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Rachel Ohnsman Premiers Her New Video “Cliché” on The Honey Pop


FEBRUARY 13th, 2020: It’s the Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day, if you please) gift that keeps on giving. Singer-songwriter Rachel Ohnsman has released her enchanting new video her latest single “Cliché” on The Honey Pop—and they’re already “singing along incessantly!”

“Cliché” does not embody your typical love song; rather than mourning a heartbreak, this song celebrates freedom.  The strong-bodied piano and articulate drums pair perfectly with her light, magnificent voice to create the perfect anti-love song.

Rachel Ohnsman

Photo Credit: Zak Tassler

“I was asked to write a love song for a Valentine’s Day project a few years ago.” Rachel says.  “Every attempt at blissful romance felt completely derived. I decided to dig into this feeling and poke fun at the love songs we hear all around us. I’ve written plenty of sad songs about heartbreak, and this song is a celebration of being on the other side.”

Rachel graduated from the Frost School of Music at University of Miami in 2018 and soon after released her debut album, Lovers which she wrote, arranged, and co-produced.

Rachel will soon be moving from Miami to New York City while she works on writing her first full-length musical.

For fans of: Sara Bareilles, Esperanza Spalding, Regina Spektor, Emily King

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Images provided by: Zak Tassler

An Interview with New Wave Electro Synth Project: The New Division


A prominent player in the new wave electro synth genre, The New Division, alias of John Glenn Kunkel, has already released three critically acclaimed albums and four EPs. He is able to combine the themes of happy and sad into one piece of music in a way that works so well, with melodies that get stuck in your head in the best way. He answered some questions for Cliché about his writing process, interest in juxtaposition in his songs, and how working on other projects allowed him to come back to The New Division with a fresh take.


Watch The New Division’s latest music video here:


Cliché: Can you talk a bit about the instrumentation that you choose to use? What does your creative process look like when writing your music?

The New Division: 90% of everything I do is “in the box,” meaning I work almost entirely in Ableton with a wide range of synthesizers, samplers, and effect plugins. The only things I do outside the box are vocals, guitars, some drum elements, etc.


It changes but one thing that’s always remained consistent about my creative process is I write a lot of demos – and I mean a lot. For every LP or EP that I write, I usually end up with about 50 to 100 demos, out of which only 6 or 12 are selected as the ones that will make it on any given record. Some of these demos either end up as b-sides or they end up being used for other projects. Others will probably never see the light of day.


As far as how I approach writing – generally speaking, I love starting with synth lines rather than drums as I’m much more melodically driven, as opposed to being beat driven. I love trying out ideas as fast as possible. The moment I lose inspiration or get stuck on an 8 to 16 bar loop for too long, I lose interest and move on to starting another idea. It’s a bit ADD, but it keeps me excited, and I’d rather be working on something I’m in love with in the moment rather than be bored with fixing a kick or a snare for 2 hours.


Did you always know growing up that music was what you wanted to pursue, or did you ever consider any other careers?

Yeah, I always knew from a young age that music was my thing. There’s a picture of me when I was about 3 or 4 years old picking up a guitar and trying to play it. It was something that I always had an affinity with – definitely god given.


When I was in college, god, I considered everything. From being a nurse to becoming a lawyer. I did work as a political consultant for a while after college and did government relations, but neither of those things were ever going to cut it for me. I was making music on and off the job constantly.


There tends to be a juxtaposition in your music between somewhat somber lyrics, and upbeat beats. What is your motivation behind this?

I think it’s a bit reflective of my personality. I don’t know if being a Gemini has anything to do with it – I don’t really believe in that sort of thing – but I’ve always felt drawn towards music, and specifically, artists that can blend happy and somber elements into one piece. I think that’s why I was always attracted to New Order. They had these songs that felt dark but could sometimes contain an emphatic message, or they could write a happy-sounding song that was dark lyrically (Love Vigilantes). That always fascinated me and I think to some extent I’ve tried to blend those elements into my own sound.


Your video for your song, “Jealous,” just came out recently and reading the comments for it on YouTube, people are loving it! What was your inspiration for this music video?

Well, given that I didn’t write it, it’s hard to say, but I know that the director, Brad Bischoff, who by the way did an amazing job with the rest of his crew, mentioned it was really how he felt the song came to him visually. Granted, the story blends a lot of different themes but I suppose the main one he wanted to portray is best described in his own words, “the static study of isolation contrasted with a dizzying handheld series of intimacy.”


In an interview last year you discussed how you feel more pressure now writing as The New Division than when you first started and how you thought you might need to work on some new projects. Since then, you collaborated with James Meays of Missing Words on the Moonraker EP. Would you say that you still feel that pressure now or is it feeling more natural again?

That pressure has definitely been relieved. Around the time when that interview came out a lot of bad things had recently happened which were all related to the inner workings of trying to get the previous record released. I was feeling pretty discouraged by a lot of stuff that was going on which placed me in a negative state of mind for quite some time. I really needed to step away from writing as The New Division, which I did, and focused on a few other projects in the meantime. Moonraker EP, albeit not the most successful project I’ve worked on, was incredibly fun and I loved every minute of it. It helped me focus on music that wasn’t exclusively my own and it was a lot of fun to work with James on that record. Ever since then approaching music for The New Division feels like the days when I first started.


What’s been your favorite city to perform live in? Do you have a favorite venue?

I think New York’s Rough Trade was really exceptional. This last tour we played a lot of great cities but few could top that one off.


My favorite venue is the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. It’s the right size, right sound, and after you’re done playing your hotel room is only 100 feet away.


What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

I have a new LP coming out this year which will feature 10 songs that draw inspiration from some of my earlier work but with a very distinct modern sound. As with every new record you put out, this one will be my “favorite.”


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An Interview with New Wave Electro Synth Project: The New Division: Featured Image Credit: Mora May Agency


Artist and Producer Uffie is Back with New Music


After achieving success with her hit “Pop the Clock” back in 2011, Uffie ended up taking a hiatus and just recently coming back into the music scene. With a loyal fanbase, Uffie is excited to get back to performing music and experimenting with different sounds. Her new EP, Tokyo Love Hotel, is out now and available to stream on SpotifyApple Music & Soundcloud. Uffie answered some questions for Cliché about her come back.


Cliché: Hi Uffie! Can you talk a little about why you took a break and why you’ve decided to return?

Uffie: With a toddler and another one the way, it was important to me that they got all of me.  I’d just lost my mother and it was a period of serious growth and change, one that I am incredible thankful for. I missed music, and started working with some really amazing people who made me fall in love with it on a whole other level. It all came together very organically and I knew it was the right time.


Can you tell me about the inspiration behind your new EP, ‘Tokyo Love Hotel’?

There is a lot of exploring love and loss, and different views of feelings… but it’s got some humor.


Would you say you’ve noticed any changes in the music industry since you stopped releasing music as Uffie back in 2011? Was it an easy transition coming back or are you still getting used to this all again?

It has changed a lot, and I think will continue to do so. But it feels like an exciting time for the actual music, people feel less “pigeon hole-y”, and really interesting sounds can [be] huge now. With streaming and social media platforms it’s a really interesting time to be an independent artist as well. I feel like people can be as real, honest, and visible as they choose to be or not be. You lose the middle man with how direct you can be with your audience through social media.


Coming back from a hiatus seems to be a good chance to reinvent yourself or your sound if you ever wanted to. Did you feel like that’s what you wanted to do and try something new or do you want to keep that same sound that your fans loved years ago?  

I for sure had my rebellious moment of wanting to make a record no one would ever expect from me, haha. And it’s really important to take the time to try a ton of different things… I think my sound will always continue to evolve and change…that is what we do as people!


You were listened to all over the world, and now word’s going to get around quick that you’re back. Is there a world tour in the works?

I’m very excited to play and connect with fans – that’s what it’s about at the end of the day. I’m kicking off shows this year, March 1st in San Francisco during Noise Pop fest.


It’s clear from the Internet that your fans are super excited to have you back. What are you most looking forward to with coming back? Did you miss performing live as Uffie?

I’m really happy to be sharing music again, and am so touched by how down my OG fans are. Can’t wait to play all this new music live!


What can listeners expect from you in the near future?  

Exciting things….


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Artist and Producer Uffie is Back with New Music: Featured Image Credit: Ashely Osborne 

Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina at New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is an iconic event and every show during the week is unique and carefully crafted by the designers and all those who make it possible. I was very fortunate to attend one of the the Fall/Winter 2019 shows presented by Nolcha Shows. Designers Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina sent their models down the runway in beautiful collections that were both cohesive and distinct. The seats around the runway filled up quickly and before I knew it the show was underway. The lights dimmed and the music blared letting everyone know that what the audience was about to see was going to be nothing short of dramatic.

Bennov’s models took the runway first. From flowing, elegant dresses and skirts, to jumpsuits, every look had details that made them all stand out. Keeping materials and themes consistent throughout but crafting several different looks from the same colors and fabrics, Bennov’s collection had pieces that were all connected while also standing out on their own.

Supin took the runway second and “aesthetics is the cultural root of the brand,” specifically, “plain aesthetics.” These pieces were simple and to the point and there was such a coolness about them. These were looks that I could see roaming the streets of cities. Each look distinctly different from the last, there was something for everyone in this collection.

Videmus Omina was the last designer to send their looks down the runway. This was high fashion. Beautifully crafted pieces that are more on the side of avant garde. The amount of time each one of these looks must have taken to create I can’t even fathom. The designer kept some ideas consistent here too, like the use of ruffles and sheer materials. Each look was bold and just incredible to look at.



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Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina at New York Fashion Week: Image Credit: Paul Newland

Running into Summer with Karrimor Footwear


For many, “working out” is the annual new year’s resolution left unanswered. Having to get up from your comfy place and put on uncomfortable workout clothes and unappealing gym shoes never sounds tempting. But what if we told you about a high-quality, affordable brand based in the UK that specializes in creating quality sports apparel that will ensure you check off working out on every resolutions list to come?

Karrimor creates innovative active apparel that stands out like no other brand. From lightweight and breathable fabrics to waterproof shoes with attractive color schemes, Karrimor has everything you need from sweatshirts and shorts to camping gear and bags. But what really stands out is their running shoes. Karrimor’s sneakers are your workout necessity this upcoming summer season. So prepare to work out and get the beach bod you’ve always wanted while keeping your feet comfortable and stylish.


Karrimor Sabre Trail Ladies Trail Running Shoes ($140, karrimor.com)

One of the most difficult parts about picking workout shoes is balancing comfort over style. No one wants to work out in outdated running shoes, but too many times in fashion we have to sacrifice cute for comfort. With the Ladies Karrimor Sabre Trail sneaker, you find a sleek yet versatile running shoe ideal for both the treadmill and the trails.

With its quick-lace front and padded ankle collar, these shoes allow for a more secure and custom fit to your foot while sporting a subtle pink outsole that provides traction. Aside from its obvious innovative design, the Ladies Sabre Trail running shoe is stylish and simple. The black fabric of the shoe goes perfectly with any workout attire while the hot pink outsole gives you that touch of fierce feminine glam your exercise routine needs.


Karrimor Resolve ($195, karrimor.com)

Now that we know it’s possible to get comfort and style with Karrimor, how else can their running shoes outweigh other brands? With innovative technology.

Karrimor Energy Return System, or K.E.R.S., is named for the material used in the design of the soles to make a more responsive cushioning system on your feet for greater energy return. These rapid running shoes are made with a specialized midsole that provides up to 20 percent more energy return than your typical midsole made out of foam. The lightweight mesh on the body adds a breathable and customized fit while the shoe is equipped with an arch brace for security and support. The fun navy and coral color scheme and patterned laces make it the ultimate running shoe.


Karrimor Duma Ladies Running Shoes ($98, karrimor.com)

With working out comes sweat, which is one of the least attractive aspects of getting your exercise on. And despite being on the bottom half of your body, your feet aren’t excused from the sweating dilemma. With that in mind, Karrimor has designed its Ladies Karrimor Duma Running Shoes to have a mesh top-face for breathability and comfort. The soft fabric resembles that of a sock, providing room and breathing space while being framed by a waffle-grip outsole to ensure security and flexibility in your personalized workout routine.

Another plus to this awesome shoe is its elegant design. The delicate berry color of the Duma running shoe is a bold trend we are on board with that will help amp up your style while you amp up your body!


Karrimor Caracal Ladies Trail Running Shoes ($84, karrimor.com)

Continuing the trend of exceptional running shoes by Karrimor for your summer prep needs, check out the Ladies Karrimor Caracal Trail sneakers in purple and coral! The understated coral accents give your footwear a warm weather vibe, which means it’ll be perfect for a run down by the coast.

The Caracal Trail running shoes have a hard outsole to help with keeping traction on your run, while also having multiple flex grooves to allow for a more natural and flexible bend of the foot. Complete with patterned laces and breathable fabric, this affordable design of footwear will be unlike anything your friends have seen.


Karrimor Ridge eVent Ladies Walking Shoes ($140.99, karrimor.com)

One of the best parts about shopping for new workout styles is deciding what kind of trendsetter you want to be. Do you want to be bold and modern in your style, or do you want to bring back an old trend with a unique twist? With the Karrimor Ridge eVent Walking Shoes, you get to be a little bit of both!

The Karrimor Ridge Walking Shoe features a sleek, waterproof, and rubber-looking fabric that gives your shoe a more modern and soft touch. Paired with lace-hoops, a suede outer fabric, and taupe green color, these sneakers can’t help but throw you back into the 70s. Overall, the breathable fabric, waterproof lining, and cushioned midsole of the shoe is what really makes this design a must-have!

Aside from running shoes, Karrimor features several other exercise-related apparel items and outdoor necessities. Take the extra step to accomplish your workout goals while looking your best by running into summer with Karrimor footwear!


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Running into Summer with Karrimor Sneakers: Featured image and all images courtesy of karrimor.com.

4 Must-Have Pieces from Betina Lou’s SS17 Collection


Summer style generally consists of bold patterns, bright colors, and sheer fabrics, but this season it’s time to take it back to the basics. Neutrals and unique textures are in, and it’s time for you (instead of your clothes) to do the talking. Simplicity is key, and womenswear brand Betina Lou offers clothing that is timeless and simple.

Designer Marie-Eve Edmond had a vision in mind when creating the Betina Lou brand and draws inspiration from men’s clothing and uniforms while incorporating feminine elements. Boxy cuts, thick materials, and a sense of utilitarianism dominates Betina Lou’s look, but delicate stitching elements and feminine patterns balance out the collection.
The Montreal-based company offers luxury clothing that is designed for everyday wear. The materials are designed to last, and their “slow-wear” ideology is both eco and budget-friendly. Even the packaging has a purpose, as items are shipped in biodegradable bags and boxes, or in envelopes made with recycled newsprint.
While all of Betina Lou’s collections are trendy and timeless, we are especially obsessed with their 2017 Spring/Summer collection. The brand embraces nautical vibes with striped dresses and tops, and incorporates the “in” color this season: yellow. Every item in the collection is a must-have, but we have compiled our favorite looks that are sure to keep you feeling cool and confident all summer long. Click through the list to see our favorites!

‘13 Reasons Why’: The Good and the Bad


The newest book-to-TV drama series from Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, is here, and it’s causing quite the stir about a very serious topic. One day, high school teenager named Clay mysteriously finds a box of cassette tapes on his porch that was recorded by Hannah Baker, Clay’s classmate and crush, who tragically committed suicide two weeks before. Through each tape, Clay discovers the thirteen reasons why she chose to end her life and the secrets of his fellow classmates that are gradually revealed through each tape. I, unfortunately, have not read the novel, so I entered the show full-on blind to the characters, the story, and the tone. As a result, each episode was unexpected to me.

There were certain scenes that resonated emotionally with me and I found myself needing to take a break between episodes instead of watching them all in one go. What was interesting were the aspects of realism in the story structure and the intriguing character interactions. There were, however, aspects of repetitive, irritating comments and continuous solemn and unfortunate occurrences.
In this large cast, there were a certain number of characters that clearly stood out to me. Actor Dylan Minette knew how to perfectly depict both the internal and external conflicts of his character, Clay. He was able to capture Clay’s fear and anxiety that his own actions towards Hannah were a cause to her suicide. He also knew how to show the variously distinct and social relationships he has with his other complex and exclusive classmates that reflect his own social awkwardness and his own moral character. There were some moments in the series where Clay’s angst irritated me, specifically when he repeatedly kept shutting his parents and some of his family away. However, I could just be misjudging his own sense of the severity of the situation of Hannah’s death.
Hannah, played by Katherine Langford, significantly displays the series of emotional struggles and downfalls that she has to endure throughout the series. Langford also nails Hannah’s need to push her feelings away and mask her true feelings. Either way, Hannah pulls you into her troubles and makes you sympathize with her to the point that you just want someone to comfort her.
Christian Navarro’s character, Tony, a friend to Clay and a significant character in this story, is a caring and considerate friend with much depth and mystery, making the viewers want to know more about his character and his intentions.
Brandon Flynn’s character, Justin, is a careless and violent teenager with complexity and unfortunate family troubles.
Justin Prentice, who portrays the privileged jock and bully, Bryce, makes you despise the character and feel sorry for Prentice, who has to take on the role of an awful individual who cannot see the repercussions to his actions. Other standouts were Hannah’s mother, Olivia, played by Grey’s Anatomy alum Kate Walsh, who spends the series trying to get through this tragedy and find answers to her daughter’s struggles.

What was truly surprising was the structure and tone throughout the story. The structure switches back and forth from present to the past, from the time when Hannah was alive to the time after her suicide. This allows the viewer to go through the story at a good pace. It also makes you feel in sync with the characters’ actions, especially Clay’s, and see the characters’ missed opportunities to help Hannah. Each episode can intrigue viewers where they want to continue to discover more reasons leading up to Hannah’s decision.
The tone has a sense of realism when referring to high school rumors, issues, and interactions of high school students. The cast does an amazing job at portraying high schoolers and the daily struggles that they face, whether it’s with school, friends, family, sports, or anything else that life entails.
The faults of the series are that the amount of teen angst can come off as redundant and there are some moments that you wish these teenagers would just tell their parents the truth of what is actually going on in their lives. There are also times when it feels as if you’re watching a thirteen-hour PSA and that there is more sadness, regret, and pain than you can chew.
The series is able to depict lessons of real life high school problems and the reality of teen suicide through its great use of characters, story, and tone, which overall leaves the series with a grade of a B+.
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‘13 Reasons Why’: The Good and the Bad. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Chef’s Table S3 Review: Third Season Looks A Little Burnt


What is so unique about this Netflix documentary series is that it does not only go into depth of the specialty food of the chef but into the chef’s particular background as well. The new season focuses on six world-renowned chefs, Jeong Kwan, Vladimir Mukhin, Nancy Silverton, Ivan Orkin, Tim Raue and Virgilio Martinez. They focus not only on the food but the chef’s past experiences, struggles, and successes. Even though these chefs’ come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse cooking styles, they all have similar personalities of conviction and compassion, which clearly distinguishes itself from other cooking documentaries. However, this season falls a little flat with over-familiar visual and audio styles that will leave a veteran viewer of the show wondering if the series will modify their structures of storytelling.


The sweet and emotional orchestral sounds will try to hook you into the third season of some standout satisfying stories about individuals who happened to find their voice through cooking.  What intrigues me is the specific personalities of these people, such as the story of the Zen Buddhist nun/chef, Jeong Kwan who is calm and collected while also spiritually and emotionally balanced in both her lifestyle and cooking in temple food. The peculiar yet relaxing tone of her story about becoming a Zen Buddhist nun and a chef was interesting and hooks the viewer into crafting a different definition of a chef. Also, throughout her story, there is a deeper understanding of Kwan’s connection with nature and how she translates that connection through her cooking.
Another standout of this season was Nancy Silverton, the Los Angeles native who faultlessly obsesses in the precision of her craftsmanship as a baker with bread and as a chef with her style of Italian food. During her story, it was clear that she’s bossy and determined when dealing with the other chefs in her kitchens and the vendors she bargains with for food. The merriment of storytelling and distinct orchestral sounds worked perfectly with the stories of Kwan and Silverton and highlighted the success of their achievements.
However, other episodes turned up a little short specifically the episode that focused on the provocative and egotistical, Tim Raue because it failed to set up its own tone and significantly focused on Raue’s ego and persistence whilst in the kitchen. Even though it was entertaining to see this kind of chef bring back the food culture in Berlin it was a little tiresome when Raue kept talking about his own accomplishments as a chef in Berlin. There was also not a clear distinct tone that was found with Kwan and Silverton. In addition, I feel like there was more to Raue’s story than his harsh upbringing and his selfish drive to be the best in Germany. Peruvian chef, Virgilio Martinez’s story had a resourceful and dependent tone but it seemed very similar to a past chef’s story in previous seasons, which may stray some dedicated viewers.
This season had good and detailed stories about amazingly talented chefs but the third season reveals that the documentary series seems to be using the same story structure with the particular chef’s downfall and rise and the expected use of string instruments in the background. Maybe there is hope that the series will be able to pull off diverse story structures and newly vibrant tones but for this season of Chef’s Table, for me, deserves a B.
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Chef’s Table S3 Review: Third Season Looks A Little Burnt. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Blogger Spotlight: Stephanie Velez


Our hearts have been effortlessly stolen and pulled into a peaceful bliss by the graceful being of Stephanie Velez, a fashion blogger and content creator of the blog Rags and Grace. New York born and currently living in Florida, Velez (known as @stephivelez on her beautifully designed Instagram page) brings forth a combination of simple living and impacting style. In each of her blog posts, she not only shares her impeccable outfits that we’d all love to have, but her voice as well—a voice that holds an uplifting power towards anyone who is reading. Her inspiring soul and gift with words are refreshingly authentic, making everyone that comes across her instantly know that she truly means what she says and shows it. She is a constant reminder to us, and her loyal readers, that what matters most in life is what you make of it, how you live it, and what you believe in. Become enraptured by the sweet life and soul of Stephanie Velez and find your own grace along the way. 
Stephanie Velez6Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Rags and Grace?
Stephanie Velez: I would say inner beauty inspired me to begin writing. I’ve read countless blogs that aim to acquire beauty by standards society has held high. I grew bored of the day-to-day blog posts about clothing and what the “trend” was at the moment. I love fashion, but it is not everything. You can be beautiful by appearance, but once your mouth opens, that all disappears.
What do you believe is the key to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
Identity. If you know who you are, you can walk confidently, no matter what you wear. Boldness comes from knowing who you are, and no one can tell you differently.
How would you describe your personal style?
Bold. I’ve been told my whole life that curvy girls can’t wear certain things. While I agree on certain aspects, I feel we should learn to love our canvas and be bold with it.
If you could give our readers one tip to channeling their personal style, what would it be?
Just because something is in style doesn’t mean it’s your style. Remain true to yourself.
Scenario time! You have a date tonight and want to look your best, but don’t want to come off as someone trying too hard. How do you keep your date night look effortless, yet still special?
Black on black! Black has such a chic boldness to it, but it doesn’t scream for attention. I’d wear black trousers with a black top or a simple black dress with a black leather jacket to tie it all together.
Stephanie Velez3Do you have any fashion idols?
I don’t have idols, but I admire anyone who remains consistent to their style. This is something women struggle with day to day, and anyone who is able to be themselves is worthy of admiration.
What are your go-to items in your wardrobe or makeup bag?
In my wardrobe, I would say classic pieces such as a leather jacket and basic tops. In my makeup bag, I would say my favorite lipstick by MAC called “Persistence” and Chanel’s Allure perfume.  
What are your favorite stores/online retailers where you find the best bargains?
To be honest, Urban Outfitters has such great deals in their sale section. I always find lovely pieces there! Be on the lookout for extra percentages off on their sale section.
Let’s face it: we all have that one lipstick, eyeliner, or bronzer we cannot live without. What’s yours and why?
Currently, I have been loving the lipstick “Persistence” by MAC! As far as bronzer goes, I’ve been loving Bobbi Brown’s foundation stick in the color “Chestnut.” I use this as a contour/bronzer. It is the best!
What do you hope to create and spread on Rags and Grace?
My ultimate goal with Rags and Grace is that women will find themselves and walk boldly, for them to see beauty in themselves not because of physical aspects, but the content of their heart.
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Blogger Spotlight: Stephanie Velez photographed by Jomy Leon-Rivera

Ann Taylor’s Elephant Jewelry Collection


Everyone has that one thing in their life that they are just obsessed with. For you, it may be a certain color, childhood show, or even specific detail, like glitter. For me it is, and always has been since I was 12, elephants. When you step into my room there is no denying it—I’m an elephant fanatic, and proud of it. From stuffed animals and pictures to little trinkets and decor, it’s elephants galore. So, when I found out that Ann Taylor created a limited-edition jewelry collection that not only features elephants, but gives back to a charity with every purchase, it was a no-brainer that I had to share..
It’s my pleasure to introduce Ann Taylor’s Limited-Edition Elephant Jewelry Collection to all of you. Since November 13, these good luck jewelry pieces have been available for purchase in-stores and on AnnTaylor.com, which will continue till January 30, 2016. Ranging from necklaces with elephant pendants, a charming gold bracelet, and a dainty gold ring set, every item purchased donates 50% of the price to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. What is sweeter than that? This holiday season, select a gift that gives back from a brand that cares. Happy shopping, Cliché readers!
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Ann Taylor’s Elephant Jewelry Collection: Photographs courtesy of Ann Taylor

5 Fashion Gift Ideas


The holiday season is in full effect, and with that comes the endless crowds of shoppers hustling through department stores, shopping centers, and local malls. When it comes to checking off gifts on your lists, we know how much of a hunting experience it can turn into. Not only are you searching for presents amongst endless arrays of shiny items, but you’re also trying to make your way through the crowds—without stepping on anyone’s toes. We understand how trying holiday shopping can be, especially when it’s fashion focused. With the growing amount of fashion products out there, it can become quite overwhelming in the decision-making process. Luckily, here at Cliché we’re always ready to lend a hand in being your holiday elves—stylish ones, of course. We’ve gathered 5 fashion gift ideas for all of the fashionistas in your life. Check them out below and put your present worries to rest. Happy shopping, readers! 
Fashion Reads:
What better way to enhance your fashionista’s knowledge than with a hip fashion book all about what they love?



Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, By Andrew Bolton (www.amazon.com, $25.27)

Grace A Memoir


Fifty Dresses That Changed The World, By Design Museum (www.amazon.com, $15.41)

Bling Bling:
Anything covered in gold will light their eyes right up.



Charmed I’m Sure Gift Set (www.baublebar.com, $68)

Shiny Mix Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket


Mini Chandelier Ear Jacket (www.baublebar.com, $23)

Faux Fur Finds:
So they can stay warm and fashion forward at the same time.

Soft Furry Stole


Soft Furry Stole (www.zara.com, $25.99)

Faux Fur Hat


Faux Fur Hat (www.hm.com, $24.99)

All That Glitters:
During the holiday season, it’s their chance to get away with wearing as much glitter as they want.

Metallise Clutch


Metallise Clutch (www.anthropologie.com, $78)

Petite Party Bag


Cooperative Petite Party Crossbody Bag (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $44)

The Coziest Knits:
Whether inside, or out, a high-quality knit will last a lifetime.

Animal Ears Beanie


Animal Ears Beanie (www.urbanoutfitters.com, $29)

J Crew Pjs


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CCUOCO SS16 Collection


Project Runway has continued to grace us with phenomenal designs created by impeccable talent from all around the world, right in the comfort of our own homes. Designer Candice Cuoco made her first appearance on millions of television screens during season 14. It quickly became apparent that she was not only a designer to keep an eye on, but one who offered  an eccentric one-of-a-kind world with unpredictable fashion elements.


via twitter.com/tracy_fennell


via twitter.com/tracy_fennell

Since being founded in 2012, Candice officially launched her brand, (a spin-off of her own name) CCUOCO, in 2014 at Fashion Scout in London. Recently, her creations took to the runway a second time around with her latest SS16 collection, Persephone. Her line was inspired by the mythology of Persephone who was the daugher of Greek God, Zeus, and the harvest goddess, Demeter. Known as the princess of the underworld, Candice stepped to the dark side of romance and beauty with edgy, sultry components. The chaos that can come from love is depicted in the SS16 pieces, showing that love can not only be passionate, but uncontrollable and consuming. The dark and mysterious, yet feminine and elegant collection essentially represents a woman in love—showcasing both the good and the bad that can derive from such an intense feeling with a powerful woman.
Rebecca Chivers CUOCO SS16

via sanya-jeet.com and rebeccachiversmedia.wordpress.com

Rebecca Chiver CUOCO SS16

via sanya-jeet.com and rebeccachiversmedia.wordpress.com

True to her aesthetic, the designs feature flattering cuts with lines that compliment a woman’s shape. Candice’s signature style of sensual silhouettes and statement material of leather can all be found in Persephone. She molds her personal preferences with softer tones of silk satin, organza and silk chiffon to flow into the warmer seasons of spring and summer. With sheer and patterned pieces doused in creams, navy, maroons and black this season’s ensembles are destined to be fashion house favorites. We personally are smitten over such an intense line that beautifully captures the empowerment of women. Talk about girl power.  
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Featured photograph courtesy of twitter.com/houseofccuoco