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Drew Barrymore’s Makeup Line Flower Beauty is Stylish and Affordable


Drew Barrymore’s makeup line, Flower Beauty, was founded in 2012. In the beginning it was exclusively sold online and at Walmart. However, the expansion of sales didn’t halt there. Back in February of this year, Flower Beauty products appeared in Ulta stores across the U.S. Barrymore herself is a fan of cosmetics and beauty products, including hair care, and rather a guru of beauty. Though Flower Beauty has been around for a few years, perhaps some of you haven’t heard of the affordable brand. Flower Beauty has just about every basic product you need. The line also sells hair styling tools and fragrances, so Barrymore doesn’t just stop at makeup.

Drew Barrymore’s Makeup Line Flower Beauty is Great for Girls on the Go

Drew Barrymore's Makeup Line Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty
Photo Credit: Getty Images, Flower Beauty’s Official Instagram @flowerbeauty

Flower Beauty’s products are easily portable, so if you’re constantly lugging makeup around with you to freshen up in the office, or if you’re running late and have to resort to doing your makeup in the parking lot, no sweat. The best part about this product line is the surprising quality at such a low price. All of Flower Beauty’s products (aside from the hair styling tools) are under $20. If you’re a self-proclaimed makeup addict looking for products that perform well and aren’t very expensive, then Flower Beauty is going to be your new best friend.

Best Values from Flower Beauty

Flower Beauty sells a moisturizing primer called In Your Prime that conditions the skin while priming for around $13 at Ulta. It’s incredibly difficult to find a good primer at a low price, especially one that does what it promises.

Petal Pout Lip Color is a great choice if you’re looking for a lipstick that’s smooth and condition while giving you a nice all-day-wear. It’s available in over twenty shades, including matte options and cream finishes. Plus Petal Pout runs anywhere from $6-9, which is a low enough price to stock up on multiple shades.

The Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette from Flower Beauty is available at Ulta for $16. Like the other products in Flower’s line, it doesn’t disappoint. The formula is surprisingly creamy and lightweight, and it blends like a dream.

Drew Barrymore on the Success of Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore's Makeup Line Flower Beauty

Photo Credit: Flower Beauty, The Hollywood Reporter

Back in 2015, Drew Barrymore sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for an interview and gushed about the success of her line.

I’m most proud of the price point we have managed to achieve with the formulas and materials we work with. It’s an almost impossible endeavor and it’s not something that people might know or understand or think about as a consumer. Our customer reviews are like, flawless — it’s amazing. Across the board people are very happy and I’m so relieved about that because you are surprised and amazed at the level of quality when you try the products.

It’s true. These products will surprise you both in price and quality. They’re a great everyday go-to for twenty-somethings who need to watch what they spend, but know what good quality makeup is all about.

Curious About Flower Beauty? Find the product line at your local Ulta, Ulta.com, or check out Flower Beauty’s website

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Drew Barrymore’s Makeup Line Flower Beauty is Stylish and Affordable. Featured Photo Credit: Hannah Choi, Allure

Best Texture Sprays For Those on a Budget


Bounce, volume, and last but not least, texture. These are the three “yeses” us curly cue gals aim for when it comes to our (sometimes untameable) manes. Now, it’s no secret that when it comes to taking care of our bounciful locks, we want the best products out there, especially ones that will give us the most bang for our buck. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is always on the lookout for a bargain. And luckily, I’m here to share with all of you gorgeous gals a few curly hair products from one of my favorite beauty spots (hello, Ulta!) that won’t hurt your wallet. Embrace your curls and let them always be #curlgoals with not one, not two, but five of the best texture sprays that will make your hair feel full of life—one spray at a time.

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Best Texture Sprays For Those on a Budget: Photograph courtesy of Victoria Olmo

5 Up & Coming Beauty Vloggers


The anticipation that comes with a new video notification never gets old. Once my phone lights up to that beautiful note, it’s time to halt everything and click play. It’s safe to say that I’m a YouTube beauty vlogger addict—shout out to my fellow beauty babes out there that admit to being the same! There is no shame in the game, though. Gals empowering gals is something we should always encourage. Whether you know it or not, it’s just what you do when watching a beauty vlogger’s new video. What better way to spread that love than with up & coming beauty vloggers you should keep an eye out for? It’s a win-win for everyone! I’m fully encouraging your beauty vlogger obsession with these 5 up & coming beauty vloggers to put on your must-watch list. You’re totally welcome. Happy watching, beauties!


via colourpop.com/ellarie-x-colourpop/

1. Ellarie
You’ll instantly become smitten with Ellarie’s infectious smile. She’s a gorgeous soul who can always rock a colorful lips, has some serious makeup tricks, and is the incredible mother to a baby girl named Zara. Click on over to her Youtube channel and get ready to grin while bopping your head (or dancing around your room) to her catchy, beautiful, and extremely helpful videos.

via instagram.com/alvajay

2. Alva Velasco
There is no denying that Alva Velasco (also known as @Alvajay on Instagram) is beautifully talented with a makeup brush in hand. She’s all about experimenting with looks and being an inspiration to her loyal viewers. Check out this sweet pea’s versatile videos and try out one of her mesmerizing looks yourself!
Simply Kenna

via www.youtube.com/user/McKaelinn

3. Simply_kenna
It’s all about laidback vibes and self-discovery in Kenna’s world. She’s a young free spirit who isn’t afraid about being herself and sharing it with anyone who watches. Fall for her simple, cozy lifestyle by switching over to her channel.
Becca Rose

via www.youtube.com/user/voussontbeauetbelle

4. Becca Rose
The darling soul of Becca Rose shares with her viewers the most adorable shopping finds, along with stunning makeup tutorials. I for one am absolutely taken away by her cute flat. Did I mention she even created an Adele makeup video? You’re so going to want to watch that!

via www.pinterest.com

5. Babylailalov
Nura is a young mother and wife that expresses herself through her one-of-a-kind beauty looks, while showing off her scarf wrapping skills. She thrives on sharing her authentic self with viewers and we’re all about that. See how she uses makeup as a tool of empowerment for women everywhere!
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Beach Beauty Must-Brings


The sun is out and the beach bums are ready, myself included! It’s time to soak up some sunshine, gain glowing tans, dish out on tons of ice cream, and snap up some Polaroid-worthy memories. Being a certified beach bum means always being prepared and ready for anything on these sandy and salt water excursions. What keeps me both in check and organized on any beach adventure is a go-to tote filled with my top beach beauty must-brings anyone would need. Each of these items has a designated goal in keeping my hair, skin, and self looking and feeling fresh. After all, we want our beach days to last as long as they can without us appearing like a fish out of water! Take a peek at my must-bring items to check off your list and stack into your own stylish totes whenever you’re ready to head off to the beach—you’ll be just as prepared as any mermaid out there!
1) Tote: I gravitate towards roomy beach totes that have at least one pocket for extra storage and are clear so you’ll be able to see everything within reach without having to scavenge for whatever you need. Want to stick out? Go for translucent, neon-colored bags! They scream beach fun, yet allow you to still see everything you’ve packed.


Clear Beach Tote, $78, jcrew.com

2) Sunnies: Regardless of what your favorite eyewear shape is, be sure to pack sunnies to keep your eyes protected. The sun’s rays are gorgeous, but eyes can be especially sensitive to its light. Better to stay safe and stylish at the same time!

Dweisien Sunglasses, $12, aldoshoes.com

3) Sunscreen: When it comes to protecting your skin from the harsh rays, this a 100% must-bring—no matter if you’re tanning or not. We have to keep wrinkles far from near!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 30 Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen with Cell Ox Shield XL, $35.99, ulta.com

4) Moisturizer: Now, we don’t want our skin feeling grainy like the sand we lay on. Opt for a lightweight moisturizer as pictured to keep you feeling breezy and not oily.  Isn’t the name so appropriate?
Bobbi Brown Lotion

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion, $37, macys.com

5) Hair Sun Spray: I call this product my hair savior when it comes to conditioning, revitalizing, and moisturizing my hair while at the beach. It protects your locks from fading or becoming brassy and it even smells like coconuts—yum!

Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Spray, $10.39, vitacost.com

6) Texturizing Spray: If you’re spending the whole day at the beach, this texturizing spray will help enhance those beachy waves gained from the ocean. It’s a quick way to style your hair if you’re going out afterwards or hitting the boardwalk for a bite to eat.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $42, birchbox.com

7) Face Mist: Keep your face feeling cool and hydrated by spritzing a face mist on while basking in the sun.

Evian Mineral Water Spray, $12.50, sephora.com

8) Tinted Lip Balm: I always opt for a lip balm that is tinted, yet still protects your lips with SPF components. It adds some color that compliments that tan you may have going on.
Sugar Rose

Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15, $22.50, fresh.com

9) Travel-Sized Perfume: Roller-ball perfumes are great for storing in your tote without taking up too much room!

Clean Air Mini Rollerball, $8, sephora.com

10) Hair Ties: When it’s too hot, just pull your hair up with some fun hair ties that can easily be accessorized as bracelets as well.

Ban.do Girl Bands Hair Elastic Ticket Stripe, $10, shopbando.com

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Photos courtesy of: shopbando.com, sephora.com, fresh.com, birchbox.com, vitacost.com, macys.com, ulta.com, aldoshoes.com and jcrew.com.

How to Rock Your Curls This Summer


Among the many endearing nicknames given to us by our friends, family, or ourselves, our curls have been called lion manes, mermaid waves, frizzy fros, and jungle hair. When it comes down to it though, they are simply our curls that we love in their natural state. However, our curls can have a mind of their own, which goes perfectly with how much life they appear to have (on the really good hair days, of course). They can be magnets to humidity during the summer season, which of course equals frizz, the total enemy when it comes to wanting our curls to look and feel just right. Thankfully, there are summer hair care products discovered and tested, by yours truly, that will keep your curls bouncy, frizz-free, and feeling like Sasha Fierce all throughout the season! Grab your favorite pen and notebook to take down these must-have notes on how to rock your curls this summer. Say goodbye to any bad hair day, and hello to the good days with these fun and easy-to-use curlycue essentials.
Over my summer days spent outside basking in the warmth or relaxing on the beach, I’ve come by hair brands that are holy grails in my book. OGX is one such brand that I have been using for years on my curls with no complaints or worries. OGX is all about elevating and helping your natural hair shine in all its glory. It’s made with ingredients that nourish your hair, so there is no going wrong when choosing one of their glorious hair products.

OGX Coconut

(OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum $7.99, Ulta.com)

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage
Serum has been my all-time favorite ever since my days in elementary school. When it comes to curls, handling them with care is a must, especially when combing because breakage can happen often since hair cuticles face different directions. To help strengthen my curls, stop any hair breakage, and keep frizz at bay, I add a dime-size of this product everyday to my ends. It’s the answer to keeping your curls intact and shining without having to worry about too many strands falling out throughout the day. If you’re also a lover of coconut scents, then you’re sure to love this product even more; it’s coconut heaven for your curls and will easily fit into any hair care routine.

OGX Moroccan

(OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray $7.99, Ulta.com)

OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray is ready to be tossed into any tote for a day spent at the beach. I especially love spritzing this into my curls when I’m basking in the sun to protect them from the heat.Another option you can use to protect your hair from the sun’s rays are any hair care products you may have that are heat protectors; they do the same job just as well! This product not only helps protect your curls, but gives them some more life that the beach atmosphere can easily take away. Saltwater can dry out our curls super quickly, but with a couple of spritz of this you can help hydrate them easily. Personally, I always make sure to pack a bottle of this and a comb into my beach tote before heading off. After I’m done enjoying a dip in the ocean I shake out my curls, working through them softly with my fingers first to get rid of any tangles. Then I spritz some OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray in and comb through my curls until everything is tangle-free. All you have to do after that is scrunch your curls a bit for shape and let them air dry. You’ll have mermaid curls in no time!

LOREAL Evercurl

(L’ORÉAL Evercurl Hydracharge Leave-In Cream $8.99, Ulta.com)

During the week for an everyday look I am obsessed with using the L’ORÉAL Evercurl Hydracharge Leave-In Cream. On hair washing days (curls shouldn’t be washed everyday, but rather every two or three days) after I comb out my tangles, I add a small amount of this product, scrunch it throughout my curls, and let them air dry. In no time, your curls will begin to shape beautifully and be more defined than normally. This product truly works wonders and leaves your curls feeling bouncy with natural shine. It’s a quick way to create your curls perfectly too when you’re on the go. Just scrunch and let air dry — the magic will happen all on its own.
TRESEMME hairspray

(TRESEMME Climate Control Climate Protection Finishing Spray $4.99, Ulta.com)

Now, I know hairspray can be a hit or miss when it comes to curls — some make them frizzy, other make them hard, but TRESemmé has never let me down when it comes down to it. The TRESemmé Climate Control Climate Protection Finishing Spray keeps curls frizz-free, intact, and protected from any climate worries. I’ve sprayed this throughout my curls even on rainy days, and they’ve remained fresh and moisturized even against the humidity. Talk about a game changer!
Hair Ties

(Simbi Graphic Print Hair Ties $24, www.shop.nordstrom.com)

On days when the heat is just too much, I opt for hair accessories to save the day. Work that up-do, girl! I find fabric hairbands to be the most delicate for curls unlike rubber bands that can snag easily and deconstruct them. Hairbands with fabric textures are much softer on curls, allowing them to still keep their bounce if you let them be free. The best part is that they don’t get lost in our manes either and come in a variety of designs to rock as well. You can accessorize these even more if you tie your curls up into a top bun or ponytail and pair it with a head wrap. Head wraps slick back any frizz, bumps, or fly-aways, making it look like you spent a lot longer on your up-do than you really did. Curlycue trick? I think so!
Head Wrap

(Grey Snake Wire Headband $3.99, www.newlook.com)

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