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Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Style Pieces Are Still Relevant Today


Audrey Hepburn has long been recognized as a film icon, as well as a fashion icon. Audrey Hepburn’s classic style was elegant and feminine. Making her mark in the film world, Hepburn was the first actress to win an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA for a single role in a film. That film was 1952’s Roman Holiday, which aided in establishing her career as a film star. She continued to grace the silver screen with her presence in performances in films such as My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Sabrina. As of August 17, a new exhibition of Audrey Hepburn photographs are on display from Beyond the Screen, an exhibition showing at London’s Proud Central gallery. The photos showcase the actress with some of her iconic fashion statements.

Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Style Pieces

The Hepburn photos in the Beyond the Screen exhibition were taken by Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson, and Bob Willoughby, to name a few. The pieces of note? Oversized white sunglasses, cable knit jumpers, Beatnik coats, little pink dresses, and men’s white collared shirts. These 1950s-60s styles are classics thanks to the subtle grace with which the actress wore them. Other female stars of the time contributed to new trends, such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. But Hepburn arguably holds her own unique spot as a past trendsetter.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn photographed in Paris by Douglas Kirkland, 1965. Photo Credit: Douglas Kirkland, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn, 1954. Photo Credit: Mark Shaw, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Hepburn before her last film, ‘Always,’ 1989. Photo Credit: Eva Sereny, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole on the set of ‘How to Steal a Million’. Photo Credit: Terry O’Neill, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.


Audrey Hepburn's Classic Style

Audrey Hepburn wearing Givenchy for Glamour Magazine, June 1955. Photo Credit: Norman Parkinson, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.

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Audrey Hepburn’s Classic Style Pieces Are Still Relevant Today. Feature Photo Credit: Mark Shaw, Beyond the Screen Exhibition.

Need to Refresh Your Style? Try a Clothing Swap Party


We all must admit, we either have too little in our closets or too much. Sometimes, you just need to rethink what pieces are essential, and which are never, ever going to be worn. If you’re in a quandary, listen up. Changing up your wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet. If you’re a procrastinator, fret not. Many of us put off going shopping, put off organizing our closets, and sometimes we have an entire section that sits unworn for months. If you’re starting to feel the need to organize, prioritize, and get ready for the fall, then you should consider an option that you may not have considered before: a clothing swap party!

Clothing Swap Events: Why Don’t You Participate?

It sounds ridiculously simple, and it should be, but many people don’t take advantage of the fact that they have friends who are similar sizes or have similar styles. Maybe it’s just something you’ve never thought about. But the next time you plan a girl’s night, why not plan a clothing swap party? Each attendee can bring a set number of items (or unlimited if you like), snacks, beverages, movies or board games—you name it, there aren’t any rules.

A Girl’s Night That’s Productive, as Well as a Fun Time

clothing swap party

Photo Credit: Pixabay

It’s easy to make a clothing swap fun. Whether you choose to keep it low key with movies, snacks, and drinks, or a bit rowdier. Some swap parties are done in a white elephant style, or some other gift swap game that makes the experience more like a party, and less like a normal night.

With Fall on the Way, a Clothing Swap Could Save the Day

If you’re feeling tired of your few fall essentials left over from last year, it’s a great idea to have a fall themed clothing swap. Maybe you don’t have the money to update your wardrobe like you’d like to, and that’s okay! A clothing swap is better than thrifting in some ways because it’s a social event with friends. If you’re super busy like a lot of us are, a clothing swap party is an amazing way to sneak in some much-needed friend time, without feeling like you need to be doing something more productive.


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Need to Refresh Your Style? Try a Clothing Swap Party. Photo Credits: Pixabay CC License

5 Fashion Gift Ideas


The holiday season is in full effect, and with that comes the endless crowds of shoppers hustling through department stores, shopping centers, and local malls. When it comes to checking off gifts on your lists, we know how much of a hunting experience it can turn into. Not only are you searching for presents amongst endless arrays of shiny items, but you’re also trying to make your way through the crowds—without stepping on anyone’s toes. We understand how trying holiday shopping can be, especially when it’s fashion focused. With the growing amount of fashion products out there, it can become quite overwhelming in the decision-making process. Luckily, here at Cliché we’re always ready to lend a hand in being your holiday elves—stylish ones, of course. We’ve gathered 5 fashion gift ideas for all of the fashionistas in your life. Check them out below and put your present worries to rest. Happy shopping, readers! 
Fashion Reads:
What better way to enhance your fashionista’s knowledge than with a hip fashion book all about what they love?



Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, By Andrew Bolton (www.amazon.com, $25.27)

Grace A Memoir


Fifty Dresses That Changed The World, By Design Museum (www.amazon.com, $15.41)

Bling Bling:
Anything covered in gold will light their eyes right up.



Charmed I’m Sure Gift Set (www.baublebar.com, $68)

Shiny Mix Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket


Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket (www.baublebar.com, $23)

Faux Fur Finds:
So they can stay warm and fashion forward at the same time.

Soft Furry Stole


Soft Furry Stole (www.zara.com, $25.99)

Faux Fur Hat


Faux Fur Hat (www.hm.com, $24.99)

All That Glitters:
During the holiday season, it’s their chance to get away with wearing as much glitter as they want.

Metallise Clutch


Metallise Clutch (www.anthropologie.com, $78)

Petite Party Bag


Cooperative Petite Party Crossbody Bag (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $44)

The Coziest Knits:
Whether inside, or out, a high-quality knit will last a lifetime.

Animal Ears Beanie


Animal Ears Beanie (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $29)

J Crew Pjs


Stretch Cotton Sleep Set (www.jcrew.com, $69.50)

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Blogger of the Month: Pia Gloria


This month, we’ve been dazzled from across the pond by fashion blogger Pia Gloria. Based in Brighton, England, Pia’s young and modern aesthetic is evident throughout her range of topics featured on her blog, Beauty and Ruin. Her minimal style and eye for monochromatic details are showcased in each of her posts that she shares with her readers. From lifestyle to inspiration pieces, Pia hones in her personal style in each one, making her work specifically represent who she is as a blogger. Pia focuses on style being one’s personal representation of themselves, whether that stems from how you are feeling on a particular day or an extension of your personality. She isn’t afraid about coloring outside of the fashion lines within the industry, but instead stays true to her own signature style that makes her pop and remain elemental. Youth and edge are two key factors in what she represents, making her blog truly “now” and within our fresh age. 
Pia Gloria 1
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Beauty and Ruin?
Pia Gloria: I’ve been reading fashion blogs since I was about 12 or 13, and personal style posts were always my favorite! I love seeing how different people style different garments, so I wanted to give it a go myself. I still consistently check up on my favorite bloggers to see their personal style posts, so I would say that definitely inspires half of the content on my blog! I’m also an editor for an online retailer, Thomas Gun, which is streetwear and menswear based, so I spend a lot of time reading up on streetwear and menswear brands. I would say that inspires the other half of the content on my blog as I have really developed a love for menswear as a result of working for Thomas Gun.
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Wear what you want to wear! There’s absolutely no point wearing something that you feel like you have to because it’s “on-trend” if you’re going to feel uncomfortable and therefore unconfident. Dress for yourself—that is what will make you feel empowered and confident.
How would you describe your personal style?
It changes day-to-day depending on how I’m feeling, but mainly monochromatic and understated, occasionally channeling menswear with a hint of the Olsen twins.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their personal style, what would it be?
Don’t feel pressured to stick to one style. Wear what you want, when you want. I definitely went through a little dilemma a few years back where I was like, “Oh god no, I can’t wear that because it doesn’t fit in with the style I want to portray,” which is ridiculous. You can’t force yourself to be a style because that wouldn’t be personal. If you want to dress minimalistic and urban one day and like Debbie Harry the next day, then do it!
Pia Gloria 4
Scenario time! You’re attending a small, intimate wedding later on in the day after running some errands. How would you style your hair and makeup?
My makeup rarely changes, so it would be my usual winged eyeliner with nude colored eyeshadows on my eyes, a matte bronzer to add a hint of contour (I am nowhere near skilled enough to actually contour properly!), and then for the wedding, I would add my Max Factor lipstick in the shade Burnt Caramel just before the wedding. Wearing lipstick all day means it never looks as nice when I re-apply for the evening. With regards to my hair, if I straighten it towards the end of the day, it ends up flicking where it hits my shoulders and I doubt I would magically have some straighteners on hand! So I would probably wash it in the morning, put it into a deep side part, spritz some sea-salt spray in whilst it’s still wet for some soft waves, and just dry and style the bits that fall around my face. For the wedding, I would pin one side of my hair back to make it look a little more “done.” Et voilà!
Do you have any fashion idols?
The Olsen twins would definitely be the first on my list as style icons. I love their oversized silhouettes they often create, including oversized sunglasses! Plus they are professionals at layering. They always look effortlessly incredible. One of my favorite pieces of clothing in my wardrobe is my leopard print faux fur coat. I love wearing it with pointed black courts, ripped black jeans, a tee, and red lipstick. I wonder where the inspiration for that outfit came from… Kate Moss, of course! She’s probably quite a cliché fashion idol, but I love her. Another of my fashion idols, who inspires the slightly more clean-cut and simplistic aspect to my style, is Swedish fashion blogger Victoria Törnegren. She makes the most minimal of outfits look stylish and fashion forward.
What are your go-to items in your wardrobe and makeup bag?
The first would have to be my faux leather jacket from H&M (I’m still saving for that dreamy All Saints one…) because it goes with pretty much anything! The second is my Topshop Leigh jeans which I DIY ripped them at the knees, and lastly would probably be my eyebrow pencil. I have a really bad habit of pulling out my eyebrows just with my fingers when I’m bored or stressed, and patchy eyebrows are not a good look.
Pia Gloria 3
Where do you love to shop, and where do you find the best bargains?
I love ASOS and Topshop for those trend-focused items to keep my wardrobe up-to-date throughout the seasons. For those one-off pieces, such as my black Levi jeans or my woolen turban, which bring something different to my outfits, it would have to be Beyond Retro! I live in Brighton in the UK, which has an amazing, huge, warehouse style store, but they also have a store in London and online. The best thing about it is that it is so cheap! No need to spend unnecessary amounts of money on vintage pieces with Beyond Retro about!
What’s one item you just can’t live without?
I can’t choose just one because I wear all three of my absolute favorites every day! The lipstick would be Max Factor in the shade Burnt Caramel because it’s nude and pretty subtle, but makes my lips look a bit fuller. For eyeliner, it would be Collection 2000’s liquid eyeliner. I’ve been using it for years and never found anything better for such a cheap price point! And bronzer-wise, I use Sleek MakeUP’s contour kit because the bronzer is the perfect color for my fair skin and is completely matte!
What do you hope to create and spread on Beauty and Ruin?
I blog on Beauty and Ruin because it’s something I genuinely enjoy. Even if no one was to read it, I’d still probably carry on because I love having that little creative outlet. I occasionally got nasty comments about how I dressed and even about the fact that I blogged when I was in school. This really got to me sometimes and made me stop blogging about things I’m interested in and even made me change how I would dress around them, so I’d love to be able to inspire others to start blogging and motivate them to be themselves and express themselves via how they dress.
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Blogger of the Month: Pia Gloria “Blogger Spotlight: Beauty and Ruin” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2015 issue. Photographs courtesy of Josh Fletcher

Zobha: Fun Fitness Fashion


Fashion beautifully meets athleticism in L.A.-based active apparel company FAM Brands’ newest athleisure creation of Spring 2015: Zobha. The contemporary brand springs forward with designs featuring a lovely combination of fashion and high-power performance in athleisure products destined to transition the modern-day woman from the gym to a day/night out on the town. Grabbing inspiration straight from the runway, Zobha is a one-of-a-kind brand that successfully molds chic and stylish designs into products made to help one excel in athletic activities. Trendy details and patented shape-optimizing technology makes Zobha stand out like a diamond amongst the ever-growing brands in the athletic world. Zobha gives customers a colorful array of styles; whether you’re edgy and casual, or modern and urban, there are a multitude of pieces made to represent your personal style. Being able to cater to the fashionista inside every woman with effortless touches in their clothes pushes Zobha well ahead of any athletic game. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Carrie Henley, describes Zobha in all of its splendor: “There’s a nice balance in the array of styles and fabrications offered, from contoured leggings featuring trim-to-hem, reflectives and functionality. In activewear there’s a combined factor with future and technology and as we continue to expand our horizons, athleisure is becoming the new leading stimulus in fashion today all over the world.” Zobha’s frequent activity in the fashion world through the cyber world has earned it a well-known name in social media through creative use of the tagline and hashtag #whatmovesyou to connect with consumers; by doing so, Zobha creates a more personal level with the people who love their brand, including us! 
Delve into the innovative world of Zobha today by visiting their beautiful and exquisite site, www.Zobha.com, which represents the brand’s aesthetic in all the right ways,  just as their products will do for you. Zobha’s Spring 2015 collection can be purchased on their website or in-store at Dick’s Sporting Goods and in select boutiques nationwide (prices range from $68 to $130). To stay in the know on all topics about the brand, check out Zobha’s social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #whatmovesyou to link with Zobha on social media to showcase any Zobha products you purchase. Check out some of my current favorites (let’s be real, everything was my favorite from the entire collection) from this wonderful bran. I’m sure you’ll be adding more than one item to your shopping cart. Happy shopping, Cliché readers!

(Janet Printed Workout Bra $42)

ZBD158SA_001_2 ZBD158SA_54B_2

(Tummy Slimming Legging $70)


(Helen Cowl Neck Tunic $69)


(Kate Full Zip Vest $82)

ZBM010SA_001_2 ZBM010SA_193_2

(Monica Shape Enhancing Jacket $88)

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Photographs courtesy of www.Zobha.com

Blogger of the Month: Grace Liang


You know those types of people who light up a room the instant they walk into it? Grace Liang, a fashion blogger and teacher born and raised in China and now living in Troy, Michigan, does just that. Her fashion blog Color and Grace shines right off your screen and into your heart, not only because of her ever-evolving style, but her personal story as well. While she shares a lot of her life with her readers, she also promotes the importance of self-love and finding out who you are. At 41 years old (I know, can you believe it?!), Liang is taking on the fashion world with a fire inside her heart by sharing her authentic self, being bright in color, and creating her own personal grace.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Color and Grace?
Grace Liang: That is a very good question! If you had asked me this question three months ago, I probably wouldn’t have had a clear answer. Back then, I just posted my outfit of the day along with some story from my past. It was kind of like my personal journey back then. But when my blog hit the four-month mark in April, I felt it needed to be more original and on a more professional level. So I had the brilliant idea (if I do say so myself!) of following different daily themes. This would allow me to branch out and focus on a variety of fashion topics.
The first theme is called “Fashion 101.” Here is where I demo how to use color and create different styles. I get inspiration from fashion magazines and websites and my sister bloggers, but honestly, I intentionally try to avoid being influenced too much by the fashion world. I know myself; the more I look, the more I try to be like someone else, and that means I’m not being me. And who needs that? There are already so many similar fashion blogs and bloggers out there, but there is only one Color and Grace. I need to keep the originality.
“They Got It Right” is where I give a shoutout to those fellow bloggers who caught my eye that week. Some people say fashion blogging is dying, but I say it is growing into a more professional industry. I like to think that if I can help build this industry, even just a little bit, it will benefit everybody.
“Fashion Gossip” is where I share the latest fashion news, compare different fashion views between East and West, and share some thoughts and experiences about fashion blogging.
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
You really have to know yourself. What colors, styles, and cuts look best on you? The colors you love may not love you! The hot trends that are right on target on others may miss the mark on you. How can you know yourself, you ask? It takes time, and you have to keep an open mind. Try everything: take notes and document the hits AND misses by taking selfies with all kinds of different colors, styles, and cuts of clothes. You’ll be able to see what works for you and why. When it’s right and you know it, the confidence will be there.
How would you describe your personal style?
I am a 41-year-old petite woman, but I don’t limit myself because I am over 40 or have a very small frame. I love to try all kinds of different styles and trends. I would have to say my core elements are always elegance, sophistication, class, and colorful fun! I can’t live without color and am way past the all-black phase.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their personal style, what would it be?
Keep an open mind! Most people fall into these two categories: One, they are trying to find out or create who they are; or two, they think they know who they are and stop trying new things. Treat fashion just like you treat your life. Keep trying new things and try your best. Trends come and go, but every year there are some new twists or new shades of colors. Give these new things a chance. You can never be sure until you try it first!
_DSC6510Scenario time! You’re back in college and are running from class to class trying to finish everything up before work. What outfit do you wear that can easily transition from casual to professional wear?
For summer, I will pick an over-the-knee fitted and flared dress since it flatters every body type. For the class to class dash, I’m wearing a pair of comfy booties or sandals. I’ve also got my favorite denim jacket because the A/C is always too strong, especially in that chemistry lab! Transitioning to work, I will just slip off the footwear and slide into some sleek pumps. Unless it’s casual Friday, I’ll also ditch the denim jacket and grab my tailored blazer.
Do you have any fashion idols?
I am Chinese and China didn’t really have any fashion industry until the early ‘80s, so when I grew up there wasn’t much fashion influence for me at all. Later, I was exposed to different fashion cultures, but like I mentioned before, I don’t like to lock myself in, so I don’t really have any fashion idols. But I do like the American styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
What are some of your go-to items in your wardrobe and makeup bag?
For summer, my wardrobe go-to item will be a pair of tailored shorts. I can wear it with a graphic tee to dress down or a blouse and blazer to dress up. In my makeup bag, it must be my SPF 50+ BB cushion cream. It is so light and breathable, but still gives me the strong coverage and protection from sun I need.
What are some stores or online retailers where you find the best discounts and bargains? Do share!
I’ve been a red tag shopper for years and am proud of it! I love it when I can find a great off-season piece with an unbeatable price that still looks great for the new season. I try to stay within my monthly budget, so I focus on well-made and classy pieces. For the trendy things, I just go to a few favorite stores to get my bargains! I have a golden rule when I go shopping: I don’t buy things just because it is a GREAT DEAL. I am very picky, and before I check out, I will rate everything from 1-10. If it’s not a 10, then I will not buy it. Below are a few stores that are my best friends:
Nordstrom Rack: I’ve found lots of shoes, designer jeans, and handbags there. I usually score some trendy pieces in their junior area as well.
Lord & Taylor outlets: This store usually has really good prices for off-season collections on labels like Free People, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, and CK. They have a very good shoe department as well.
Neiman Marcus Last Call: Designer handbags and sunglasses. I scored several cashmere sweaters there for only $20 a piece last month.
Saks Off 5th Avenue: Makeup (I found the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair line at about 20% cheaper than the regular store), designer handbags, and sunglasses. I got my Dior sunnies there for only $80 with all my discounts and a gift card they sent me. I also scored a Valentino handbag for less than $300.
_DSC6009Let’s face it. We all have that one lipstick, eyeliner, or bronzer we cannot live without. What’s yours and why?
Mine is “Morange” from MAC. It is an orange/red lipstick that has the magical power to make my skin look more even, fresh, and young.
What do you hope to create and spread on Color and Grace?
I want my readers to believe that anybody can be their fashion best at any age and on any budget, and I want to help give them the skills to pull it off. Women can do amazing things and do them every day. We graduate from college, raise families, and hold down jobs just as well as, and often better than, our male counterparts. I truly believe the old saying that “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” To me, this means that you need to make time to make yourself happy.
To keep in the know about all things on Color and Grace, head on over to http://colorandgrace.com. Be sure to follow Liang as well through her many social media networks listed on her site—we sure are following!
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Blogger of the Month: Grace Liang “Blogger Spotlight” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2015 issue.
Photo Credit to http://colorandgrace.com

5 Etsy Shops You NEED to Browse


For the people who absolutely love finding unique and charming gifts, home décor, or items to just treat yo’ self with, I present to you five Etsy shops you not only need to browse but, more importantly, add to your favorite shops! From beautiful jewels and natural skincare to adorable stationery and planters, these shops not only create items you won’t be able to find in stores, but gifts you can add to any future holiday/occasion lists for your loved ones. Be ready to virtually walk into these shops and start your browser shopping right away — I can’t say I didn’t warn you once your cart starts to list item after item added! For those of you strictly controlling your shopaholic needs, be sure to still send these shops some love by favoriting them or their fabulous products. You’ll welcome these little Etsy shops into your life in a heartbeat. Happy browsing (or shopping), readers! 
(Bathory $15)
(Wrapped $15)
Rose Wolf Fur Reliquary
(Rose Wolf Fur Reliquary $10)
Narcissus Gems
Created by Jessica Lauren in my home state of New Jersey, Narcissus Gems is all about designing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are made to go beautifully with any look you’re wearing. Each piece is intricately detailed, made with eye-catching touches that make them a work of art. Jessica is an absolute gem herself who is focused on making her customers absolutely happy with their purchases. She not only offers a range of gorgeous jewelry pieces, but is open to any requests and custom orders as well. Make your gem goals come true with this gal!
Big Pillow The Unicorn
(Big Pillow “The Unicorn”100% Cotton $27.91)
Buttons Cat Lovers
(Buttons: “Cat Lovers” $8.93)
Miss pink Reindeer
(Miss pink Reindeer $2.23)
Stationed in France, Kriboute showcases a world filled with soft, bright colors and the cutest animals created by shop owner Marion Kriboute. I’m totally guilty of favoriting each one of her intensely adorable products, being that each one is more charming than the next. You’ll believe me as soon as you click the link above and are whisked away into this whimsical wonderland. Filled with unicorns, hues of pink, and sweet sayings, you’ll only wish for more after becoming smitten with this shop. Take a peek at the “Miss Pink Reindeer” that’s too lovely to not stare at. Fill your Instagram feed with Marion’s designs via her Instagram account here.
Dainty Name Necklace
(Dainty Name Necklace $34)
Signature Bracelet
(Memorial Signature Bracelet $34)
Stackable Name Ring
(Stackable Name Ring $26)
Caitlyn Minimalist
Soft, dainty jewelry that still makes a humble statement — you’ll find that all in one piece at Caitlyn Minimalist. Made by Kate Kim of Los Angeles, California, each product is 100% handcrafted with sterling silver into minimal designs for everyday wear. From dainty name necklaces to stackable rings, Caitlyn Minimalist offers pieces that are a must-have for any jewelry lover. Worn alone or layered together, you won’t make a wrong style move with these treasures. The shop is also currently offering a 10% discount on everything — one more reason to add any of their items to your shopping cart. Like Caitlyn Minimalist on Facebook for more updates, discounts, and even inspirational stories here.
Wild Flower Honey Scrub
(Wild Flower Honey Scrub $20)
Beach Rose Beauty Balm
(Beach Rose Beauty Balm $28)
Beach Rose Tooth Powder
(Beach Rose Tooth Powder $20)
I know “Good For You” by Selena Gomez totally came to your mind when reading this Etsy shop’s name; like Selena’s popular song, all of the skincare creations are totally good for you. Made by Jes from Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Good4You was born in 2004 after she found her calling for sharing knowledge about plants and their healing properties. After finding her niche, Jes focused on inspiring people and offering them quality products made from local and organic ingredients. Good4You sells raw ingredients, plant-based skincare, and makeup, which makes it truly a quality-focused shop. You’ll fall in love with not only the ingredients in the products, but the natural beauty of them as well. Follow the shop on Instagram here for more beautiful photos and product info.
Air Plant Hanging Planter
(Neon Macrame Air Plant Hanging Planter with Tillandsia in Pod Planter $20+)
Urchin Air Plant Planter
(Urchin Air Plant Planter Trio with Air Plants $30)
Thrifted and Made
Are you searching for items to bring life into your place but are not sure what to buy? Thrifted and Made, started by Kate of Santa Clara, California, has just the right home décor pieces for you. They’re made to be vibrant, intricate, and add some color and plant life into your home. Kate’s products are either handmade or thrifted by her in which she puts her signature style onto each one. Her colorful and happy plant pieces have been featured in many places,including Elle Decor, Good Housekeeping, and Bust Magazine. Each design creates a lively atmosphere made to promote growth and greenery. Check out behind the scenes photos and more images from the shop via its Facebook and Instagram.  

Lolli Swim SS15


Get ready to take a dip in the ocean while styled in the sweetest swimwear this summer! We’re talking about a total fun-in-the-sun vibe with the vivacious brand Lolli Swim. Created by California native Vy Nguyen, this swimwear collection is all about spreading sparkles, bright colors, and flirty hints wherever the pieces are worn.
Nguyen gains her inspiration from the world around her when thinking of new swimsuits. “When creating a collection, I always start with scrapbooking,” Nguyen said. “I take pictures of yummy colors that make me smile and pull swatches and photos that spark a memory. Once I have all of my inspiration, I put everything together in one little swimmie.”
We’re sure that Katy Perry’s “California Dream” will come to mind when checking out this eye candy brand well-known for its original cheeky bow bottoms and sweets-related bikini tops. Lolli is made in southern California and has collaborated with incredible names, including Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Modcloth, and ShopBop. This season, Lolli’s SS15 collection features its popular designs in a whole new and vibrant perspective. Elements of tropical fruits, scrumptious desserts, and bold, popping colors make up the titled SUNdae FUNday collection. How could you resist that name?
According to Nguyen, “SUNdae FUNday was inspired by spending long summer days in Newport Beach… Especially Sundays! It’s about hanging out with friends, eating ice cream, and tanning!”
Each stellar swimsuit is designed with only the best swimwear fabrics made to fit your body just right. The swimsuits vary for everyone’s preference, from sophisticated monochrome suits to an array of rainbow-colored suits in bright shades and candy-colored pastels. If you thought that sounded sweet, your sweet shopping is in for a surprise with the details of Lolli’s swimsuits. From adorned embellishments, including bows and ruffles, to sexy cutouts, low necklines, and intricate cuts, the balance of sexy meets girly is what Lolli is all about. Think mesmerizing mermaid meets sensual siren on a day at the beach—it’s the best of both worlds in the summertime with Lolli!
vuv3Sf_sznF_bolLWaMxdGWwzsz3_1yxYpwnhjo42g8 1dwpRv12-T6-Di6_nQBfHv2xwbdc-_WZnrX04bVsYVo 0pR-t_gK8tetb45IZC_1AlJ9cid7E926U-AIfAjINhg
Want to snag your own Lolli creation? Head on over to ilovelolli.com to purchase one (or maybe three) today!
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Lolli Swim SS15: Photo credit to ilovelolli.com

Erica Ligenza: Coming Up Roses


Meet Erica Ligenza from Coming Up Roses, a blog where she shares snippets of her life with her readers. From love and adventures to girl chat and fashion/beauty tips, Erica keeps her blog posts interesting and eye-catching each week. Posts like “This is me” and “I think I’m a feminist” allow us to dwindle down and really get to know who she is. She’s unapologetic when it comes to letting her readers into her life, letting us become much closer while getting to know her (it’s a bit Taylor Swift-esque, which we never will be able to get enough of). Erica’s blog allows her visitors to sit down and be real; there is no covering up, playing pretend, or making herself polished and perfect. She’s an honest gal who many of us would feel has been a girlfriend we have known for years. We chatted with this incredible and awe-inspiring lady about fashion and beauty tips for our Style Column, so take a peek at her awesome answers on these topics. We’re sure you’ll want to take some notes down too!


Cliché: What are you​r​ beauty/fashion routines?
Erica Ligenza: I definitely don’t have a set fashion routine; my wardrobe and personal style are both in a constant state of evolution and flux, so I just take to getting day-to-day inspiration from Pinterest and fashion blogs. My beauty routine changes with the seasons. Since it’s chillier now, I’m heavier with moisturizing and experimenting with shea butters and lighter serums for dewy glows. But my #1 beauty secret? Drink water! No matter the season, I see a transformative difference with my skin overall when I’m well-hydrated. It’s really all about glowing from the inside out!

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
To steer clear of the cliché, I’ll avoid the p-word at all costs (you know, the one that sounds a lot like “bumpkin”?). My hair tends to get a bit more flyaway when the temperature drops, so oils are my friends: argan, moroccan, and coconut oils! My favorite is a healing dry argan oil mist by Organix—I swear it works miracles. Otherwise, my go-to body lotion is Nivea’s Smooth Sensation with Shea Butter and HYDRA IQ (the blue bottle). It smells fabulous and moisturizes like mad. Lastly, I love experimenting with stronger lip colors in the fall, but they can’t suck the moisture out of my lips! (Sense a theme yet?) Clinique’s lipsticks have always been one of my fall favorites, as they last long without drying. But my new drugstore addiction is the Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whispers line. It’s one of the softest and creamiest drugstore lipstick lines I’ve found, so it’s one of this season’s must-haves for me.

Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves? 
Chambray shirts, dark chiffon scarves, legwarmers, fingerless gloves, and ridiculously fun statement necklaces to wear over solid neutral sweaters. I’m also a huge advocate for a killer tote come fall, since I’m a collegiate with way too much stuff to haul around. I love my own metallic MK bag, but I recently discovered Dagne Dover. Their totes are really quintessential for carrying around everything while staying ridiculously organized.

What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Twirl. Literally. While the fashionable effect is most evident in skirts and dresses, just give a little twirl in front of your mirror before walking out the door, and you’re bound to be smiling. And dress for the day! If you wake up feeling a little more body-conscious one day, don’t wear your skin-tight skirt or top…go for a looser look and just work it.

Kylee Gwartney: Kbyeee.com


The classic 1980’s film Pretty in Pink comes to mind effortlessly when it comes to blogger Kylee Gwartney of Kbyeee.com. Her bubbly personality and caring spirit are apparent in everything she writes, from serious fashion points to “Daily Pinspiration.” Being both born and raised in Oklahoma hasn’t stopped this gal from making her mark in the world outside of her home state. She’s a writer true and through, having a published book called Catching the Fever. Can you say girl power? With a touch of sparkles, pink, and her uber cute cat, we definitely can! Get to know Kylee’s personality more through her style and beauty tips! We’re sure you’ll be heading to her blog daily just as we do!

question 1

Cliché: What is your beauty routine?
Kylee Gwartney: My beauty routine always starts out with Rodan & Fields Unblemish line. It really is worth all the hype and works so much better than Proactiv it’s not even funny! I follow up with Bobbi Brown BB Cream, which is my absolute fave because of how flawless it looks even by itself. But to make my skin look as close to perfection as possible, I also use MAC Studio Fix Concealer and Studio Fix Powder in N5. I top it off with NARS Super Orgasm Blush for a hint of pink and Maybelline Falsies Mascara to make my long lashes pop!

Name the top 3 products you couldn’t live without this season.
Rodan & Fields Microdermabrasion Paste, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Lotion from Bath & Body Works, and Rodan & Fields Sunless Tanner.

Any staple items that you think are fall must-haves?
Cable knit sweaters and leopard leggings are eternally my fall staples. I can’t help it; I’ll never get tired of this look! There is nothing better than feeling like you’re wearing pajamas while still looking put-together.

What is your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Make sure what you have on is cute but still comfortable to be in for an extended period of time. There’s nothing worse than having on a skin-tight dress or a tiny belt and not being able to breathe! It might look cute, but you won’t be feeling good about it two hours from now.

Sandal Style


Sandal Style

At Spring 2014 Fashion Week, sandals made their debut as this season’s go-to shoes. Available in heels and flats, these shoes have the fashion-obsessed in love. Sandals won’t be leaving our shoe racks any time soon. For all the outfits you’ll be shining in this summer, there is a sandal for each look.
(Asos Far Out Man Leather Sliders $57, Asos.com)

Sporty Slip-On
This sandal style is familiar for all of you 90’s kids out there. Their appearance, however, has been redesigned into a more modern style. Following the sporty trend, these shoes will make you look both cool and laidback. These slip-ons are available in metallic tones and materials like real leather. Paired with boyfriend jeans, these sandals will provide style and comfort perfect for a leisurely weekend.

(High Heel Sandal with Side Straps $80, Zara.com)

Strappy Heels
With buckled straps and a wide, chunky heel, these sandals are definitely comfortable. They provide that Club Monaco feel and can be easily worn with maxi dresses, cuffed jeans, and playful rompers. The wide heel allows you to feel stable on your feet and provides long lasting comfort. You’ll want to show these shoes off on your next tropical vacation or even just your next outing on the town.

(Nine West Authority $100, Piperlime.gap.com)

For an effortlessly sexy look, the lace-up sandal is a definite must. These bad babies pair well with just about every look, whether you’re going out dancing or spending the day shopping. They’re one shoe that you’ll want to wear all the time! And how could you say no to wearing them? If the sandal fits, wear it.

(Kendall & Kylie Madden Girl ‘Karizma’ Sandal $47, Nordstrom.com)

The Classic
Flat sandals like gladiators—considered to be “the classic” in the sandal world—are another hot shoe this summer. Available in various prints, heights, and shapes, these shoes have our sandal collection growing.  Recently, Nordstrom released the Kendall & Kylie collection for Madden Girl. Flat sandals are just some of the shoes that are available in the collection, and they’re absolutely adorable. Toss them on with shorts, skirts, or flowy dresses, and you’re ready for wherever the summer takes you.

Featured photo credited to Zara.com.

Oda’s Castle in the Clouds Collection


We’ve all had our own clothing fantasies: being lavished only in the finest of fabrics and organic fibers or wearing highly-detailed garments, made from planet–friendly dyes. The Oda founders have managed to make our clothing dreams a reality.

Sisters Angie Kim and Maggie Kim met Mandalyn Begay as undergraduates studying at Dartmouth College. Later, studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, the three women created their fashion company, Oda. Their newest collection for spring/summer, titled Castle in the Clouds, is an “ode to the dreamer.”

The collection, influenced by Oda founders’ love of art, fashion, history, and nature, appears to draw inspiration from fairy tales, including such archetypal characters as the brave warrior and the evil mistress. Each of the featured looks, made from environmentally sustainable materials, embodies classic fairy tale themes like dark versus light and the good versus evil. The pieces, though fantastical, take form in modern-day apparel that women (and men) can wear both day and night.

Cliché: What inspired this collection?
Angie Kim, Maggie Kim, and Mandalyn Begay: We were inspired by a few different elements. One was old school candy that we all love to eat late at night while working, things like Fun Dip, Nerds, Lemon Heads, and Starbursts from when we were kids. We were also inspired by the circus and some of the darker, dreamier elements. Lastly, we were inspired by the trio of books Sabriel, Liriel, and Abhorsen by Garth Nix about a necromancer who can raise the dead by playing a bandolier of bells.
What are some favorite pieces?
We love the Forgotten Kisses meringue dress (the white asymmetrical dress), and the bubblegum pink frothy dress.
What do you hope for in this collection?
We hope it brings a smile to people’s faces, and we hope they buy this collection.
Anything interesting you can tell us about the collection or one of the pieces that we wouldn’t know?
All of the colors were hand-dyed, usually at least 5-6 times to get the colors right, and often in small strips of fabric individually dip-dyed or squeeze-dyed. On the Forgotten Kisses meringue dress, we burned over 100 yards of silk gauze to get the “meringued” look on the edges of the ruffles.

Just like a dream, the pieces in the collection will be gone before you know it—they are only available for a limited time! So before this dream slips away, take a look at the collection, splurge a little, and create a story all your own. Any of the pieces can be purchased from Odafashion.com. For wholesale orders, contact [email protected]
Photographs for Oda’s Castle in the Clouds Collection by Sarah Kehoe.