only 4 months, but I spent 2 years planning the whole project. The main difficulty is to convert this invisible concept into a physical exhibition – for example, how to present the food waste problem via tomato-related design. Another main difficulty is the make of our huge installations and their transportation from China to the United States because of their enormous size and number.

5.​ How does your traveling or diving experience affect your creation on the pop-up?

Yani DongBecause of my diving experience, I am closer to ocean and underwater animals than people without that experience. I see how beautiful and crucial the ocean is to us. Thus, I really want to use my own profession to educate people on ocean conservation and ocean environment protection.

6.​ What do you think visitors would learn from this pop-up?

There is nothing deep in this pop-up. The reason I used common things as the main focus of this exhibition is that I hope our audiences could get the idea right away and remember the knowledge I wanted to promote while having fun.

7.​ What’s the future plans for Tomatoland? Will it open in other cities in the U.S?

Yes, when our pop-up in New York was still opened, we started getting many requests and questions on our social media platform on other locations of Tomatoland. We already have plans for that in Hawaii and Los Angeles, and even in other countries.

8.​ What’s your expectation for Tomatoland?

I really hope it can open in as many cities as possible, while it’s nothing about the money but I want more people to know what Pelayo and other ​environmentalists ​are doing for this planet and the importance of protecting our environment.

9.​ What’s the biggest difference between Tomatoland and your other exhibitions?

It’s the first time for me to do a project that requires teams in China and the United States to work together. And usually I am mainly responsible for the curating and manufacturing and only advising on other parts, while this time, from picking the location to marketing, I was in charge of every detail.

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The Man Behind Hollywood’s Most Coveted Piercing Trends


Brian Keith Thompson is the proprietor and Chief Piercing Officer of The World Famous Body Electric Tattoo, a Hollywood landmark situated on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Brian and Body Electric provide services to a long list of Hollywood A-listers and have been featured on countless television shows over the years. We caught up with Brian to talk fashion as it applies to not only beauty and piercing, but also his daily uniform and grooming routine.

One might think of the owner of Body Electric as someone who wears a hoodie and keeps it casual. But you’re known for your tailored suits. When did your love of suits start?

My love for suits started when I hit 42 and I started thinking about how I wanted to look and dress more my age. I wanted to stand out too, because in the in my industry, as you just noted, most people do keep it very casual. It’s part of the draw of working in this business, that you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to, that your art speaks for itself and not what you look like. That’s the most refreshing part about an industry like the tattoo and piercing industry. But I wanted to stand out, and I love to dress up. I love how it makes you feel. I love how, when you’re wearing a suit as a man, it makes me feel like I’m in charge of the situation, that I’m like a general at Body Electric. I love the way it makes my posture better and how people engage with me when I’m wearing a suit. When I walk into a room, especially when I first started wearing a suit, the first thing people would say was, “Wow! You look great. I love this suit.” So, as I started wearing them more, I started seeing the response being more and more positive. And I started seeing that I was taken more as a professional as well, and my advice was adhered to just a little bit more because of the way I presented myself.

Do you have a go-to brand that you wear?

Hollywood’s Most Coveted Piercing TrendsI have three designers that I really love. My first is Hugo Boss, and I only wear the Hugo Label — the red label. I love that suit. A 38 short jacket fits like it was made just for me. I don’t even have to tailor the jacket on a 38 short, I just tailor the trousers. My second favorite is Ted Baker. About half of my collection is Ted Baker. It’s between Hugo Boss and Ted Baker. And my third favorite designer is John Barbados, in terms of suits. I really like his suits as well.

What do you recommend when it comes to tailoring?

That’s a good question because we’re all so uniquely different. I love a fitted suit. I’m very particular in the way. I love for my trousers to come up above my ankles. I don’t like them to touch my shoes at all. I love that separation. So, if you’re wearing socks you can really showcase your socks. But for me, I have permanent socks: they’re called tattoos. And I like to show those off. It’s the juxtaposition of wearing a tailored, designer suit and being covered in tattoos. That’s the great thing about fashion: there’s really no wrong or right way to do it. The only person you have to please when you dress is that person looking back at you in the mirror. And that’s the only person I really care about when I’m dressing. I want to make sure I feel confident and I feel good.

Favorite sneakers?

That changes a lot [laughs]. I go through trends. I was wearing Adidas Superstar 2s for quite some time. That was kind of my go-to sneaker with my suit. Right now I’m really into the Air Force 1s. And I don’t know where I’ll be later on. But I do love shoes. I think shoes really make the suit. You can have a beautifully tailored suit on and then just really fuck it all up with the shoes if you’re not careful. You really have to know how to balance the color and the style.

Who were your fashion influencers when you were coming into your own?

Well, I came from the military, The Marine Corps. Being a Marine is being very fashion-forward. We take great pride in our uniforms. We spend hours squaring them away making sure there are no, what we call “Irish pennants,” on them — little strings hanging off of them. We would spend hours with fingernail clippers making sure your suit was completely squared away per regulations. And I think after that something solidified in my mind — that that’s the way you go forward. You know I’ve worked in corporate and I’ve seen people dress really great and people dress really not so great. I was also living in Los Angeles and watching red carpets and seeing celebrities show up at the Oscars, and I would always really identify with the ones that were wearing a really well-tailored suit. So, as I got older, that was the look I really wanted. It just looked commanding to me. I would say that was what influenced me the most, watching celebrities on red carpets and watching some of these great fitted suits.

Let’s talk about grooming. What’s your morning routine?

If someone were to watch me they would literally I think I was certifiably crazy [laughs]. My routine is quite detailed. It is the same every day. I start by polishing all the jewelry I’ll wear for that day. Every piece that’s on me from my ears to my wrist to my neck. I hand polish it all first and then I clean it and ultrasonically. I wipe it all down, even my Rolex. Everything. After I’m done with that, I pull out the suit I’m going to wear — I have about 50 in my collection. And I just go off of my mood, how I feel. If I wake up feeling a certain way, that’s the way I want to dress. So, I pick out my suit, take out a shirt, usually it’s a v-neck T-shirt, and I decide on the color of shoe. Then I shave my head and trim my beard. Everything has to be done meticulously. And once I’m ready to go and I start putting on my suit, if I don’t like the fit, I immediately take it off. I have to feel it right when I put it on. And it’s a feeling I get; it’s not something I have to see in the mirror. I can just put it on and the second I put the trousers and the jacket on, I know if I’m feeling that suit or not. And if I’m not, I need to change it because it will affect me during the day.

You took the beauty world by storm as the man behind the constellation piercings. We’ve seen your work on A-listers like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Jessica Alba, Cardi B, and the list goes on. What do you love about piercing?

I love that it’s always different. It’s very dynamic. People are always asking if I’m a tattoo artist. And I say I’m not. If you put a gun to my head and told me to draw something, you might as well just pull the trigger because nothing is going to come out of me that’s worth anything. I’m not strong in that type of art at all. But piercing is something that just speaks to me. My favorite things to pierce are the ears. I could literally do it all day every day and love it. And I feel that I can always grow and there’s always room to get better. You can never peak as a piercer as far as your skill goes. It’s a practice, like being an attorney or being a doctor. It’s something you get better at as you do more and more. I love being in an industry and doing a job where I have the potential to grow every day.

How do you approach piercing and the design work you do from a fashion standpoint?

Well, I look at the client from their shoes to the way they wear their hair to their makeup to the jewelry they have on to the way they hold themselves. You can tell a lot about someone by their body language. If they’re more closed in and shy, they’re going to be a little more dressed down or they may not want to be so loud. You can also tell so much about someone the way they walk in and that first hello. They say, “Hey, what’s going on?” and I’m reading them immediately. Once I walk up to them with my clipboard, I’m taking it all in. I don’t know how but I can just I can decorate very quickly. It doesn’t take me very long to figure out — they give me the direction and the freedom to do what I want. If they say “Hey, I’ve got this much money and this is what I want,” then I can work off of that. But I do go off of their fashion — the fashion of everything, the fashion of how they wear their hair to their make up to their jewelry to their clothing. I use all of that in the way I decorate.

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Producer Sevier Crespo on his Love of Sneakers


Puerto Rican-born producer Sevier Crespo (seviercrespo.com) has worked with such Hollywood heavyweights as Michael Mann and Jerry Bruckheimer. He studied production at UCLA and learned the ropes under the tutelage of Robert Townsend and director Sam Bayer at Ridley Scott’s RSA USA, Inc. He’s since gone on to work with such global brands as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Nike, Marlboro, Mitsubishi, NBC, and Netflix – to name a few. More recently he worked on the film “El Guardia” that premiered at Cannes in 2019, and with such prominent figures as David Beckham, Kendrick Lamar, and Demi Lovato. Today we’re talking with him about his love of all things shoes.

I hear you have quite the sneaker collection. What are some favorites?

Sevier Crespo


I’d have to say my adidas Campus 80s Norse Projects Layers (that I got in Spain), adidas Y-3 Yohji Super (from the adidas Y-3 collection), and Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off-White UNC would be some of my favorites.

How did your love of shoes begin?

It started when I got my first pair of  back in junior high. Then it really picked up when I started producing for major shoe companies — being around all the new shoes, and seeing the team wearing styles from around the world. I loved collecting the shoes they had and getting their input on what to buy next.

Is there a pair of kicks you’ve got your eye on now (what’s on your wish list)?

I think I’m a baby in the shoe game. But if I started to expand into some more avenues, I’d get the white and black Prada Superstars, and of course the original black and gray Air Jordan 4s.

What’s your daily uniform?

Sevier CrespoI’m simple, so it’s usually jeans or dark gray pants with adidas Superstars with a plain black T-shirt. And I’m usually wearing a hat too.

When do you feel the need to add a hat to your outfit (is it a mood or the season)?

I have curly hair, so sometimes that determines whether it’s a hat day or not.

Are you a watch guy?

I like watches and I have a few, but the only one I really wear is my Rolex Explorer II. It’s simple, clean, and makes a statement.

Who were your fashion influencers when you were coming into your own?

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve put some thought into it. David Beckham always looks cool regardless of what he’s wearing, and Justin Timberlake, Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak are equally styled well. Pharrell is a big influence too. I think the common denominator here is just liking how something fits you and what you gravitate toward personally. Stylists say it all the time, but if you’re happy in your clothes, you will come across that way to others.

Let’s talk about grooming. What’s your hair/shaving routine?

I am pretty regular about my haircuts. I do it every 3-4 weeks to keep it the same length. My wife likes when it’s a bit longer and unruly, but I’m a fan of it being on the shorter side. When it comes to my beard, I let it grow out, then I shave. So really every couple of weeks I’m shaving clean.

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Video Game Creator Jason Alejandre on Fashion’s Influence


Jason Alejandre is known for his work on top-grossing game franchises such as “Call of Duty,” “Medal of Honor,” and “Mortal Kombat.” With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jason has established himself as one of the go-to talents. He’s worked with such directors as Quentin Tarantino and Gore Verbinski, and his projects have shared the stage with Mark Zuckerberg and been featured by Apple at one of Steve Jobs’s final keynotes. More recently, Jason’s studio has worked on “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners,” as well as the remastered “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.” Today we’re talking with Jason about his fashion influences – everything from skate culture to that beach life.

 Jason AlejandreWhat’s your daily uniform?
My daily uniform on the surface seems pretty simple: a long-sleeved shirt, pants, some sneakers and oh! I can’t forget my thinking cap [laughs] — usually a Hurley or Rip Curl hat.
What would you call your style?
I would classify my style as beach/skater/designer, which I suppose could translate to casual, athletic, and a little fancy.
You’re an entrepreneur and game creator. How does your career influence your style, if at all?
There are three major influences on my style: Cali, occupation, and lifestyle.  As a game creator I’m always trying to fit the different pieces of a larger puzzle together so that [they] work as one — using those building blocks to create a solid game mechanic/foundation that appears as one cohesive vision. 
As an entrepreneur I am always trying to create a secret sauce, and being born and raised in Cali that pretty much goes hand in hand with the beach lifestyle and choices I make when picking out a wardrobe.
So, using all of these elements, my hope is that it comes across in my style, i.e.: Hurley hat with a Burberry jacket, plain white Calvin Klein tee with RCVA pants, and Marcelo Burlon County of Milan shoes. 
Who are some of your favorite designers/brands?  Jason Alejandre
I feel like my favorite designers/brands always shift, but right now I’m really liking the North Face Brain Dead Collab, Nike Undercover Collab, Reese Cooper, Ambush, John Elliott, and for socks, Anonymous ISM rocks — I wish they were easier to get here in the U.S. though.  
Who were your fashion influencers when you were coming into your own?
The person that got me started, unbeknownst to me, was my mom. When I was kid she would dress me up like I was straight out of a Macy’s catalog. I thought it was normal until my friends came over and said, “you always have the best clothes.” But to me I never noticed. 
I believe men’s casual fashion really changed dramatically over the last 5 years. The designer brands started doing a lot more and it felt like all the brands had really started expanding their men’s lineups for fashion. Initially it was just about the kicks you had on; now it’s all about the entire outfit.

Being based in LA, there’s not much of a season/weather change, but we are technically in fall. How do you transition your wardrobe from hot to cool weather?
I like working in a lot more lightweight jackets and hoodies, but truthfully, I really can’t buy another hoodie; I feel like I have way too many already [laughs]. I have the Scarface Supreme hoodie that I love and really want to wear, but just haven’t. Actually scratch what I said above about having too many hoodies and just blame it on the stay-at-home order instead? Okay, but really it’s a combination of both.

Jason Alejandre
Is grooming part of your style? If so, how does that factor in?
It really doesn’t. I get dressed, throw on hat, and then head to work. 

You must work lots of long hours. When you have the chance to get away, where is your favorite place to vacation?
This is an easy question. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. If you check my Instagram you’ll see why. Amazing beaches, two-hour flight from LA (so it’s easy to go back and forth), great restaurants, and even though it’s a different country, Cabo has a cool, relaxing vibe that very much feels like a home away from home. Probably because everyone from here is also going there.

What do you wear when you travel?
Cabo is a bit hot at times, so I really like James Perse. Most of his pieces are lightweight, so whether it’s a t-shirt, sweater or shorts, it’s all good — and the concept store at Flora Farms is super cool too. While you’re there, grab a cinnamon roll (my fave).

For more information on Jason, please visit jasonalejandre.com.

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Q&A with Netflix’s Stranger Things and the Upcoming Outer Bank Caroline Arapoglou


Cliché: You started out as a dancer! How does dancing compare to acting and what made you decide to make the shift to acting?

Dance and acting are actually very similar.  They both involve beats, musicality, and rhythm. My favorite part of dance, ballet specifically, was always the storytelling. In that way, the transition to acting felt pretty organic. When I am learning the blocking of a scene, I learn it in my body the same way I learned choreography as a dancer. 

If you weren’t an actress, what would you want to be?

I’m low-key and obsessed with sharks. Actually, not even low-key. Just obsessed. I thought for a long time I may go into marine biology or animal behavior psychology. I’m just waiting for my chance to play a marine biologist in a film so that I can have the best of both worlds. 

You’ve had some pretty memorable roles so far in some enviable shows, including Atlanta and Stranger Things! What were those experiences like for you?

I feel so lucky that Atlanta was my tv debut. Working with Zazie Beetz, Donald Glover, and Hiro Murai on my first ever tv set was a pretty charmed experience.  Everyone was so welcoming and so much fun to work with. I especially loved working with Zazie. She was so down to earth and smart and GOOD in our scene…I loved watching her work. Seeing her career blow up since Atlanta debuted has been so much fun. 

Stranger Things is the first show I ever booked that I was already a fan of.  When you’re filming, you have to take your fan hat off and really focus on the work…but there were definite moments of feeling overwhelmed by the experience.  I think it really hit me the first time I saw my hair and makeup. Sarah Hindsgaul and Amy Forsythe transformed me.

Talk about your new show, Outer Banks, and your character, Rose.

I can’t say much about Outer Banks, because I don’t want to give anything away! I can tell you that it is a real life, high stakes treasure hunt…and the show is visually stunning. We had so much fun making it! 

Rose is a young stepmom, married to one of the most powerful men in town.  She didn’t grow up in wealth, and now that she is surrounded with it, she isn’t going to let it go. She also has the most fabulous wardrobe of any character I’ve ever played! 

 Rose has a ruthlessness to her! How do you channel that side of yourself into your performance?

When I’m playing Rose, I don’t think in adjectives. She may seem ruthless on the page, but my job is to get in her head and justify each of her actions.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through why she makes some of the decisions she does, and over the course of the season, I actually got really protective and defensive of her decisions! 

Can you relate to Rose at all?

I relate to Rose’s drive and determination…and we both love clothes! Although, her heels are a little higher than mine. 

Tell us about your upcoming movie, Like A Boss.

Like A Boss is a story about female friendship and entrepreneurship.  My favorite thing about the film is that none of the story lines revolve around a man or a romantic relationship.  The conflict has everything to do with their friendship and business. 

Was it fun starring alongside Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne?

Of course! It was my first time doing extensive comedy improv on a film set…so to be doing it with Tiffany and Rose was wild.  You have to stay so focused and connected with one another and be really know the script to be able to riff like that…and then you have to be able to recreate the magic each time they move the cameras.  Our director, Miguel Arteta, gave us a lot of great structure and ideas to get us started, and then just let us play. It was rewarding to see so much of our improv make the final cut. I’m also glad there weren’t any close ups of me chopping any vegetables…no one would have believed a professional chef would chop that poorly. 

You’re very passionate about supporting Planned Parenthood. Why do you think it’s so important right now to be a visible advocate for the services Planned Parenthood provides?

#IStandwithPP because they are allies to women and the LGBTQ community.  I am a firm believer in women’s reproductive rights and PP provides sexual and reproductive healthcare to many women and teens that wouldn’t have access otherwise. 1 in 5 women will rely on PP in their life. They also offer support groups for LGBTQ teens. For me, supporting PP is a huge no brainer. 

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Cliché Magazines Interview with Terrence Little Gardenhigh


We are so excited for Coffee & Kareem to hit Netflix next month! Please tell us about the film in your own words.

The film is about a kid that wants to be a rapper and he does not want his mother dating a white cop who is broke. He really just wants him out of the picture, so it won’t mess up his street credit. Kareem gets a few drug dealers to try harm, possibly even kill him, but everything goes so wrong. Horribly wrong.

Can you tell me about your character Kareem? How would you describe him?

Kareem loves street life. The lingo, camaraderie, and tricks, he loves it all! Kareem is very wise for his age with a very dirty mouth. He is also a mama’s boy, very protective and not afraid to do what he has to do to survive. Kareem at the core has a good heart but puts out a tough attitude.

Terrence Little GardenhighIn what ways do you relate to Kareem? How do you differ?

I relate to being a mammas boy. I don’t care I will be one when I’m 50! I would protect her with my life. How we differ is I don’t swear like he does but I had a lot of fun doing it.

What was your experience working with Taraji P. Henson & Ed Helms? What did you learn from them?

Wow I couldn’t believe I was playing the son to Cookie Lion! I love Empire and I called her my TV mommy before I even thought about acting. I manifested her into my life lol. Ed is just so naturally funny, and I watched all THE HANGOVER movies and I love “The Office.” I learned things from Mama T (my name for her) that put me on another level in acting she taught me “Less is more.” I will never forget that. Something so simple, yet effective. Ed taught me to go with my instincts that most of the time they will be on point. We did that a lot and it was crazy how it felt like we were working together for years.

What is your favorite memory from set?

The strippers!! I was like, this is my dream job. I get to curse and visit the strip club and they paid me to do it. What a life!!

What was the hardest part about filming?

Standing on my feet for so long. I was so excited that I never thought about sitting down when I had the chance because I was having so much fun. I learned quickly that you need breaks to rest your feet and catch a breather!

How do you balance school and acting?

Wow! That was no joke! I had to go from reciting, reading lines that changed overnight and run and go take a test in the same hour. It was hard but worth it. Sacrifice is the name of the game when you are school age and acting.

Are there any upcoming projects you could give us insight into?

Yes, I have a series, “Danger Force” that will air Saturday nights on Nickelodeon at 8:00pm. “Danger Force” is a spin-off of Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger” series. The series is about four superhero kids with powers they don’t know how to use so well. I play Miles on the show and my power is teleportation. I love it. My dreams are coming true. I’m so grateful. “Coffee and Kareem” definitely prepared me for this.

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