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7 Benefits of Letting Your kids Decorate Their own Rooms


Today we want to share 7 benefits of letting your kids decorate their own rooms. Almost from the time they’re able to express their viewpoints, most children will have an opinion about what they want their room to look like. From race cars to princesses to YouTube stars, your kids will begin developing their own interests early, and they’ll often want to express those interests in how they decorate their rooms.

Should parents allow their children free rein in decorating their own rooms? Experts say yes, up to a point. Below, we’ll talk about seven of the most important benefits that kids can gain when parents allow them to decorate their own bedrooms.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

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  1. You’ll learn about the things that are important to them.

Every parent wants to know more about their kid’s inner life, especially once they hit the more secretive teenage years. Seeing how they decorate their room can give you a window into their private world. From a poster of the musical artist they’re obsessed with to wall decals of their favorite TV characters or sports stars, you can glean a lot of information from simple decor choices.

That said, resist the urge to read too much into your child’s aesthetic choices. Just because they put up some gloomy-looking artwork doesn’t mean they’re actually depressed. What your child says and does are always better guides to what’s going on than any choices of colors or art—so, when in doubt, ask.

  1. You’ll signal to them that you respect their independence.

Even young kids often feel trapped and unhappy when they don’t see themselves as in control of their own lives and decisions. Consequently, it’s important to give them the power to make their own choices when it’s safe to do so.

This kind of compromise helps build a relationship of mutual respect and understanding. Allowing kids to curate a space that suits them—and being clear that you’re intentionally doing so—can be a useful talking point in future discussions about which decisions are appropriate for them to make independently, and which ones you insist on having a say in.

  1. You’ll give them a way to express their creativity.

Self-expression is an important part of being human, and decorating a living space is one of the ways that many people do it. Choosing colors, patterns and decor are tasks that many kids find fun, and the liberty of choice will often be a key part of how they discover things about themselves.

This creative self-expression is an important part of the path to building healthy self-esteem. A child who has had ample opportunity for self-discovery through creative tasks is likely to become more confident and sure of themselves throughout the most crucial periods of their young lives.

  1. You’ll help them learn to invest in and care for a space.

Children need to learn the value of maintaining a living space to an acceptable standard. When you give your kids a role in creating and maintaining their space, they’ll be more likely to care for it by keeping it clean and tidy.

That doesn’t mean that your child’s room will never get messy. But cultivating their mental connection between space and self will pay dividends in terms of how they see and care for their living spaces throughout life. You might even make room cleanliness a condition of allowing them leeway in decorating.

Letting Your Kids Decorate Their Own Rooms

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  1. It can be a fun opportunity to collaborate on a home project.

Younger kids will need help with planning and executing a concept for their room, and some older kids may want your advice as well. Working together on projects with your child is a great opportunity to build your relationship, so take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

The optimal level of parental involvement will vary by how much responsibility your child is ready to take. A young child will need help with basic tasks like painting walls and applying vinyl wall decals, while an older teen might just need a few pointers on how to make the details look good. Either way, be prepared—either to offer help or to step back when appropriate.

  1. You don’t have to approve everything.

Remember that you’re still a parent and can put your foot down about things that are unacceptable. Before you allow your child to start choosing decorations, think about where your hard lines lie. There’s a difference between a poster of an artist you don’t care for and, say, a piece of hate paraphernalia or something else deeply concerning.

Talk to your child about what is and isn’t acceptable for decoration in their room, particularly if you foresee conflict. Use it as an opportunity to discuss the values that are important to your family. But always think about whether you’re making the decisions for your comfort or for their own good, and be aware when you might be about to cross that line.

  1. You might be surprised how much you like what they come up with.

The ideas your kids come up with for decorations might not always be something you think will look good. (They might even shock you with a baseball wall mural of your team’s division rival!) But you’d be surprised by how well even some more off-the-wall ideas can be pulled off, especially with a little bit of grown-up guidance.

That’s part of the joy of parenting. When you’re able to let go of some control and allow your child to live as the full human being they are, you’ll find the results are often breathtaking. Allowing your kids to take the reins on decorating their space is just such an opportunity for joyful discovery as you watch them spread their wings.

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Kelly Rutherford Reunited With Kids


Chances are if you grew up watch CW11 shows, you’ve watched Gossip Girl. And even if you didn’t, even bigger chances are you’ve binge watched GG one long vacation month. It’s addicting and the actors are all drop dead gorgeous.
Even the mother.
Kelly Rutherford has a long history in the entertainment business. She gained her fame through a NBC daytime soap opera known as Generations in 1989.
However, Rutherford became quite popular on the show Gossip Girl playing Serena Van Der Woodsen’s mom, Lily Van Der Woodsen. Her cool features and classic beauty won the hearts of many. However, underneath all the fame and fortune an ugly custody battle was being ensued during 2008- 2010.
Rutherford had married German businessman Daniel Giersch in 2006. Two years and 2 babies later, she filed for divorce. Upon the birth of her second child, Giersch complained about being uninformed about the birth of his child and only came to find out through media reports. In 2009, joint custody was settled upon until 2012 after Giersche visitation was revoked. Unable to enter the U.S., he was forced to find refuge in France and Monaco.
Rutherford fought for sole custody in the United States due to the expenses of traveling back and forth to visit her children. However, the state of California denied this request and left custody at 50/50. The children would remain in France and Rutherford would have to go and visit them.
On May  2015, Rutherford was granted sole custody after a petition went viral and was supported by many of her peers on the matter.
On July 4th, a reunion after 6 years of attempting to regain custody, Rutherford finally had her children on U.S. soil. Although the battle is far from over, it’s safe to say this Fourth was a special one for Ms. Rutherford.
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Kelly Rutherford Reunited with Kids: Dario Cantatore/Getty Images

Extending the Obsession: Fashion Forward Children



Photo courtesy of  of hm.com 

It never used to be very often that I would see a five-year-old and think to myself, “ I wonder where she got those shoes?” But lately, it is something I find myself pondering more and more!
Fashion forward parents are passing down their passion to their children in a big way. Children’s clothing has become so much more than matching sweat suits and Velcro shoes. I’m talking Dior, Gucci and Marc Jabobs; leather jackets, aviators, combat boots and matching bags. Kids are rocking the latest runway fashions, and rocking them with flare!
Take little Miss Bruna Valentina from Brazil. This little diva has 3,752 followers on Instagram through a page her mother, Desirrê Moraes promotes for her. In her 235 posts, she sports various outfits from leopard print mini skirts to pinstripe button-ups. She has all the accessories to match, from satchel purses to coach bags and rhinestone headbands. The tot seems completely comfortable in her stylish attire as she strikes a pose in every photo. Check out her latest #ootd’s (outfit of the day) on her Instagram, @desirrmoraes!
Another Instagram celebrity is Alonso Mateo, the five-year-old fashion icon and son of Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, a freelance stylist, who exposed her son’s unique fashion sense through her Instagram page (@luisafere). The kid makes most adults look average, with his Ray-Ban sunglasses and Gucci accessories. He snaps selfies more than some women I know, and he makes them look more natural than I ever could. He makes tight-rolling his jeans still look cool, and manages to make an untucked button-up still seem dressy. The boy is definitely fashion savvy – stylists take note!!
These days, it’s not just adults making a statement in the fashion industry. Children are making their mark, and they are just so darn adorable doing it! We have evolved from the times when we had less to worry about concerning clothing while our children were young. The young want to be bold too, and we must feed their appetite for style.