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Sustainable Spotlight: EMILY VS BEAR


American-made, ethically sourced, and high quality; could you ask for anything more from a clothing brand? Womenswear company Emily VS Bear delivers all of this and more. With each purchase made, the company donates 20% of your purchase to a charity of your choice. It may sound too good to be true, but Emily VS Bear is propelled by their dedication to environmental, social, and political justice. 
Every item in their online-only shop relates to environmental and social issues, and while the brand encourages you to choose to donate according to the theme of the item you purchase, the donation can be to any charity of your choice. By encouraging shoppers to donate, Emily VS Bear has fulfilled their goal of being a voice for the future.
Their justice-charged t-shirts make consumers think about a variety of issues plaguing our earth and society. Themes include saving the bees, littering and waste, and environmental destruction at the hands of large corporations. The unique graphic designs are sure to be conversation starters.
Emily VS Bear caters to those who are passionate and informed, but their designs are understated enough for everyday wear. Whether you’re attending a local protest or out running errands, an Emily VS Bear shirt is the perfect addition to any woke gal’s closet. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites from the Summer 2017 collection below, but we sure to head over to https://www.emilyvsbear.com/ to find the perfect shirt for you.

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Sustainable Spotlight: EMILY VS BEAR: Feature Image courtesy of EMILY VS BEAR

Mercado Global: Handbags for a Cause


Spring has officially sprung, and that means it’s time to update your wardrobe with punchy colors, patterns, and new textures. A closet overhaul is every fashionista’s favorite part of Spring, but what if the money you’re spending on a cute new bag could go to a Guatemalan artisan who is trying to send her child to school?

With the help of Mercado Global, you have the best of both worlds! Partnering with 216 artisans, the non-profit brand offers gorgeous loom-weaved bags and accessories in an effort to live up to their mission statement. Mercado Global “empowers indigenous women to break the cycle of poverty by connecting them to international markets, fostering sustainable livelihoods, and pioneering a socially responsible business model within the fashion industry.”
With fast-fashion all the rage, many buyers are thinking about their wallets and less about the global effects of their purchases.  Mercado Global offers an affordable opportunity to be more conscious when updating your wardrobe this season. The brand has reached over $3 million in sales that has gone directly to the women who make the bags–and they are fostering a better way of life for the whole community in the process. One of the main goals of the brand is to ensure that their artisan partners all have the opportunities to send their children to school, and so far 99% of their partners have children enrolled in classes.
Mercado Global is about more than empowering women and providing living wages, they aim to improve the quality of life of future generations and help improve the rural Guatemalan communities as a whole. If you still aren’t sold, just wait until you see the bags. Totally on trend for 2017, they are undeniably cute.
Click through to see a few of our favorites, but you can check out the rest of their Spring/Summer collection here.

Brand to Watch: Three Floor Fashion


The contemporary womenswear brand Three Floor is breaking the fashion mold in more ways than one. With pieces that offer a totally modern spin on classic silhouettes and fabrics, the relatively new label is bringing high fashion to the masses while responsibly producing their products and helping women around the world.

Created in 2011 by founder Yvonne Hoang, Three Floor produces four seasonal collections per year. By focusing on releasing only four collections, Three Floor is able to produce in the Far East and source materials from Paris and Hong Kong responsibly. The brand, which retails in over 100 stores worldwide, offers unique pieces featuring feminine details and unexpected materials. Sheer fabrics and lace are abundant throughout the designs.
Three Floor is more than a clothing company, however. They are committed to empowering women. This year, the brand has partnered with the UN Women National Committee UK to produce a limited edition capsule collection. Twenty percent of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to the committee, which focuses on gender equality and empowering women.
“We are thrilled to be partnering with UN Women National Committee UK and supporting a much-admired entity in their objective to achieve gender parity,” Hoang said in a press release. “Together, we support and acknowledge women to have economic and social rights as well as access to education and health care. As a womenswear brand where 80% of our staff are female, it is vital that women are of equal status and are fundamental contributors to development.”
The six-piece capsule collection offers a gorgeous array of clothing that really embodies the elegance and style of all of Three Floor’s designs. By purchasing from the collection, customers can obtain a high-quality addition to their wardrobe while donating to a good cause. For more information on the UN Women National Committee UK, visit unwomenuk.org.
Pink Lady
A little bit vintage and totally gorgeous, this lace dress is the perfect spring addition to any girly-girl’s wardrobe.

Image courtesy of Three Floor

Royal Navy
Everyone needs a little ruffle in their closet. This navy dress reminds us of colonial era style with a high neckline and pleat details, and we are all for it.

Image courtesy of Three Floor

Amp It Up
A little more modern, this top has it all. From a sheer neckline to asymmetrical details to gorgeous lace overlay, this top is sure to make an impression anywhere you go.

Image courtesy of Three Floor

Old School
Also inspired by colonial era clothing, this dress is a refreshing take on the popular vintage trend. With a flowy silhouette, this piece is sure to be flattering on all body types and is office appropriate.

Image courtesy of Three Floor

Top Tier
This navy dress is perfect for a grand entrance at any formal event. The A-Line shape paired with a sheer neckline keeps the dress trendy, while the lace and ruffle details bring you back to a more classic time.

Image courtesy of Three Floor

Yes to Mermaid
Floral designs, a mermaid silhouette, and a unique neckline make this piece a show-stopper. High-fashion, yet wearable, this dress is the unique alternative to the boring LBD.

Image courtesy of Three Floor

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Brand to Watch: Three Floor Fashion. Feature image courtesy of Three Floor Fashion on Instagram.

How Recipe For Hope is Baking A Difference


In society, there’s a saying: “Actions speak louder than words,” and these two women, Kim and Alina, are the prime example of that. Not only the creators of Pizzscotti, a gourmet baked goods company creating handmade gourmet Italian pizzelles and biscotti, which opened in 2013, the law enforcement officers are putting their money where their mouth is with their non profit organization, Recipe For Hope (RFH).

Their focus is directed toward giving back to victims of domestic violence. Both Alina and Kim have not only see this type of behavior in their profession on a daily basis, but also in their past, as they both have experienced domestic violence in previous relationships. They overcame their abusive relationships and now dedicate their time and passion to help others.
Recipe for Hope provides survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and homelessness a continuum of programs that educate, train, and empower. In addition, the two lead other initiatives, including F2F (Finance to Freedom) and PSP (Protect and Serve Program) self-defense awareness. They are raising funds to help get their programs off the ground, as well as to help pay for equipment, supplies, and space to rent.
Here is where the community can help: The goal for RFH is to have a place of their own where they can teach, bake, and provide these programs to those who so desperately need it. As of now, a portion of the proceeds from Pizzscotti are funneled back into Recipe For Hope. So for every purchase from Pizzscotti, customers are providing hope to these individuals and raising money for the additional programs to get off the ground.  
Together, we can Bake A Difference. To donate, please visit Generosity.com.
For more information please contact recipeforhope2@gmail.com or call (818) 216-8848.
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Featured image courtesy of Recipe for Hope

Hunter And The Dirty Jacks Servicing Your Soul


Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.04.52 PM
Blues rock band, Hunter And The Dirty Jacks, have been rocking and rolling at the famous Harvelle’s Santa Monica every Tuesday night. The band created a weekly concert at Harvelle’s where fans can pay five dollars or bring in two cans of food. The food donation feeds approximately two or more meals to someone going hungry in the local Santa Monica community. The band works with two charities, “Feed Your Soul” And “Magic Music Foundation.” In addition to hosting this charity event, the band has had a number of impressive guest appearances from blues legend Coco Montoya to most recently Conan O’Brien’s guitarist Jimmy Vivino as well as a host of other excellent guitarists.
The band’s event has generated enough money and food to feed thousands of hungry people across the Santa Monica area. The most recently have been working with a foster home in Los Angeles to set up music programs for the foster kids. Big plans are in the works to include other charities all while continuing to work with their current charities.
Check Hunter And The Dirty Jacks Servicing Your Soul every Tuesday at Harvelle’s Blues Club in Santa Monica if you’re in the area!

Back with a Bangle!



It’s never easy to predict whether or not a trend will stick. Nowadays, most are fleeting. By the time you’ve fallen in love with a look and decided to join the bandwagon, chances are the style is already on its way out. However, you’re in luck if you allowed yourself to fall in love with Alex and Ani bangle bracelets. Far from fading away, these bracelets gained popularity earlier this year and are currently still all the rage.

These bracelets stand for much more than the sound they make when they dangle delicately from your wrist; they are all about empowerment. Each bangle is designed with symbols and messages meant to empower wearers to express and appreciate their individuality as well as to celebrate it. They are made of adjustable and eco-friendly materials and are sure to suit any occasion!

My first Alex and Ani bangle was a gift from my mother. It’s a silver bracelet with a dangling flower charm that says “daughter.” The bracelet is a simple yet special piece of jewelry. Every time I wear it and hear its jingle, I am reminded that I am loved and that I play an important role in someone else’s life. I have since received several other bracelets as gifts, including a gold “om” bracelet in honor of my yoga practice and a “miracles do happen” charm that has much sentimental value.

What I like most about Alex and Ani bangles is that they are so personal and unique. The combination of bracelets found on my wrist means something to me and is bound to be different from those which decorate your wrist and the meanings you assign to them. They truly are a wonderful and creative way to celebrate you and express what lies inside!

All the hype on Alex and Ani and its rising popularity has brought many new designs! There’s a bracelet out there for everyone. With a quick glance at the company website, you’ll find everything from birthstones to spiritual symbols, and there are even charms to honor hobbies, schools, and sororities. Be sure to also keep an eye out for new studded and beaded trends that are sure to add a fun pop of color to your wrist!

There’s only one way to come back with a bangle this season, and that’s with Alex and Ani. Check out the website www.alexandani.com for more styles and the latest trends so that you too can jingle with purpose!

Photo courtesy of www.alexandani.com