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3 Ethical Fashion Companies You Should Buy From


While the fashion industry is notorious for its environmental wastefulness and often poor treatment of its workers, buyers often wish to make a difference, but are lost when it comes to navigating such a complex industry. However, there are many options when it comes to making sure your clothes come from moral and sustainable platforms. Here are 3 ethical fashion companies you should buy from.


1. thredUP


Image Credit: thredup.com

Given the second hand nature of all their listed products, this online thrift-store’s values revolve around sustainability. ThredUP wishes to challenge the fashion industry’s unnecessary obsession with “newness”, lessening the amount of discarded clothing in landfills. They use innovative technology to process thousands of garments a a day, while spreading education of the environmental benefits of buying used fashion. They even collaborated with Olivia Wilde to create a second hand t-shirt collection, promoting the significance of second hand fashion to mainstream audiences. With a wide arrange of options of 35k brands, ThredUP is suitable for any shopper. Take their original fashion footprint calculator quiz if you want to make a positive impact!


2. American Apparel 

Image Credit: americanapparel.com

At its height of popularity, American Apparel dominated internet platforms such as Tumblr with their sexualized, high flash photography advertising and straightforward designs. It originally went bankrupt in 2017, shutting down 110 stores. However, the brand was revived by Canadian manufacturer Gildan Activewear, the second most sustainability managed apparel company, who revamped its image to highlight female empowerment. Currently, American Apparel operates as an online only platform. Currently, the brand emphasizes its “ethically made and sweatshop free culture. According to their website: “All production employees at our owned facilities earn significantly more than the legally-mandated minimum industry wages in all the countries where we operate. Moreover, in the majority of our locations, our employees receive valuable competitive benefits such as 24-hour access to medical clinics, free transportation to and from work, subsidized meals, and access to financial aid programs.” They also value the LGBTQ+ community, donating to the Trevor Project and the Montreal Pride Parade. 


3. Reformation

Image Credit: thereformation.com


Reformation is a vintage inspired clothing website known for its elegant and feminine silhouettes. Founded in California, Reformation opened downtown Los Angeles’ first sustainable factory in 2013. Their sustainable practices include being 100% carbon neutral (meaning no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere), and tracking its environmental impact through a tool called RefScale. They are also dedicated to creating safe, healthy environments for their workers. According to their website: We do so through partnerships with industry groups like the Fair Labor Association, conducting on-site social responsibility audits, and a commitment to ensuring workers have a voice in our organization. Although their styles may be on the pricier side for many, the high quality of the clothing proves to be a worthwhile investment that will last you years. With their classy and flattering options, Reformation offers the perfect combination of ethical and stylish. 

It Pays to Look Beautiful: 5 Smart Ways to Invest in Your Looks


Today we want to share 5 smart ways to invest in your looks. Being attractive is beneficial beyond what many people think. Beauty is the first thing that people notice, and it can be an added advantage during events such as job interviews, marketing, or networking. Society has created its beauty standards and perfection, and when you fall under this category, you receive favor. Therefore, it pays to look beautiful because it gives you confidence and makes people want to associate with you. The following are smart ways you can invest in your looks to boost your beauty.

Flaunt your features

smart ways to invest in your looks

Photo by Radomir Jordanovic on Pexels

Flaunting your features means showing off your figure. If you have curves in all the right places, don’t be shy about showing them off. Wear pants that make them pop and sway your way when you walk. If you’re going out with groups of friends, wear clothing that shows you off. Maintain a good dress or skirt long enough to show off your beautiful legs, especially when wearing heels, and make sure your chest pops by wearing the right size push-up bra. Use a bra size calculator to ensure you make the right purchase.

Whiten your teeth

White, clean teeth indicate good health and can make you more attractive. White teeth also boost your confidence when communicating with people and allow you to smile frequently, which makes you approachable. If you’re struggling with stained teeth, visit a dentist or grab an approved teeth whitening kit to give you a brighter smile and boost your looks and confidence.

Put on makeup

Makeup, when done well, can give you a whole new look and help you walk with confidence. Makeup also enables you to take some of the best photos to earn you more likes and followers on your social media pages. So invest in quality makeup that gives you the glow that you need, and watch makeup tutorials on sites like YouTube to perfect your skills. Alternatively, if your budget allows it, hire a makeup artist to give you a perfect look to present to the world.


smart ways to invest in your looks

Photo by Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Clothing alone can give you a simple look. Although you may be naturally attractive, accessories such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bags make you stand out more. Pair your clothing with the right kind of jewelry and bags to make you look more beautiful amongst crowds.

Take care of your hair

Bad hair days are common, but they shouldn’t last long if you want to look attractive. The first step is to practice hygiene by getting a wash regularly, combing, and trimming your hair. Then, if you have curly or wavy hair, you can straighten it or get a different hairstyle at the salon. Also, you can decide to get different hair color, one that suits you. For older people, this is an ideal way to hide grey hair and maintain a youthful look.

Bottom line

Although beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, you have to make efforts to look the part. Being beautiful has its advantages, such as a high level of confidence, approachability, and happiness. Invest in your looks by purchasing clothes that flaunt your features, accessorize, and make your face more attractive with well-done and quality makeup. Also, achieve a bright smile by whitening your teeth and care for your hair.

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare through Fashion


Winter is coming and here’s how to prepare for it through your wardrobe. But while quarantine will occupy our time indoors, there’s still the obligatory grocery trip so here are some tips to make that trip fashionable because we all know that all that pent-up fashion energy is being channeled in that 5-minute walk. 

Courtesy of Christy Dawn

1. Have fun with your masks

Masks have become a part of normal attire but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with them. Try jazzing up an outfit with tiny details, whether it be coordinating a pattern mask with a look or attaching a dainty eyeglass chain, these are the details that can improve an outfit. Masks seem to be here to stay so might as well have fun with them!

2. Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets were a trendy item last year, appearing on runway shows and neighborhood dads alike, and have remained at the forefront of casual fashion even now. Stay fashionable layering a classic North Face or an All Birds plain puffer jacket on top of an already established fit that’ll fend off the cold and those germs. 

Photo of woman holding red bolt cutter standing by doorway

3. Sweatpants

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s how to be lazy. For those of us out there unwilling to spend the extra effort in formulating an outfit, choose a fashionable pair of sweatpants to get the best of both the cozy and chic worlds. A monochrome look would go perfectly with some Everlane Terry joggers or for a more streetwear/ tech look, try some classic Nikes

4. Sweater Vests

There’s one staple that is definitely the “in” right now and it’s sweater vests. Adorned by celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Harry Styles, it’d be unfair to say that this classic elderly look hasn’t taken the fashion world by storm. Whether it be layered over a tennis skirt or some well-tailored jeans, a sweater vest is a must-add to this winter’s closet. Look towards brands like Land’s End or just nab one from a male’s closet!

5. Chelsea boots

Of course, the best has been saved for last. Chelsea boots have always been a classic shoe choice and it’s never been truer than this season. Think of a strong, independent woman walking by you on the streets, and what is she wearing as foot decor? Chelsea boots, of course. Channel your inner vagabond and invest in some classic Dr. Martens or if you’re looking for something a bit more classy, & Other Stories. Either way, there’s no going wrong. 

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Images provided by Getty Images

Must-Have Textures This Winter


There is nothing more exciting for me than spotting my first snow flurry of the season. For me, winter holds many warm memories of time spent huddling around a fireplace with my sister, sipping coffee with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and that magical first snow. Unpopular opinion, I know, but winter is absolutely my favorite season. Even if you can’t get on board with the cold, everyone with a fashionista inside of her knows that cold-weather fashion can’t be beat. Layers, coats, scarves, and the boots. Enough said, ya’ll. This year though, it is all about texture. Winter is the time to get creative with fresh fabrics and materials, and I couldn’t be more excited to break out some of the funky pieces that have been staring longingly at me from the back of my closet.

Listen up ladies; pom poms are the new black and I am living for it. This bag, from one of my favorite sustainable brands, Mercado Global, has all of the winter essentials—neutral colors, a leather strap, a textured print, and pom-poms! This fun detail adds some whim to your wardrobe and may even alleviate some of the drear cold that winter weather can bring. The spherical burst of texture is exactly what every gal needs to break up the monotony of an otherwise flat outfit.

Who needs real fur when faux fur is this cute? This blush, gloriously fuzzy coat is an absolute necessity as the snow begins to accumulate. It’s practical, fun, and absolutely makes a statement. Perfect for everyday wear or as a fashionable companion to keep you warm in your LBD at a rooftop cocktail party (first off, just why?), this jacket adds just the right amount of pomp and circumstance for, well…any circumstance.

Velvet pants. Velvet pants, you guys! What a world we live in, am I right? Talk about texture, velvet is and always will be the quintessential winter fabric—and these cropped pants are everything that is good in the universe. Trendy, comfortable, and office appropriate, these hit the jackpot. Pair these with a cozy sweater and your favorite footwear and you’ll be rolling into work feeling like you just rolled out of bed (and who knows, maybe you did).

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Showpo’s CEO Opens Up About the Winter 2017 Collection


Most fashion labels aren’t born out of a garage, and if they are, they probably don’t make it out of the garage door; but when Jane Lu has a vision, she stops at nothing to reach it. The CEO of Showpo, an affordable fashion brand that carries everything from trendy shoes to off-the-runway style clothing, Lu is determined, spirited, and passionate. Bored of her life as an analyst, the fashion guru took a trip to Europe and came back inspired. Here, she chats with us about where it all started, gives us some insight into the Winter 2017 collection, and shares some style tips.


Cliché: When did you first discover your love for clothes and fashion?
Jane Lu: I’ve actually never cared about fashion! I just like cute clothes that don’t cost the earth, which is how Showpo started.

Showpo started off as a small business in your garage. What inspired you to take the leap from corporate America into the world of fashion, and how did you go from a garage to where you are now?
My first real career job was working as an accountant. I then moved on to be an analyst. Both these experiences were very valuable to me at the time, but after a nine-month trip to Europe, I started questioning if the cubicle, 9-5 life was for me.

After the failure of my first business, I knew that starting my own fashion company was something I wanted to keep pursuing. When I started Showpo, we literally worked out of my parents’ garage. We slowly began to work out of a larger office, moved into a warehouse, switched to using a third-party warehouse, hired staff, hired more experienced and senior staff, launched new ranges, and launched extended sizes.

The first office we got was 140 square meters and cost $30,000 a year. I couldn’t even believe that I was moving out of my parents’ garage and into an actual office. It was unreal! We took out a 2-year lease and I got the biggest desk I could find from Officeworks to fill up space.

Soon, the office started filling up with stock and staff and we ran out of space after a year. I literally had stock placed under my desk, in the kitchenette, every service area of the office had merchandise in it, and that just became the official location of that SKU.

Since then, we expanded our office space several times, launched into the US, Manila, and the Philippines as well as hiring over 40+ staff members. If you told me that this would all happen in a few years’ time, I would have never believed it, but I’m very proud of what my team and I have accomplished.

Did you ever see yourself as the CEO of a major fashion label?
I never even had an interest in starting a business at all. I was working as an analyst and thought this was my life. It just seemed way too risky and out of my league and I was pretty happy with where life was already taking me. It wasn’t until I spent 9 months in Europe and came back to my job that I knew I couldn’t readjust to cubicle life.

I came back with travel withdrawals and one of my university friends reached out and wanted to start a fashion business with me and another friend. I thought this would be an awesome, fun project so I guess this is where my entrepreneurial journey started. Sadly, that business was a complete and utter failure and I was devastated. I had literally hit rock bottom. All of a sudden, I was unemployed, my business had failed, and I had lost quite a bit of money on it.

This was probably one of the toughest, most FML, times of my life. I never saw myself as a CEO of a fashion label until this moment. Any sane person would’ve given up and gone back to the safe corporate life, but I decided to start another fashion business straight away.

How would you describe your personal style, and does your personal style influence the items you carry?
My style depends on what I’m doing throughout day, but generally I’m a fan of color and prints. If I go to the gym in the morning, I’ll usually wear something sporty with runners and a big duffle bag. If I want to buckle down and get a lot of work done, I’ll wear a comfy shirt with some ripped jeans, sneakers, and a shoulder handbag. If I’m catching up with a friend for lunch, I’ll usually wear a summery dress paired with some cute heels and a small clutch.

What is your must-have clothing item?
Jeans! They go with so many tops and are so comfy.

Showpo has obviously expanded immensely from Show Pony. Has its growth aligned with your vision for the brand, or did you find it taking a new direction as it grew?
It was my dream for Show Pony to grow into something big but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly. It wasn’t until 8 months into Showpo that we had our first big win. Through a Facebook campaign I came up with, we were making up to $22k a month online. The idea came to me one night whilst watching America’s Next Top Model, on the couch with a glass of wine. I thought to myself: why don’t we make a Facebook version of this and get our Facebook followers to enter for a chance to model for us?

Girls would enter the competition, ask their friends to vote for them, some of them even created events and groups, then some of their friends in turn would enter and do the same, and there was a massive ripple effect. We went from 3,000 followers to 20,000 within the space of a month, and it cost nothing. And this was back in 2011, when 20,000 followers was seriously a lot! It gave us so much credibility.

Showpo continues to grow each day and since the very beginning, I’ve had the same vision for the brand which was to provide girls with fun, on-trend fashion at affordable prices. We want to continue to be ‘her go-to place to shop.’

Tell us about the Winter collection. Who designed it, and what is the inspiration for it?
Our production team was behind it (talented bunch they are) and their vision was to create cozy and comfy clothes to keep our gals warm during the chilly months without losing their style.

What is your favorite piece from the Winter collection?
ALL of the cozy knits! I can’t get enough and they’re so comfy you’ll fall asleep in one!

What’s next for Showpo?
We just moved into our massive new office in the heart of Sydney’s business district, so we are very excited of what’s next to come for Showpo. Our vision is to be her go-to place to shop and to have a lot of fun on our way there. Our main focus is building out the right team and focusing on expanding our product range and our geographic footprint.

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Showpo’s CEO Opens Up About the Winter 2017 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Showpo

The Sweaters That Will Keep You Cozy and Cute This Winter


Whether you are a fan of cold weather or not, it’s safe to say most people love the appeal of getting cozy. That means fuzzy socks, a hot drink, a big plush blanket, and best of all, a warm, oversized sweater. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to sacrifice cute for comfort. You can look cute while you’re relaxing, too. Whether you’re snuggled up in bed watching Netflix on a snowy day or having some friends over to just relax, here are some of the sweaters that will keep you cozy and cute this winter.


Tobi is one of those brands that has everything you need in your wardrobe. From sexy, trendy dresses perfect for a party to oversized sweaters perfect for relaxing, they’ve got you covered for any occasion whatsoever. Their Give Love Sweater Dress in “Wine” is the perfect combination of sexy and cozy. Show a little skin with shoulder cut-outs and keep toasty with that ribbed turtleneck and long sleeves. It’s a win/win.

It’s time to show off those pearly whites–knits, that is. This white Oversized Fisherman Sweater from Forever21 is perfect layered over a dress or tucked into a pair of pants. The cable knit screams “winter wonderland” and the draped shoulders and long sleeves makes for a flattering silhouette.

The classic jacquard look isn’t going anywhere this season, and Zara has even incorporated sequins into the mix. Their Sequinned Oversized Jacquard Sweater is perfect for holiday activities or a cozy night by the fire–but do so in the company of others. The sequin appliqués and ribbed trims deserve to be seen by all.

Looking for something cute but perfect for a cuddle session in bed? Tobi has your back again with their aptly-named Just for Comfort Sweater Dress in Taupe. It also comes in Black if you’re feeling chic or Red if you’re feeling festive, so the choice is yours! Pair it with fuzzy or over-the-knee socks for maximum comfort and let the relaxing begin.

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Featured image courtesy of Tobi

Holiday Fashion Gift Guide For Her


Now that we’re officially in December, the holiday season is quickly approaching. Now is the time to gather together the perfect gift ideas! For the fashionista, the holidays are the ideal time of year to add new pieces of clothing and accessories to one’s existing wardrobe. From sporty styles to trendy looks, we’ve got you covered this holiday season as you begin shopping for your posh family and friends.


For the Chic, Trendy Girl:

From choker tops to knee-high boots, the trendy look has taken off this year among girls as one of the most popular styles. Join in on fashion’s latest craze with our picks for outfit ideas and accessories to modernize any outfit.

Bell Sleeve Choker Neck Sweater by Vince Camuto, www.nordstrom.com ($53.40)

Black Suede Over the Knee Boots, www.lulus.com ($49)

Steve Madden Classic Plaid Blanket Square Scarf, www.macys.com ($22)

5 Favorite Pieces From Petite Studio’s Winter Collection


For the girls who have often struggled to find clothing to suit their small frames, Petite Studio offers clothing items catered to the shorter fashionistas. A New York City-based clothing brand founded in 2015, Petite Studio is the only fully-functional online clothing brand made specifically for petite girls by fellow petite girls who have similar body types and height ranges. After experiencing neglect from other name-brand companies, the founders of Petite Studio began the company with the hopes of presenting petite women with more clothing options and the fashion attention they deserve.


This winter, petite women are encouraged to shop Petite Studio for all of their fashion needs. This collection features soft blues, warm neutrals, smooth textures and two-toned outerwear to provide a variety of fabrics, shades, and colors to consumers depending on what they prefer to wear during the colder months.

Chloe Skirt, $139

Luisa Skirt, $139

The pieces included within this collection are simple yet elegant. Women are able to create classic outfits with a modern, trendy twist. Mini skirts such as the Chloe skirt in auburn looks beautiful when paired with a neutral, white turtleneck sweater and black tights. This look is perfect for a variety of settings including, but not limited to: class, a casual outing, or date night. The skirt is made out of a wool material ideal for colder weather settings and layering. The Luisa skirt in grey is anything short of ordinary. This trendy skirt complete with a belt buckle appears vintage and can be dressed up with simple black tights and a neutral top, or make a statement with a striped or patterned top.

Aspen Coat, $298

Valentina Coat, $329

For those interested in layering up this winter, Petite Studio offers several winter jackets ideal for colder temperatures. Both the Aspen and Valentina coats provide added comfort and warmth to the petite fashionista. The coats hit mid-calf and are not overpowering for smaller frames. The Aspen two-toned camel jacket adds a bit of flair to the average winter outfit by creating a more sophisticated look, and the stylish Valentina coat is another item made out of wool for extra warmth.

Posy Knit, $179

The Posy Knit, an off-the-shoulder knit sweater, is one of the most versatile pieces in the Petite Studio Winter Collection. This sweater is as cozy as it is cute, and the v-neck and open-shoulder look are in high-demand this season. It is an ideal piece that will complement the petite woman and enable her to display her shoulders and petite frame. Since this piece is simple and comes in a neutral grey, it can be paired with a variety of pieces such as black leggings or an A-line skirt.

Petite Studio recognizes the needs of their petite customers by providing them with new clothing options each season. By shopping the brand this winter, the petite woman is sure to find something suitable for her needs and distinct fashion with the variety of style opportunities included within the line. Whether one is in search of a simple or statement piece, this Winter Collection includes it all. Shop the collection at www.petitestudionyc.com.

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5 Favorite Pieces From Petite Studio’s Winter Collection: Photographs courtesy of Petite Studio

Petite Studio Summer 2017 Collection


We’ve come a long way since the days of exclusive fashion; that is, clothes made only for girls of a certain body type. Body positivity movements have demanded that the fashion industry make a change for the better, and fast fashion megastores and exclusive designers alike are listening. While clothes are finally beginning to change in size and shape, there is still a major market being overlooked: petite sizes. Petite girls are often totally overlooked and finding the perfect fit can seem an insurmountable task. Far too often, clothes are too long, too baggy, or cut way below a petite gal’s actual waistline.


That’s where NYC-based clothing brand Petite Studio comes in. Founder Jenny Howell knew from personal experience how difficult it could be to find clothes that fit a small frame, and in 2015, she set off to cater to an underserved market by offering clothes that provided petite girls with pieces to help them look and feel their best.

“Us petites really need to be thoughtful about what we wear to flatter our best attributes,” Howell said. “We can’t just wear anything off the rack because most of the time there is something about the piece that just doesn’t really fit.”

Petite Studio’s focus is in the name—petite—but that doesn’t mean the brand sacrifices style in the name of fit. Each design is unique and fashion-forward, and Howell pulls inspiration from coffee shops, galleries, shows—even the people walking the streets of New York. The brand seeks to empower young professionals, and they serve the career-driven, petite, NYC girl.

Us petites really need to be thoughtful about what we wear to flatter our best attributes.

“The New York spirit is at the core of everything we do,” Howell said. “We’re trying to empower petite girls living in a city atmosphere to look great during the workweek but also be able to let their hair down and have some fun on the weekend.”

Serving such a specific market allows Petite Studio to do more than design cute clothes for small girls; they emphasize quality in a big way. Each design is overseen by Howell herself and every single item is high-quality in terms of material, structure, and design. They seek to give petite girls an option to find items that feel good and fit well.

“We’re not trying to be everything to everyone,” Howell said. “Our focus is really on developing our brand to cater to petite girls and provide them the type of thoughtful wardrobe pieces that they can’t find anywhere else. Our plan is to continue making a small number of high-quality pieces that the petite girls’ community can really be excited about.”

The perfect example of Petite Studio’s distinct designs, their Summer 2017 collection, is quintessential to every petite fashionista’s wardrobe. Be sure to check out petitestudionyc.com or visit Tictail Market in NYC to see (and drool over) the rest of the line.

Slimming, chic, and wearable; does an outfit get any better? This ‘70s era pantsuit set is right on trend, and the vertical stripes are sure to make your legs look miles long. Perfect for a late summer picnic or a gallery party, your wardrobe isn’t complete without the Dianella set.

Sorry Stacy London, but we are so wearing white after Labor Day. This gorgeous cream frock is delicately detailed to perfection and no matter where you wear this dress, you’re sure to be the classiest gal in the room. Excuse us while we daydream about the shoes we could pair with it!

If there is one thing every petite girl needs in her wardrobe, it’s a pair of culottes. This army green pair adds length by cropping at the ankle and a waistline with an oversized bow. Trendy, fun, and work-appropriate, the Fuschia Pants are a must-have.

We are positively swooning over this gorgeous mustard dress and the print has us fantasizing about summer days spent underneath swaying palm trees. Flattering, unique, and oh-so-trendy (ahem—yellow!), this wrap dress leaves nothing to be desired—except maybe another vacation.

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Petite Studio Summer 2017 Collection: Photographer: Maya Luo, Model: Liv Young, Stylist: Raffles Tau, MUA: Mo Sha

Get a Virtual Makeover with Styled by Trendage


We have all wished we could try out the trendy and in-style hairstyles before we make the big change. We have also all wished we could see how our “considerable” online purchases would look before we hit the checkout, but sometimes our fear of the unknown stops us. Will that big cut and bangs actually look cute or should you just leave your hair alone? Do you really think that new pleated denim skirt will look good with your white knee-high socks? Now you can find out for free without ever having to leave your house.


Styled by Trendage is a brand new fashion app that is changing the game for shopping. No more going to the mall to try on the cute shirt you saw online or having to wear clip-on hair pieces before you spend the cash on those highlights you’ve been dying to get. Made for fashion-forward millennials, Styled by Trendage allows you to see various hairstyles and clothing on yourself with a simple selfie.

How the app works

All you have to do is take (or upload) a picture of yourself and let the magical technology of the app do the rest. By scanning your face, the app is able to give you various hairstyle options as well as show you different articles of clothing on yourself from top brands. And don’t worry, you won’t have to upload any awkward body selfies or worry about full-body scans on the app. By entering your personal height and weight information you will be able to see just how you would look with the best styles, which includes featured clothing from retailers and brands such as Nordstroms, Amazon, Topshop, Converse, Rent the Rack and more.

Once you’ve got your picture uploaded, begin searching and swiping to try everything on! Go from blonde, wavy curls to a brunette, choppy bob with the swipe of your finger. You can also earn discounts to your favorite featured stores just by swiping to try things on!

Straight out of a movie

After dealing with the drawbacks of always having to try on clothes at the store, app creator Amanda Young and her team set out to bring their dream to reality. Inspired by the 1995 movie, Clueless, Young wanted to recreate Cher’s magic closet. With the technology available today, she has created an easy to use and fun app that ensures you won’t have to go to the mall just to find out you don’t like anything.

Other benefits

Aside from seeing how great you look without having to go to the salon or out shopping, as well as easily gaining discounts for your favorite brands just by using the app, Styled by Trendage has some really awesome perks. Young hopes this app will help those love who they are by becoming a part of the Body Positivity movement. Her goal with the app’s ability to customize to your own body shape is to help people stop comparing their bodies with others. She wants to move past the “fashion models” and allow people using her app to see what they themselves would look like with the clothes on instead of trying to be inspired by others wearing the brands or look.  

Overall, this app has us head-over-heels in love. With its clever concept and fun designs, you won’t ever want to leave your room to shop–unless it’s time to make that big purchase!

The Styled by Trendage app is free for all iPhone users.

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Get a Virtual Makeover with Styled by Trendage: Featured image and all images courtesy of Trendage

Back In Fall Session


As we bid “adios!” to the summer season and classes open once again, there is no better way to gear up for the new season (and semester) than to make room for a fresh and even more stylish wardrobe.
Bag it up!


Photo courtesy of urbanouttfitters.com

Buy the Cooperative Double Buckle Flap Backpack at Urban Outfitters for $59.00

When choosing a bag, consider its face and functionality. Apart from being one of the most essential belongings a student could have, bags can be the best accessory to put on your entire look. If you’re going for classy and preppy, this leather buckle backpack from Urban Outfitters is yours for the taking.
In or out?


Photo courtesy of bergdorfgoodman.com

Buy the Valentino Fringe-Front Patent Lace-Up Oxford Shoe at Bergdorf Goodman for $995

In a recent online article from Seventeen Magazine, 2015 says goodbye to ballet flats. Since they’re out (for a while), oxford shoes are totally in. You can go from vintage to rockstar royalty with this lace-up oxfords from Valentino.
Keep warm


Photo courtesy of forever21.com

Buy the Fuzzy Popcorn Knit Cardigan at Forever 21 for $29.80

When the temperature drops, you’ll need cover-ups to keep you warm. This fluffy and snuggly fur cardigan from Forever 21 will make you a Blair Waldorf in no time.
Billy Jeans


Photo courtesy of nordstromrack.com

Buy the Current/Elliot The Traveler Boyfriend Jean at Nordstrom Rack for $79.97

Heading to school in blue jeans will never go out of style so make sure you have one that fits you well and boosts your confidence.


Photo courtesy of shopstyle.com

Buy the Love Moschino Denim Skirt at Asos for $36.50

And who says denim A-line skirts are meant to be kept in the back of your closet?
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– by Alve Aranton

Golden Tote Review


GoldenTote1Remember those holiday grab bags from your school days? Everyone would wait in eager anticipation to exchange their presents and see what interesting new items they got. Well, that excitement doesn’t have to be just a childhood memory. You can experience that feeling all over again with a more mature and definitely more stylish grab bag each month with Golden Tote!
Golden Tote defines itself as “the ultimate surprise grab bag,” where consumers receive a variety of clothing items based on their personal selections and their style profile—created on the Golden Tote website. The company features sales on the first Monday of every month, offering totes of 2-3 items for $49 and totes of 5-7 items for $149, and since the company works with fashion brands to you significant discounts and even designs some of the clothing itself, consumers will receive packages worth more than they paid for. Based on which Golden Tote you purchase, each tote has a retail value of either $200 or $600!
This is how it works: go to GoldenTote.com to create an account and style profile. Then choose a tote that you would like. You choose 1-2 clothing items that you would like to receive and Golden Tote surprises you with the rest!
GoldenTote2Golden Tote founders Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney understand what shoppers want: quality products, great deals, and convenience. However, Becker and Sweeney also realize that consumers desire a fun experience, which is what they deliver with their Golden Tote product surprises.
While Golden Tote does not allow for returns of individual items, a Facebook group exists where customers can sell and exchange items, at facebook.com/groups/Goldentotetrades.
This holiday season, treat yourself to a few pleasantly unexpected wardrobe additions. When you see that Golden Tote box on your doorstep, you’ll get that nostalgic grab bag feeling again and be reminded of that exciting experience each time you wear clothing from your personalized Golden Tote.
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Golden Tote Review “Stay Gold” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Dec/Jan 2015 issue.
Photographs courtesy of Golden Tote