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Eyebrows For Days: What Is it Like to Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed?


I’ve got to admit that although I am a follower of beauty products and the occasional trend, I tend to stay true to myself. Trends are great, but some are fleeting, and the only person who really knows what’s best for you is yourself. In reality, I do most of my care routine at home. If you’re a beauty addict and do spend a lot of your money on products and treatments, that’s fine, too. We all have our preferences and our priorities. Being so self-sufficient, there are select times when I wonder which professional services are actually worth paying for, and which beauty trends are ones that are worthy to follow. Since the microblading trend began, I was increasingly curious. So, what is it like to get your eyebrows microbladed?

What Is it Like to Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed?

What is it like to get your eyebrows microbladed

Photo Credit: Spencer C. Amonwatvorakul, Glamor Magazine

First of all, some people aren’t really clear on what microblading is. Maybe you’ve never heard of microblading before, or if you have, you haven’t had it explained to you. Some compare it to tattooing your eyebrows. This is essentially correct, but microblading is a semi-permanent treatment, which means that it will last about 12-24 months. What’s the difference, then, between tattooing your eyebrows and microblading?

The difference is the process of the procedure. Instead of a tattoo gun, microblading technicians use a blade or needle tool. Microblading is intended to enhance your natural eyebrow shape, making them look fuller and more even. You can opt for the natural look of hair-like strokes or a mix of strokes and a makeup-like blending technique. The blending technique is similar to what you would do for your daily eyebrow makeup. If you’re sick of filling in your brows, the blending technique will save you a lot of time.

So how is microblading done? A technician takes a microblade—a tool with either a single or multi-blade to make small incisions—and uses the tool to insert pigment into the top layers of your eyebrows. Because they aren’t reaching the deeper layer of skin, like one would with a tattoo gun, the results are not permanent, but last about a year or two. You can go in for touch-ups or a complete re-application after the mircoblading has faded.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kamphausen/Katie Buckleitner, Cosmopolitan


My Experience With Microblading

I went into my cousin’s studio, upon which she presented me with the standard paperwork: a consent form like one signs prior to getting a tattoo. She then took some before photos and began measuring my eyebrows. During the measurement, the artist finds the spot of symmetry between your brows and draws a frame around them. From there, she let me sit with some numbing solution on my brows for twenty minutes. The numbing solution is the same type of thing you might request from a tattoo artist if you’re afraid of experiencing a lot of pain.

Obviously, I was a bit nervous. I’ve had tattoo artists work on me before, but never anything on my face. It is a nerve-wracking thing to trust someone, especially with your eyebrows, so choosing an artist is an important step, as well as making sure you are happy with the shape that they plan for your brows.

After twenty minutes, I laid down and she began the process. Overall, I was astonished at how completely painless my experience was. There were a few moments that I realized she was making little cuts on my brows. But for the most part, I didn’t feel much pain, thanks to the numbing solution. She worked carefully for about an hour or so. The process as a whole took about two to three hours, and I’m sure this varies from technician to technician, but remember that this is a sort of art form, and you should plan to surrender a couple hours of your time.

The Results

After she finished, I was prompted to check the work and point out any places I thought might need more strokes. I was then given aftercare instructions. I will be going back for my standard touch-up in six weeks. The healing process is about ten days to two weeks, give or take, and scabbing is normal. Remember not to touch your brows, not to scratch them, or get them wet outside of your aftercare instructions. Your touch-up is usually around six weeks. The touch-up is as important as the initial process, as this is when you will see the healed brows and know what needs adjustment or filling in. The touch-up appointment basically seals the deal and concludes the look of your finished brows.

The Cost of Microblading

Microblading cost varies. The median is around $300-400, with variants depending on the artist and businesses. However, consider the amount of money you spend on your brow makeup. Microblading makes your makeup time less daunting, especially if you’re all about those eyebrows. While this semi-permanent makeup isn’t for everyone, it definitely helps those who feel that their natural brows could use a little help feel better about their eyebrows.

My brows are still in the process of healing, but I can already tell how amazing they will look whenever it’s said and done. In fact, even though they look a little dark due to the healing process, I have already received compliments on my new brow look. And the best part? They look natural.


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Eyebrows For Days: What Is it Like to Get Your Eyebrows Microbladed? Featured Photo Credit: Allexxandar via Getty Images.

Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Style Pieces Are Still Relevant Today


Audrey Hepburn has long been recognized as a film icon, as well as a fashion icon. Audrey Hepburn’s classic style was elegant and feminine. Making her mark in the film world, Hepburn was the first actress to win an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA for a single role in a film. That film was 1952’s Roman Holiday, which aided in establishing her career as a film star. She continued to grace the silver screen with her presence in performances in films such as My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Sabrina. As of August 17, a new exhibition of Audrey Hepburn photographs are on display from Beyond the Screen, an exhibition showing at London’s Proud Central gallery. The photos showcase the actress with some of her iconic fashion statements.

Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Style Pieces

The Hepburn photos in the Beyond the Screen exhibition were taken by Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson, and Bob Willoughby, to name a few. The pieces of note? Oversized white sunglasses, cable knit jumpers, Beatnik coats, little pink dresses, and men’s white collared shirts. These 1950s-60s styles are classics thanks to the subtle grace with which the actress wore them. Other female stars of the time contributed to new trends, such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. But Hepburn arguably holds her own unique spot as a past trendsetter.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn photographed in Paris by Douglas Kirkland, 1965. Photo Credit: Douglas Kirkland, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn, 1954. Photo Credit: Mark Shaw, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Hepburn before her last film, ‘Always,’ 1989. Photo Credit: Eva Sereny, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole on the set of ‘How to Steal a Million’. Photo Credit: Terry O’Neill, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy for Glamour Magazine, June 1955. Photo Credit: Norman Parkinson, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.

Read the full article at Telegraph UK.

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Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Style Pieces Are Still Relevant Today. Feature Photo Credit: Mark Shaw, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.

Drew Barrymore’s Makeup Line Flower Beauty is Stylish and Affordable


Drew Barrymore’s makeup line, Flower Beauty, was founded in 2012. In the beginning it was exclusively sold online and at Walmart. However, the expansion of sales didn’t halt there. Back in February of this year, Flower Beauty products appeared in Ulta stores across the U.S. Barrymore herself is a fan of cosmetics and beauty products, including hair care, and rather a guru of beauty. Though Flower Beauty has been around for a few years, perhaps some of you haven’t heard of the affordable brand. Flower Beauty has just about every basic product you need. The line also sells hair styling tools and fragrances, so Barrymore doesn’t just stop at makeup.

Drew Barrymore’s Makeup Line Flower Beauty is Great for Girls on the Go

Drew Barrymore's Makeup Line Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty
Photo Credit: Getty Images, Flower Beauty’s Official Instagram @flowerbeauty

Flower Beauty’s products are easily portable, so if you’re constantly lugging makeup around with you to freshen up in the office, or if you’re running late and have to resort to doing your makeup in the parking lot, no sweat. The best part about this product line is the surprising quality at such a low price. All of Flower Beauty’s products (aside from the hair styling tools) are under $20. If you’re a self-proclaimed makeup addict looking for products that perform well and aren’t very expensive, then Flower Beauty is going to be your new best friend.

Best Values from Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty sells a moisturizing primer called In Your Prime that conditions the skin while priming for around $13 at Ulta. It’s incredibly difficult to find a good primer at a low price, especially one that does what it promises.

Petal Pout Lip Color is a great choice if you’re looking for a lipstick that’s smooth and condition while giving you a nice all-day-wear. It’s available in over twenty shades, including matte options and cream finishes. Plus Petal Pout runs anywhere from $6-9, which is a low enough price to stock up on multiple shades.

The Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette from Flower Beauty is available at Ulta for $16. Like the other products in Flower’s line, it doesn’t disappoint. The formula is surprisingly creamy and lightweight, and it blends like a dream.

Drew Barrymore on the Success of Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore's Makeup Line Flower Beauty

Photo Credit: Flower Beauty, The Hollywood Reporter

Back in 2015, Drew Barrymore sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for an interview and gushed about the success of her line.

I’m most proud of the price point we have managed to achieve with the formulas and materials we work with. It’s an almost impossible endeavor and it’s not something that people might know or understand or think about as a consumer. Our customer reviews are like, flawless — it’s amazing. Across the board people are very happy and I’m so relieved about that because you are surprised and amazed at the level of quality when you try the products.

It’s true. These products will surprise you both in price and quality. They’re a great everyday go-to for twenty-somethings who need to watch what they spend, but know what good quality makeup is all about.

Curious About Flower Beauty? Find the product line at your local Ulta, Ulta.com, or check out Flower Beauty’s website

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Drew Barrymore’s Makeup Line Flower Beauty is Stylish and Affordable. Featured Photo Credit: Hannah Choi, Allure

New Beauty Products to Try


I’m always on the search for new beauty products making their way into our favorite stores and online sites not only for myself, but especially for all of my beauty babes! Sharing is totally caring. Am I right? Being able to share with all of you some incredible products from even more incredible brands also allows my nerdy beauty brain to be let out without shame. High-five to all my ladies who not only carry swatched hands on a weekly basis, but aren’t ashamed of admitting that new products get them just as excited as Taco Tuesday. At least, the latter counts for me! Read on about three stellar beauty brands that I have had the pleasure to work with recently and am ready to share their latest products with you—I’m totally not judging you if you start pulling up tabs to their sites right after reading. Shop on, you beauty lovers! 
Lime Crime Cosmetics
If you haven’t heard of Lime Crime Cosmetics, it’s an extreme honor to introduce you to this cool-girl beauty brand—or in Lime Crime’s words, makeup created for unicorns. Designed by founder and CEO Doe Deere, this beauty brand is a total wild card made for expressing an individual’s personality and out-of-this-world style. Based in the groovy sunshine area of Los Angeles, Lime Crime Cosmetics not only caters to their customers in a genuine way, but also makes every gal feel utterly special in the skin they’re in. It’s all about enhancing each and every person’s beauty in magical ways that only this beauty brand can do. The brand is known for their popular cruelty-free and Vegan products from Velvetines, for being the original liquid-to-matte formulated lipsticks, and for their ever-growing fan favorite, Venus: The Grunge Palette, which consists of the most intriguing eye shadow shades designed to let your creative side flow. Recently, Lime Crime launched a lipstick collaboration with artist Melanie Martinez for their Unicorn Lipstick collection in the form of Crybaby—talk about blues for days! I’m all about it. Be sure to head on over to www.limecrimecosmetics.com to begin or add to your beauty collection. Also, check out Lime Crime Cosmetics’ popular social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the hashtag #limecrime for any posts about their products for a chance to be featured on their cyber outlets! You’ll feel like a total unicorn for sure.
Orange Cream Key Lime
Whish Beauty
Made for women with sensitive skin in mind, creator Jesse Werner, who is on the same boat, started Whish Beauty to help women with the same needs and desires in skincare. After experiencing and trying skincare products from all over, he hit the jackpot when he discovered a rich European cream with his name written all over it. When his wife fell into the same predicament of wanting skincare products that produced a clean shave and left her skin feeling refreshed, Werner went on a mission to create products that achieved just that and more. What began as a collection of impeccable shaving creams branched out into a skincare collection focused on whole body needs. Whish products contain no harsh chemicals and instead include only organic ingredients for a natural production. In celebration of the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Whish launched the Soda Fountain Collection, which included luxurious bath and body gels and body butters available in scrumptious flavors like Ginger Melon, Black Cherry, Orange Creme, and Key Lime. Each product creates the scene of being in an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with a bottle of pop in hand. Mmm! These vintage soda fountain flavors will leave your skin feeling smooth and revitalized all day long! You can get your hands on this wonderful skin care line at www.whishbody.com or at www.nordstrom.com and in Nordstrom stores nationwide. Stay in the know with this delectable brand via their social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tag @WhishBeauty as well in any posts to showcase their amazing products!
Pro-Metal-Palette-Open-2500x2500 Pro-Contour-2500x2500
LORAC Cosmetics
LORAC creator Carol Shaw conquered the beauty world with her own beauty brain when she began to notice that there was a demand for products that made women feel like themselves but enhanced their natural beauty as well. LORAC, or “Carol” spelled backwards, has grown over the years and is known for their easy-to-use-products that often fall into anyone’s makeup bag when they comes across the collection. The treatment-based makeup within this brand takes quality into a whole other level; it includes skin rejuvenators, plant extracts, emollients, conditioners, and more ingredients that makes one’s skin still feel impeccable underneath. LORAC’s new Fall 15’ collection presents nothing less than just that while offering way more for us in our makeup collections this season, such as the brand’s first contour palette, the PRO Contour Palette, and a sequel from their best-selling PRO Mascara, the PRO Plus Fiber Mascara. Each new product within the collection brings something we all are missing and needing in our beauty lives. I’m most excited about LORAC’s new eyeshadow palettes that are “serving so much face” in all of their shades, including the PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette and the Limited Edition PRO Metal Eye Shadow Palette. Talk about so many eye shadow looks you can create while following upcoming fall beauty trends (or even start thinking up designs for Halloween)! Gain inspiration from LORAC’s very own social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Photographs courtesy of www.limecrimecosmetics.com, www.whishbeauty.com and www.loraccosmetics.com.

Simple Summer Beauty: Best Products under $10


In the summertime I am all about simplicity when it comes to my daily regimen. I gravitate towards beauty products that are known for their quality, affordability, and company’s unique perspective. They’re my top three must-haves to discovering a new beauty product and a brand that not only will I love, but one I’m sure you will love as well! Essence Cosmetics, privately-held by German cosmetic company cosnova beauty, is one such beauty brand that has captured my heart effortlessly by not only having my top three must-haves, but by having an excellent team that is the backbone of the brand as well. Created in 2001 by Christina Oster-Daum, Essence Cosmetics has quickly risen in the beauty charts for their high-quality products (that are packaged absolutely adorably!), from their stunning gel polishes to their long-lasting lipsticks. All of the products are both simple in style and purpose; having won many Allure Beauty Awards and becoming the #1 brand in 11 countries worldwide, Essence Cosmetics is all about giving their customers on-trend and affordable products at the best quality. I’ve gathered up a list of my favorite goodies from Essence Cosmetics that are a must for creating any simple summer beauty look. Whether you want to be a bronzed goddess or have your nails shining in color, this brand totally has you covered — both in your style and wallet!
ess. SunClub Shimmer Bronzing Powder blondes opened
Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder at $3.99
Highlight your tan with this bronzer that is sure to melt beautifully with your complexion. The smooth texture of this product makes it easy to blend, creating a picture perfect highlight for the summertime. Created with just the right amount of shimmer and color, you’ll be tossing this beauty into your makeup bag all the time.
40 play with my mint09 # lucky
The Gel Nail Polish at $1.99
What is a nail salon again? You’ll soon forget with these gel nail polishes that makes giving yourself a long-lasting manicure and pedicure quicker and easier than ever. I am crushing over the Play With My Mint shade that I currently have on my nails — talk about an eye-catcher and perfect summer color!
01 wearing only a smile
Longlasting Lipstick at $2.99
Available in nudes, pinks, reds and mauves, these Longlasting Lipsticks are the perfect companion for any summer festivity. Whether you are trying to make a statement in Coral Calling or want a great match for the Sun Club Shimmer Bronzing Powder in Oh So Matt, this lipstick will last all day with its matte, yet creamy formula.
Lip Liner at $1.49
For the perfect combination to your Longlasting Lipstick, the Lip Liner from Essence Cosmetics is all about defining that extra pout. Available in six different gorgeous shades that are both smudge-proof and long-lasting (like the lipsticks, of course), you’ll be able to create tons of lip looks, such as an ombre effect or a natural transition from pencil to lipstick shade. Experiment and see what you can come up with!
Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara at $4.99
Within this incredibly adorable tube is a mascara product that creates faux lash volume with just a quick application of the conic shape fiber brush. You’ll be able to create a dramatic and smoldering look in all its glory. Your eyes will totally pop with the long-length frame from your lashes.
#05 chocolates
All About…EyeShadows at $4.99
Chocolates, nudes, and tropical shades, oh my! These eyeshadow palettes embody a specific theme within the six shimmering and matte shades they come in. Currently, I am all about the chocolates that can switch up from a day to night look all with the addition of the darker shades within the palette. Just toss this easy-to-go product into your bag before a long day out and touch up for a night look when you’re ready to enjoy a well-deserved night out.
To purchase your own goodies from Essence Cosmetics, visit essence-cosmetics.com or your local ULTA, Fred Meyer store, or Shoppers Drug Mart (if you live in Canada) to start filling your shopping cart. Be sure to check out their Fall/Winter 2015 collection perfect for transitioning into our upcoming seasons.
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Photographs courtesy of Essence Cosmetics.

Spring Beauty Collections


Spring is not only my birthday season, but my favorite season above all others. The reawakening of the Earth gets me every single year as if it’s a surprise. You would think I’d be used to it know since I’ve experienced this season for 22 years (as of April 1!) already, but no. From the birds singing to the flowers peaking, this blooming beauty captures me each time it comes around. What puts the cherry on top of this being my favorite season ever? The gorgeous spring beauty collections that make their appearance! Adorned in light pastels to everyday neutrals, the spring collections from some of my favorite or newly discovered beauty brands are blowing my brain like no other, not to mention the eye-capturing swatches that come from the stunning lip shades created! You’ll fall in love with these collections just as much as you will with this season, just as I do every year. Did anyone say spring cleaning? Make room for these beauty bits in your makeup collection, and be out with the old!


(Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipstick in Désinvolte $36, www.chanel.com)


(Le Vernis Nail Colour in Désirio $27, www.chanel.com)

Coming in with a bang is Chanel’s bright and pigmented Spring 2015 collection, featuring stunning corals to shades of pink and red. Chanel’s beauty products are made to be built up or smoldered down this spring. So whether you’re feeling vibrant and loud, or soft and muted, this collection will help represent that in a lip shade, eye shadow, polish, and more.

(Lippie Stix in Julep $5, www.colourpop.com)


(Super Shock Cheek in More, Please $8, www.colourpop.com)

Colour Pop Cosmetics
Looking to have bold fun with your beauty looks this spring? Colour Pop Cosmetics has totally got you covered! This beauty brand is new to me, but it may sound familiar to you because it has been spotlighted by many social media platforms, YouTubers, actresses, and many well-known faces. The Spring 2015 collection of Colour Pop is making a statement with its lippie stix and pencils, shadows and pigments, cheek products, and newest collaborations. Think tons of color from every shade of the rainbow.

(Tartelette Limited-Edition Amazonian Butter Lipstick $16, www.tartecosmetics.com)


(Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette $44, www.tartecosmetics.com)

Tarte Cosmetics
The Spring 2015 collection of Tarte Cosmetics celebrates with a 15-year anniversary collection called Tartelette. In soft, beautiful tones of pink, tan, brown, and more, Tartelette products can be worn easily every day, from day to night. What makes this collection even more timeless? Its simple, gold-detailed packaging that adorns each product.

(Suede Matte Stick in Punch $16, www.gloprofessional.com)


(Suede Matte Crayon in Sorbet $16, www.gloprofessional.com)

Glo Minerals
Glo Minerals is another of my recently discovered brands that I haven’t been able to get over, especially with the launch of their new spring colors in the Suede Matte Collection. From the Suede Matte Crayon in a sorbet shade to the Suede Matte Stick in a punch shade, the colors are true to the eye and last longer than ever! These lip shades will totally become a part of you, and you won’t want it any other way.


(Spring Multipalette My French Palette $58, www.lancome-usa.com)

Lancôme’s French Innocence Spring 2015 collection features romantic rose and nude shades with pops of green and blue. The products create a fresh spring look that can be worn easily by anyone and everyone. Create a sophisticated or cute look from these precious colors all by your own hands.
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Spring Beauty Collections “Spring Collections Column” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2015 issue.

Spring Beauty Trends


During the recent spring 2015 runway collections, beauty trends featured refreshing looks with flashes of color and the au naturale. The free spirit was definitely present and an inspiration in many of these looks from modern-day hippie with romantic vibes to biker chick with an edge. It is all about experimenting with your inner self this spring and stepping into a style you never have tried before. Add a touch of color to your eyes. Stand out with plum-tinted lips. Kick up your wing liner with the perfect line. Show us that natural beauty you have with only hints of blush or polish. Less is more and spring is a sure signifier of that through all of its natural beauty, just like you. Are you ready for this gorgeous season? I know I am! Try something a bit different with these stunning beauty trends that are all about flaunting what you already have.
Sugar Plum
We’re stepping outside of the classic box this season with an introduction to the plum shade—one that will definitely become your classic in spring. This attractive shade can easily be built up or down. Plum this season was even featured on the eyes by smudging lip products softly across the lids as eyeshadows. Who would’ve thought?! The shade is a soft, yet bold color that will last perfectly throughout the day without taking up too much attention.
Tom Ford

(Tom Ford in Bruised Plum $50, shop.nordstrom.com)

That Red Lip
Of course the red lip isn’t going anywhere this season, but its array of shades has definitely widened our beauty horizons. With orange undertones, the red lip has toned it down a notch into a color that can be worn all day and night. Talk about an easy transition! For that classic red lip that we love on Taylor Swift, line your lips first before filling them in with your favorite shade of red. Everything will be built into that perfect red statement that is bold everywhere you go.
Tom Ford Flame

(Tom Ford in Flame $50, shop.nordstrom.com)

Textured Touch
Put those hot hair tools away during this spring season and rock what your momma gave you! Let your natural hair go with the wind—literally. Say no more to curling and straightening, at least for this season. Apply hair products from Redken or Tresemmé that will emphasize the natural texture in your hair. For a quick ‘do without the hassle in the morning, get a head start at night; add your favorite texturizing product, split your hair into two braids, and then let free in the morning. You’ll be left with soft waves that will last even days later!
Bb Texture

(Bb. Texture $30, www.bumbleandbumble.com)

The Perfect Black Lines
Black liner is a definite go-to for all of us, ladies. Am I right? It’s time to really put our lining skills to the test throughout the spring season—let’s aim for that perfect black line. Now we know there is no such thing as perfect, but with the darkest shade of black eyeliner, it comes close. Try one from the brands Butter London or Shiseido and apply in a thick manner instead of a thin line. You’ll create a dramatic and dark look just right for a night out.
Butter London Liner

(Union Jack Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner $20, www.butterlondon.com)

Bare Natural
Show some bare-faced skin and nails in these blooming months. Let your natural self shine through with hints of rose blush and parts of your nails painted. Instead of getting done up fully, use less than usual—a light brush of bronzer, a pat of cream blush, and a hint of highlighter or concealer. You’ll create a fresh-faced look that will not only look good, but feel good as well. It’s all about becoming extremely comfortable in your own skin, gals. What better way to love yourself? For your nails, opt for painting them in half moons with a soft shade or accenting them with a stripe of color. Let the rest of your nail be bare to create a blank space—yes, like the Taylor Swift song. Except literally.
Essie Nail Polish

(Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple $8.50, shop.nordstrom.com)

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Fall Beauty Trends


We welcome back crisp, fall mornings filled with the smell of pumpkin spice lattes and warmed by cozy, oversized sweaters this season. Finally being able to enjoy delicious hot beverages and fuzzy apparel aren’t the only fall factors we’re excited for. It’s time to replace the bright, bold colors of summer in our makeup bags with the moody, shimmery shades of fall. Think dark liner, metallic eyeshadow, and rich, colored lips for a little preview of what fall beauty is all about. These beauty trends are what we really have been craving! Well, next to the free candy given out on Halloween, of course. Now if only we could score beauty products along with that candy!

Revlon Sultry Samba

(Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sultry Samba, Revlon.com)


Nyx Merlot

(NYX Matte Lipstick in Merlot, $6, Nyxcosmetics.com)

Rich Lips
Our favorite lips shades all hold that dramatic factor that we can only get away with during the autumn season. Now is when we can adorn the wildest, moodiest colors on our lips. If you’re new to bold, dark lips, check out some of our favorites: Nars’ Satin Lipstick in Afghan Red, Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sultry Samba, and M.A.C’s lipstick in Rebel. Rich hues of maroon, bright pigments of pink, and the deep, satin effect of purple are what we sure are taking advantage of each week—it’s safe to say my shade of Nyx’s Matte Lipstick in Merlot will be all but gone by December!


(Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Metallic Dusty Rose, $32, Stilacosmetics.com)

Shimmery, Metallic Eyeshadows
Let your eyelids flutter with a metallic sheen of gold, nude, silver, or even green. It’s a must-try trend this fall because it can easily be added to any makeup look. Stila provides gorgeous cream-to-shadow products in full-on metallic shades from Metallic Dusty Rose to Titanium. With these shadows, add some shimmer to a smoky eye for more depth or to an everyday look for some allure. Metallic eyeshadows bring that extra touch of glam that makes our beauty techniques even more fabulous. Try this shimmery trend this fall and see how many eyes will be on yours!
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

(Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, $18, Sephora.com)

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liner

(Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, $24, Bobbibrowncosmetics.com)

Dark Liners
Brightly-colored eyeliners were all the rage this past summer, but it’s time to welcome back the classic black. Black will always be the new black. You can’t go wrong at all with a long-lasting ebony eyeliner. Some of my must-haves are Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner, Maybelline’s Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner, Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. Each one is a definite keeper for being bold, smudge-proof, and easy-to-style. You’ll be rocking liner just as mod as Twiggy’s was in the 60’s!
Marc Jacobs Bronzer

(Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze – Perfect Tan, $49, Sephora.com)

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

(Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, $30, Toofaced.com)

Glowing Bronzer
Even though the summer has passed, our handy bronzers are still kept in tow. They add that extra glow we want year-round in hundreds of shades that we can’t get over. For fall, it’s all about warm undertones in shades of cocoa, buff pinks, and gold finishes. Pat down your cheeks with a touch of Benefit’s Sun Beam, a blend of Marc Jacobs’ O!Mega Bronze, or a sweep of Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer. Your cheeks will be as bright as ripe apples this season.
“Fall Beauty Trends” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2014 issue.

Beach Babe Hair


The beach is not everyone’s cup of tea—the scent of saltwater, the constant call of seagulls, and sand sticking to just about every part of your skin—but many of us beauty fans can agree that we love those sexy, tousled waves the beach gives us, especially when they last for days. While textured waves are styled naturally by saltwater and the overall beach atmosphere, there are some tricks to getting this look without the trip to the shore. Sea salt products can help you create beautiful beach babe hair right at home.

Scrunch and Air-Dry
An easy method that you can do right after you have washed your hair, the scrunch and air-dry technique takes seconds to do. Flip your damp hair forward, and then scrunch it with your hands. Since you’re starting with wet hair, you’ll achieve a longer more textured finished hairstyle. Using a few sprays of Sexy Hair’s Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray can help your hair form even more waves! With ingredients like sea salt and algae extract, this product, once it’s set into your locks, will make those beachy waves appear like magic.  All you have to do is let your hair air dry naturally.


(Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray $20, Urbanoutfitters.com)

Overnight Braids
A safe way to create tighter waves or curls without using harsh heat is with braids. Before you go to bed, or while you are getting ready to go out, tightly braid your hair into a few sections. Either leave them in for a couple of hours or the entire night while you’re sleeping, and then let the braids loose. You’ll have gorgeous tight curls! If you desire looser waves, simply run your fingers through your hair to soften the style. Adding one of our favorite sea salt products Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to your hair will make that sexy and tousled look even easier to achieve!
(Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray $8, Urbanoutfitters.com)
Quick Updos
A great benefit to a beachy hairstyle is that you can do just about anything with it, including updos. Slick it back into a trendy low-pony by brushing back all of your hair and securing it with an elastic, and show those waves off from behind. Or style it into a thick braid, letting some pieces stick out for a chic, messy look. To keep your hair out of the way, throw it up into a tousled, textured bun. The choice is up to you!
Photo credit to lauren rushing on Flickr.

Maintaining Your Eyebrows


brushingbrowsGetting your eyebrows on point seems to be a meticulous task as much as it is waiting for them to grow out. Our brows have both their good and bad days, much like our hairdos. Sometimes there is no telling how they will look or come out in the morning. In order to maintain a brow that is shaped to your unique face, there are some easy tips and tricks you can try, with nothing too crazy or expensive that will have you looking for rare ingredients or opening up your wallet each week. Maintaining your eyebrows can be as simple as changing up your hairstyle!
Go Natural
Creating the perfect shape to your eyebrows is a myth in the beauty world. Eyebrows are not meant to be perfect; in fact, everyone’s eyebrows are not symmetrical at all. Instead, they are just two fraternal twins sharing the same placement above your eyes. Don’t worry about trying to make them even or super similar! Natural brows are beautiful all on their own. Just let them grow out in their glory, and, if need be, there are ways you can tame those little hairs into obedient strands.
Another popular choice that has risen in favoritism is threading. The perfection of threading has been practiced for many years. It originated in India and has been passed along to beauty bars worldwide. It is done with a thin thread usually in the form of cotton that is double stranded and twisted in the process. Your unwanted hairs are plucked by the thread in a series of quick rolling methods. It removes the hair at its follicle, leaving you with bold results that will last for months. This option leaves your brows more defined and appears less harsh to the skin as well.
Waxing is a two to three week occurrence for your brows to undergo if you choose this option. It is meant to clean your brows up from the extra hair surrounding the shape of them and even take away that impending unibrow we all can get close to having. Don’t be shy, girl. We all get that “almost” look, especially when allowing our brows to grow out a little bit thicker. A hot wax is used over the hairs that need to be gotten rid of, followed by a strip of wax paper that is then put over them to remove the unwanted hairs. The downside to waxing is that it may leave your skin a bit red and irritated for a couple of hours afterwards. However, once that subsides, you’ll be left with brows made to show off to the world.
Stretching out the results from a wax or thread job can be done all on your own in the form of plucking. Plucking isn’t as precise as the other two procedures, but it does get the job done and keeps your eyebrows from turning into an uncontrollable mess. When doing so, make sure to brush over them with an eyebrow brush in the direction they are growing; this will help point out the hairs that are out of place and need to go. When plucking them, make sure to only pluck any hairs that appear to be growing around your shape; remove them in the same direction they are growing for an easier hold. Remember not to get pluck crazy, girls!

Once your brows are shaped out, there is the option of filling them in with an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Filling your brows in helps them stand out more as the frame to your face. You can even experiment with the shape of your brows, which can change up your look dramatically! A more arched brow can give you a sexy look, while a straighter brow can make you appear much younger. Some top tools of choice in creating full brows that can always be switched up have made it on here in the brands of Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, and Whitening Lightening.

Photos courtesy of Cavan ImagesImage SourceBiddibooAsia Images Group, Benefitcosmetics.com, Toofaced.com, Whiteninglightning.com, and Anastasia.net.

Spring Hair Inspiration


Spring Hair Inspiration

Spring 2014 fashion shows have been cat-walked upon not only with jaw-dropping clothing, but must-have hairstyles as well. Versace created a fantasy come true with chic, messy-like mermaid waves, while Marc Jacobs was sure to let us know that the bob cut was still relevant. The side part, braid, and low ponytail also have made their presence known to be rocked and worn this spring. These upcoming hair trends are all about looking fresh and effortless, which is just what spring exemplifies.

The Bedhead

How could you resist these easy-to-do hairdos? They exude a just-woke-up-but-still-look-great sense that we all just love. It’s safe to say rocking the bedhead will work great with any of these styles. We can all thank Fashion Week now for putting these trends into popularity this spring. Hours in front of the mirror are long gone without a care in the world. Warmer weather calls for quicker ‘dos so we can hurry ourselves outside to enjoy these beautiful days and soak in all that long-awaited vitamin D. We’re on those carefree vibes.


The Braid

The braid isn’t something new to any of us, but it still resides as a go-to favorite when in a rush. “The messier, the better” is what makes this style popular for spring. No need to slick back those fly-aways or pull back the falling strands that made their way out of this style; let it all hang loose as if you are a hippie from the 60’s ready to enjoy festivals. You can even create these braids in your hair halfway down instead of from the top of your hair all the way to the end. This creates a much more blended style that is also more detailed in the mess of your locks.


The Side Part

Side parts have come at us with a much more edgier attitude than we remember, along with the multiple styles they were seen in. Tousled waves, pin-straight, short hair, long hair, mid-length hair—each and every one plus much more were seen with this parted trend. The side part is very diverse in the ways it can be created and can create a different look each time it’s used. You can part to the right or left with any type of textured hair, length, and cut. It has become a trend that is a compliment to wear for us all. Make it sleek, deep, messy, wet, or anything else you are in the mood for. There’s no doing wrong with this hairdo for sure!


Short Hair

Short haircuts are here once again and people who fall in love with this easy style are ready to chop off their long hair. Cutting off your length is pretty much like another aspect of spring cleaning that will have fresher hair growing again in time for fall. Short hair is a most definite not-in-your-face style that we will be sure to take advantage of with the winds of spring coming on in. Just because this length is short doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it! Texture is a key ingredient in boosting up this little ‘do from flowing waves to sleek straight. Remember to not forget that these looks can be worn the next day as well, even if you slept on them. Day old hair is perfectly acceptable to rock with this length, giving it a more daring look.


The Mermaid

Mermaids seemed to have been a major inspiration in the style of textured waves for spring. Waves have been a familiar trend, but their natural and loose look that appeared on runways made us want to capture it for an everyday style. They are completely simple to create on your own by using a hot tool such as a curling wand or just putting braids into your hair the night before to sleep in. You can brush them out with a comb or paddle brush to create the almost-gone waves seen in the fashion shows. They’ll make it seem as if your hair was styled like that naturally ever since you were a child. It can easily be worn the next day as well and the day after that and the day after that, too! It’s such a simple style that makes a fashion statement that we can never lose love for.


The Ponytail

Ponytails are in and ready to be pulled back in sleek styles that are polished and chic. Normally ponytails are thought of as the style you just throw your hair into as a last minute attempt at trying to do your hair. Now it has officially been created into an easy style that isn’t so much an I-didn’t-know-what-to-do-today look. The low ponytail is the most popular, and it can be worn in a number of options, including adding another trend to it, like the side part. You can throw it to the side, accessorize it with a headband, or even tie it up in a different way by using a detail of a gold clasp around its base. Both a day and night look can be created from this, letting you have time to work all day and play all night.
Photos courtesy of Shalom OrmsbyPuzant ApkarianJupiterimagesAndreas KuehnChristy Elle Photography, and Frank P wartenberg.

Eye Popping Colors


Spring’s long awaited arrival brings with it an abundance of beautiful colors that are welcoming to the eyes. An array of reds, blues, and greens captures us as nature once again begins to bloom in all its splendor. The bountiful colors of spring have inspired the beauty world to create eye-popping looks in the form of eyeliners. Put your classic black eyeliner to the side and make room for eyeliners that all pop with color! Turquoise, violet, mint green, and other bright colors will quickly become your favorites to line your eyes with this spring. They’ll be just as eye-catching as the spring colors we’re all in awe of!


Blendable Colors

Colored eyeliners are a bit different from the classic black eyeliner in the sense that a neutral base color will make them pop more. Urban Decay’s Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencils come in rich neutral colors, such as Naked Basics: Crave and Venus. Yes, that’s right: two colors in one eyeliner that are both great to use as bases. Their creamy and blendable formula provides a complementary base for the colors to reside on. Once the colored eyeliner is paired with any one of them, there is no stopping the color from being seen in its full glory.

Vibrant Colors

Picking a color can be a little intimidating with the amount available for your purchase. Stila’s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner comes in spring-ready colors that will take over your shopping receipt. Colors like Mint Julep, Peacock, and Purple Tang are destined to grab your attention as well as others once they’re adorned on your eyelids. These vibrant colors are sure to last all day with the same intensity at first application. The soft and smooth texture of the pencil will help the color glide on easily for its debut on your lids.

Gel Liners

Don’t worry if you’re not so much of a eyeliner pencil pro; gel liners also have their own batch of colored shades. Bobbi Brown’s famous Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is sure to please the eyes in colors like Denim Ink. Applying this gel liner can be just as simple as applying any liner with the help of an eyeliner brush. When gliding onto the eye, the color will appear just as potent as it does in its packaging, plus it will be resistant to smudging and wearing off throughout the day. What more can you ask for in a gel liner?

Go Waterproof

Beauty-loving Sephora was quick to stay in the trend with their own Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner. The waterproof formula is an added bonus in these gorgeous colors by never budging in any amount of spring showers. Shimmering Magenta Plum is a luxurious shade of red that would be a fabulous addition to your spring eyeliner collection. The waterproof liners come with sharpeners that are already built into their grand design as well as a smudge tip. This is a liner that is sure to meet all your wants and needs.


The fantastic brand of Make Up For Ever has Aqua Eyes, an eyeliner that is waterproof, smudge-free, long-lasting, and, we can’t forget, absolutely eye-catching. A neat fact about the collection’s colors is that they were created for the Parisian Aquatic Ballet to be indestructible while they perform; they were tested and approved by being underwater for up to five hours. That’s an eyeliner that will conquer all just to be beautiful. It’s safe to say you won’t have to worry about any of these colors running down your face. They’ll be blending in with all the colors that spring has to offer in these eye popping colors.

Photos credited to Fabrice LEROUGE, Sephora.com, and Barneys.com.