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Avril Lavigne’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’ is Powerful and Inspiring


Avril Lavigne, the singer known for her edgy, punk attitude and alternative style, is finally back. After five years of no releases, Avril is at it again. She’s been promoting her upcoming album on social media for weeks now, but the wait for a sneak peek is over.  Avril Lavigne’s new single ‘Head Above Water’ is a ballad about her struggle with Lyme Disease. Three years ago, Lavigne revealed that she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. But now that her new album is closer to fruition, she’s been even more vocal about how the disease has made its mark on her music.

Her Letter to Her Fans

Avril posted a letter to her fans on her official website last week, explaining how music was able to help her through “the worst years of [her] life.”  

I was able to turn that fight into music I’m really proud of. I wrote songs in my bed and on the couch and recorded there mostly as well. Words and lyrics that were so true to my experience came pouring out of me effortlessly. Truly… by keeping my spirits up, having goals to reach and a purpose to live for, my music helped to heal me and keep me alive.

Avril Lavgine’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’ is a Powerful, Inspiring Ballad

Avril Lavigne’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’

Photo Credit: David Needleman

Lavigne wrote the album during the toughest moments of her life. Lyme Disease left Avril bedridden for five months, according to her 2015 interview with People. The first song she wrote was “Head Above Water.” In a statement to People, Lavigne discussed a night where she believed she was dying. “I had accepted that I was going to die…I felt like I was drowning. Under my breath, I prayed, ‘God, please help to keep my head above the water.’ In that moment, the songwriting of this album began.” Although it’s extremely rare to die from Lyme Disease, the symptoms can be debilitating.

Avril’s struggle with Lyme Disease inspired the new album, and clearly the newly released single. The song expresses a helpless, but powerful feeling of wanting to stay alive. More than a typical, sad ballad “Head Above Water” is powerful and inspiring. Rather than giving in to her struggles, the singer expresses her desire to continue on and regain her strength. The lyrics are honest as she sings, “Yeah my life is what I’m fighting for / Can’t part the sea, can’t reach the shore / And my voice becomes the driving force.”

Watch the “Head Above Water” Lyric Video from Avril Lavigne’s Official YouTube Channel


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Avril Lavigne’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’ is Powerful and Inspiring. Featured Photo Credit: BMG


Remembering Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul


On August 16th, Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul passed away at 76. Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 25, 1942. We can thank her father, Rev. C. L. Franklin, for exposing Aretha to the world of gospel music. She began singing in her father’s Detroit Baptist church, undoubtedly where she began to polish her soulful singing style.

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You

Columbia Records was the first to sign the singer in 1960. However, it was not until her contract with Atlantic and the release of her 1967 album, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You, that Franklin became a household name with a gold album under her belt. Franklin’s single, “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You),” was her first pop hit, scoring a spot in the Top 10 list and number one spot for R&B.

It was neither my intention nor my plan, but some were saying that in my voice they heard the sound of confidence and self-assurance.

Aretha Franklin

Following Aretha Franklin’s Passing, Her Music Sales Have Soared

Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin, 1961. Photo Credit: Metronome, Getty Images

The Queen of Soul’s passing is a loss of a music legend. Countless artists who followed in Soul, R&B, and Pop were influenced by the songstress. In her lifetime, Franklin had 73 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 and 100 songs on Billboard’s R&B singles list. She released 17 songs that placed on the Top 10 chart, as well as 21 songs that landed the number one spot for R&B singles.

On the day of her death, Aretha’s album sales skyrocketed to an astounding 19,000 copies in a single day. The day prior, her album sales were around 1,000 copies. According to Nielsen Music and The Hollywood Reporter, combined with digital song downloads, August 16th saw 134,000 copies of Franklin’s albums and tracks sold.

“Respect” and Women’s Empowerment

Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul

1967 Aretha Franklin studio portrait. Photo Credit: Gilles Petard/Redferns

One of the best ways to honor the music legend is to continue to share her music. Franklin left an indelible mark on the music industry with her talents, as well as on the world with her strong presence and influence in racial issues and women’s rights. Much of her music was geared toward the empowerment of women, most notably her rendition of Otis Redding’s song, “Respect.” Redding’s version from a male perspective was a representation of a man’s world. But when Franklin reimagined the song, she had something else in mind. She took “Respect” and utterly transformed the entire meaning. It was—and continues to be—a woman’s anthem and a reminder that as women, we need to demand respect.

Music Stars’ React to Franklin’s Death: Crafting “the Soundtrack to the Lives of Many”

Many musicians took to Twitter yesterday to express their love and the loss of Aretha. Singers like Elton John, Patti LaBelle, and Diana Ross have truly embodied the impact that Franklin made on the world.


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Remembering Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul. Featured Photo Credit: David Redfern, Redferns.

Finn Wolfhard from ‘Stranger Things’ Appears on ‘Kimmel’ with his Band Calpurnia


Maybe you didn’t know that Finn Wolfhard had other artistic outlets besides acting in “Stranger Things.” But Wolfhard doesn’t just act! He sings and plays rhythm guitar in his indie-rock band, Calpurnia. Calpurnia just released their debut EP, ‘Scout,’ this June. If you didn’t catch July 23rd’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” then you missed Calpurnia’s TV debut. In an article by NME, Finn discussed his band, the fans, and how “Stranger Things” impacts his musical pursuits.

What Finn Wolfhard Has to Say About Calpurnia and “Stranger Things”

15-year-old Finn Wolfhard from ‘Stranger Things’ told NME about his band Calpurnia’s experiences so far. Wolfhard says that he and his bandmates have made peace with the fact that most of Calpurnia’s current fan-base are also fans of the hit Netflix original “Stranger Things.” The loved Sci-Fi series is undoubtedly great for the band’s notoriety. However, Wolfhard makes it clear that he wants Calpurnia’s music to be a separate entity, too. Finn recalls shutting a fan down “in a nice way” at a show in Toronto: “They said something like, ‘I love Stranger Things’ and I was like, ‘Cool man, I also like music, which is what’s happening right now.’”  Props to the young actor-musician for knowing the importance of keeping artistic endeavors separate. Staying true to both of his career aspirations, Wolfhard is very wise for his age. Any musician wants their fans to appreciate their music for their music, just like any actor wants their craft to be taken seriously. 


Watch Calpurnia’s performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” from Kimmel Live’s official YouTube Channel


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Finn Wolfhard from ‘Stranger Things’ Appears on ‘Kimmel’ with his Band Calpurnia. Featured Photo Credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images



Genevieve Interview


The former front-woman of hit alternative act Company of Thieves, Genevieve embarked as a solo artist with alternative aesthetics and indie pop sounds that are all a style of her own. We caught up with the fabulous vocalist and got the scoop on her debut EP, songwriting, and her bold and unique sound.
Cliché: With the release of your debut EP Show Your Colors, how has the response been from your fans?
Genevieve: My fans are exactly that: fans! They are the BEST because they are fearless, often opening up to me and each other by sharing their experiences that relate to the music!
For those who have not yet heard your music, how would you describe your sound?
My sound is colorful, soulful, emotional, primal, and cinematic, like a birthday.
Were there any songs that were difficult to write on this EP?
All of my songs are easy to write because I have already lived through the experiences and did the work that helped me get to the point where I could express myself through music. Do you see what I mean? For me, living through the chaos of life is the hard part and writing songs is a way of focusing, a relief!
What does the phrase “show your colors” mean to you, and how does it reflect in your music?
Showing your colors means expressing your truth, which is an infectious, expansive act! Making and sharing music is a way for me to break free from any self-constructed illusion that has trapped me or kept me from loving myself and growing in my life.
Will we be seeing a full-length album anytime soon?
My crystal ball shows a full-length in 2016!
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Genevieve Interview: Photographed by Michael Schwartz

Instant Karma: An Interview with The Karma Killers


New Jersey natives The Karma Killers have embarked on their first tour as a band this summer on the Vans Warped Tour and brought their classic rock, punk rock, new wave, and soul sound to the stage every day—rain or shine. We caught up with them in Florida and chatted about tour life, their new album Strange Therapy, influences, and an upcoming music video.
Cliché: Being on tour for the first time, how has your bond as a band strengthened?
The Karma Killers: We are all in this for the same reasons, the same intentions, the same hopes and aspirations: the indescribable desire to make passionate, honest art and music. With that said, our bond continues to blossom every day we are together.
With Warped Tour being your first tour, how would you describe your experience?
Pretty amazing. As most have read about, or have seen us on the tour thus far, we consider ourselves the “black sheep” of the tour. The kids seem to be very receptive of our music and performance. It’s been an eye-opener for sure.
What are some things you’ve enjoyed the most about being on tour?
Meeting these individuals that actually care about what we have to say and express in our music. Getting to know these kids from all over America every day is a blessing. It’s incredibly humbling. They are the reason.
What can concert attendees expect from your set?
Electricity. A rock ‘n’ roll take over.
You guys just released your debut EP, Strange Therapy. How has the response been by your fans?
It’s been fabulous. The look in the kids’ eyes and the connection they have created to the EP has been gratifying.
For anyone that hasn’t listened to your music yet, how would you describe your sound?
Night/Pop Alt/Rock.
What artists inspire and influence your sound?
It goes across the boards. For me, personally: David Bowie, Robert Smith, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, U2, etc.
What’s in the works for The Karma Killers after Warped Tour?
We’ll be back on the road. There’s a tour in the works as we speak!
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Instant Karma: An Interview with The Karma Killers: Photographed by Imani Givertz