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Q&A with Alexa Leigh: The Story Behind Her Jewelry Line


Alexa Leigh, founder of eponymous line

Born in California and raised in Colorado, Alexa Leigh Meyer founded her jewelry line in 2010 with the notion of creating sentimental value behind every piece. Alexa’s vision was to cultivate a jewelry line that could be worn everyday and look good at any occasion. The collection started with double pendant necklaces that are worn with one pendant in front and one at the nape of your neck and has expanded to cuffs, rings, bracelets, and anklets, all of which manifest Alexa Leigh’s vision. The line expanded into ball bracelets and necklaces that could be customized with unique charms to create something one of a kind. Each piece can be worn separately or layered together and add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Alexa Leigh “Snake Necklace” and “Huggie Hoops.” Modeled by Livia Caligor. Photographed by Erica Skylar.

How did you get into jewelry design? What motivated you to found your eponymous line?

I had lost an old necklace, and my father casually suggested I make it. I was naive enough to try, and that set me down a path of creating an entire jewelry line of delicate necklaces and bracelets. I’ve never looked back. While it was first started as a creative outlet, it quickly became my passion.

What are the differentiating characteristics of your jewelry?

It can be worn day to night and withstand the wear and tear of your everyday life. It’s the perfect compliment to an outfit whether you’re wearing a sweat set or a nice dress.

How did your home state of California impact your design aesthetic?I was born in California and raised in Aspen Colorado but I don’t think either place really impacted my design aesthetic. I created the line while I was living in New York but regardless of where I am living, I’ve always dressed for comfort first. I wanted to create a jewelry line that could be worn day to night and would last through the wear and tear of life, while also being comfortable enough to sleep in. That second skin jewelry line that you forget is on but looks effortlessly cool with everything!

Alexa Leigh “Star Huggie Hoop” and “Gold Ear Cuff.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

What are 3 words you’d use to describe the Alexa Leigh woman? 

Chic, timeless, effortless.

What was the hardest part of founding your own line? The most rewarding part?

I think the hardest part is to have the perseverance to keep going. Most brands aren’t an overnight success. You have to be willing to to keep your head down and never give up. There are really no days off. It’s so rewarding to have something that’s your own though and you’re able to do things in your own way. It’s an expression of my spirit and incredibly gratifying.

Alexa Leigh “Snake Necklace” and “Huggie Hoops.” Modeled by Livia Caligor. Photographed by Erica Skylar.

How do you think the jewelry industry has changed over the course of your career?

Social media has changed our industry just like it has any other. Having access to a platform that you can display your brand and help tell your story is priceless.

What is your design process like? Where are your products produced?

I make the majority of the first samples myself. There’s a headspace that I occasionally get into where the ideas just flow. I don’t know where they come from but they can pour out. In some cases I’ll sketch my ideas and other times I’ll get right to trying to make a sample. Some pieces we leave as limited edition to keep the site fresh and ever evolving but others we love too much to let go of and we make them part of the core line. Styles are made overseas, in Miami or New York. 

Alexa Leigh “Huggie Hoops” and “Gold Ball Necklace.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

What is your favorite piece of jewelry, or which piece do you think best embodies the ethos of the Alexa Leigh vision

Hard to pick a favorite child but I never take off my comfort rings and love the way a snake necklace catches the light. I also love a 2mm or 3mm ball necklace, bracelet or anklet because it can be layered or worn alone. They are all the perfect touches to any outfit. 

Alexa Leigh “Ball Bracelets.” Photo credits: Alexa Leigh

Where do you find inspiration as a designer?

I envy the people that can point to one place of inspiration. If I had that, I’d make sure to use it all the time. For me, the ideas often come right before I fall asleep or when I am in the right zone mentally during the day. I can totally tell the difference between when I am being right or left brained. I make items I would want to wear myself and hope other people feel the same.

What’s next for you?

I don’t pretend to know that! I am constantly thrown curveballs and surprises that I would have never predicted. Whatever comes I let come, and whatever goes I let go. I’m just gonna continue to ride the wave! 

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Photo Credits: Erica Skylar Photography, TBD PR, Alexa Leigh

How to Be Chic on a Budget – 5 Great Tips


Do you love looking chic, but hate breaking the bank just to buy clothes? Wish you knew some quick and easy ways to shop for fashionable finds at an affordable price? Well, we’re here to teach you how to be chic on a budget!

In this article, we’re covering the ins-and-outs on how to shop for chic clothes at affordable prices. So, keep reading if you want to learn how to look fashion forward for less.

DanaTentis / Pixabay

5 Great Tips on How to Be Chic on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a chic wardrobe. With these simple style tips, you can invest your money where it matters most, and fill your closet with versatile, high-quality pieces and accessories.

Invest in Timeless Pieces

nastya_gepp / Pixabay

Do you like to buy trendy clothes and accessories? Well, while they can be fun, they tend to go out-of-style quickly, which doesn’t make them the best investment. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on stuff you’re only going to wear a few times.

Instead of buying trendy clothes, focus on chic, versatile pieces that age well. Things like a classic leather jacket, quality jeans, and a black dress will never go style.

Explore Thrift Shops

Digging through clothes at a thrift shop takes time, but it’s certainly worth it. There are many hidden gems to be found in thrift shops. You can even find sneakers from luxury labels like Balenciaga.  What’s better is that these finds usually have higher construction and quality than the items you’d find in fast fashion retailers.

And if you find someone you love that’s too big or doesn’t fit entirely right, you can always bring it to ta tailor to fix. Alterations can make these old clothes look brand new.


Check Out Resale Sites

Do you love luxury labels? Well, retail sites like Poshmark, eBay, and ThredUp sell pre-owned pieces at hugely discounted prices.  Instead of buying trendy clothes, focus on chic, versatile pieces that age well.  Versatile pieces might be pricey, but you might consider title loans to get your hands on pieces that never go out of fashion. Things like a classic leather jacket, quality jeans, and a black dress will never go style.

You can easily browse for brands you love and find pieces that are in excellent used condition. Just make sure you check out the return policy in advance in case something doesn’t fit or look the way it should.

Define Your Style

How to Be Chic on a Budget

SnapwireSnaps / Pixabay

If you’re someone who lacks a personal style, you’re more likely to buy whatever you see in a store. This is a quick way to blow your budget, and it also makes you more likely to buy cheaper clothes that won’t last as long.

To save money and still look chic, only try to buy outfits and accessories that really speak to you. By keeping a smaller, more curated wardrobe you’ll be less likely to buy things you don’t really need or want. You’ll also be more prone to buy more expensive investment pieces that will last for years to come.

Review What You Already Own

If you want to save money, review what you already own to avoid buying things you already have. This can help you cut down on the clutter in your closet, and refrain from buying things you’ll rarely wear or use. It’ll also help you clear some space in your closet for clothes you’ll actually love.

Dress Up Your Looks with Accessories

As we mentioned above, chasing after clothing trends is a quick way to end up with an overstuffed closet and an empty wallet. Instead, focus on filling out your closet with classic pieces. Look for high-quality jeans and dresses and use fun and affordable accessories to dress up your look and make it look unique.

Accessories can really transform your look. And they’re a lot more affordable than clothing pieces.

Ready to Say Yes to Chic?

Creating a fashionable yet affordable wardrobe isn’t impossible. If you follow these five easy tips, you’ll know how to be chic on a budget without spending a fortune.

Did you enjoy these fashion tips? Check out our fashion blog for more tips and inspiration!
Images provided by Pixabay CC License

A Chic Buds Review


In my life, both music and fashion play prominent roles. Dressing up every day is a way of expressing myself and listening to music is therapeutic, especially when it comes to dancing when I’m really happy and singing along to the words when I need them the most. What happens when fashion and the equipment needed to listen to your favorite tunes join forces? Chic Buds happens!
Located in sunny California, Chic Buds take the adorable and fashion forward color palettes and patterns of popular fashion trends and combine them with reliable, efficient technology like earbuds, portable phone chargers, and cute wristlets. The company believes in making products that reflect a woman’s personal style and a product that they can rely on during a busy work week. Alongside their wonderful products, 20% of all sales are donated to the Vampire Diaries leading man’s Ian Somerholder’s charity, the Ian Somerholder Foundation, that impacts environmental causes for the planet.
The team at Chic Buds were kind enough to send me the Clutchette Power Jacquelyn, Luv Buds Sienna, and Slim Power Phone Charger Ashley. The Jacquelyn is both efficient and stylish, with pockets for credit cards and essentials during a day brunch or night out. It also comes with a handy strap to wrap around your wrist and the convenient charger element where you can connect your smartphone, Mp3 player, or any device to when you’re running low on power. The Slim Power Phone Charger does the same, while the Luv Bud Sienna is any fashionista music lover’s dream with the power of big budget earbuds, reasonable pricing, the cute colors any fashionista would adore.
Needless to say, my dream products have finally been created.
Visit ChicBuds.com for more styles!
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Chic Buds Review: Photographs courtesy of Chic Buds

Chic Holiday Handbags


Wherever this holiday season will find you, a statement clutch will be a practical, yet stunning, accessory. Chic holiday handbags don’t only come in sparkly gem encrusted varieties, they are decorated with metal accents, modern textures, laser cut details, and monochromatic beading. These intricate details will complement any special outfit without overwhelming it.

Heavy Metal
This Ralph Lauren handbag is a chic balance of black leather and modern gold tone metallic accents. It’s a great bag to wear when you want your outfit to steal the show, and it’s neutral enough to wear throughout the year.

Chic Holiday Handbags

Lauren Ralph Lauren Leather Woodbridge Clutch, $298, LordandTaylor.com

Mail Order
The simplistic design of this Vegan suede envelope clutch is so versatile that you don’t have to save it for special occasions. This beautiful and elegant handbag comes with a detachable golden chain strap, increasing the versatility of this purse.

Chic Holiday Handbags

Lee Coren Classic Envelope, $96, LeeCoren.com

Laser Cut Lace
The soft pink hue laser cut leather and shiny gold frame of this petite clutch create an elegant accessory that won’t overwhelm your look. The lock closure ensures that this practical piece won’t spontaneously snap open.

Chic Holiday Handbags

Ivanka Trump Laser Cut Minaudiere in Petal, $119.38, LordandTaylor.com

Beaded Chevrons
If you are in need of a beaded holiday bag, look no further than the interesting beaded chevron design of this La Sera clutch. The beaded pattern creates dimension and interest, but the color of this little gem is neutral enough to wear with nearly any ensemble.

Chic Holiday Handbags

La Sera Molly Clutch in Grey, $78, LordandTaylor.com



There comes a time in a woman’s life where she trades in her heels for flats, but not today. Instead I’ll be wearing Nike’s. You really learn a thing or two in school, like whenever indecisive just go with C (the Nike’s) and go home and make a sandwich — a well-deserved one, because you probably just aced your chemistry exam and because you’re about to make the most comfortable decision of your life (thank me later.)

That being said, I took close notes at NYFW (once again) where Mason Margiela taught me that oversized blazers are cool and cuffed trouser pants are even more so. If ever unsure about what to wear, it’s OK — throw on gym sneakers and that button-down you shoved in the back of the closet because sporty is in and sneakers are everything. Now go on, steal dad’s blazer (and tie) and call it a day. An extremely comfortable day.

Below I’ve styled two ways to tackle menswear this fall. I’m taking a classic, masculine approach, whereas I have Ms. Ashley chanelling a more chic, feminine take on Menspiration.

Take One: Classic

Menspiration 3   Menspiration 4

Take Two: Chic

Menspo 2   Menspiration 7

Item of the Moment: Puddleton’s Repackable Rain Boots


Summer: the season of sunshine, sandals, and the beach. Yes, all extremely true. Nevertheless, the one crucial part of summer that I feel like people forget about is the rain. The crazy it-was-sunny-one-second-and-torrential-downpour-the-next. These days I find myself prepared for those moments, with religiously checking the weather before I leave the house, always having my mini umbrella in my tote, and having my Puddleton rain boots.

Puddleton’s, founded in 2013, keeps the wet rain at bay and the chic in check. The rain boots come in a variety of patterns and colors such as black, pink, and pink paisley, are made out of high quality natural rubber with slip resistant outsoles, and super comfortable insoles that will last this year’s rainy summer season and ones to come. Located at the top of the rain boot is a very comfy elastic band that goes around the leg in a very snug fashion, keeping out unwanted rain and preventing that ever so uncomfortable soggy sock feeling. Budget friendly and packing convenient, with its ability to fold over and fit nicely into an suitcase or travel bag, Puddleton’s are everything a gal dreams about in a rain boot.

Puddleton’s Repackable Rain Boots are available for sale at puddletons.com for both women and children.
Image courtesy of Puddletons.com

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt


The circle skirt is this season’s most versatile and flattering wardrobe staple. Named for their shape, which is cut like a big doughnut, circle skirts keep the fullness of the skirt at the hem rather than at the waist. The skirt, tight around your waist, flares out around your thighs, creating an hourglass shape on any body type. Sometimes called a skater skirt, this piece is comfortable and easily adaptable for every occasion and style.

Your entire summer wardrobe could be built around one of these striking skirts–like the Light Up My Life Skirt from Modcloth. A gorgeous black skirt is a great investment because you can wear it not only in the warm seasons but also in the fall and winter too! Here are 5 ways to wear a circle skirt:


Who says a skirt has to be feminine? Show off your inner rebel with a form-fitting crop top with a tantalizing metallic zipper closure. A bold color will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Clear Cut Crop Top in Navy, $8.80, Forever21.com)


A tiered crop top in soft hues makes the perfect canvas for your most dangly necklaces. A peek of skin between the skirt and the top gives just a hint of carefree sexiness.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Tiered Crop Tank in Desert Flower, $12.90, Wetseal.com)


Channel the elegance of mid-century glamour with a pussy bow blouse tucked into your skirt. Soft colors like seafoam will evoke the essence of summer.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Science of Chic Top, $42.99, Modcloth.com)


Need a last minute dress for a fancy event? Reinvent the little black dress! Pair a circle skirt with a figure-hugging top with sheer details to keep you cute and classy.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(¾ Sleeve Mesh Inset Crop Top, $11.99, Cicihot.com)


When you’re hanging out with your girls or watching your favorite heartthrob on the big screen, keep it casual and pair a circle skirt with a relaxed-fit top featuring a tie-front detail.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Ivory Floral Smocked Tie Front Tank , $29.90, Delias.com)

Featured image courtesy Modcloth.com

Midi Mayhem


Midi Mayhem
Say goodbye to the mini and hello to the midi trend! It’s all about the balance in the short vs. long competition. The two lengths have overlooked their differences and created a love child in the form of the midi length: a not too short, not too long perfect combination.
Now here’s the big question that’s probably popping in your head: what’s so great about a midi length? For one thing, it comes in a variety of fits for any and every woman out there. Want something free-flowing that fits well on the waist? Midi has it. Want something that hugs your curves just right? Midi has that, too. This trend has been taking the world by storm, and has been seen on many celebrities, from Sandra Bullock to Lily Collins, in various shapes creating a midi mayhem.
The trend can be styled in multiple ways: by tucking a shirt inside the midi skirt of your choice, wearing a midi fitted dress, or pairing it with another favorite trend, such as a crop top.
If you’re new to the midi trend, a simple way to try it out would be by getting a staple piece. Start off with a basic midi skirt in a neutral color. The favorites that have been paired with it are booties and simple tops of a different color. Put it together and there you have it–a midi trend all your own!
Once you’ve conquered the first take on it, the possibilities are endless. It’s safe to say that the “simple is more” saying has transformed to “Midi is more.”
Here are some midi inspirations that you could own yourself!
(ASOS Midi Skirt in Sheer Burnout $70, Asos.com) 


(Missguided Skyle Front Split Skirt in Nude $24, Missguided.co.uk)


(Boohoo Elvie Velvet Full Midi Skirt $26, Boohoo.com)


(Bossy Midi Skirt $70, Piximarket.com) 


(Powerful Bodycon Midi Dress $45, Dailylook.com)


(Venice Midi Dress $398, Anthropologie.com) 


(Asos Bardot Body Conscious Midi Dress $46, Asos.com)



Hydrate Your Fall


With a health craze sweeping the nation, It’s important to stay informed about what is and isn’t good for your body. Now, if you know anything about your body, you know it can’t survive without water. Since this isn’t a secret and plastic water bottles are convenient, America has spent billions of dollars getting rid of waste from the sudden rise of plastic water bottles. Luckily, Cliché has had the amazing opportunity to find a product that not only reduces the amount of waste we accumulate but also saves us money! I’m talking about Sigg bottles.
Sigg is a company that has produced water bottles for over 100 years. Their aim is to produce “ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately, easily recycled” bottles that not only are safe for the environment, but also chic!  Recently, they’ve revamped their bottle with a new liner to make it more human and environmentally friendly. This new liner makes the bottle neutral to any liquid it contains, in addition to no metallic taste from the bottle itself. This means there won’t be a residual taste from the protein shake you had this morning in your water at the gym tonight.
Although all of this is amazing, my favorite thing about Sigg bottles are the chic designs that make carrying them around a reward and not a chore! With brand designs like Hello Kitty and Tony Hawk, as well as subtle designs, everything from chic to solid colors, there is a bottle for everyone. They even offer wide mouth bottles so it’s easy to add ice cubes. I chose the white bottle with gold feathers and the white snow leopard bottle, and I can’t even begin to talk about how many compliments I’ve received. I’ve dropped my bottle, left it in my car overnight, and carried it around continuously all day, and it still looks good as new. There are a lot of other bottles out there, but Sigg has exceeded all my expectations and has definitely released a great product.
Sigg bottles retail for around $18.99 – $28.99 .

Photo courtesy of SIGG Switzerland.